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Hi everyone,
My name’s Leo. I work for Capcom and I’m here to talk to you about one of the greatest PSP games of all time Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Out on June 26th exclusively for PSP, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is a game in which you hunt big monsters with big weapons.
In Japan Monster Hunter is, well, huge. That probably doesn’t really sum it up adequately. It was the biggest selling game last year with more than 3 million players and it’s a game that completely changed the gaming landscape over there. It could easily be classed as a phenomenon. There are festivals in all the major cities that attract thousands of players (such as those pictured below), you can go on package holidays that are just for Monster Hunters and visit Monster Hunter-themed cafes. You’ll see people playing on the buses and trains and even just on street corners sometimes.

Monster Hunter Pop Up Space

If you’ve not played Monster Hunter before the best way to think about it is as an action game (with combos and blocking) tied up in an MMO-style metagame. You hunt monsters, carve them up into bits and then use those bits to make weapons and armour that let you fight bigger and tougher monsters. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of weapons and pieces of armour that you can make which can in turn be customised to suit your particular playing style. Like MMOs it’s incredibly deep, with many players averaging 400-500 of hours of play time, but unlike MMOs there’s no subscription fee.
One of the best things about Monster Hunter, and it’s something that’s integral to the experience being on PSP, is that it encourages co-operative play. That means that Monster Hunter is a return of the good old-fashioned tradition of going round to your friends’ house to play games together. Or going to a cafe, or somewhere you can grab a bite to eat. Maybe at school at lunchtimes. Wherever takes your fancy, really.

[viddler id=4fab3713&w=545&h=327&playertype=simple]

Not everyone is lucky enough to have friends with PSPs, though, which is why we’re creating something called The Gathering Hall. It’s in central London, just a stone’s throw away from Tottenham Court Road tube station and will open on Friday 3rd July. The Gathering Hall will be open to anyone with a PSP and a copy of Monster Hunter, and it’ll make finding other players a simple matter for anyone who can make it into central London.
There’s more news to follow, including details on a very special event just for you readers, so please stay tuned.

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6 Author Replies

  • The UMD demos just arrived and they where awesome! Me and my fiends are going to play that game to death XD.

  • Me and a friend got hooked on the demo, so we are both definitely getting the game. He will even buy the PSP bundle, as he broke his screen on his PSP. :)
    Anyways, when I buy the PSP Go this october, I will probably want Monster Hunter on it also. Can that be done without buying the game twice??

  • can you fix the video please?

  • I think the demo’s is brilliant fun too, I’m glad you like it :) It gives you a good sense of how the combat plays out, which is most of the game. It doesn’t really convey any of the RPG-type elements (like the crafting), but the important thing is the combat. And it’s also no pushover, so if you’ve beaten any of the monsters in it you’re doing well.
    I’m not sure about having the UMD and also the PSP Go, actually. Though obviously I think everyone should buy it twice XD.

  • sounds interesting, and the Gathering Hall is a stones throw from where I work. Nice long lunches for me. Nice one Sony

  • I might buy this when it pops onto PS Store…

  • Actually, I should probably explain the photo a bit. It’s of an event in Japan where people were meeting to play Monster Hunter. What you can’t see is the queues outside the door.
    And no, I have no idea why they are all voluntarily penned into that small space :)

  • Hasn’t David Cameron got better things to do ;)

  • I won’t be picking this up. I played the demo and I never killed any of the targets before the one hour timer ran out. I don’t mind hard games but this is in a league of its own

  • I’ve played the demo quite a bit but keep gettin pwned by a giant crab! haha :D Can’t wait to get the full game tho.

  • well i asked for the demos on the capcom website, they didnt come, but I have pre-ordered the PSP 3000 mystic silver bundle from so really looking forward to that next week, I want to register my 3000 with my PS3 as I had my 2000 registered will give to my son, so I reg it but the PSP still says reg with PS3 doh!. Monster Hunter bundle looks great, UMD support too, with a data install so I ordered a 8GB memory card! FF: dissdia coming with data install I dont want a PSP GO, I like physical media and the GO is way overpriced in UK at £230 compared to $249! I cant wait for play to send out my bundle next week plus PAIN on BD! A good week!

