Everybody’s Golf: World Tour Update (EGWT)

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Hi everyone, nice to meet you all! I’m Yukiko, the European producer for the Everybody’s Golf series. Hope you are all looking forward to a lovely summer.
Just thought I’d update you on some more pan-European Golf tournaments that we’ve got coming up for Everybody’s Golf: World Tour (EGWT).
Starting this Thursday is our first EGWT Tournament for June – the Golfasaurus-Rex Pro Tournament; where you can be in with a chance of winning your very own Pet Tyrano by surviving the triassic trials of the Golfasaurus-Rex course. (Please note that Golfasaurus-Rex Before Country Club is a post-launch course that can be purchased from our very own PlayStation Store for a very good price. ;) )
Soon after, you’ll be able to try and win your own EGWT avatar Pet Cat in our Nine Lives Intermediate Tournament. Tree climbing (aka hitting a tree) and trips to the litter tray (aka bunker) will be penalised, so you’ll have to stay focussed if you want a purr-fect round.
Here’s all the info you should need to take part

Tournament: Golfasaurus-Rex Pro Tournament

  • Duration: Thursday 04 June to Wednesday 10 June
  • Winner Prizes: Gold Crown, Pet Tyrano, Hero Face 2, Mohican
  • 9 Runners-up Prizes: Pet Tyrano, Hero Face 2, Mohican.
  • Course: Golfasaurus Rex BCC 18H
  • Round Speed: Normal
  • Characters: Expert Only
  • Setup: No special rules

Tournament: Nine Lives Intermediate Tournament

  • Duration: Thursday 18 June to Wednesday 24 June
  • Winner Prizes: Silver Crown, Pet Cat, Cat Ear and Tail
  • 9 Runners-up Prizes: Pet Cat, Cat Ear and Tail.
  • Course: Euro Classic GC 18H
  • Round Speed: Normal
  • Characters: Intermediate Only
  • Setup: Bunker + 2, Hit a Tree + 2

Taking part is easy…
Select “Online” from the Everybody’s Golf: World Tour menu and be sure to download the game update if prompted – this update will be required to participate in the Tournaments.
Once you’re online, select the 2nd clubhouse (event clubhouse) and choose the Everybody’s Golf: World Tour floor. From there, you can go into any language lobby you would like to join. You can see and book available Everybody’s Golf: World Tour tournament matches from any of the floors.
Tournament matches will start every 15 minutes for one week on the dates listed above. You can play as many tournament matches as you like during this time, but only your best scoring match will count towards your position on the leaderboard: you won’t be penalised for a bad round so keep trying to get the best score that you can!
Once the tournament is over, each of the winners can easily claim their prizes by checking the tournament leaderboard. Prizes can be claimed up to one month after the tournament is finished.
Thanks to everyone who has been posting their feedback from our April and May tournaments in the Everybody’s Golf: World Tour forums; we’ll be using your ideas and suggestions to put together what we hope will be some fun tournaments this summer – more details on these in a few week’s time. Keep checking back for more information!
Good luck and see you on the fairway. Happy Golfing…!

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15 Author Replies

  • Sounds cool :) Any chance of adding Trophies to this game soon? :)

  • Ooh! Excellent. Some of the friendly forumites I know will be pleased to hear this! Top stuff! ^_^

    • Yay! :) This first set of tournaments really are a trial to see what sort of feedback we will get from the community, so we look forward to all your feedback.

  • Please bring trophies to this incredible game. That is all.
    Many thanks

  • Whoopeeee…! Nice theory but can someone please tell me what the point of this is…? Unless you are a G0 Lvl 20 you aint got a cat in hells chance of winning or even comming in the top 50 never mind top 10. Oh sorry forgot to mention the FIVE diffrent accounts needed, just to really spoil everybodys enjoyment.

    • This is a fair point…! There’s been some requests on graded tournaments so we’re definitely looking into this for the next round of tournaments. :)

  • Hi Yukiko, as others have mentioned above, I’d also like to see a Trophy patch for the game – can you tell us if we’re ever likely to get one ?
    It’s quite surprising as the game has been well supported in terms of DLC, and is now one of the few first party games without trophies.

