Killzone 2 – v.1.27 Now Available

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Hi folks,
Nice new home you guys have here and thanks for inviting me. My name is Seb Downie and I am one of the Producers at Guerrilla Games and want to start off GG’s contribution to the blog with details of the latest and greatest update to hit Killzone 2. It was meant to be out a week ago, but on the 11th hour before release we found a bug that needed fixing, so unfortunately we had to delay it, but now we are ready to rock, erm I mean, ready to patch!
Today, Guerrilla Games has released their 9th patch for their best-selling shooter, Killzone 2.
This patch not only contains fixes, but also new functionality that has been requested by the Killzone community. Patch 1.27 will be 75MB in size (272MB for Asian release) and will be released worldwide with the following fixes and features:

  • DLC – Enables support for downloadable content pack #2 “Flash & Thunder”, released on June 11th on the Playstation®Store
  • Network errors – Improved handling of large message groupings to decrease network errors on heavy loads. Should decrease some instances of network errors
  • Stability – Fix for potential Quick-join stability issues when DLC pack “Steel & Titanium” is not installed
  • Stability – Removal of DLC could result in stability issues when using game pre-sets
  • Stability – Crash fix for potential Search & Retrieve issue
  • Stability – Fix for infrequent hang on loading when using spectator mode
  • Exploit – Search & Destroy objective exploit fix
  • Exploit – Collision fix for map MP04 – Visari Hammer
  • Exploit – Collision fix for map MP07 – Blood Gracht
  • Exploit – Collision fix for map MP07 – Blood Gracht (2)
  • Exploit – Collision fix for map MP08 – Corinth Crossing
  • Exploit – Collision fix for map MP08 – Corinth Crossing (2)
  • Stats – Fix for clans not always receiving the clan match win medal
  • Controls – Addition of High precision mode option for both Single Player and Multiplayer. New accounts will have this mode set as standard and existing users will have to enable it manually. More details can be found here:
  • Feature – Players will be automatically placed on the same faction, if they are friends upon using the ‘Join Friend’ option
  • Feature – Players will be automatically placed on the same squad, if they are friends upon using the ‘Join Friend’ option
  • Feature – Squads will remain constant over multiple rounds unless disbanded. More info on the above features can be found here
  • Feature – Faction balancing only checked when entering the game to the pre-game lobby or spawn-select New faction select screen on spawn-select
  • Feature – In-game faction changing now allowed on heavily unbalanced factions
  • Feature – Skirmish – All Badges and Abilities are now unlocked for Skirmish mode to allow users with lower bandwidth network connections to experience the full range of weapons and abilities available in Multiplayer mode
  • Gameplay – Invulnerability when spawning on a deployable spawn-point outside of a base-camp is now disabled
  • Gameplay – Armor of Assault class reduced from 100 to 50 hit-points
  • Gameplay – AI and health of the flying Sentry Bots has been tweaked upwards
  • Gameplay – Firing rate of the Sentry Turret’s rocket system has been reduced slightly
  • Bug – Cooked grenades dealing friendly fire damage despite the option being disabled
  • Bug – DLC Pack 1 “Steel & Titanium” front end text fix for Japanese sku
  • Moderation – Enhanced moderation tools for SCE Moderators
  • – Revived players now appearing correctly in Battle Replays
  • Misc – Various minor bug fixes

For more in depth information on some of the bigger features to come with this patch, check out the Q&A with Eric Boltjes our Lead Multiplayer Designer here.
I’ll be checking out the comments section and will try to answer some of your questions about the update. We are by no means done with Killzone 2 and will continue to improve the online experience with your (constructive, fair and balanced) feedback *ahem*.
So thanks for having me and I hope you enjoy this latest update. We’ll be back soon with some news on Home. Also make sure to keep an eye on for the latest news, gossip and content.

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  • Cant wait for the next DLC, i loved the original beach head map and spent hours on it with bots.
    Bring it on!

