PSHome – Everybody’s Golf Space & Rag Doll Kung Fu Competition

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Hello there! My name’s Elliott and I’m a European Product Manager here at SCEE.
I wanted to let you guys know about a new space and a great new event making their way into PlayStation Home as of tomorrow.
Firstly, the Everybody’s Golf space will be made available to European users. Check out the screenshots below if you haven’t already seen the Japanese version of this space. There will also be a little furniture-related present for those of you that are quick to get in on the action!

PlayStation Home - Everybody's Golf space, 1

PlayStation Home - Everybody's Golf space, 2PlayStation Home - Everybody's Golf space, 3

Also, starting tomorrow, you’ll have the chance to win an awesome Rag Doll Kung Fu fish rug (possibly the best piece of PS Home furniture yet). A character wearing a unique pair of Rag Doll Kung Fu trousers will be hiding around PS Home for two weeks. If you find this avatar and say ‘Fists of Plastic’, we’ll send you a promotion code for the rug as a prize. Check out posters in PS Home for more details, everything else you need to know is here.

PlayStation Home - Rag Doll Kung Fu fish rug

Thanks guys and best of luck with the hunt!

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4 Author Replies

  • cool, cant wait for 2moro to get those two objects and to see the new space.
    Is the US getting this space as well

  • OMG! This is incredibly epic! I can’t wait for tomorrow! Ghostbusters and a new Home space. Awesome! ^_^

  • Looks very neat. Are there any mini-games or activities in the space?

  • amazing cant wait i want 1 of them rugs, any news on killzone space

    • Hey daffycare, thanks for the reply.
      Yes, the rugs are great – and they’ll look particularly appealing when you put them down in the Killzone apartment… ;)

  • This is more like it, Sony! Awesome news!

  • Even better would be if you put Everybody’s Golf on the PSN as a downloadable game. I can’t imagine the game would be bigger than Warhawk/GT5P. With Microsoft putting full game downloads on Live this August Sony is going to be left behind.

  • Hah! I love the way we have to track down some bloke in Home to get the rug! :D

  • Ooh! I forgot to ask my question…
    Does this mean we’ll be seeing game-launching being supported for the title now? I play EG a fair bit and it’d be great to see the feature incorporated. :)

  • is there going to be items to win in this new space it looks classy

      There will indeed – though I’ll let you wait for tomorrow to check it out.
      It will go nicely with the RDKF fish rug

  • that space looks pretty awesome, but what we really need along with these spaces is game-launching, it would then be a meeting place for people who play the game

  • That rug looks pretty cool, can’t wait till I can place it in my apartme- “reads first bullet point in the pdf”, god dammit.

  • I think the Home Refurb gnomes have been in, the everybodies golf space looks like a refurbed Alphazone 2

  • AWESOME, great news indeed, i’l be looking out for this dude <.<

  • Hi, I would like to know when the photo frames are available in the European home

  • It’s really nice to hear that new spaces will come – and the buzz-section is already there… honestly!
    but i can’t go inside, because home won’t initiate (and always doing the network error “d13”) since the update 1.22 :(
    Will there be a new update, soon..? I’m really sad about it :(

  • It doesn’t match the decor of my penthouse or summerhouse ;)
    If I win it I’ll be sure to leave it at a friend’s place as an unwanted gift!

  • Nice concept. Would love to have some more activities in Home.

  • Fantastic news. Wasn’t expecting to ever see this space come to EU Home. Have a lot to look forward to, can’t wait for the dark, moody atmosphere of Sirens. Glad to see some unlockables here. Will be looking forward to it. IS there something you know, but cannot tell? With the Killzone apartment?
    My question, will there be some funky music to go with this space?

  • Looking forward to the killzone apartment!

  • Truthfully, I am not too excited about the Everybody’s Golf themed space. I seriously doubt spending more than 5 minutes in there, just as the majority of game spaces. I truly wish the SCEE Home could be less of a clone from other regions and have its own exclusive spaces and items. Considering that region hopping would be implemented, it would massively increase the user experience. In honesty, this was my initial vision of the Home application few years ago. Traveling to each region by meeting PS3 gamers from the entire globe and earning items available only in other regions. I frankly did not expect Xi to dramatically affect Home; it just feels completely empty and boring again. I am however absolutely thrilled to hear about the mysterious avatar tracking mini-game, although it sounds highly similar to SCE Asia’s avatar hunt which took place back in January. If my memory serves me correctly, the offered reward was a HK$10 voucher card. I would have certainly preferred some virtual money instead of a fish ornament, but i will definitely do my best to get that displayed in my personal apartment. [I go fishing every Saturday and Sunday ;)]

  • Any news on whether game launching will come for Everybody’s Golf?