  • It would be nice to see some Grade specific tournaments, because as mentioned above, it does seem to be the same elite group of players taking the podiums. Any newcomers to the game are surely put off by some of the amazing scores posted :D
    Apart from that, great work! nice to see the new lease of life that these tournaments are bringing to the game.
    Also yes! Trophies! with the added benefit that they lock the game-save which may stop some of the players using multiple accounts to take multiple positions on these tours and bypassing the time penalty when quitting a tournament.
    Love n Hugs
    Vissy :)

    • We’re going to definitely look into graded tournaments for the next round. :) We looked into this initially but with the possibility of players going up grades during the event tournaments, we thought there may be complications. We’ll look a bit more into this and will hopefully have some better news for everyone!


  • As said above, trophies please.

  • Hehe, you said penal…
    “will be penalised”

  • as this game being a constantly high priced title at around £35, I would be more inclined to buy it if trophies were implimented.
    A golf game with trophies would be really cool so please do it and see more sales :)

  • Yukiko,There has been a few issues with the prior Tournaments due to them being rendered “unofficial” by the rules set on them (ie. high scores not registering, due to being big cup or fair weather for example) fingers crossed this’ll be addressed on the future events. You wouldnt believe the PM’s I get over on the forums about this matter :D

    • Is this with regard to the regular tournaments? (the original clubhouse tournaments) If so, this is intended. These rules are for fun and gives all players the advantage, so they were always deemed unofficial. :)

  • also your link titled “Everybody’s Golf:World Tour forums” link to the wrong boards :O
    The feedback thread mentioned can be found here:

  • Can I take part in this with the Japanese Version of the game?
    thank you

  • triple post :O
    wouldn’t hyper-link the whole address, just copy that whole address to find the necessary thread :)

  • I would totally go out and buy this game if it had trophies! :P :D
    I tried the demo and it’s great fun though.

  • @ Ebicurry, The Japanese version (Minna No 5) has it’s own servers, and it’s own Special Tournaments.

  • domo arigato Envisager ;)

  • While we’re very flattered that you’ve linked to the playstationleague.co.uk EGWT forums, we expect you meant it to be your own. Though if you want to work with us I’m sure we can come to an arrangement. :)

  • Think there evading everything trophy questions a yes or a no would do as think trophies seem to sell DLC and games these days adds more depth to the game bring em please :)

  • @ Yukiko, No it’s to do with one of the Event Tournaments (Big Air Challenge on Safari) it would only upload the loyalty data after the round due to it being un-official as it was set on fair weather.

    • Thanks for the note – I’ll look into this further and will make sure that none of the ‘unofficial’ criteria creep into our next round of event tournaments! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. ;)

  • I love this game, its incredible! It would be even better if a trophy patch could be added. Please, Please, Please!!!

  • Trophy patch would be good any chance of everybodys putter golf going on the europe psn

  • Trophies for this game please!!! with all the purchasable content that you are putting on the PSN surely you can invest some time in putting in trophies.

  • Thank you all so much for your comments and support for Everybody’s Golf: World Tour this past year and a half – it’s so nice to see that we have some real golf loving fans out there. It’s a good game, isn’t it? ;) I’m somewhat biased, but it really is one of my favourite games.
    Thanks also for your comments/requests on the trophy support. As EGWT is one of the first generation PS3 games where the original title was released within the first year of launch, there are some SDK compatibility complexities in supporting the trophies, which was included in a much more recent SDK. It all gets a bit technical, but we are still looking into how we could make it work without changing the current game experience for everyone. So please do bear with us! These things can take time…
    We do, however, hope that the great quality and variation of DLCs we’ve had this past year with the appearance of some fantastic game characters, creative and beautiful courses as well as some great costumes for your Everybody’s Golf characters has helped make your golfing experience even more exciting. I know it certainly has for me! As always, the team are happy to receive comments, feedback and suggestions, so please do keep them coming. :)

  • I was really dissappointed to find out that this post wasn’t about a trophy patch. I hope that happens soon. But the tournaments are cool I guess.

  • I only just saw the post above. Thanks for taking the time to let us know what’s been going on. I didn’t realise it would be such a big undertaking.