  • Thanks for the Join Friend’ option ^^

    • I hope that these additions will help with the majority of complaints players have had regarding playing with friends.
      Once you use ‘Join Friend’ it should put you on the same faction and if possible, into the same Squad as your friend. These Squads will then also remain over multiple rounds. Hopefully this will help folks out there stay together.

  • Second that thanks on Join Friend option :D

  • One could say you properly support a game when this is the ninth patch, you could also say thay you released a unbalanced bugridden game, with exorbitantly priced DLC which isn’t very original. 2 maps that are rougly featured in the singleplayer campaign, and 2 maps from your previous game.
    After playing the game intensively for the first 4 weeks, I hardly touch it anymore. Probably going to trade it in soon.

  • Awesome! :D
    Can’t wait to try out the new control system.

  • Fantastic update!

  • that is a great patch!
    will probably be back at warzone:)

    If there are any clans out there that want to join our tournament, please jive us a shout at

  • nice list of changes
    looking forward to the dlc
    good work guys :)

  • I wish you guys worked with the Slant Six people, the patches on Socom Confrontation take AGES, its insane.

  • Awesome news, Seb! Can’t wait to break open the multiplayer once more! :D

  • Great update, looking forward to jumping on again. One thing though, does the lobby now show which rooms have the DLC maps and which don’t? This is an essential feature. At the moment it’s luck of the draw which games have the maps. Maybe copy the colour coding Warhawk uses?

    • If you look at the list of map, it will show you Killzone Originals and the different DLC packs. We did tweak it a little to make it easier.

  • “We’ll be back soon with some news on Home.”
    Killzone 2 Home Space and Game Launching on the way?

  • Good news indeed, but whatever happened to the promised KZ2 home-related announcement that was teased on twitter?

  • Nice patch, especially the joining a friends team and retained Squads additions. I’ll be interested to give Precision Mode a try, but I was one of the few that actually liked KZ2’s controls!
    Interesting changes to core gameplay mechanics too, like reducing Assault amour and disabling invulnerability on spawn points, will be interested to see how much of an effect that has. It’s about time Sentry Bots got an upgrade though, they were pretty useless!!!
    It’s always good to see exploitations and glitches fixed as well. I hate glitchers and cheaters in online games!

  • Good update and all BUT how come still no serveer info, i mean it’s one of the most requested features and is in pretty much all online games, why hasn’t it been put in yet?.
    For now i’ll still not be playing the game (haven’t played it in over 2 weeks) as i can’t stand spending so much time looking for servers that are decent by joining and quitting, i recon i spend more time looking for decent servers than actully playing in one, how something so simple can be missing is beyond me, hopefully you’ll put it in sooner or later and then i can start playing again.
    Keep up the good work, hey you may not put in a very needed feature like server info BUT at least your still updating other aspects of the game.

  • Finally I can join my friends without hassle and maybe get the damn air support badge!

  • Oh never mind, i have somehow missed the ‘home announcement coming soon’ part. Well, that leaves us with one last critical request: Server Information.

    • Which information are you talking about specifically there? We have been adding bots and pieces all round the Join game functionality.

  • wbrinkman, I dont care, does anyone care if you sell your Killzone game?
    Noppe Killzone 2 is a fantastic game with a very good single and multiplayer, and Guerrila is caring about their own product. In every game are things that can be made better, and Guerrila is just doing that, stop crying crybaby.
    Thanks Guerrila team very nice job…:-)

  • nice, should hopefully be a little easier to get my air support badge now!
    Looking forward to the new maps

  • Cracking patch. :)
    I dont suppose you’ll be able to tell us if you intend to bundle Steel and Titanium with Flash And Thunder as a one purchase offer as well?

    • I can’t really confirm or announce anything there, but we are looking at a couple of different ideas there.

