MotorStorm: Pacific Rift – Third Game Update: Speed And Adrenaline Rush

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As ‘Stormers worldwide continue to collect their FREE Signature Liveries every week, all eyes are turning towards the coast of the setting sun to see what’s in store next. We’re well aware of what you’ve all been wishing for – Tracks, Modes, fresh Rides and a few surprises on the side. All wishes, we’re very happy to report, that we’re about to make come true.
If you’re one of the fortunate 40,000 attending the LA conference centre on June 5/6, and you’re a MotorStorm fan, then you’ll be able to count yourself amongst the first in the world to witness our 2 new major downloadable content packs, ‘Expansion : SPEED’ and ‘Expansion : ADRENALINE’. Rammed bumper-to-bumper with new content, you’re going to need to set aside some serious time to investigate them both fully.
Expansion : SPEED will be the first off the start line, and screams into view fully tanked up with MotorStorm goodness; 3 brand new tracks (Quicksands, Engorged and Dark Fire Swamp), 3 brand new track variants, 4 sweet new vehicles (sporting 3 paint jobs each) and a whole brand new 48-event Mini-Festival, ‘Speed Weekend’, packed with unlockable rewards, trophies and Microbadges.
Expansion : ADRENALINE is racing along beside it, neck-and-neck, and bringing with it even MORE content! 3 MORE new tracks (Reefrunner, Brimstone and Hollowed Earth), 5 new track variants, 4 more exclusive new race machines (each with 3 liveries to choose from), 6 brand new characters (each sporting 3 different costumes), and a whole big fat stash of fresh new paint jobs for your existing vehicles.

Let’s look at those numbers for a moment – between these two packs, we’re almost DOUBLING the track count in the game, giving you plenty more locations for online races, plenty more Time Attack ghosts to chase, and plenty more settings for split screen fun with your buddies. And you’ve got to believe me guys, these new tracks and the new track variants are some of the best-looking, best-racing tracks we’ve ever made.
So if you’re attending E3 this year, make a mental note to unite with all the other lunatics at the SCEE PSN Stand and be part of the first wave of pioneers to experience all the new content. And if a weekend in LA just doesn’t fit in with your plans, try and make an appointment to call in on, where all the very latest news and updates about the new downloadable content will be breaking first.

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  • I dont get it, those packs are coming to the PSN store, but are they for free ore is there a pricetack on them?
    Motorstorm is one of my favorite PS3 IP’s. :-)

  • almighty-slayer

    And how much will they cost?

    • Hi almighty-slayer,
      Final decision hasn’t been made yet on pricing or release dates. As soon as we know them, we’ll post an update here on

  • Sweet! I’m buying both packs for sure. Thanks Evolution Studios. :)
    MotorStorm Pacific Rift is the best arcade racer of the generation so far. :)

  • omg omg great :) keep on the good work. btw any details on the price?

  • I haven’t played Pacific Rift in a while, but I’ve got a reason to now!Both are a definite day 1 purchase for me!

  • Will there be Game Launching for Motorstorm Pacific Rift? The first Motorstorm supports it, but the second one doesn’t?

    • Hey Faiizow,
      We’re working on HOME launching for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift at the moment. Watch this space for further updates.

  • i love pacific rift as its so rewarding and love the buggies,cannot wait for the dlc packs :-)

  • This sounds amazing. I’ll definitely be anticipating this Summer for MotorStorm love! :D

  • No way someone in their spare time could go back in and patch the original motorstorm to get the voice comms working ?? surely with what they have learned since then, a little tweak patch could get released. The 1st Motorstorm is an otherwise excellent game.

  • Ooops meant to say. Love the new site. Looks really good and so far the new info has been flowing nicely.
    Well done !!

  • Awesome!
    Been waiting for what seems like a very long time for some Motorstorm DLC.
    Can’t wait to tear up those new tracks :D

  • Awesome… cant wait

  • what do the winners of the “looking good” competition get – they have announced the winners but havn’t contacted us yet :-(
    could you shine any light on this for me?

  • Now this is awesome! If only we could get those PSN cards… pretty please, SCEE! ;)

  • I have a few questions;
    1) What exactly are the track variants? I don’t quite understand what they are :)
    2) Price point? I think they should be between £4:99 – £7:99
    3) Release timeframe? During E3 maybe? :)
    4) I remember reading about a +torstorm themed Home apartment a while ago. Is this still happening or what?
    Btw, awesome content there guys, and gals, fantastic work :)
    – Matt –

    • Hi MA77_G0D
      The track variants are basically us saying ‘what would happen if the Island turned fully volcanic?’ – if all the volcanos erupted and the tracks you’re familiar with suddenly get routes blockd by lava bombs, and magma rivers flowing here there and everywhere. Bits of the tracks are rerouted, new areas are opened up in some cases, but certainly to look at and play they’re fairly unlike the versions you’re familiar with. There’s a sliding scale on these; some of the tracks, like the high-altitude Air Zone tracks, aren’t going to see much lava action, but they will be covered in lava bombs and lava ‘splats’ which have rained down and are going to affect your route choices and trash you if you’re not careful. At the other end of the scale, the low-lying earth and fire tracks are significantly re-shaped by these natural forces. We don’t want to bill these as ‘new tracks’, because that’s not really accurate, but they’re all different enough that they’re going to be a really worthwhile addition to your collection of tracks. Remember, with the addition of these 6 new tracks and the 8 track variants, you’re looking at 30 different tracks to race on now!!

