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One of the biggest (albeit not necessarily the most surprising ;) ) announcements during the PlayStation Press Conference at E3 last week was the official unveiling of the brand new PSPgo.
PSP go, 8
We know that you have loads of questions about this new slidey version of the PSP, so we’ve invited the PSP Product Managers here at SCEE to post an update on Friday and tell us everything they can about the handheld.
If there’s anything you’d like to know about the PSPgo, post your questions as Comments below and they’ll answer as many as they can on Friday.

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  • Can you send me one for free – please? :)

  • Will the PSP go be available for the same price it cost the original PSP at launch in the UK? £229 seems a bit to much.

  • First. I copy the question above.
    And, are there any technological improvements over the PSP3k?
    Like, the screen, or hardware-wise…
    And last, what will the price point be?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi,
    You need to download the games to be play them on the PSPgo. But if you don’t have a CreditCard your [DELETED]. How are you guys solving that? Will there be finally Pre-Paid cards?

  • I echo the query about the UK price.

  • What will the pricing of games be like? WIll old psp games that have been around for ages and can be picked up on UMD for a fiver be priced sensibly?

  • Why decide to sell it at such a high price? Do they really cost that much more then the PSP 3000 to make?

  • When will the PSPgo Camera be available (or will the PSPgo use an adapter with the existing PSP Camera)?

  • I’ve got one, but perhaps it will be answered in advance by a fellow user.
    Is the PSPgo the next gen PSP, or is it merely a newer model?
    (i.e. the PS2 Slimline was a newer model of the PS2, where as the PS3 was obviously the next gen PlayStation.)

  • Why should I pay £130 more than a PSP-2000 or £100 more than a PSP-3000 for a device that simply adds bluetooth, has a smaller screen and is incompatible with all my existing PSP cables, accessories and memory cards?

  • Simple questions :
    1) how will we be able ton use our Camera/GPS with the PSPgo ?
    2) will the software (i.e. the firmware) will be the same on PSPgo and PSP 1000->3000 ?
    3) Will PSP trophies will be available one day (PSPgo only or all PSP ?)
    4) will the PSPgo delivered with a USB cable ?

  • Its like the slim ps2 this was said in Sony’s key note at E3, its just a PSP for people who prefer things in digital, so not having hundreds of UMDs for games and films.
    My question how much will it be costing for the UK?

  • What is the european prize ?

  • Want to know if it will be possible to transfer the old UMD games to the new PSP Go, got a fair amount of games to my 1000 system?
    Also how about the stability of the screen, since it’s being pushed up, how stable is it, if I am in a plane, which is where I use the PSP the most, will it shake a lot if the plane shakes?
    How about the fairly new GPS systems that are avaiable for the PSP as we know it, will it also be possible to use it on PSP Go?

  • Just want to know what happens with all our old umd games.
    Definately dont want to buy them again but if i cant transfer them i wont be getting it.

  • 1: Since there are no PSN paycards available in Europe, how do we buy and download PSP games on the PSP Go? Will there be game specific-boxes at retailers with a code in stead of an UMD?
    2: How much games will there be in the PlayStation Store at the launch of the PSP Go? And what percentage will be old (as in already released) PSP games?
    3: I’ve got 20 (or so) UMD’s. Both games and movies. Is there any way for me to play those on the PSP Go? Will there be a “ripping tool”? Can I exchange them at my gamestore for a download voucher?
    4: Now that the UMD drive is gone, I expect the battery will last longer. What is the battery time when you play a game from your internal memory. And is there a difference in speed/battery time when you play games from your memory card and internal memory?

  • it looks like the current GO! Cam and GO! Explore won’t work with the PSPgo, yet a trailer was shown at E3 with the PSPgo playing Invizimals (a game that heavily uses the GO! Cam). can anyone say if there is a new version of the GO! Cam/Explore or if a adapter will be needed?

  • Are game “refunds” not going to be allowed then if it is all digital?
    And also, one of the main reasons why the PSP Go was released was to cut down on piracy because of broken firmware….while I understand that you’re not going to completely rid piracy, why does Sony not create licensed tools or make it easier for fanatical PSP users who want to create their own custom applications etc…much like Apple has done with the iPhone?
    Isn’t keeping the system closed going against what Howard Stringer talks about hen he says open technology is the way ahead?

  • I would like to know the official price in euros because I saw the Sony Conference and Jack Tretton said that it’ll be available at a price of $249 and €249. :(
    Thank you.

  • 1. Please acknowledge whether a GPS and Camera are in the works for the go (along with that keyboard from E3 2008) and if they will be for world wide consumption or just EU/JPN again.
    2. Is the battery going to be replacable at SONY Style stores or through mail in program? I won’t buy a piece of tech that I can’t get the battery replaced on.
    3. UMD upgrade program…any new details on how that is going to work?

  • Oh…one more thing…when using skype will I have to have it in an open position or is the mic sensitive enough that I can keep it in the close position?

