E3 Day 1 Round-up

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It was eerily quiet around the LA Convention Centre on Monday, with the only activity coming from frantic crews applying a last lick of paint to the show stands and the few earlybird visitors taking pictures of the outside and working their way around the massive venue.
I’ll have pictures of the PlayStation stand for you very soon but, in the meantime, I can tell you that it’s looking spectacular and that many of the games you asked for in my first post are going to be playable. As I type, I can hear the pitter-patter of Heavy Rain falling behind me…
What I can show you is some behind the scenes photos from Room 502, which is kind of like SCEE’s living room while we’re here: a gorgeous space where we’ll invite journalists and retailers to try upcoming titles and interview the developers. It’s a real marvel in terms of design, with bright colours, quirky trinkets and funky furniture scattered among huge screens hosting cracking games. Here’s a few pics but there are plenty more on Flickr!
PlayStation Lounge Construction
PlayStation Lounge At E3
I’m also trying to arrange appointments to see all of the games you’ve been asking for. It’s going well and I’ll be meeting up with the developers behind Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, SingStar, VidZone and many more, although I’m still waiting to find out when they’ll all be slotted in. I’ve just received an invite to go and try a demo of FIFA 10 tomorrow and will be posting later in the week with my impressions and quotes from those in the know. If you have any burning questions for them then let me know in the comments.
Tomorrow is when it all kicks off so check back throughout the day for a cornucopia (word of the day) of announcements, revelations and discussion points from SCEA’s press conference, which takes place at 11am, LA time.

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  • Looks really nice :)

  • Well, first of all, it looks absolutely fantastic. I bet you’re having the time of your life! I’ve assured myself I’m going next year – somehow. :D
    Looking forward to what the devs have to say about Uncharted 2. The online beta kicks off very soon so I’m really hyped for that and the more news about VidZone the better!
    Can’t wait to see what Sony have up their sleeve. After the particulary great show by Microsoft, it’ll be good to see whether Sony can meet or beat it! Time will tell but to say I’m a little envious of the Twitter support would be an understatment. I love that thing! Always tweeting away!
    Be sure to bring back some goodies…and give them to me. :P
    Bear :)

    • James Gallagher

      Thanks Bear – check out our Flickr feed for heaps more photos.
      I bumped into the VidZone guys after posting this so you can expect a nice juicy post later in the week.

  • Looks great. Wish I could be there :)

  • Only 5 hours to go!!!

  • ohh yes, a look at the new FIFA would be nice James. Hopefully they continue making strides like they did in 09.
    See if you can get any screenies/gameplay footage.

    • James Gallagher

      I hope so too. I won’t know what we can get in terms of assets until I get there, but rest assured that whatever I do get will be on here very soon.

  • Next year Ill see you guys there. ;) For sure :)

  • Thanks for the update :)
    I LOOVVEEEE ZEN PINBALL! It’s the best :D
    Can’t wait for Vidzone too! Sweet!
    Where is playTV in Australia? It’s sad there is no update and promises just fade away with Sony :(
    Cheers guys,

  • Hope your having a good time. And its nice to see much more footage and updates from E3 this year.
    Enjoy the Sony confrence today, and dont forget to check out Battlefield 1943 for me. ;)
    P.S: If you say the password; “Islands” to the producer of BF43, you get a free copy of the game and a large goodie bag. Say it twice and post one to me. XD
    Cya and have fun

  • Best job in the world?

  • i think i may turn my living room into that place lol

  • Hello James. I just saw some footage of Quantum Theory. Please tell someone at Sony to have a quiet word with the Tecmo devs. I think they need some “guidance”. For a PS3 exclusive it is an embarrassing turd. Really, really bad. :(

  • @pablo
    You and FIFA – hang your head in shame!!!!
    If its not FIFA or PGA all I ever heard from you is Bratz this and Barbie that….
    *ponders what he is going to do with you*

  • Dear SCEE,
    Do you, whenever you refer to yourselves, pronounce your company acronym as “SKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”?
    This question has haunted my thoughts for many moons.
    Much love,

  • @ 12 (Damogran) Haha! I’ve been wondering about this aswell. I’ve always pronounced it as “See” and “See-a” for SCEA. :D

  • sounds great i look forward to it james…FIFA 10 cant wait for more info on that….

  • Looking forward to your reports James, keep up the good work. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it (I just wish it was me!!!).
    I’m really trying not to get hyped up about this evenings press conference (7pm BST), but I can’t help it! Please don’t disappoint me Sony! You did say it was your biggest E3 in 11 years after all…

  • Nice to see Fifa and Uncharted…. Sony sure has a tough job after the MS conference… altough I think that it will be allright i’m still holding my breath.
    Anyhow good luck on reporting all the fly news and keep up the good work…
    PSN pre paid announcement would be slick and even better if you could ask some high powered person about there thoughts on the European market and when the strategy kicks in of NOT treating us like dirt :p

  • Wishing i was there right now :-(

  • Wow looks slick!