  • @Seb
    One thing myself and a few clan mates (Apnomis, Cart, E-ROLE, Sketch, Fanpages, reakt – hello guys) have been talking about is tweaks to the information made available before you join a game.
    For instance, if I join a match, I have no idea whether I’ll spawn at the start of the game/round, or in the last 30 seconds with my team 0-6 down. Obviously for people who like to keep track of their stats & win/losses info, having that information prior to joining could be useful. You could even include an option to join the match once a new game/round has started.
    Is this something you might look at in future updates or would it require a large overhaul of the current system?
    cheers – really feeling the love for KZ2!!

  • cheers Seb, just another idea to throw into your pot :)

  • @20: Sure I could have left it out. Do applaud their efforts of adding/fixing things that can be improved. Still, different strokes for different folks and all that. All good, no?

  • Dear Seb,
    Before all i would like to take a moment to sincerely thank you for the replies you have been providing since the early stages of the beta, your direct and constant interaction with the community is truly admirable.
    On the screen displaying the long list of servers, a new option should make its way at the bottom of the screen. Clicking it would then enable the user to have a quick look at everything a particular server offers: maps, modes, weapons/classes available, faction balancing, mission times,..etc For instance, since the TRIANGLE button is unused, hitting it on one of the listed servers would pop up a minimized window of the OVERVIEW screen.
    In all honesty, i am tired of joining servers that i would have never entered if i did indeed know of the inside content prior to joining.
    Good day,
    All the best.

    • Yup I get that. Well lets see what we can do with the future patches. We are not done yet with improving the game, be it bug fixes, or new features as requested by yu guys.

  • Oh man I just tried out precision mode and it feels awesome, like other FPS games :D I think those new (i.e. me) to killzone will be able to progress much faster.
    It feels less wobbily. Granted you still don’t get as much control while sprinting as you do in other games but I guess that’s why it’s called precision mode and not run’n’gun mode. :P

  • i have already got past the train bit on the hardest difficulty that i couldnt without the precision mode. cheers!

  • When the TSR played you guys from Guerrilla around the time of the launch of KZ2, I was booted out of the game due to my router reseting at the worse possible time.
    So when I tried to get back into the game I couldn’t. Is there any possible way that people who have already started the match rejoin if they have had a connection issue?
    Also letting outstanding members of the clan join as spectators during a clan match at any point through out the match.
    i think this would be a great improvement.

    • I think we are working on something for that specifically yet. Can’t say what patch it will be in though. Will have to test it and make sure it works ok. Is quite a risky fix/feature, so can’t make any promises on that one.

  • Great Stuff!

  • @E-Role/Seb
    Yeah was annoying that erole couldnt get back into that match =(,
    I could understand perfectly “why” it would be a risky feature/add-on but if it were possible and more importantly feasible to implement then i’de be all for it!

  • wbrinkman no offens but I hate crybaby’s winning for every little this and that.
    The point is Killzone 2 is a great game and Guerrila deserves respect for all the effort they put in Killzone 2.
    Example; the multiplayer of Gears of War 2 was and still is bat broken and sloppy and they havent fixed it yet, how long is Gears of War 2 on the market?
    I rest my case;-)

  • Hi Seb, sorry I meant the server info, not the filters. I have the filter set to all maps as I want to play all, not just the DLC maps. I appreciate you guys are improving the experience but at the moment when you join a game there is no info to say if the game includes the DLC maps or not. Hope you can look into it for the next update. Warhawk has the server lists down to a fine art and is the game to emulate in that regard. Anyway thanks and welcome back! Hope you had a good holiday.

  • Hi,
    As i’m not such a big online gamer, but more a solo player, i wanted to know if there’s gonna be a DLC for the offline.
    However, you did make a great game, and it was a real pleasure playing it.

  • Thanks for the information and by the way, The EU PS Blog is far superior to the US one. Theirs is all bloated with spam messages and everyone is complaining constantly. Also, thanks for all of the responses to posts!

  • Hay will be free DLC’s for killzone 2?

  • great,
    only miss two things:
    1) servers information:maps, time missions, banned weapos or classes.
    2)shotguns are too powerfull in medium and a lot of times long range.
    But this game is great and its online really the best.
    Thank you SEB and regards from Valencia-Spain(Europe).