  • Why are we all Europeans less than US users, with that still unreasonable conversion 1$=1€, paying for example, in the PSP-Go!, 80€ more than any US citizen. Why do we have to pay more for the same? The same question for Store content.
    And second question, when is the video service will be available in Europe (and meaning Europe for all countries, Spain included) as we don’t have Video Store and still have to pay 80€ more for, in this case, less services.
    I’m sure that if you don’t have a reasonable answer to this, at least you will have a solution for us. Make Europeans happy and do correct conversions and offer us the same services. Thank you, I really hope we will be equal to US players soon.

  • With the PSPGo being a 100% Digital Delivery device what are the plans about the European distribution of the PlayStation Network Cards? Retailers might want to sell some of those…

  • Just emphasizing the price question that others have mentioned. The original PSP was £180 when it launched, £229.99 seems a lot. What will the official UK launch price be? Are retailers e.g GAME and Amazon selling at their own prices currently or official prices?
    To make our UMDs digital, will it only work with PSP 1000s? That is what I heard.
    Bit of track, but will there ever be Media GO for mac? Also will we be able to run it without having to connect our PSP?
    Excluding Gran Turismo PSP, what other launch titles are there?
    Will all, I emphasize the word ‘all’, PSP games have a digital version from now on? Or will it only be for selected titles?
    Hope you can answer them Sony, thanks.

  • it will be possible to transfer the old games to the new PSPGo?
    i have 20 UMD games already!

  • Will it somehow be possible to transfer my UMDs like Crisis Core or Patapon to the Flash Memory?
    Will the downloadable games only be available through Playstation Store, or also as a voucher at retailers?
    Will the battery last noticeable longer than the PSP3000’s?
    Improved display?

  • Hi,
    is there any possibility that PSP go allows voice chat, using PS3 remote control feature, with your ps3 friends list?.
    I miss this feature in my PSP slim.
    Thank you and regards from Valencia-Spain (Europe).

  • @ Guerrier, that will be the price in Euros. Please remember that it is customary for the US to quote retail prices without tax, probably because it varies from State to State – they are very clear on the difference between the price of the product and the price they pay to the Government.
    In the UK and Europe it is customary not to make this distinction and just have the prices quoted including tax. So you can’t just look at $249 vs €249 and say that’s unfair – you must first take away the tax you pay, 21% for you guys isn’t it? So it’s actually $249 vs €205 – add to that all the additional distribution costs and packaging costs for the different countries/languages etc and it really isn’t that unreasonable…

  • What will the rrp price be once it hits the shops?
    I do actually want to get it on day of release but the £229.99 – £249.99 several retailers have listed is laughable.
    How much will the newest top released games cost on the store?
    How many umd games will there be on the store?

  • What will the Australian price be? And will the games be any cheaper since we won’t have to pay 4 the umd disc anymore aswell?

  • Does this now mean that games can offer updates/dlc in the same way as on the PS3? It is no fun playing games online any more because they just get hacked within days, and will we ever see the ability to send/recieve messges e.t.c via PSN on our PSPs? Will the console have an improved internet browser? How much will the cradle cost? Why no touch screen? Sixaxis e.t.c?
    But most important will we ever see more PSN integration?

  • #Apnomis: Additional distribution costs and packaging? Do you know PSP is made in China? If it was made and delivered from US it would be reasonable, but it’s not this way. The same about packaging, and the language matter… it doesn’t explain 80€, firmware is the same for all countries and it contains all languages.

  • My question would be;
    Aside from Gran Turismo, what other games are you hoping to have as ‘launch’ titles on the Playstation Store?
    Very tempted by this, especially with MGS and Resi in the pipeline.

  • Why is there no second analogue stick?
    Also, how will Sony deal with existing PSP users who already own many games? And finally, with the lack of a UMD drive how will we be able to prove on the Playstation Store or wherever that we already own these games?

  • TheLastDestroyer

    PSP Trophies?
    That’s my only question :)
    I know Eric Lempel denied it ,but hey you never know.

  • Will the Bluetooth support on the PSP Go offer any new ways for PSP Go and PS3 to interact?

  • 1) Will we able to utilize the go! cam without the UMD slot? (i refer, personally, to the upcoming game “invizimals”, which requires the cam);
    2) Stating the choice to deliver a completely-based-on-digital-delivery-device, are you going to, FINALLY, take the psn cards in Europe?
    3) Why the price is the same with the US, despite the strong euro? (we are going to pay almost 50% than ours friends…and in UK it’s even worse). It’s possible that Sony is the only big franchise left that still utilize the conversion $=Euro? And, another thing, the price for the digital game will be the same as the UMD-counterpart? Despite the non-existing costs for packaging ecc.?
    4) Why the choice to utilize the memory micro card and not the previous one available for the psp (memory pro duo)? It depends on the size? Because now we are forced to buy these new cards.
    5) I really appreciate the bluetooth (no more cables from my headphones), but why the lack of the mini-usb port? We are going to throw away all the accessories we already have.

