What’s Coming Up On PSN This June

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With the start of June, here’s a quick glimpse of some of the games and packs that will be arriving on the PlayStation Store this month. There will, of course, be loads of trailers and behind the scenes videos coming out of E3 this week too, which we’ll be adding to the Store on Wednesday and Friday.

Fat Princess

Late June, Fat Princess will be rolling onto PSN! The online mode will include multiplayer for up to 32 people where you’ll be trying to rescue your beloved princess from the opposing team and their magical girth-expanding cake.
Fat Princess
Fat Princess

Trash Panic

Since the first preview at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, the feedback about Japan Studios’ Trash Panic in the gaming press has been anything but rubbish. This addictive PS3 puzzler will be equipped with Trophy support, online rankings and even a very nifty YouTube video upload feature to show off your best strategies.
The full game will be hitting the Store in early June, along with a very helpful tutorial trailer to help you get to grips with the finer aspects of eco-friendly waste management, Trash Panic-style.
Trash Panic
Trash Panic


Numblast will be arriving on the PS Store for both PS3 and PSP late June. This colourful puzzler will include online rankings, and if you gain enough points you’ll earn trophies and unlockable content too!

Ghostbusters PS3 demo

Don’t cross the streams! The Ghostbusters demo is due out soon after E3 exclusively on PSN, so can join the boys in grey as they slug it out with pesky poltergeists in preparation for the release of the game in late June.


A number of classic PSP titles will also make their debut as digital downloads from the Store. We’re expecting Ape Academy 2, Everybody’s Golf 2, Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow and WipEout Pulse Platinum to be available during the first two weeks of June.
This is just a small taste of all the great content we’ve got lined up for you in June. We’ll bring you more information about the new LittleBigPlanet costume packs and loads of other downloadable content for your favourite PS3 games in a separate update.

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6 Author Replies

  • Nice. Glad to see theres some content coming. Now, if only you could give us a date for Fat Princess…

  • How about some more PSx classics!!!?! Resi Evil? FFVII?
    Hey, do you wanna start talking about the PSP Go yet ;)

  • Ghostbusters demo! Woooo!

  • i once crossed streams with a friend of mine, things were never the same. Ghostbusters were right.


  • I’m looking forward to slightly over weight prices. Looks a grand game.

  • Thanks for this update can’t wait for “Fat Princess”.
    Also will you be giving out Uncharted 2 Beta codes out here on the EU blog as on the US blog, i really need to get my hands on one :D thx.

  • “There will, of course, be loads of trailers and behind the scenes videos coming out of E3 this week too, which we’ll be adding to the Store on Wednesday and Friday.”
    Good to know! :)
    When was Trine coming again?

    • Charlotte Large

      Nothing confirmed for Trine at the moment, but we’re expecting it late June (probably).

  • First of all great to see the Eu blog up and running! :)
    Fat Princess is a first day purchase for sure.
    Nice to see a Ghostbusters demo is incoming.
    Any news if Final Fantasy VII will come out for Europe on the psn store?
    It has been rated on esrb for both the ps3/psp but not on pegi yet..

    • Charlotte Large

      Thanks, EternalMovement :)
      A release date for FFVII hasn’t been confirmed by Square Enix yet. For third-party games, it’s generally the case that the game publishers are the folks that announce the release date rather than us (we just provide the Store, it’s really up to them when the content goes live).

  • Great to see Fat Princess coming, looks like it could be a lot of fun!
    Do we know when Resident Evil: Directors Cut, Metal Gear Solid and Final fantasy 7 PSone classics are coming to Europe by any chance?

  • What about the trophy patches for Last Guy and Blast Factor?!

  • Wow, thanks for the update. You guys are working hard. I’m looking forward to battlefield 1943 :)

  • Cool, really looking forward to trash panic and fat princess :)
    BUT… please let us buy more PSX games. The American store is getting great games every week now! (resident evil last week and FFVII + Metal Gear Solid are incomming). Do you hate money or what?

  • Man I can’t wait for Fat Princess. :D

  • If they don’t release PSN topup cards over here I can’t buy any of these games.

  • “When was Trine coming again?”
    Summer is the slated schedule, let’s hope for the best. From late June to July, possibly.

  • Great but what about the PS1 games?

  • Does that mean we’re getting store updates on Wednesday,Thursday & Friday? Or just Wednesday & Friday?
    Thanks for the update.

    • Charlotte Large

      Thursdays are our usual Store publish date, but this week we’re planning on having new content for you on Wednesday too.

  • As 11 said, plus wht was trash pani put back, its a fiirst party game so you can tell us, it was due last week.
    Also where is our version of Suikoden? wild arms? comet crash? cash guns chaos, and all the DLC for disgaea 3?

  • will there be a beta for fat princess or is it too late?

  • Thanks for posting this info, i hope this continues as a regular feature of the Blog. Its always good to have a rough idea of what to expect over the coming month.
    Please post or update this if anything slips into July etc, or if you have firm release dates. Us gamers hate nothing more then expecting something only to be told on the day or after the scheduled release date that is been postponed etc, especially for something as great as Fat Princess.

  • Nice.
    Any news on the trophy patch for The Last Guy?