    • 1. Some of this might still be coming.
      2. This is a tricky one. We’ve been watching the weapons balancing for a while and there’s arguments for an against it. Balancing weapons is a last resort really.

  • @Seb
    Don’t feel that this question has been spammed enough yet so here goes:
    Any plans for Co-Op DLC for KZ ;)

  • Seb;
    Some nice features there! I like it alot!
    When will you guys add more HUD-options so I can disable some things and keep others. Like disable all names except for the kills-list, or vice versa. But more importantly, give us HUD-options when creating a game so we can create a HUD-less game for all players. The game really shines without the HUD. :)
    Also names over players should vary in size depending on distance and disappear alltogheter when too far away. It becomes a wall of text in some games render it impossibly to see whats going on.

    • Hmm those are fairly expensive changes for fairly little return to be honest. I don’t think its going to happen.

  • hi the new High precision mode is great its much better than the normal steerings.

  • What about game launching for home?

  • Thanks for joining us on the forum Seb. Its always great to have questions answered!
    I’ve played for a few hours with the new patch. Some great changes. I prefer the precision mode to be off, but at least for all the people that were complaining they have an alternative.
    Keep it up!!

  • ahh no edit posts. i meant blog not forum above :)

  • Firstly Well done Gurilla I think we can all give you a round of applouse for Killzone 2.
    But thank you for the patch. I cant get myself away from infamous right now to play :P but ill be back with you soon.
    A question about Clans, Are there any plans to do any official Killzone 2 Lan events. Say the I series in the UK? Or maybe somthing Like enemy down?
    Also are there any plans for say different DLC in the future? Like well More maps but also new game modes? Or say single player stuff etc (Like Prince of Persia)or can we expect to see the game expanded on via other means. A new PSP game etc. Because dam you guys the ended made me want more!
    Again Thank you for Killzone 2, I love what you have done and I can appreciate the effort. And also, thank you for all the Dev diary vids I wish more companies would do it, so the player can see how much work goes into even the smallest thing.
    Regards Dave

    • Killzone 2 does not support LAN gaming as such, but we have been setting up some events around Europe and the US. I know there was a fairly big one in the works for R: Ireland, but I’ve not heard of any specific ones for the UK. But this is largely done by Sony and we as the developer only really get involved unless there are any specific requests. But I’m sure there will be more.
      I can’t really talk about any future projects or releases I am afraid. :)

  • great,
    only miss two things:
    1) servers information:maps, time missions, banned weapos or classes.
    2)shotguns are too powerfull in medium and a lot of times long range.
    But this game is great and its online really the best.
    Thank you SEB and regards from Valencia-Spain(Europe).
    Posted on June 4th, 2009 at 3:28 pm by Seb Downie
    1. Some of this might still be coming.
    2. This is a tricky one. We’ve been watching the weapons balancing for a while and there’s arguments for an against it. Balancing weapons is a last resort really.
    Thank you very much for answering SEB.
    Regards from Valencia-Spain (Europe)

  • I want to back up my KillZone 2 Save? PLEASE LET ME! :(

  • kz2 home space! and this is a great patch thanks, keep up the good work

  • Seb, im sure im not alone in wanting a hardcore game mode without spawns, this game would rock without spawns, please?

  • Just wanted to plug a little KZ2 tournament the former Threespeech members are running, it’s called FullMetalRacquet.
    Sign up here (you may need to paste the url into your browser):
    Our claim to fame is that we once palyed Guerilla Games when KZ2 first came out!
    If you fancy taking part in a fun tournament (we are no eMazing Gaming I can tell you!!), then head on over. Starts next Monday @ 10pm (UK) GMT. Only 10 valor entry – bargain!

  • hey seb, good job btw
    2 things
    give the option to unsubscribe from a tournament
    cut the time between matches anywhere possible

  • WHAT! Killzone tournament for Ireland! Has this started or have I missed it? A bit more info would be appreciated.
    Keep up the good work, Killzone 2 is fantastic. :)

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