    • Hi agm2502
      You will indeed – as of tomorrow you will be able to Game Launch from the Everybody’s Golf space.

  • So the new city scape apartment. Thats the Killzone 2 one right?

  • Nice looking Home Space, are there any golf related mini-games or multiplayer game launching, or is it just a collection of screenshots? I’ll try and get there early enough to win a freebie, but they’ll probably be gone when I get back from work.
    I’ll keep an eye out for people in funny trousers too, that fish will look very nice in my Summer House lol. Out of interest is it some sort of fake avatar bot that responds to “Fists of Plastic” with an auto message, or has some poor sod from SCEE got to walk around Home in funny trousers for the next two weeks getting “Fists of Plastic” shouted at him?!!
    Is it also true that the Xi Alumni Hub will be fixed tomorrow as well so we can complete the Alumni Quiz?
    Also do you work with ‘Ted the Dog’? He seems to spend a lot of time updating people on the SCEE Home Forum (which I don’t tend to visit) and I was wondering why he doesn’t post more (weekly?) Home updates on the blog to save us wading through all the forum posts…

  • The competition seems very cool :) Hopefully I can find the ‘Wally’ :p

  • The new space looks great :)
    Can’t wait to check it out.

  • Will the killzone apartment be released next thursday?

  • What’s the status on the EU release of photo frames?

  • Well the more things they add to HOME the better it will get ;P
    Nice1 ;)
    Namco arcade i would like in Euro HOME? And a T.V? And photos on the wall(which is coming soon i think) And Music in my HOME? :)

  • we wont be getting the ghostbuster space only SCEA will tomorrow so 1 new space 1 new avartar hunt hardly a BIG update, for the post who said they not going on the official SCEE forums there was talk of home open-beta goin back to close-beta status it funny wot a week went by after Q&A there. :|

  • I’m so sad, that nobody answers me… I called the ps-hotline germany and they just said, that I need to write in the Beta-Forum of HOME. But even there, waiting for over one week… no answer… and now,… even here – I’m disappointed of the customer-support for that great project! :(

  • We also get a new apartment, the city penthouse one I beleive, not sure why it wasnt included in this update tho…

  • SeasonForTreason

    LOL!! That is the sexiest rug I’ve ever seen!! Haha xD

  • I really hope I can get the rug and other furniture

  • Two more reasons Home is getting better!

  • The game launching for Everybody’s Golf is good news, look forward to trying it out.

  • “There will also be a little furniture-related present for those of you that are quick to get in on the action!”
    How quick will people have to be, and what kind of action will people have to partake in?

  • nice! thank you!

  • I’ll be on the luck out for a large mod of people saying it :)

  • Sounds great. Can’t wait to begin the hunt :)

  • This guy with the RDKF trousers – is he a persistent character who’ll appear in all instances of whichever space he’s in?

  • HI!!
    This new stuff looks awesome, can’t wait to try it out!
    How quick would you say users have to be to get the furniture related present in the Everybody’s golf space? 1 day, 2 days???

  • haha so thats what that pic was, the one we saw over in the home forums if anyone remembers it? we worked out it was a fish and now we know what it is. lol

  • Excuse me Elliot Linger, will the person whom you have to find be in every server of PlayStation Home like an NPC (Virtual Person run by a system) and once I locate him/her what do I do? E.g. send a message etc.

    • Hi BalramRules
      The avatar you need to find isn’t an NPC, but a real person.
      All you need to do is find him and say “Fists of Plastic”.
      Check out Home Square later on today for more info.

  • Aroung what time will the new space and Rag Doll giveaway go live?

  • Any news regarding the Buzz space?

  • Just another boring space with nothing to do in.

  • Sounds very cool, any news on what these trousers look like?
    Or are they so horrible you can’t miss them :P

  • I’m sorry to say SCEE Home that you’ve been top-trumped by the Americans again….
    SOCOM Tactical Operations Cente (we’re still waiting for the Warhark TOC, never mind a SOCOM one!)
    Ghostbusters Fire House Personal Space – 3 storey Firehouse as seen in the film/game fully furnished complete with ECTO-1 car and basement Ghost Containment Unit (complete with escaped ghosts). And if that wasn’t enough it comes with full Loot Stage Set functionality to create your own Ghostbusters themed machinima
    The EA Sports Complex will be updated (but I’m pretty sure this applies to the EU version too)
    And anyone who has downloaded/completed the demo of inFamous will get a free Cole Costume!
    As well as a shed full more arranged meetups, arranged events and competitions as well new game launching support and updates on future spaces…

  • You probaly wont answer but whats happening with the BUZZ HQ elliott? i wouldnt even mind a “i dont know” if thats the case. BTW you lot are doing a good job on the blog.

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