  • I want to know what PS1 games we can be expecting too. Hopefully it’s FFVII and MGS1, not crap like we usually get, e.g. that creatures game.

  • Sounds great :)
    One thing I would say is the PSP games need to be reduced in price quite drastically. Your only selling digital copies and would probably make a hell of a lot of money if you lowered the price and had more people buying the games. It’s the same problem on Steam too, too high a price for just a digital copy of a game.
    But that’s just me, I think it would be a wise decision to lower digital content prices, it would attract more people into buying the games :)

  • Good stuff. SHould be a great month to look forward to

  • @E-ROLE
    If my maths is any good, the Sony E3 conference should be on about 7pm GMT tomorrow.
    If it’s being streamed into Home you wanna watch? Apnomis, John & Cart mentioned they would be around for it too. Sure fp will if he’s around too.
    Should be cosy, I’ll bring the popcorn.

  • I’d really like to see the PS1 Classics the US is getting. Resident Evil, MGS1 and FFIV… please!
    Also trophy patches! Why haven’t we got Last Guy and Blast Factor trophies yet? :(

  • BTW when are we getting Bomberman Ultra? The US are getting it on the 11th June.

  • It makes me happy when new stuff gets announced :) I give thanks to the gods of Digital distro, the gods of Sony, and the all important gods of Game development.
    WipEout pulse on PSN means I can sell my umd too.. just need Space invaders EXTREME!! to get its PSN shoes on and all will be well

  • That Numblast looked really interesting, when I saw a trailer of its Japanese release; so, I’m glad you’re bringing that here.
    I’m really looking forward to giving Ghostbusters a try, and, of course, Fat Princess which I can’t wait to play!
    Great to see so much PSN goodness headed our way in the coming month!

  • It’s the first time I read about Numblast. Where did that come from? Who’s the developer? I would love to hear more about it, looks cool.
    Thanks for letting us know on what’s in store for June :D

    • Charlotte Large

      Numblast is from SCE’s Japan Studio. You can find out more information on the PlayStation.com website – here’s a link to the Dutch version (I think that’s a NL flag next to your name…?)
      > http://bit.ly/12F0mn

  • How about Zuma? I’ve been waiting for that game week after week since the US release, why can’t we have it?

  • Fat Princess seems nice… Does anyone know what time does the sony conference at E3 starts at Home???
    Sorry for the bad English

  • Oooowwwhh,Ghostbuster demo nice:P
    Anything on possible PSone titles to come to PSN?

  • “If they don’t release PSN topup cards over here I can’t buy any of these games.”
    Quoted for truth :( Bring on the PSN cards!

    “When was Trine coming again?”
    “Summer is the slated schedule, let’s hope for the best. From late June to July, possibly.”
    Ty, yeah, go Frozenbyte! (Go Finland! :D)

  • @Mygirlfriends
    The actual conference starts at 6.00pm GMT
    But I haven’t seen Sony state that the Home coverage would be live.

  • Its all about fat princess!!!
    eager for that :-)

  • can not wait for the ghostbusters demo… bring it on!

  • Some interesting additions listed here, as today is the first day I’ve actually visited this blog (I seemed to have missed the “live date”) I just wanted to say, it’s nice to finally have a fully official European PlayStation news source :-)

  • now THIS is what the EU blog is about!
    thanks for the heads up guys. its great to see us getting a little knowledge ahead of time for the PSN’s upcoming releases!
    oh and FAT PRINCESS!!!!

  • @ Mygirlfriends
    Supostamente começa às 19h cá mas ainda não consegui perceber se no Home será mesmo ‘live’ ou haverá ‘delay’ de uns minutos.
    O melhor será, ires para o espaço dedicado uma meia horita antes, ficas por lá, para evitares congestionamentos no login e a entrar na sala e às 19h logo vês se é ou não 100% live.

  • Thanks for the information Charlotte :)

  • I’m sooo excited for Fat Princess!!! :D

  • Deffo up for it pabs, I’ll be there with choc digestives and tropicana.

  • @Phuquit : Most amusing.
    Looking forward to Enormous Princess.

  • I was wondering when PS3’s ability to interact with YouTube would finally surface!

  • The fact that Fat Princess will be out in June makes it the mbest month for PSN!
    I’ve been looking forward to getting my mitts on this game for ages now.
    Thanks for the news Charlotte. :)

  • Nice, but it would be nice to see more PSOne Classics, including some that were never released in Europe back in the PS1 days like Chrono Cross.
    And why is the Euro PSN so slow when it comes to PSOne Classics? Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was released ~2 years ago on US PSN, and is one of the best selling games of all time there, but we still don’t have it?
    At least make it easier for us to buy things from the US store if you’re not gonna bring us the games here.
    Please bring us Suikoden, Suikoden 2, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Vagrant Story, Wild Arms, Metal Gear Solid, Klonoa, Final Fantasy 7, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Brave Fencer Musashi, Threads of Fate, Tekken 3 and Silent Hill, thanks.
    Oh, and a new PS3 model with PS2 backwards compability again would be great.

  • Fat Princess excellent cant wait for that game. And Ghostbusters Demo wow this is going to be a good Month for PSN.
    Thank’s for the Update Charlotte.

  • I can’t wait for Ghostbusters demo! Can’t you tell us what will come out on the Store during E3?

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