SingStore Update- Thursday June 11th

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Hello again, everyone.
I thought I’d try to help brighten your Monday morning with a preview of this Thursday’s SingStore update. Alongside 26 new tracks, the update will include two SongPacks: “Roxette Ballads” and “Ultimate Tiziano Ferro” – here’s the full list:

In English:

  • Bizarre Inc – “I’m Gonna Get You”
  • Boys Like Girls – “Hero/Heroine”
  • Bryan Rice – “No Promises”
  • Depeche Mode – “Precious”
  • Evanescence – “Lithium”
  • Gorillaz – “Dare”
  • The Hoosiers – “Cops N Robbers”
  • Kemopetrol – “Child Is my Name”
  • Liars – “Freak Out”
  • Lostprophets – “Can’t Catch Tomorrow”
  • Madness – “Baggy Trousers”
  • Madness – “Driving In My Car”
  • Madness – “House Of Fun “
  • Madness – “My Girl”
  • Madness – “Our House”
  • P!nk – “Last To Know”
  • P!nk – “Nobody Knows”
  • Pet Shop Boys – “Opportunities”
  • Pet Shop Boys – “Rent”
  • Phoenix – “Consolation Prizes”
  • Ray Charles – “Hit The Road Jack”
  • Richard Hawley – “Tonight The Streets Are Ours”

Gorillaz - Dare
P!nk - Nobody Knows
Roxette Ballads:

  • Fading Like A Flower
  • It Must Have Been Love
  • Listen To Your Heart
  • Run To You
  • Spending My Time

In Dutch:

  • Wolter Kroes – “Hele Nacht Liggen Dromen”

In Finnish:

  • Don Huonnot – “Seireen”
  • Eppu Normaali – “Joka Paiva Ja Jokaikinen Yo”

Don Huonot - Seireen

In French :

  • Cali – “1000 Coeurs Debout”
  • Cali – “Elle M’a Dit”
  • Julien Clerc – “Fais Moi Une Place”

Cali - Elle M'a Dit

In Italian:

Ultimate Tiziano Ferro:

  • E Raffaella è mia
  • Ed ero contentissimo
  • Sere Nere
  • Stop! Dimentica
  • Ti scatterò una foto

Have a great week!

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  • Hi Nina,
    Thanks for giving us the update. The quality of updates over the last couple weeks has been great. Great to see high quality artists such as Leona Lewis, The Fray, Evanescence, Britney Spears and now Pink as well. Hope to continue seeing great popular artists making their way onto the store.
    One thing I’d love to see through the PS Blog is something like a monthly Top 10 SingStore downloads. Any chance of something like this coming along?

    • Hi and thanks! Glad you like the songs. We’re working hard to keep the updates as intersting as possible for everyone across the board.
      And yes, I reckon we can probably get something like a Top 10 of downloads to you in the foreseeable future.

  • LostProphets FTW =P
    Anyway thanks for this heads up update, it appears that this Thursday will be action packed with Burnout: BSI, Killzone 2 DLC and a few of these. Christ, what a strain on my wallet. =P

  • Just saw Elton and Billy Joel in concert….
    Any chance we will ever see some Elton in the SingStore?

    • I think your’re not alone with your Elton request. I’d love to have him on the store but we all might have to wait a little longer for that, unfortunately. Don’t give up hope yet though :)

  • More Fray songs needed. Also would like to see some My Chemical Romance, The Killers and some recent songs that have just been released.

  • Quite good update, not much that interests me though, but hey the more songs there the better!
    My mum would love it if you put Lily Allens ‘Not Fair’ on the singstore, she’s loving that song ATM.

  • Oh your replying to some message =O just wondering will we be seeing any Michael Jackson songs soon, my sister would love to see more =P

    • Not at the moment but as always, we’re doing our best to get more songs you’re asking for on the store in future.

  • Any chance we’ll see anything from Rihanna in the SingStore soon? There are some of her songs on PS2 SingStar discs but nothing on PS3 as far as I’m aware. It would make my daughter’s day to know something may be coming soon.

  • Nice update, thank you!

  • How many Norwegian Kaptein Sabeltann(Captain Sabertooth) songs are there on the store?

    • Currently we only have one song, “Vi seiler vår egen sjø”, by Kaptein Sabeltan on the store I’m afraid.

