PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for September: Saints Row, Black Desert – Traveler Edition, Generation Zero 

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PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for September: Saints Row, Black Desert – Traveler Edition, Generation Zero 

New pricing changes to PlayStation Plus 12-Month plans.

It’s a new month, with a new lineup of PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for September. The Monthly Games lineup of Saints Row, Black Desert – Traveler Edition and Generation Zero will be available to PlayStation Plus members on Tuesday, September 5 until Monday, October 2. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of the games in turn. 

Saints Row | PS4, PS5 

Experience the biggest and best Saints Row playground ever created.  The unique sprawling world of Santo Ileso is the backdrop for a wild, larger than life sandbox of thrilling side hustles, criminal ventures and blockbuster missions, as you shoot, drive and wingsuit your way to the top. Take over the city block by block, wage war against enemy factions and tighten your grip on the streets. Play online with a friend at any time, via fully untethered drop-in / drop out co-op, skipping the need to take either of you out of the outlandish action. 

Black Desert – Traveler Edition | PS4 

Find your calling in this open-world fantasy MMORPG which boasts fast-paced PvE combat, large-scale PvP siege wars, multiple character classes and combat types to specialize in. You can also choose to dedicate yourself to a variety of pursuits, such as trade, fishing, horse training, alchemy, cooking, and gathering. The Traveler Edition is a bundle of the base game and multiple add-ons*. 

*Those add-ons collectively constitute The Traveler Item Pack, which is also available on PlayStation Store as a separate download. PlayStation Plus members who have already purchased any edition of Black Desert cannot redeem the full Traveler Edition bundle from PlayStation Plus. However, PlayStation Plus members who have already purchased any edition of Black Desert other than the Traveler Edition may redeem the standalone Traveler Item Pack from PlayStation Plus, instead. 

Generation Zero

This first-person open world adventure is set in a familiar but hostile open world of 1980s Sweden. Battle and survive deadly machine enemies alone or with three friends in seamless online co-op as you discover the truth behind what’s happened to the region. You must choose your battles wisely as you engage in adrenaline-pumping guerilla combat against these mechanical forces. Scavenge parts from your fallen enemies and use them to craft equipment, weapons and ammunition. Build and fortify your own bases across the island and start taking back your home. 

Last chance to download August’s Monthly Games 

PlayStation Plus members have until Monday, September 4 to add PGA Tour 2K23, Dreams and Death’s Door to their game library. 

We also wanted to let you know that starting September 6 we will be increasing the price for PlayStation Plus 12-month subscriptions globally across all benefit plans. This price adjustment will enable us to continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service. 

Here are the new prices for PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription plans.

PlayStation Plus Essential 12-Month Subscription
79.99 USD | 71,99 Euro | 59.99 GBP | 6,800 Yen

PlayStation Plus Extra 12-Month Subscription
134.99 USD | 125,99 Euro | 99.99 GBP | 11,700 Yen

PlayStation Plus Premium 12-Month Subscription
159.99 USD | 151,99 Euro | 119.99 GBP | 13,900 Yen

The new prices for the 12-Month subscription will remain at a discounted rate when compared to purchasing the 1-Month or 3-Month subscriptions over a 12-month period. 

For current 12-month subscribers, this price increase will not take effect until your next renewal date that occurs on or after November 6. However, any membership changes you make on or after September 6, such as upgrades, downgrades or buying additional time, will update your plan reflecting the new prices.  You can change or cancel your subscription at any time, details here.

We’ll notify current subscribers of these changes via email and will have additional details on our website soon. 

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  • As a multi-year PS Plus Premium member, you want to increase the price by $40 and give nothing new for it? Cancelled my subscription 2 hours ago, and will no longer be a PS Plus member. Brilliant marketing move, Sony.

  • The base tier of PS plus literally hasn’t changed since the launch of the ps4 yet its going up in price? Nah im good on that GG Sony

  • my subscription is up at the end of the year and it seems like the only value I’ll get from it is by cancelling it all together.

  • This is completely unacceptable Sony. Considering the past few years of Essential have had abysmal offerings like sports games and sim games that nobody cares about aside from a niche audience (I’ve personally skipped about 8-10 games even though I usually just add a game I know I won’t play JUST in case) and the fact that there is no separate tiers JUST for online or JUST for the game catalog you have to pay a higher amount for unnecessary things just to access what you actually want and now you make that even more expensive? This is definitely off putting for new subscribers but incredibly so for old ones like myself. Having had PS+ going for over 10 years now and lately I’ve been thinking of stopping it this is finally the straw that breaks the camels back.

