What’s Coming Up On PSN This June

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With the start of June, here’s a quick glimpse of some of the games and packs that will be arriving on the PlayStation Store this month. There will, of course, be loads of trailers and behind the scenes videos coming out of E3 this week too, which we’ll be adding to the Store on Wednesday and Friday.

Fat Princess

Late June, Fat Princess will be rolling onto PSN! The online mode will include multiplayer for up to 32 people where you’ll be trying to rescue your beloved princess from the opposing team and their magical girth-expanding cake.
Fat Princess
Fat Princess

Trash Panic

Since the first preview at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, the feedback about Japan Studios’ Trash Panic in the gaming press has been anything but rubbish. This addictive PS3 puzzler will be equipped with Trophy support, online rankings and even a very nifty YouTube video upload feature to show off your best strategies.
The full game will be hitting the Store in early June, along with a very helpful tutorial trailer to help you get to grips with the finer aspects of eco-friendly waste management, Trash Panic-style.
Trash Panic
Trash Panic


Numblast will be arriving on the PS Store for both PS3 and PSP late June. This colourful puzzler will include online rankings, and if you gain enough points you’ll earn trophies and unlockable content too!

Ghostbusters PS3 demo

Don’t cross the streams! The Ghostbusters demo is due out soon after E3 exclusively on PSN, so can join the boys in grey as they slug it out with pesky poltergeists in preparation for the release of the game in late June.


A number of classic PSP titles will also make their debut as digital downloads from the Store. We’re expecting Ape Academy 2, Everybody’s Golf 2, Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow and WipEout Pulse Platinum to be available during the first two weeks of June.
This is just a small taste of all the great content we’ve got lined up for you in June. We’ll bring you more information about the new LittleBigPlanet costume packs and loads of other downloadable content for your favourite PS3 games in a separate update.

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