E3 09 Virtual Booth Tour: MAG

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Whilst out at E3 last week, Jeff from PlayStation.Blog.US managed to get some quality time with Zipper Interactive at the MAG booth for an in-depth demonstration of the epic 256-player shooter.

Here’s the 2nd in our “Virtual Booth Tour” series: MAG (click here for the guided tour of God of War III).
You’ve probably seen some quick demonstrations of MAG, but that’s not enough time to do this complex game justice. In this video, Zipper Interactive designer Ben Jones takes us through the flow of a massive 256-player battle.

[viddler id=59a97cd2&w=437&h=288&playertype=simple]

Apologies for the audio pops – it was quite loud on the show floor!
We’ll have more video booth tours coming this week!

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  • lied its there now sorry

  • Looks awesome! Hopefully will be a big hit!

  • Lag free? The people at Kotaku who played it at e3 said it lagged like crazy. Hope they sort that out, could really cripple the game before it even walks.

  • I wish he would play a bit more instead of talk so much. we’ve heard it all before.
    Game looks great.

  • Looked pretty lag free to me manglobe.
    Cant wait for this, it looks awesome!

  • i’ve seen enough videos, i just want to play it now lol. any idea of a specific release date yet?

    • Charlotte Large

      Hi jag10. Sorry, no release date has been confirmed yet. We’ll post an update as soon as we hear something.

  • Definitely buying this, it looks so much better than cod modern warfare 2.

  • wow, looks amazing :D

  • i have 2 questions
    1) how do the defenders win? i can see how team attacking win but how do the defenders win, do you have to wait for the timer to run out if so 166mins is along time
    2)whens the beta???? really want to try this out looks like a rpg fps game, i just hope people will try to stick together with there squads
    MAG is looking amazing and hope the beta comes in july after the uncharted 2 beta

  • Totally massively gameplay,great,the maps is enormous.

  • Me thinks this could be a COD beater :D

  • I’m really impressed with what Zipper are doing, lots of people have been saying 256 players will just be madness but I think what we are seeing proves that wrong. Really good to finally start hearing about the Shadow War aspects of the game aswell.
    MAG may very well be the only fps I buy this fall.

  • *yawn* MAG is nothing more than a generic online shooter, it doesn’t even look as good as COD4, the hook being 256 players, yeah, i can see squads of 8 14yr old kids taking orders and such from an ‘officer’ to get missions done. it’s going to be mayhem.
    i for one wouldn’t touch this game with a bargepole from all i’ve seen of it so far.
    and yes, i’m grumpy because my HDTV broke *kicks small puppy into river*

  • Mobile Tone is right,its looks so generic with the only thing setting it apart is 256 players.
    No one will take orders.It will be a straight up deathmatch.

  • im not sure about this game yet, it proberly lags alot and it will be mayhem no order.

  • looking forward to playing this

  • Can’t wait to play this game. I just hope we won’t have any immature people trying to limit our fun.

  • can i play this game?

  • @Tone
    Not a fan then? I’m quite looking forward to this, but as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

  • its looking great, it kinda reminds me of the battlefield series on pc, these huge battles where there’s something to do everywhere on these huge battlefields.. plus it looks decent graphically and technically too, so this is huge..finally a console shooter that might come close to a pc shooter experience..

  • I REALLY hope there is an open beta for this.
    Looks amazing.
    Call of Duty beater? I think so.

  • Cool beans Zipper, looking good.
    Can’t wait to play it, I’m gonna buy this instead of Modern generic 2 :D (nah i’ll prolly get em both), i like my battles big (was a huge Joint operations fan on PC) so this is really appealing to me.
    Everything is looking top notch and very polished, so all i can say is get back to woik instead of reading this and finsih the game :D (me want NOW!!!).

  • @chrisjericho – yes you may say this game looks generic, but with 128 a side, are you really sure that its gonna be a point where people wont take orders, basically we could see alliances between clans, and hordes of friends working together. What you say is a definate possiblity, but i seriously think you need to look at the much bigger picture! Games like BF2142 etc didnt fail because of there higher size battles, planetside didnt fail. So i very much doubt this will.
    All i can say is bring on the beta,and pre-orders, im sold!

  • Nice!
    I seriously can not wait for this game. It looks ace!

  • @tone/pablo
    I think what _WOULD_ have made this game for me was if you had replaced the “MAG” with “Battlefield:Bad Company”.
    The matches in battlefield are perfectly executed with little to no faffing with “commanders” and more like a giant free for all “get to the objective and destroy”.
    *drowns a kitten because his HD Monitor works*

  • @ krease2007,
    166 minutes was just the time for that match – they raised the time because it was at E3, normally the matches are about 25 minutes, apparently :)
    I can’t wait for this, I hope there’s an open beta. Either that or SCEE recruit more Beta Testers.

  • This is going to be amazing!
    I love the fact it has ‘deep character customisation’ :)

  • The game looks great/awsome, i am really looking forward to this game. I hope there is gonna be an online manuel for this game because the game looks so massive with so many options that you prob. need to read a bit before you get a handle on the game. :)

  • This game is looking very promising, I hope the 256 player online can be pulled off, that must require a cluster of servers? :D
    Also, what’s the map view-distance like?

  • LOL, soz i keep on gettin confused, is this gonna be an mmo, i dont think so, but is it??
    or is it gonna be like a warhawk MEGA!!

  • I haven’t been this excited about an FPS for years, and I’ve been playing them for 15+ years. I just hope that Zipper can convince non-clanned people to play towards objectives, since if this turns into an FFA or deathmatch, it’s gonna be nothing special.

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