  • We needs em cards i would buy alot of lbp dlc. So tell that to the guys doing the psn card business pls:P

  • wouahou great job, day one.

  • lol, question 4 should say Motorstorm, not +torstorm, sorry bout the typo :)
    – Matt –

  • i have never bought this game because its very difficult!
    i hate frustrating games…

  • Let me finish the last trophies of MS2 and then I’ll be ready for the new stuff. Thx ! Ahah ;)

  • I love Motorstorm 2 ALOT! I NEED THIS! One question though… We’ll have to pay for this, won’t we? :( It really sucks not having a Credit Card

  • Cheers for the info evolution studios ;-)
    Wow looks great 8).
    I used to have the old motorstorm and i loved it but I never got chance to get the new one. :-(
    I have to say theses DLC packs look so so much better than the old motorstorm 1 track (which I brought all of them).
    Think im going to purchase the new gane right now especially with the free DLC packs out and the mo and loads more content to come.

  • I’m mad not to had MS2, it’s a great game. I loved the first, but like anything I miss I’ll just wait until the third.

  • This is awesome!
    I love Pacific Rift and it’s great to see we’re finally getting some quality DLC.
    Thanks Evolution!

  • I hope this isn’t the end of DLC for Motorstorm: Pacific Rift..? ;)

  • Yo E-ROLE! Good to see you here buddy. Here I sit watching Britain’s got Talent (for heaven’s sake! – girlfriends eh?). Anyway, Motorstorm. I loved the first game and completed it. I have Pacific Ridge but I actually haven’t played it much at all as I’ve found it a bit dull if I’m brutally honest. However, with all these new packs coming out for it maybe it’s worth checking out once again.

  • I want moar XD

  • OMG awesomeness!!!
    can’t wait
    keep up the awesome work
    btw – this new blog is so awesome!!!

  • Great news , i love mtorstorm 2 ;)

  • Since there are trophies involved, it means we’re gonna pay.
    I’m really looking forward to more tracks and vehicles, hopefully it’ll be worth every penny (or cent)

  • I was wondering when we would see major dlc for Pacific Rift and it seems like my prayers have been answered! These two expansions sound like major chunks off new content.

  • Nice update, curious though… another free update in patch or update in DLC which cost a ton which I cant’t even consider to buy because I can’t get my hands on a PSN pre paid cart :P
    Nah too expensive has never been a thing with Motorstorm but as a true fan to serie 1 and 2 I never been able to expierence this… a shame really

  • yay never too late for a bit of Motorstorm. Nice one guys.

  • A bit late but these packs look phenomenal! I know every Motorstorm track inside out, so any new tracks will be superb!

  • Jed, do you know when they are coming? Also as others have asked, what is their price tag? Thanks.

  • Looks really good, may just have to buy this game… really enjoyed the 1st game.

  • Sounds great, I wonder what the price and track variants are.
    The news is coming fast on this blog, i’m impressed. I thought it would take a while to get up to speed.

  • Damn! I just sold this game not more than 3 days ago! If only I’d known! Ah well, I liked this game, but the online community were cheaters who exploited the tracks (at least whom I saw), and I wouldn’t be buying anything with cash anyway, mainly due to the fact I have no credit card :( Bring on the EU PSN gift-card type things!

  • Can’t wait! I’ve been looking for a reason to play this again, I haven’t touced it since I got Platinum. New trophies are always a good thing. :D
    @MA77_G0D I think track varients will be altered versions of some of the oirginal tracks. Maybe in reverse, or with some major alterations to make it different (kind of like what they did with Coyote Revenge and Devil’s Crossing in MS1).

    • Hey Nuclearfish,
      Yeah, that’s a very close comparison, but we’re trying something a bit different and a bit more in keeping with the ‘Volcanic Island’ theme – see my reply to MA77_G0D above! :)

  • no!!! my friend has my copy and he lives in portugal:( and i want plat:P

  • Please FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE DLC or not expensive, not more 5 euros the pack

  • Grate stuff, love me some new tracks:)

  • With a good price, I will accept this offer…

  • Yeah baby!! I LOVE MotorStorm: Pacific Rift xD
    Here’s to hoping those yummy packs are free!

  • wooo
    how much will this cost ???
    what exactly is a track variant ???
    (i was thinking maybe its a different layout of an old track , but not sure)
    im gunna buy both no matter what

      The track variants are new versions of existing tracks – I’ve posted more details in one of the replies above (#16, MA77_G0D)

  • Cant wait for this – MS2 is an awesome game.

  • Sony, you have been absolutely blowing my mind recently:
    *Free DLC skins for Resistance 2
    *More Killzone 2 map packs on the way
    *Weekly free signature liveries for Motorstorm: PR
    *A Resistance 2 Home space
    *The European PS Blog
    *Crash Commando demo
    And today: 2 whole new expansion packs! After reading this, I can’t believe the doubt that went through my mind and many other owners of Motorstorm about when you would release new content. You’ve just pretty much doubled the lifespan of this game, and certinly made this customer very happy to own a PS3. Thank you Evo, you guys rock!

  • Yes, more maps! And free! Good job Evolution Studios.

  • YAY but it better be £4.99 like paying 8 quid for each is just wrong

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