  • Thanks for the update! Great to see Gorillaz – “Dare” and offcourse Wolter Kroes – “Hele Nacht Liggen Dromen” :P great party number :)
    But when will we see a coldplay pack? I think that that would sell great, and you would do the community smiling :) :P

  • Cool. I’ll be getting at least one Madness song anyway. Baggy Trousers ftw! Maybe the song pack..
    Any news on the final for crystal mics btw??? Us finalists are very much in suspense about what happens next and who the special guest judge is going to be!

    • Crystal Mics heat 5 winners are being finalised as I type this. Keep on checking on MSO and for more info.
      I could tell you about the top secret judge but then I would have to spontaneously combust afterwards which would mean no more SingStore updates – do you really want that?

  • In Spanish…….

  • Lmao! Thanks for the quick reply Nina. Really looking forward to finding out what happens next!
    I certainly wouldn’t want any spontaneous combustion on my conscience, so I’ll just wait a little longer haha. Thanks again.

  • we want more dutch songs !

  • jakeydragon1988

    Will we get a Leona Lewis Songpack with these songs:
    A Moment Like This
    Bleeding Love
    Better in Time
    Forgive Me
    Also, Mariah Carey’s songs: Hero, We Belong Together, Never Too Far, Without You, I’ll Be There
    And any X-Factor Songs: X-Factor Finalists 2008 – Hero and Alexandra Burke – Hallelujah?

  • I would like to see Utada on Sing Store!

  • Roxette!!! I love it! Well done Singstar team!!!
    Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated.
    By the way, any chance of any Madonna or Girls aloud?

  • VincentVendetta

    IT’S DARE!

  • I’m sure i have already bought The Hoosiers – “Cops N Robbers”.

  • good update any chance of some early madonna songs my wife keeps asking me will they eve put them on the store thanks

  • YAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!! More Phoenix!!!!!!! :D
    Just need If I Ever Feel Better and my life will be complete! :p
    Thank you!!!

  • I want more new Depeche Mode Stuff, like “Wrong” ^^.

  • @Ultra-Blu: Seeing Utada on the singstore would be a dream come true lol

  • Ray Charles! A very nice update =) Singstar is supported very well and shall live forever. o/

  • Since I spoke about Sabeltann, you should ad this if you can in the future. A more famous song from him:
    I should get SingStar now.

  • I´m still waiting for some Yelle tracks release in Europe, not just France, i´m from Spain and i´m sure she is popular in UK too.
    Al least A cause des garçons, please, release it.

    • Hi! Good news: There are already two Yelle tracks on the store including the one you are asking for.
      If you don’t see them, try searching for them using L2 and setting your language settings to ‘all’.

  • Yelle would be awesome.
    Any change of some Sébastien Tellier? I loved seeing him do Eurovision last year. :)
    Some Daft Punk would be awesome, although I guess it would be a very limited choice of songs, maybe ‘One More Time’.

  • When will you start updating with the choice of HD content? for example I have the video for “my immortal” from the last update in HD and it’s very frustrating to see in a bad SD quality in Sing Store despite there is a HD version of even this older song.

    • We try where we can to get HD content but unfortunately it’s not possible for many videos at the moment.

  • How about making the ABBA collection available for downloading?

  • There are still very many songs from the PS2 version I’d like to have in Singstore (as was promised when the game was released).
    I’d also hope for more (better) songs by Leonard Cohen.
    But thanks for a good update.

  • Nice to see that recent updates feature more modern songs.
    Any chance in getting more latin artists songs? How about Shakira or Coti?
    And some songs from Green Day or The Black Eyed Peas?

  • Fantastic update… You guys rock! I’m so glad to see P!nk, Evanescence, Gorillaz and Pet Shop Boys in a row… I would also like to see songs from Beyoncé and Kelly Clarkson in the future… Oh and a Madonna Singstar Disc will be welcome :)

  • Thanks for the update, good stuff.
    We need a video playback feature in SingStar, you know so we can just set it to play the videos in random order. Can’t see any reason for why this function isn’t there.

  • Hi Nina,
    Well the last lot of content to store is too good lately, your going to have me broke lol! No seriousl;y its getting better and better, and you know what! I see a trend! Pet shop boys, Britney, Take That, Pink, lots of bands or atists on Tour!! Does this mean that as and when bigger artists go on tour, they will be heading to Singstar via full blown project or Songpacks. Very happy with Take That full Singstar, but coe on! The living legend that is Michael Jackson only one song on Volume 3! I mean who has sold me albums in the world than anyone! I think this definetly deserves full blown Singstar disc, and if you havnt got 1 on the go, then shame on you!
    I post on facebook singstar vip lounge too, but good to finally speak to the direct ppl! Carnt wait for Motown Singstar also,!!!
    This is going from strength to strength. Well done.