  • I LOVE Monster Hunter!
    I still have the original PS2 one. I think it’s great that something is finally being done to bring this great game series to the attention of the western audience.

  • skidpro, pm me your details and I’ll make sure we find out what happened to your UMD order :)
    I won’t lie, it’s mega tough. There’s lots of subtleties that make each fight easier, though. With the crab you should use an impact weapon (like the hammer) and focus on his legs until he falls over. Then smash his shell into bits! With the Hypnotrice the trick is to focus on his head or tail. No easy task when he’s attacking you all the time, sure, but his wings have really strong defence in comparison.
    Bilbo, I’ll be at the Gathering Hall quite a lot in the first week, be sure to say hello!

  • whoop great news indeed e e e e….. all we need is these EU-Psn cards like these ppl got em now have a nice :p

  • Well the game isn’t much of my taste but got to love that video AH AH dude it’s hilarious.

  • :( its so far away…. :(
    but realyy a great idea! give us more capcom!!! i.e. some monster hunter action on ps3 like promised years ago ;)

  • I really enjoyed the demo, can’t wait for release :)

  • I know this has nothing to do with psp, but any chance of you guys knowing when the red faction guerrilla dlc is out???

  • Is it ad-hoc only??? Why not network play???

  • I had no real interest in buying this but this announcement has me sold its pretty perfect my main reason was that I wouldn’t find many people to play with and I’d get bored of the game…
    Anyway I have a good question!
    The place opens on July 3rd, now will this place be open for a long time or a limited time if so are there any dates as to when it’ll close?

  • About 2000h since MH ps2 :p
    I love MH and i’m gonna buy MHFU!
    By the way, is Adhoc party coming to Europe?

  • …I would buy this in an instant if it weren’t for the release (on PS3) of the Ad-Hoc Party software!!
    When is this going to come out?? It’s an absolute necessity in Europe & many PSP games are supported by it. In Japan this software is already out SINCE NOVEMBER.
    Come on SCEE – some news about this software PLZ

  • Any chance this game will be released on the PSN?
    I’m getting the PSP Go at launch, so I’d really like having this game on it. :)

  • I dont buy on UMD anymore. There is a reason for my 16GB MS. Put it up on PSN please!
    And yes to Ad-Hoc Party in the future!

  • July? most major EU retailers have it set on 26th of June.

  • why oh why do capcom not think about releasing a monster hunter title on the ps3 and 360???
    it would dwarf the psp sales of the game

  • I tried the demo on the Store and it’s awesome, so I will buy the UMD (and talk about it to a friend …!)
    Any chances to have the “Adhoc Party” one day in Europe ? It’s a great way to play Monster Hunter at home, with the PS3 !

  • “Out on July 26th exclusively for PSP”
    “just a stone’s throw away from Tottenham Court Road tube station and will open on Friday 3rd July. The Gathering Hall will be open to anyone with a PSP and a copy of Monster Hunter”
    Lol this have to be a typo.

  • No Adhoc Party = No buy from me. That simple.

  • Ummm Adhoc Party ???
    Anyway the game looks great and hopefully if i get a psp go i’ll be sure to buy this game :)

  • Monster Hunter!!!
    Shame the gathering hall is set up in London :(.

  • Ah yes, whoops! It’s out on June 26th, not July 26th. Sorry! I don’t seem to be able to edit it, though hopefully on Monday morning I can ask Sony to correct my mistake.
    The Gathering Hall will be open for two months. If it’s succesful we’ll certainly be considering replicating it in other cities.
    PSN store is a yes, so if you’ve left the world of UMD behind then you’ll still be able to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite :)
    And yes, Ad Hoc most certainly would be excellent to have in Europe. Is there some kind of petition we can all sign?!

