New Killzone 2 Content Coming To PlayStation Home

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Hello everyone! My name is Victor and I’m the Editor for at Guerrilla. For my first post on the European PlayStation.Blog, I have the honour of announcing the new Killzone-themed content for PlayStation Home.
Have you ever peered out of the windows of your cosy Harbour Studio apartment and wished that the view was a little less… serene? Maybe you’ve stared down at the calm, sunlit marina and wondered what it would be like to overlook a burning, war-torn cityscape. Perhaps you feel that the clean, contemporary architecture of the Studio doesn’t quite possess the grandeur to match your megalomaniacal ego.
Killzone 2 in PS Home - Room 1
The Visari Throne Room apartment for PlayStation Home is just what you need. Based on the throne room inside Visari’s Palace from the final mission of Killzone 2, it combines the majestic proportions of Helghast architecture with the regal aesthetic of the Autarch himself. Tastefully lit by a hellish, alien sunset, it is guaranteed to impress and humble anyone you invite over for a chat.
Killzone 2 in PS Home - Room 2
Of course, no palatial chamber is complete without stately furnishings to match. For the Visari Throne Room, we’ve created five pieces of furniture based on actual palace furnishings from Killzone 2: two types of Visari-style chairs, an administrative desk, a plant container with authentic Helghan vegetation, and a freestanding painting which portrays an important moment in the colonial history of the Helghast. In Killzone 2 these were mostly used by Radec’s elite guard to barricade the palace hallways, but don’t let that stop you from arranging them however you like.

Killzone 2 in PS Home - Chair 1 Killzone 2 in PS Home - Chair 2

Killzone 2 in PS Home - DeskKillzone 2 in PS Home - Plant

Killzone 2 in PS Home - Painting
The Visari Throne Room and matching furniture are scheduled for release in the second half of June, with pricing TBD. Be sure to visit soon for a closer look at the new PlayStation Home content, including additional images of the throne room!

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