PlayStation Store Update – 3rd June

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Hope you’ve all been enjoying the E3 coverage on the blog so far, and all the new games that have been announced. Unfortunately I don’t have the pleasure of writing this from sunny LA, but I’m pleased to say that we have a batch of recent trailers shown at the event available for you to download from the Store now.
Enjoy the trailers (there are a lot of titles there that I can’t wait to get my hands on myself) and remember that we will be updating the store this Thursday as usual, so be sure to join us then!

Videos (free)

  • Army of Two: The 40th Day Reveal Trailer
  • Batman Arkham Asylum ‘Play As Joker’ Trailer
  • Battlefield 1943 Wake Island Trailer
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Squad Story
  • Brütal Legend E3 Trailer
  • Buzz! Quiz World Trailer
  • Dante’s Inferno Announcement Trailer
  • Dragon Age Violence Trailer
  • EyePet Trailer
  • Fat Princess Trailer
  • Front Mission: Evolved Trailer
  • Gran Turismo PSP Trailer
  • Gravity Crash Trailer
  • Heavy Rain Trailer
  • Hustle Kings Trailer
  • LittleBigPlanet PSP Trailer
  • MotorStorm Arctic Edge PSP Trailer
  • Nier Trailer
  • Numblast trailer
  • PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe PSP Trailer
  • PixelJunk Shooter Trailer
  • Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time Trailer
  • Red Dead Redemption Trailer
  • RePlay Trailer
  • SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 PSP Trailer
  • Vidzone Trailer

PlayStation Store via PSP and Media Manager

Videos (free)

  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy Trailer

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  • Where is final fantasy VII and medal of honor? There’re on the US store.

  • Nice selection of trailers.
    However…Wheres Vidzone?! This site just had a playstation news feed link to which stated the service launches today – this has just been pulled. I know a launch on the 11th was mentioned at E3 yesterday…

  • Yup, when are we going to get FFVII?!
    The US PSN store has had a massive update and all we get are a few videos? :(
    ..still, great press conference! :D

  • No Vidzone, no FFVII. :( With the strong mention of the video store I was kind of hoping that might extend to Europe too at some point. It’s almost as if SCEE *want* people to find ways to give their money to the US arm of the company instead.

  • I am loving the revised look of the Playstation Store, but i cannot find Final Fantasty VII. I still cannot the ‘DEMO’ section as well. A good friend of mine already created me a dummy US PSN account and imported a PSN Card off eBay in order to purchase the game off the US Playstation Store. Should i do the very same? I am truly tempted to tell you the truth, but i will not. I am sure that many will go beyond the edge by daring breaking the PSN rules simply to purchase a game, and to my eyes that truly shows SCEE’s incompetence to deliver content. Step it up SCEE, this is getting pathetic.

  • Hi guys, the early morning publish today was just a video update to feature E3 trailers – this was an extra update and does not replace the usual publish on Thursday.
    VidZone is indeed on the horizon, as is FFVII, they are both coming soon.

  • Why is the Final Fantasy 14 trailer only on the Japan PS Store?

  • Wheres the Gran Turismo 5 Trailer?

  • Sweet, will the conference videos be up on Thurs Update?

  • “VidZone is indeed on the horizon, as is FFVII, they are both coming soon.”
    What about PSN Cards? :D Please…

  • VidZone is indeed on the horizon, as is FFVII, they are both coming soon.
    Woot, thanks for the info. Never played the PS1 FF7, but ive always wanted to, and also id know more about CCFFF7.
    Could i ask one thing, SCEA has recently been pushing alot of good PS1 classics on their store, will SCEE be doing the same? Thanks in advance if this gets answered.

  • okay guys the psn cards have been put on the back burner i saw the article myself they are not coming

  • I can’t find the Red Dead Redemption trailer.
    Also… Eyepet looks a heck of a lot better than I imagined. I’m actually tempted to get it even just to keep my gf’s kid happy. I already have the PS Eye.
    Gravity Crash looks decent. Multiplayer and level creator? Cool.
    Nice to see some LBP on PSP stuff too.

  • but we’ll probably get vidzone tomorrow and ff7 is more than likely to show up at E3 20xx (megaman fans should get the reference)

  • oh and i don’t work for sony i’m just a genius

  • Nice..Any chance of a HD trailer/video of Uncharted 2 being put up on the Store? :P
    The game looks phenomenal! :D

    • There is an Uncharted 2 multiplayer trailer on the store already, but hopefully we’ll have some more for you soon. If you haven’t already, why not try using the handy new ‘search’ button in the top right hand corner of the store to find it ;)

  • i want me the ff14 trailer so i can rub into the 360 fanboys

  • cool about the new vidzone but when we geting the vid store in the uk

  • I’m absolutely thrilled to hear that us europeans are getting FFVII too!
    Hopefully later this week right ;)? In any case, Sony you will have my eurodollars!!

  • i havent played a game on my psp for ages…
    the future is bright.
    tho i do want FFVII NOW!! i need to lose another 40 hours of my life. and mrfight67… Aeris dies!
    it might be easier to take now.

  • Hey, Sony Europe people if you’re reading this, was there ever a reason why we don’t have Castlevania – Symphony of the Night on the store? It’s by far my most favorite PS1 game of all time and the other regions have had it for ages. Nice to see FFVII fans getting their game but I want mine darnit.

