Overlord II Demo Out Tomorrow

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Hi there, people, I’m Ian ‘Helios’ Webster, the community manager over at Codemasters. Just wanted to post to let you all know about some particularly juicy Overlord II related news, and also that we’re going to be giving the PlayStation.Blog community a chance to ask the dev team some questions about the game.
First off the bat is a brief mention of the upcoming Overlord II demo, due for release on Thursday 11 June. If you’ve ever fancied taking control of a Yeti-hunting, seal-clubbing, wolf-riding team of Minions and causing untold chaos, then make sure you give it a download and let us know what you think.
If the above has piqued your interest, but you’re still undecided whether a career in Overlording is for you, then take a look at the video below from our very own ‘Minionstry of Information’, which tells you all you need to know in its own unique, inimitable style.

[viddler id=cb8a7268&w=545&h=327]

As I mentioned earlier, we’re also giving the PlayStation.Blog community access to the Overlord II dev team to get some of your questions answered. If there is anything you’d like to ask about Overlord II, then please post a question in the comments section below, as next week we’re going to be rounding up a selection to be answered by the dev team in a further blog entry.
Thanks for reading, and do check out our FAQ’s to being evil at www.overlordgame.com

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  • Already got overlord 2 preordered :)
    loved the first one, cant wait for 2.

  • Nice. I’ll give this a go tomorrow then. Thanks. :D

  • cool will try it thanks

  • “If you’ve ever fancied taking control of a Yeti-hunting, seal-clubbing..”
    You’ve got to be [DELETED] kidding?!

  • For someone like me who has never played Overlord.
    In a few words how would you describe the game?

    • No need to pass this question on to the dev team, I can field this one myself, apologies if it’s a bit lengthy :)
      Overlord II is I think best described as an action fantasy adventure, with a particular slant on being evil. The action is based around the horde gameplay afforded by the incredibly violent, mischievous and ultimately funny Minions under your direct control. In regards to being the evil one, as the Overlord you are a despotic megalomaniac who explores the world, dominating or destroying everything in your path with the help of your four Minion types; Browns (melee fighters), Greens (stealth assassins), Reds (pyromaniacs) and Blues (zen-like healing minions). There is a rich story to the whole Overlord series as well which was written by renowned games writer, Rhianna Pratchett.
      Ultimately Overlord II is one of the very few games that allows us to become the despotic megalomaniac that hides within each of us. Did I mention that you can also acquire a total of three mistresses as you progress through the game!
      Give the demo a go and let us know what you think!

  • A few words? Got one! Medicine.
    I hate fantasy, and being the Overlord in a bright and fluffy fantasy world is just plain medicine. So much fun, and so funny.

  • 1 was fun, ill have to check this out.
    at least i can play the demo with my bust blu ray drive :(

  • Ooh, never heard of the game before.. :o Thanks for telling i’ll check the demo :D

  • i never got around to playing overlord raising hell but i will defo be trying this demo out . goin off topic a bit but does any1 kno if the ghostbusters demo will hit this week the game is out next week after all?

  • [JohnSketch]
    Swear that i’ve already played this demo – is it the one where you’re clubbing seals for lifeforce and hippy elves whilst both chasing and hitting a friendly but annoying sasquatch??
    Memory isnt what it used to be!

  • Might try the demo

  • Since the EU has destroyed the seal clubbing industry/culture of Canada (while Spain/Portugal/France continues to have bull fights…but I digress) I’ll have no choice but to live vicariously through Overlord II. Thanks for honouring our heritage.

  • Never liked overlord and especially when you see the price tag :p However it’s cool to see a dutch developer publish games for all over the world instead of companies like Davilex who just put out simple calculation games haha ;)

  • Btw just came up with another question… I remember back to when Overlord II was announced that they would incorparate all the special functions the PS3 offers like screen capture, is this in the demo or what?

  • First time I heard the name Overlord – my initial thought was it was a warflight sim, due to the fact it shares the name with an operation from WW II (actually think there was a game on the C-64 called Overlord).
    So never played the first one I will proberly give the demo a try, I’m thinking it’s a mix of Diablo and Prince of Persia?

  • @RagingWhisky Yes that’s the one.
    I downloaded this demo off the US PSN, and I was quite disappointed. At what I assume is the end scene, where you square off against the sasquatch, you’re supposed to send the minions to destroy some supports for a couple of boats that the sasquatch is standing on. I sank the first boat, but the minions refused to destroy the supports of the second one. They just milled around next to it as if it weren’t a hotspot. The first game was buggy, and this is really not a good first impression for the sequel.

  • That trailer is so funny!!! Never wanted to play the first game, but defo gonna try the demo tomorrow!!!

  • I allready played this demo. I downloaded the demo on the USA store.