  • hi yukiko, you may have read some of my comments on the official EU forum, i am the grumpy one, but one that loves the game very much.
    loving the new format, a lot more G0 tours now that before and with more variety, you guts were very cruel for a year , you gave us rain rain rain ….novice rain rain ……anyway things are better and with the new events this adds to the excitement and keeps me and others coming back for more.
    as vissy said , the game does not programme for unnoficial tours to be submitted onto a leaderboard so you must ensure that basic conditions are met before giving us an event, give QA a talking too :)
    on a final note its great to haev feebaack as for a year we have been banging our heads against the wall at times.
    also the events are kinda really just drip feeding us the lobby parts which are common practice in minna no golf 5, how about giving us new lobby parts in EGWT straight from minna as theirs are way better and they have at least 8 times the amount, crikey i had collected all lobby parts on EGWT within a month :(
    oh and check this http://www.youtube.com/user/clintwestwood1973

    • Hi clint_westwood! Great to hear from you – it’s always really nice to get in touch with our fans! And some fantastic shots – you need to teach me how to become as good as you… LOL. Can you believe I’ve actually never managed a homing shot yet?!
      Lobby parts – totally agreed. We were really focussing all our attention on bringing a load of good DLC the first year but we promise we’ll be releasing more lobby parts! :D

    • Oh and I also forgot to add! That it really isn’t QA’s fault for missing the unofficial tournament…. ;) This really crept in when we changed the tournament tool on our end so we’re looking into this right now. Just wanted to be clear on this as QA tend to get a lot of stick but it’s not at all their fault! ;) (and they work really hard too!)

  • Thanks for the info about the trophies, although EGWT was released after the likes of Burnout Paradise and Uncharted, both of which were also first gen games that subsequently received trophy patches.

    • Indeed, EGWT was release after BP or Uncharted – but the original Japanese version (Minna no Golf 5) came out before these two in July 07. ;)

  • Hello ;> Do you know if the full game will be available on PSN? I only found several add ons but not the game itself . I played the demo and fell in love with it again. (Used to play EG on the PS1) Thanks!

    • Hey MorgothErmis,
      Unfortunately the full game will not be made available on the PSN, as it was created for disc release (so the size of the game is considerably bigger than the games we release on the PSN). Hopefully you can find a copy! :)

  • Oh yeah – of course it did…. well pointed out ;)

  • I see, thanks for telling me. I bought it today via amazon.

  • As fantastic as clint’s youtube channel is, I have created the worlds first Everybody’s Golf HD Channel! So much trick-shotery in awesome HD loveliness!

  • if graded events are technically difficult there was a good idea someone had on the eu forums of awarding prizes for every 20th place.. similar to the random prizes currently in tournies.
    Would give everyone much more motivation to take part, because at the moment you are just running these events for the best 10 or less players. everyone else its a bit of a waste of time.
    nice that the game is still getting support though, ’cause its great :)

    • Hey rushinmonkey,
      Totally agreed! We’re looking into the logistics of graded tournaments now. Great idea on the prizes as well. We’re definitely looking to improve our prize giveaways to increase motivation! Watch this space. ;)

  • for 1 sorry about my name it was a joke is it possible too join the servers up together it would b much more fun so everyone can enjoy the japanese golfers they are so nice and so good it is a pleasure too play them

  • i would just like to say thanks for everything this game is the best you can get pity it is not as poular as minna 5 thats where the action is still love it from first day
    buying minna

  • thanks for feeback yukiko, this is very important as another game i play a FPS, the staff are always on the forum answering things and getting involved ” making you feel part of it” ……..so thanks very much.
    and yeah minna is absolutely huge in japan , i flip between the EU and JPN game all the time.
    apart from being nearly a year behind minna on release we gradually caught up with them on updates and i feel now that we are getting treated well……..but please after these events which end soon are we having a breather and are you going to patch the game back to the 10 floors 4 tours situation?
    also final comment , the playing manual on EGWT was very poor compared to minna and for a long time newbies did not grasp how to scroll/flip between floors to pick a tour, i say the days of going up stairs are gone, just simplify it, give 2 floors to each rank and floors 9 and 10 for GF’s ??

  • anytime you want a game yukiko then look out for me

  • Hello Yukiko, Nice to meet you and to see we can now directly show our thoughts and feedback to those who are in charge of this game… (Wish I had your job. :P Some of my close Japanese friends on the Japanese server call me Yukiko as a play on words between Yukino and Shihiko.)
    Not that I have much to share now since I usually post on my own website… however it would be nice to have someone read this post before thinking of or planning future events.
    Thanks. I’m also around for games if you’re interested… :)

  • Posted on June 9th, 2009 at 10:45 am by Yukiko Goto
    That’s an AMAZING shot!! *sends link to Clap Hanz team and Japan Studio*
    Nawr, thanks Yukiko!
    If any of you lovely people from Sony/Clap Hanz/Japan Studio can point me in the direction of the opening video from Minna no Golf 5 in HD, I’d be forever in your debt :)
    That would look amazing on my You-tube Channel!

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