    The fact that you’re putting ALL of your exclusives on PC does us no favours, there’s no reason to play on PlayStation any more and with this price increase for simply accessing online while offering sub par content you’ve made it abundantly clear that you are NOT FOR THE PLAYERS.

  • Just canceled my subscription. I figured this would be my last console generation even before these hikes. Consoles going full digital where they not only lock you into an ecosystem of software and services but hardware as well was the beginning for me. Top it off with this price hike and it makes it a done deal. Better off buying a PC at this point.

  • Not that any of the greedy people ever read these posts or would ever do anything because of them, but I’d still like to throw out a hearty ‘screw you’ into the void. I won’t be renewing my Premium membership at those prices.

  • You really made me login and comment for the first time with this bs. This whole year has been clown world for playstation.

    VR behind a $1000 paywall, shifting your focus to f2p titles (and you can’t even release one or make a proper announcement still), PS Portal is completely braindead (the only people who would buy this is soccer moms on accident), a showcase after 1.5 year hiatus and all I can remember from it is Spider-man (obviously), phantom blade (third party) and Cat Quest (congrats, a mobile game has more mindshare in 2023 than any first party Sony games besides Spider-Man), and now a massive price hike accompanied by the worst month of Essential games in recent memory. Not to mention you not only don’t have old FIRST PARTY games available on Extra, you TAKE AWAY FIRST PARTY games on Extra (spidey). Oh yeah, how’s that ps3 emulation coming along?

    Sure sure, it doesn’t matter because PS5 will just keep topping sales but the same thing happened with PS2. You get too fat and greedy, don’t care about customers and then the PS3 era happens. I hope Starfield wins GOTY and I’ve never even owned an xbox. You need to be humbled and it starts with firing Lyin’ Jim Ryan (wE BeLiEvE iN GeNeRaTiOns).

    PS, you bought Bungie and your customers only get old expansions of Destiny a year or more after they’ve been relevant at all. Gamepass gets day 1 AAAs, PS Plus subscribers don’t even get a DISCOUNT on new Destiny expansions, let alone “free” access to them. Wow lmao

  • Lucky enough to get it for a year at discount but will think twice before I renew again. The games aren’t there for the price unless you like old stuff you can buy for a few $ online.


  • Oh and look… Sony trying to throw us a bone. If you renew TODAY you get a discount! (Which basically keeps it the same price it is now.)


    I buy the annual plan every September as my birthday present to myself. I cant justify 160 bucks. Even dropping to Extra I am paying more than I did last year for Premium. Hard pill to swallow. The ONLY reason I am going to keep the service is because my son plays a ton of the games in the catalog geared to the younger audience (5 yo) and I enjoy the Indie games.

    “Happy Birthday! Get bent!” – Love Sony

    Good thing my Vita … oh wait… I mean my Mini is decen…. nope.. it isn’t… Hits keep on comin’.

  • What disturbed and sociopathic mind came up with the idea to increase the price of subscriptions to such high levels? This is all a joke, a bunch of crap!

    Look, if the VR2 has been a commercial disaster, there was no need for ordinary users to pay the consequences. I just don’t understand it, Playstation has had more than positive numbers for hardware and software sales. Why the hell shoot yourself in the feet and make users angry?

  • This is by far the biggest mistake Sony has made in a while. I will not be resubscribing to Premium. I will be an Essential Gamer here forward.

  • I have literally logged in for the first time here to say this is baffling and a step backwards for the Playstation brand. Its one thing to have been building up a much bigger service and announcing this when Xbox’s day 1 lineups and benefits are strongers than yours at a fraction of the price. I can only hope you guys are justifying the costs by following suit with future releases not just indies or else this price increase I can see backfiring on you guys (look at the comments for god’s sake) and losing audiences to the other guys. Bad move. I would scrap these increases entirely.

  • My sub was due for renewal in November, so I just bought another year at $60 (USD), since the subs stack. I’ve been a PS Plus subscriber since the release of the PS4 which has been 10 years. I will see what they have to offer this coming year. If the monthly lineup doesn’t improve then I’m out.

  • I think that this will be my last year with the service.

  • Sony you think we are Elon musk or something? Change that price broski

  • With prices like that I’d expect Spiderman 2 day one right?? Ha.

  • Outrageous increase that does not make any sense. Sony works better when they are losing the race. Every time they are in the lead, they make decisions that are bad for the consumer with lame excuses. The only reason for that incread is being greed.

  • Don’t stop commenting folks, its the only way Sony will listen with all the backlash.

  • Owned a Playstation since the original in the 90s. I have been subscribed since the PS3 days. I AM DONE! Greedy! Might as well called yourselves Nvidia!