  • *tips hat*
    Excellent show Sony. Last years E3 we were left in the dark for a few days on the store compared to our American friends – probably becuase E3 is primarily an American expo. Yet this year we’ve had some really rather nice treatment. Store is updated, Home now has the conference up and running and we still have more to come. It really goes to show how vast Sony’s approach to one its biggest markets has adapted.
    Kudos Sony. Kudos for the support and for yesterdays conference. The new strategy is working a treat! :)

  • Any word on movies / tv show download service?

  • Sony, Can you add a Demos Section, It would be ace, It’s been awhile. I really like the format of the SCEA store.

    • You can now search for demos using the new Search feature if you want (top right corner of the store) :)

  • Thanks for the update, though it seems like a slightly random collection, with no MAG or Uncharted 2 trailers… but oh well
    When are we going to get details on the UK PSP launch? or what we are expected to do with our UMDs?

  • America got Final Fantasy VII?!
    come on!

  • There will be any demo on the store from E3?

  • The new Media GO lookes sweet enough, and runs much more smoother then the old Media Manager.
    But why do one have to have its PSP connected to be able to access the Store? Sounds awfully overkill when all i want to to is browse the new/old games. Also i got an connection error 0x80048c02 when im trying to download content.
    Is it only me who gets this error?

  • Woo FFVII soon, what about Resident Evil and MGS1?

  • Yes…where are FFVII and MGS1… :)

  • Just to confirm for you all VidZone will be hitting the PS Store on the 11th of June.

  • And FF7?
    I don’t understand why we’re always behind the US with these things. The announcement that FF7 would be on PSN was made to the whole world, so why doesn’t everyone have access to it?
    We shouldn’t have to wait to get access to the same things.

  • I checked a few of these out this morning.
    The Fat Princess one was hilarious. Looking forward to getting my paws on that one for sure!

  • man i really want ff7 but hey we’ve also got fabula novala cystallis and ff14 to look forward too.

  • Hey Mike. any idea when eu will be getting the movie store? cheers

  • “Just to confirm for you all VidZone will be hitting the PS Store on the 11th of June.” Great! You just made my head a little less confused :-)
    Although I have a sneaky suspicion that I can´t use this service since I live in Sweden (I heard something about only a few EU countries will get the Vidzone).

  • Good update.
    Can you please mirror the US PS Stores presentation though. Everything is so much clearer when selecting things. On each of the tiles, the US store has things like “Video”, “demo” etc. The UK Store is devoid of that and isn’t clear without having to read the full description.
    Why can’t it look the same? It looks so much better and you can see and find things easier. The UK Store is a pain in this regard.

  • Agree with KatanaStrikes the US store has a better layout. I would guess that those not buying games are looking for demos so a demo heading is essential.
    Good to have the EU blog and hopefully things can work in parity with the US PSN as it doesnt reflect well on SCEE always being significantly behind.

  • @ 21 if you have a PSP just get Castlevania: Dracula X chronicles which has Symphony of the Night although it should be on the EU playstation store

  • Mike, when is the Video Store coming to UK/SCEE. Its been a year since US has had it, why can’t you sort it out so we can have it over here?

  • I have Symphony on Dracula X Chronicles but I want the PS1 version so it can be on my PS3 hard drive and let me switch memory card saves between the two depending if I’m playing it at home or on the move which is my favorite thing about PS1 games running on these systems. It just bugs me that the other regions have had it near 2 years or so. It makes no sense.

  • # Army of Two The 40th Day (NOT IN GERMANY)
    # Battlefield 1943 (NOT IN GERMANY)
    # Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (NOT IN GERMANY)
    # Brutal Legend (NOT IN GERMANY)
    # Dante’s Inferno (NOT IN GERMANY)
    # Dragon Age (NOT IN GERMANY)
    # Heavy Rain (NOT IN GERMANY)
    This is not funny! SCEE please change this and give the us the chance to get the same content as the other countries in the EU.
    The other content are nice.

  • Thanks for the update today, enjoying watching all the trailers, the slight store makeover looks great too, really nice, thanks :D

  • Nice videos, Vidzone looks ace and i cant wait for next week, will the videos be available to download free to the PS3 and then shared to the PSP?
    MAG looks great, i refuse to believe however that it is a straight foward no strings FPS with 256 player, can your team advance and do whatever they like or do they have to wait for someone in your squad to make a move before other members can?
    Hustle pool looks stunning, release date??
    GT PSP looks stunning, seen a gameplay video, may be a purchase for me.
    So many questions, so little time.

  • nice Vidzone 11 June :) :) why didn’t they tell it at the presentation :s okay it’s for europe but it is an announcement that would have made some happy

  • Is this also on a daily bases? And I really prefer the way the US blog adds additional info plus highlights some… Thanks for the awesome update though…
    Sony really kicked everyones ars @ E3
    Wonder what today unannounced game will be though !

  • Thanks for the extra update guys!

  • Why is the EU alwas left trailing yet it has a bigger user base???
    This is why I have more than one console cos PS3 always get left behind here in the UK while the US and Jap are miles ahead!!
    Don’t go saying “its the language barrier that holds things up” cos its rubbish it never stoped you with the PS1 and PS2 and it never stops MS and nintendo dos it so why do we get a second class service??

  • Is there any chance of putting those E3 demos up? ;)

  • hello
    i second that question about the vid store, is there any news on when it will make it to Europe?

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