  • It’s nice finally seeing so much support and advertising for such an awesome game series on the PSP. =3 I mean, even when Monster hunter Freedom 2 just got released in Sweden, barely any of the stores’ staff could tell me what the game was about, for those who even knew they actually sold it, and I was just lucky finding a copy of the first Monster Hunter Freedom earlier. :P
    Hey, I see lots of swedes commenting about Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on this blog so how about creating our own Swedish Gathering Hall(s)? =D I’m located in Stockholm and already know a lot of Hunters there that would love to meet more regularly/officially for group hunting sessions. ;3

  • When will Monster Hunter come to PS3?? The game is AWESOME and should come to an awesome platform too. Seriously, monster hunter 3 exclusive for wii?? That’s downright rediculous!!
    Please make one for PS3, it’s the only platform that would do it justice anyway… Hell even a remake of the PS2 version would be awesome!

  • yeah i want ad hoc party considering how few games use infastructure

  • Any plans to implement Infrastructure?

  • Leo Tan, my demos arrived today and my son and I been playing it in cafe nero in Camden Town where we live, so we will be visiting gathering hall in Tottenham Court Rd no problem….That Hypnotrice is a right one to bring down:) I have MHF2 and the PS2 MH….anyways cant wait till next week and see ya at Gathering Hall, where in Tottenham Court Rd is it?

  • Xlink Kai works though :D

  • Where is Monster Hunter for PS3?!?! It’s outright criminal that there isn’t a Monster Hunter game for PS3 with online co-op yet, the platform is perfect for it.

  • Monster Hunter For the PS3? That would be cool…but I hear Monster Hunter Tri (3) is coming out on the ……….WII!
    Laugh your socks off!
    As if families are going to play this, they cant jump around the living room like maniacs, or do fitness:)
    A JRPG online ….swaping 12 digit codes and any voice chat? I wonder?
    Plus an online fee of $8 per u smell absolute disaster? YUP! Sorry CAPCOM…my opinion..I know why the wii..cos it has got big sales, but the wrong audience..I got a to my MUM as I dont play it! I gota 360 too!

  • Man, what is it with the Wii hate? Grow up, for Pete’s Sake.
    You guys do realize that Capcom JAPAN pulls most of the strings, right? Besides, Monster Hunter has always been pay-to-play in Japan and honestly, you could consider that we were lucky to able to play the PS2 Monster Hunter without paying one cent. Heck, I’d PAY to play Monster Hunter Frontier.
    Oh, and, from what I heard, no Friend Codes in MH3. MH3 has an online system of it’s own. If you’re not going to play MH3 because it’s on the Wii, too bad, you’re the one losing the fun, especially when you don’t really need to use the Wiimote and rely on the Classic Controller instead. Besides, you know this is going to sell millions, right? The Wii isn’t just all about Wii Fits and Wii Sports, geez. Go play MadWorld then.
    As for Freedom Unite, totally getting it, without a shadow of a doubt, with or without Ad-Hoc Party, since I’ve got a couple of people into MH that live about next door to me. ;x It’s just a pity that the Gathering Hall’s going to be in London, but hey, best of luck with it! You deserve it, Capcom!

  • this sounds like a really great game but i think you are marketing it wrong.
    its a good game in its own rights. seems a lot like me too marketing.
    i have never played a game like this. but it seems like it would be more fun than a mmo on pc.
    how do you chat in the game?? does it have text chat or voice?

  • go play babyz party wii lover!!

  • Skidpro – that’s great news.
    Strangely, the Hypnotrice takes quite a while to finish off in the demo. When I fought him in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite he was much easier to handle. I’ve not had a fight with him that’s lasted longer than 15 minutes other than the G-rank training missions (where you have to play ultra-conservatively). I think maybe the weapons/HP in the demo are balanced for people who push through the content quickly. I don’t know anyone like that, though. We all get side tracked building armour and weapons, so we’re quite over powered in most fights.

  • I want a monster Hunter on PS3 pleaze !!!!!!!!!

  • wait, I thought it was out June 26th? cant wait for it either way, my save file from 2 is ready to be upgraded :D

  • never mind just saw it cant be edited lol

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