PSP Firmware (v5.51) Update

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Hi everyone,
Just a quick update this morning to let you know that a new PSP firmware update, version 5.51, is now available. The update improves PSP System software stability during use of some features.

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  • Thanks for the notice, any secret hidden functions??

  • @killermonkey
    Very cleaver, they will tell you in the comments im sure

  • Improvements are always welcome.

  • no new features? -.-
    – Improve den CACHE of the PSP Browser! It is to small! Use the Memory Stick as cache memory
    – Flash 9 or Flash 10 Support. Do not say it is impossible. IT is possible, look at the mobile phone producer!
    – FULL PSN INTEGRATION (PSN Friendlist, PSN PMs, Voice Chat with friends, text chat)

  • Can we expect “soon” a PSP firmware with real new functionnalities ?

  • ooooo isn’t that music video thing for PS3 out today?

  • For “improves PSP System software stability during use of some features” should we read “patches a hole allowing use of custom firmware”? :D
    Particularly with PSP Go coming, it would be great if Sony could come up with a way to allow homebrew software to be run on the PSP without having to crack it in such a way that also allows pirated games to be run.

  • Sony, as always ur soft sux. Give us mp3 ingame, PS3->PS2 comp, voice chat and many other options like Live. Plz learn something new because still in the same place from premieres PSP and PS3.

  • thank you,
    Psp has some stability bugs using ps3 remote control, as xmb navigation freezing.
    I miss a important feature; allow chat voice with ps3 friends list using ps3 remote control with PSP.
    Thank you and regards from Valencia-Spain (Europe).

  • @DoomnY – if you want to get all the live features….go get live…

  • keep the improvments coming

  • Ooo good. I have been looking forward to improved system software stability. *Yawn*
    My thoughts are inline with da stargatefreak above

  • @Gambe1984 Xbox sux. Hate M$ and them payment for online gaming.

  • @E-ROLE
    Supposed to be. I am hoping that there’s some Aphex/Autechre/Warp/electronica stuff on there.
    With supposedly 10,000 videos at launch I’m sure there’s a chance that even Billy Talent may make it on!!!! ;)
    A bit of Proclaimers for the Sketch too….

  • 5.51? Meaning it isnt a significant update? No new features? :(

  • thank you Charlotte.

  • Do you need top update to use the the new store software Media Go? And why can’t we watch the video’s of Media Go on the pc itself. that would be a lot easier than transfering to the psp.
    About VidZone: is vidzone a download in the psn store or a new service like with Home. Because when it is in the store maybe other countries can download it eswell :p
    And is there allready a release date for the other countries. Or a time frame (one year, ten years, two months, … :))

  • Whats the point in these little updates? What we need is better PSN integration.

  • Well, as long as PSPgo will let me download games to my 2000, I’m happy.

  • Well there are allways hidden functions, could you please state them here. We want to know it all, just like with the PS3 when the cursor changed with the PS3 internet interface I was like YES one small feature and they don’t mention it…. It feels like you don’t download a file that doesn’t do anything for you ;)

  • @ no. 20 Oizu,
    The point has already been mentioned. These little updates plug holes that once allowed hackers into the system and install custom firm ware. Which is great news for us legitimate users of the PSP.
    Also because the PSP is such a widely hacked sytem there will be no PSN integration for fear of that being hacked also.
    So cheer up and be happy with your PSP. I am.

  • Don’t forget about ps3 firmware updates Sony ;)
    Cross game XMB invites Is all I need.


  • Actually, I quite liked the last update, as it allowed music to be located in directories more than one level deep. I’d prefer it if it when as deep as necessary, but it was quite an improvement.

  • Any news on the movie/tv show download service?? Music vids are great, but movies and tv shows to buy would be awesome!

  • Every time I read your name, I think of Charlotte Panther. lol
    Anyway, thanks for the info.

  • I know this is not the right place to ask but… can we have some info about the European patch for The Last Guy (which introduced trophies to the US version about a week ago)?

  • hey i just looked on the ps store and i like the new design!
    the selecting noise is abit annoying but everything else seems great, it loads quicker and its shiny :-D

  • When we will have a “real” update?
    I really wish be able to arrange my games, music and video on my PSP like I do on my PS3 :(

  • I’m not like ppl here who seem to burst out crying when fix firmwares come (come on, that’s what they’re kinda there for) it’d just be nice if we saw the specific list of fixes, so we know u know, what is fixed, and what isn’t still.

  • dont know were to write my question but is there comming a update for psp go!explorer????????? Would be nice to get some info about that

  • Too bad there’s no secret functions, but well; it’s only good you keep making updates also when you got no features to make :).

  • @ Septimus78
    It’s indeed to bad that’s not possible. But the perfect update for PSP for me would be PSN connection; chatting and watching your trophies on your PSP.

  • Hi GekooktEi,
    I agree with you, there are lots of thinks that Sony can do to give us a better service with the PSP. I also wish see my friend list using the psp (and without PS3 remote use, of course), and see the trophies and message options.
    Some aplications should be good also for a portable device, such as calendar or phone agenda.
    Other good improvements can be DivX support, like PS3, and i’m sure that each of us have good ideas to the psp firmwares updates… is sadness that they didn’t ear what we want :(
    Let’s hope that nexts updates will be better ;)

  • Hmmm…..PSN seems alot quicker than usual….I would like to see more visualisers, may bring back the old ones from the PS1, then there’ll be lots of classic visualisers to choose from.

  • give us a proper firmware with cross game vioce chat its the only thing i want from a uptate. please sony

  • the stability issue still hasn’t been improved, it still keeps falling off my cats head when he’s asleep. ;)

  • @ 9 please learn to understand that the Playstation network doesn’t need these features

  • PLEASE can we have DIVX support on PSP so I can easily swap videos between it and my PS3
    Did I say Please? ;)

  • PS3 doesn’t read SUB-FOLDERS from PSP.
    Fix that.

  • [JohnSketch]
    Should add in an iPlayer app function whilst on the go =)

  • Available WHERE? Just looked at the ‘latest update’ page of and it’s still showing 5.50…

  • OK, I found it through a link on a 3rd party site, but COME ON SONY! A link on the post wouldn’t have been very difficult would it? It’s all the little things that you guys DON’T do to make life easier or more fun for us as Playstation (brand) users that are really getting annoying(OK I’m 40 today so maybe I’m more easily annoyed than yesterday)… Stuff like the people commenting above mentioned: DIVX support on PSP so we don’t have to keep reconverting stuff we’re watching on our PS3; more or downloadable visualisations for the music player(the PSP is at least ahead of the PS3 by having more than 2 to choose from); better PSN integration (friends/messaging)… Not to mention things we keep asking for on the PS3, like cross game chat,or moving that damned controller battery indicator on the PS3 that covers the clock… At last we have an EU Playstation blog, and HOPEFULLY we can be in better touch than Threespeech allowed, but surely it would be nice for a proper system here for requesting or suggesting features to be included in updates for PSP and PS3, and some kind of realistic feedback as to when/if these features can or will be implemented.

  • I hope we will see PSN Friend list on the PSP, and possibility to chat with, like with PS3, and with the Go!cam !

  • In French :
    1/ Ajouter la prise en charge vidéo à Skype sur PSP
    2/Ajouter une fonction chat couplée à la liste d’amis du PSN, il serait donc possible de discuter avec ceux connectés sur la PS3, toujours avec la Go!Cam


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