  • @James Gallagher – More English than me? I challenge you to a dual good Sir! :D
    Cracking stuff though amigo. Looking forward to the post about VidZone. Here’s hoping the audio streams whilst playing games. My “The Who” collection only goes so far on my PS3. Still, Zen Pinball has a pretty good soundtrack now.
    Oh, try and get hold of a PS3slim! If Sony don’t announce it, I will eat my hat. You can hold me to that too! XD
    Bear :)

  • @Bearskopff
    I would rather get a hold of those JaffaCakes instead of a hat lol :P

  • PS3Slim? – Why? The ps3 isn’t big is it?
    Oh wait.

  • @TimoTheThug – I’ve got some cheesy Dorittos and some crumbs from the pizza I just had. Will these suffice? :D

  • @John
    Care to mention what is wrong with Bratz? Barbie’s a ho though!
    Also kudos on the PGA mention, it sits proudly next to my disks of Lotus Espirit Turbo Challenge, Rick Dangerous 2, Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker and Super Turrican.
    @James – see the above games for surefire PSN victory. Start the rumour at E3, go on, you know you want to!

  • So now we have our very own euro blog, can we expect similar coverage as Jeff and Chris are doing now when it comes around to Leipzig (or is it Cologne this year, cant remember)?

    • James Gallagher

      Nothing is set in stone yet as we are so focused on doing a good job out here, but you can expect some Cologne coverage.

  • Nice pictures :)
    Got some good mug shots of Jeff lol and by the way are your sideburns real? if they are there cool ;)
    On topic: I hope for some posts of the E3 event tonight or tomorrow.

  • @Bearskopff
    Sure will do! I’ll go and fetch me some 2 and 1/2 year old gum that has been lying under my bed… Anxious about E3?

  • i hope you get some Booth babe photos posted up :)

  • Nice to hear that you bumbed into the guys from vidzone. hope to see a nice big all in feature article from the service, not the guys :)
    maybe you can post a date of release ?? exclusive to PSBlog EU :D

  • @TimoTheThug
    You hosted NBK on R:FOM right?

  • @TimoTheThug – Anxious? I live and breath for this kind of thing! XD

  • SCEE Sunday! Good one :)

  • I hope vidzone is like a video Spotify – man i love spotify and if something like that is coming to ps3 hopefully you will be able to hear the music whilst you game or talk to friends on your ps3

  • The guy in one of the flickr pictures has some crazy sideburns :D

  • Could you fix the Wipeout post please, thanks.

  • @Pemberton_
    Yep, sure did… named it after a clip of Ice Cube and Dr. Dre… found out soon afterwards that there also was another clan named that way!
    How did you know that?
    Add me on PSN mate ;)!

  • i hope i win a uncharted 2 beta off gametrailers cuz i bought infamous but didnt get a code cuz SONY UK SUKS but still SONY U RULEEEE after seeing wat microsoft had in store im hoping sony is gnna pull somet bigger and better

  • @35 Hi mate. Just to let you know MGS: Rising is multi-plat. I too thought it was exclusive for a moment and almost had a bit of a breakdown! :D Thankfully, we’re getting it. Also, PSp is getting a new Metal Gear aswell! I’ll try and find you the link for the info. :)

  • @ 37 (Myself) I’ve clearly not got my thinking-cap on. My previous comment was meant to be too KILLERRAJA aka, post 36 – not post 35. My humble apologies all! :D

  • @TimoTheThug
    I was in it! We were the elites on that game lol.
    I was under the handle ‘Katrena’ if you remember – I had a post on the forums explaining the reason behind it haha.
    And I sure will do when I’m next on.

  • @Tone – haha! You and your Boothbabes!
    I’m looking forward to the Sony conference (7pm our UK time I think/hope!)
    Great pics James.

  • Reakt, me, john, pablo and I think pages are going to meet in home. Up for it? It’s aparently being streamed live.

  • @ 41
    It’s not going to be streamed live. It’s going to be put onto Home after the press conference has taken place. Probably tonight if not tomorrow.

  • Metal gear solid not exclusive anymore! Is there a reson not to buy a Xbox 360? Microsoft has an awesome lineup and did a great presentation. I don’t think Sony is going to top this?

  • Looks really good. Wish I was there.

  • @E-Role
    I wantewd my live conference >.<!!!!

  • When you try FIFA 10, can you please ask EA if they plan on including Ultimate Team (or a newer version of Ultimate Team) out of the box?

  • @Pemberton
    I sure do remember you! Those days was a blast… never had a better game expierence as with RFOM… Call of Duty was a game which got a hold of me for over a year which really is unique but RFOM with all those guys, parties of 20 that was a real blast!
    A shame R2 didn’t had such an impact as RFOM had on me

  • Do you think Trine will be there? Eager to know more about it, including whether or not it has online play…
    And do you think you could find release dates for PixelJunk Shooter, Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain?
    LOVE having an EU PSB. You’re doing a great job.

  • when is the UK Video Store coming to PSN? :-(

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