  • @6: “In a few words how would you describe the game?”
    In two words: Pikmin ripoff. ;)

  • Wo’oh! I’ve got it pre-ordered and can’t wait :)

  • Really liked the demo of the first game, but it was one of those ones which I just never got around to picking up. Overlord 2 though looks like an improvment while still keeping what was great about the first. I’ll be check out the demo for sure, and most likely picking up the game though I have a few games to finish off before doing that.

  • 3 Mistresses?!!?
    I’m sold!

  • The demo for Overlord 1 felt really sloppy. Hope part two does a better job. At least the trailer is appealing, I’ll give the demo a go.

  • Glad to see so many of you are going to give the demo a download. Make sure to let us know in the comments what you think.

  • I’ll be honest and say I never looked in to the original but I will try the demo out when it pops in to the PSN Store.
    After all, being evil is fun. ;)

  • i got the demo last week on the US store….its not great at all! and the ‘Irish’ accent on the minion who guides you through is laughable

  • Will the Overlord II demo be in the newly available “Demos” section on the store?
    If not, can you tell me why we haven’t got or can’t have a demo section please?

  • Downloaded the demo from the US store last week. I immediately noticed that the game controls easier and the game looks quite a bit better. Humor seems to be just as good as the first (especially loved the seal clubbing part :P).
    Here’s a question for you: Will this game be supported by additional downloadable content? I think downloadable single player content fits this game just fine.

  • Why the 1 week delay? the usual SCEE lazyiness or incompetence?

  • I have already played this (muhahahah) and i found, like with the first one, that its great fun and lots of little upgrades go along way. One little niggle i do have is that the game seems a slight bit laggy and occasionally i see a few tiny little jumps on screen and the fps is lowered, is this just me?

  • I liked the first games demo, but ashamely never brought it. Ill have to give this one a try aswell :)

  • It’s a fun demo! It’s already on the US store for a week.

  • I’ll be downloading the demo tomorrow. I did enjoy the first game, so I see no reason why I won’t like the sequel :)

  • I already played through the demo via my US account.
    It was pretty entertaining, but it felt a bit unpolished. For example the minions were a bit buggy, they sometimes vanished but still counted as being under your control (so you couldn’t summon anymore minions, even though the counter said 13/15), not even the recall worked.
    Hopefully these are just minor bugs that’ll get squashed, because it’d be a shame if a promising game was ruined by bugs.

  • Downloaded and finished the Overlord 2 demo last week.
    The humour seems good (similar to overlord 1).
    However; as I played the demo I kept asking myself things like~
    1 “Hmm I wonder if the resolution is set down by default”
    2. “Wow I should really give my ps3 a rest its lagging, buggy & thinking so hard!”
    3. “I wonder when they will introduce a cool new feature or minion.. or anything!”.
    As I played (in-front of a few friends) I started to feel embarrassed regarding how BAD the game felt, looked & ran. I was really looking forward to buying this game. Disappointed.
    Maybe they will fix “everything” in the full version and patch it up over time but this demo has totally turned me off purchasing overlord 2 upon release. Why release a demo advertising how crap it is? Thanks for saving me some money tho!

  • SeasonForTreason

    I played this demo at a friends house… I didn’t really appeal to me in the same way as the first one did… but I could be wrong, it was just a demo.
    Funny Vid btw!! ^^

  • I have Overlord on PS3! But there is no easy mode on PS3! I am going to download the demo and buy Overlord II. And i have questions to the dev team: 1.Will we play the little overlord? 2. Will be the customization of the Tower more better than in first Overlord? Thanks.

  • i played the demo off the us store last week, great game.

  • Very original and funny game. I’ll check out the demo as soon as it’ll be ready to download.

  • Hey everyone,
    Since the demo was produced and submitted to Sony, we’ve had a full month in which we’ve been able to further optimise the game performance, ensuring that upon it’s full release you get the smoothest possible gaming experience.
    Thanks for all the comments so far, keep em coming :)

  • What time does the demo go live??? (GMT Please)

  • does the full game have multiplayer like the first one did?
    oh and is there any chance of a female overlord at some point?

  • I really appreciate the replies Ian, it is refreshing to see publishers take an active interest in promoting their games like this. I loved the original Overlord but after playing the demo today I have to admit the graphics seemed very grainy and much worse than the original?

    • Hi UrbanDJ,
      It’s interesting what you have said about the graphics, as one of the main comments we’ve had from members of the press who have tried the full game is that in terms of graphics, the game seems much improved from the original…
      I’m at a bit of a loss really for an explanation as to why the game appeared really grainy for you :s

  • I played the demo yesterday. The controls feel different than the first game, but not to much. Graphics are nice in comparison to the first. What I did find annoying was that apparently the minions seem to kill a target, and then just come back without taking life force with them. Is that something you’re going to fix?

  • Agree with UrbanDJ. PS3 with new 1080p LCD. The overlor2 demo looked grainy and ran terribly. The intro movie was sweet and crisp but when it changed to in-game graphics my eyes started to bleed!
    1. Will the graphics be any differnt for the final release?
    2. Will the full game run any smoother?
    I really hope so!
    Best regards,

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