  • 1.) How is the battery life compared to the old PSP’s? You’ve got a smaller battery but no more UMD drive to power, so I’m curious where it ends up.
    2.) Will I be able to use a title I’ve downloaded from PSN be useable only on one PSP system or can I use it on multiple systems.
    3.) Will the integrated Bluetooth capability allow music playback on Bluetooth enables speakers?
    4.) Please explain the TV Out of PSP Go – cable, resolution etc. .

  • @9, they’re the same size.
    Sony why, after so much consumer demand, did you not decide to put a second analogue stick in? It wiill make future games for the PSPgo incompatible with the old PSP, but so what? Did you feel bad for Blu-ray not being compatible with PS2s?
    Are there any technical improvements (other than bluetooth. e.g. longer battery life, brighter screen, etc.)
    Will it’s screen be the same as the PSP3000s? If so, have the scanlines been fixed?
    What will be the RRP in AUD?
    Will it have a worldwide release?
    Will it be capable of any features the old PSPs are not, if not, will it be? I’m talking PS3-compatibility stuff here, not just extra features concerning Bluetooth.
    Will Bluetooth headsets (namely the official PS3 one) be compatible with it?
    Have any features from the old PSPs not made their way to the PSPgo?
    Will you still sell game covers worldwide, with a download coupon inside, or will the only purchases be online through the PS Store?
    And lastly, why is it called PSPgo?

  • 1-can you play your old psp games

  • Will there be a cheap way to upgrade from the older PSP models?
    I think we would all like to pay just a few pounds to upgrade as it’s mostly just a smaller sized version of what we already have.

  • In the style of Ledger’s Joker….
    “Why so expensive”?
    Apart from Bluetooth, does it not have less technology? No UMD Drive, no USB Compatibility.

  • With the ps3 store, there’s a lot of exclusive downloadable games, will renewed interest in digital media for the psp make this happen more for the psp?
    Say games like Flower. Smaller, interesting games from perhaps smaller developers for the psp.
    Also, will all full psp games actually be available on both digital and UMD into the future still?
    Will the go have a inbuilt mic, like the 3000?
    With the release of PSPGo it’s safe to say that umd films are going to be no more, so I was wondering if there are any plans for the video service, for other territories, specifically australia hehe.
    I could see myself using what I’ve read on how the service operates in the states quite a lot.

  • How long do you see the lifecycle of the psp go compared to it predecessors? Is this something you see as a psp 2 or is that something you will still be doing in the future?

  • Since the battery is integrated and impossible to change I think it is more important than ever that the battery life of the device is significant.
    So I have one question.
    What is the battery life like?

  • Will Sony find a way how we can use Go!Explore on the PSP-Go?
    I mean, PSP-GO you take it with you on the Go, but you cant have navigation software on it would be a bit strange.
    Kind Regards,
    Sami Chouchane

  • hi, i dont have acces point, so i can buy games for psp.go from ps3 store and download to psp.go?
    i have the psp-1000 so i got more umds how i can use these on psp.go?
    thank you and good work.

  • Needs to be asked what’s happening in regards to PSN Cards over in the UK/EU.
    Surely now they’ll be finally releasing them. If so, at least one good thing about the PSP Go is that it will force Sony into actually getting these cards out so people can, you know, actually buy things off PSN who don’t/won’t use a credit card.
    A shockingly missing item that should have been introduced long ago. I’m not even speaking for myself here but for many others who can’t purchase things.

  • My questions would be:
    1) Pricing is my biggest bug-bare with digital downloads, it is a cheaper distribution method but this is never replicated in the cost of a download. The RRP of a digital download is normally the RRP of a retail product, however being as the PS Store is the only vendor of digital copies they always sell for RRP, whereas stores and online retailers hardly ever sell at RRP – this means you get cases like GT:Prologue being £24.99 to download and only £17.99 or less on disc. This alone would be enough to stop me buying a PSPGo – what strategy have you got in place to prevent this – will digital games have a lower RRP, will other online services/websites offer downloads, will retailers sell download redemption vouchers so they can set their own pricing/discounts?

  • 2) Will all games be day and date releases with their UMD equivalents, and is it now part of PSP developer compliance to release both a UMD and Digital version? Will popular older games be converted to digital?
    3) What DRM is in place to stop copying (sorry if this is already common knowledge with current PSP downloads but I don’t own a PSP), are they all tied to your PSN account the same as PS3 downloads with a limited amount of redownloads? Are they tied to a particular PSP somehow – what happens if it breaks? Can memory cards be interchanged between PSP’s?
    4) Can you actually store/backup purchased games on your PC using the Media Manager when you’re not using them so you don’t have to redownload them each time?
    5) Are there any plans for a retail presence for downloads, i.e. a vending machine style setup in game retailers/malls where you plug in the PSPGo, select/pay for the game, and transfer it to your PSPGo instantly rather than having to go away and download?
    6) Were you tempted to integrate the GPS and/or Camera addons that are available to the PSP as attachments? Especially as one of the main DSi selling points is the integrated camera.
    7) Will it launch for less than £200 in the UK?

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