  • Hi Nina…
    Are there any more Swedish songs coming down the road to SingStore?
    its been awhile since we’ve had any.

  • Nice update guys, nice to see running updates for a few artists, like gorillaz and evanescene.

  • OMG!!!… Wolter Kroes hahaa.. ik ga meteen ff dl’en!

  • Just want to quickly say that seeing Bizarre Inc on that list brought a small ray of sunshine to this old man’s day. Awesome.

  • Any chance that:
    a) you’ll be releasing onto the Singstore, tracks that have previously been available on PS3 singstar discs only?
    b) logging onto the Singstore via PC with PSN-ID, and maybe buying/queueing songs for download so that when you login to the Singstar servers via the PS3, the songs will automatically download onto your hard drive?
    Thanks :)

  • Wow, another Depeche Mode song, keep them comming and I keep them buying. We like the PSB songs to.
    The “play video only” suggestion is great EmpireNO, I like to see that to.
    Some video editing tools would also be great (or an option to project different backgrounds).
    I’m also in favorit for HD content. Anyway, great Singstar update.

  • My Singstar wishlist:
    1. Oasis
    2. Be able to upload songs from your PS2 discs to your PS3 hard drive – I’m a lazy sod and hate changing discs :)
    3. Guns n Roses
    4. More Indie and Rock please
    5. Less cheesy Ballads and Rap songs I don’t do well on because I can’t rap lol

  • Hi Nina, i get errServer when triying to connect all the time since yesterday.
    Under maintenance or something?

    • Hi – yes, apologies! We’re having the same problem here at SingStar HQ and doing everything we can to fix it asap.

  • @ l0_t0 I’ve got the same problem, had the errSever message since trying to get to MSO since around 6PM GMT today. A pitty because I really wanted to view these, hope it is a maintenance issue.
    As for the update… Baggy Trousers is instant win for me, brings back memories of riding shotgun in a 3 wheel van rocking it from side to side as we sing it loudly as we drive along the main road into Hull… Those where the days…

  • Hi Nina, it´s working again by now.
    Thanks for great feedback, i hope other departments take note of that and how to do things right.

  • Thanks so much for the updates, I live in the US and they never seem to post these, do you think you could do this for the US blog too?
    Also, could you guys start taking requests or do some more polls regarding what we want?
    Thanks again!

  • Is it possible to get some Japanese Pop on the Sing Store?

  • I think that you should include the same songs that appear in some games to the store!(Michael Jackson’s billy jean and Britney Spears’s toxic for instance) in my opinion, the discharges would be increased.
    Or sale the game via singstore and not only on blueray format and be able to separate the songs if you do not like all of them.
    And made some conection with de vidzone! that could be interesting.
    I’m agree with the idea of a top 10 songs

  • I appreciate the attempts at getting a good variance of music available. However, despite having a very eclectic music taste, I have not found more than 2 or 3 songs on these updates since as February or longer. They seem to be R&B dominated.
    I would love to see some:
    George Strait (57 #1 hits)
    Bruce Springsteen
    More 80/90’s pop (Sister Christian, or Billy Vera “what did you think” would be awesome.)
    Frank Sinatra
    Duets: (Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow- “Picture,” Human League’s “Don’t you want me baby,” Johnny Cash & June Carter- “Jackson (we got married in a fever).”
    ** I know that the attempt is to provide music for everyone, but when you select an artist like Ray Charles and choose a song like “hit the road Jack” you likely aren’t really satisfying Ray Charles demographic. It is more like satisfying the non-Ray Charles demographic, while appearing to be throwing Charles fans a bone. In other words, people who like Ray Charles would likely put “hit the road jack” as one of their least favorite RC songs because it is just to cliché’ and overplayed.
    This is just my take on the situation… you’re the one with the marketing info. I just thought I would share.

  • As many have stated before, some Madonna songs would be awesome… I presume it’s a licensing issue rather than anything else holding a release back.
    Some more Leona Lewis, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Anastacia, Cher and Bananarama would be great too!
    Oh, and please release more of the PS2 and PS3 songs from discs on the singstore! I ended up downloading half the songs I wanted from Vol. 3 and Pop without realising they were on there and now it seems pointless to buy the discs for just one or two remaining songs I might like.
    When’s the next update?

  • Hi guys – noob here, just bought my ps3 yesterday and was playing singstar – went to singstore to buy some more songs and the thing froze?? since then I get an online error, code errserver ? can anybody help me out whats happening?
    Thankx in advance

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