  • Disappointed with the cost increase. As more games are added, was thinking of upgrading my sub, but now it’s going to be over 215$ Canadian…. even the essential is getting to much. For the ps plus games out that I would/am playing, it’s to the points it would be cheaper to buy them myself, I don’t play online anymore so that’s no value to me either …. just, why? Give us a reason, not a pr statement in a blog post that doesn’t even have the price hike in the title, but a reason that explains the value of that higher price for the same service you’ve had since PS3.

    • Right? It seems every time the quality goes down, they want more money, and the quality never goes back up

      Just further down

  • Welcome to the Jim Ryan era: Being absolutely gouged for online play and cloud saves, features that come standard on other platforms. That is before we assess the quality of these “free” offerings that, I suppose, are meant to be some sort of sweetener…? And all this on the heels of the truly baffling “Portal” device having been announced.

    The Jack Tretton era was better.

    The Shawn Layden era was better.

    Welcome to the Jim Ryan era.

  • Really Sony?! Asking customers for additional $20 more for Essential 12-months subscription plan is absolutely ridiculous! I am thinking about canceling my Playstation Subscription soon! $80 is just too much!

  • I’ve had PS Plus since it debuted in 2010. I’m not renewing after my current subscription runs out. Sony, you need to seriously rethink this ridiculous price increase.

  • You can stop bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to my PlayStation Plus subscription because I will be discontinuing it alongside this ridiculous price increase.

  • Me personally not a bad month but still no need for the price hike

  • Hello fellow gamers out there. I just wanted to let you know that if you want to avoid that price increase you can get the Playstation Plus membership for nearly 1/2 of the projected price of $83.99. I think the PS+ is cool. Can it do much better….? Yes it can. However this is a great deal if you want to stick with the membership. However if you wanna quit that on you. But I’d figure that I say something about this deal that I took advantage of.

  • That’s atrocious for a price increase with these game offers.
    I’ve cancelled my subscription, the current price was already quite expensive. No way worth it, now.

  • There is no universe where Black Desert is a quality title.

    It’s a pay to win port of a free to play Korean MMO from 2014.

    That’s the BS that Sony thinks is worth a massive price increase.

  • Increasing the prices it is still cheaper than GP. if you buy the yearly PlayStation Plus subscription

    🥉•Essential $6.6 monthly
    🥈•Extra 11.25 monthly
    🥇•Premium $13.3 monthly

  • Starfield coming out and yall decide to increase the price to just play multiplayer and mid monthly games by 20 dollars? then you basically kill the extra and premium program because nobody is paying 134 for that lineup let alone 160 dollars to playing [DELETED] ps1 games locked behind the service

  • The executive need to stop robbing us

  • The executive need to stop doing all these stupid things

  • totally agree dokikimori, march is my endine and i dont think they’ll made anything that could make me change my mind… those line-ups had been worse and worse overtime , it’s actually sad.

  • totally agree dokikimori, march is my endine and i dont think they’ll made anything that could make me change my mind… those line-ups had been worse and worse overtime , it’s actually sad.

  • I’ve been subscribed to PS+ since it first started on PS3 and think I now have to call it. New games in Australia are already not worth the asking price, I’ve only bought one game at full price since it increased this gen (GoW). I’ve otherwise been relying on discounts or PS Extra to sweeten the deal. I don’t want to imagine what they’re asking for Extra from us now. If this doesn’t get reversed then I think it’s game over.

  • Someone call the circus, Sony’s in town.

  • With a price increase comes great responsibility, so let’s see:

    A badly received Saint’s Row remake.
    The cheapest version of an MMO game which was constantly on sale.
    Generation Zero, a so so game which might be ok, but after checking it out on store I’ve noticed a massive fiesta of random dlc items worth 3 times the base game, which was also often on sale.

    You could have at least sweetened the price hike with providing a more full experience for either Black Desert or Generation Zero >.>

  • So the price increases to ensure that PlayStation VR2 games are at the same quality with the rest of Sony’s first party lineup.

    Wasn’t the point of adding the higher price tiers meant to offset having to hike prices all around? You don’t even outline the benefits of the price increase for us consumers. So are we supposed to just assume this is a price increase just to milk consumers with no added benefit?

  • If you are gonna increase the prices by 20$ please just add a cheaper bottom tier that includes online and cloud saves only, or make online play free. I don’t care about the games, having to pay 80$ just to play online is ridiculous.

  • I just cancelled my subscription. Premium wasn’t worth it at the old price point, and you casually tuck a 33% price hike into the monthly games blog? Disrespectful.

  • I guess thats the end for me and PS Plus. What a shame… Since ever was I a customer.
    What are you thinking Sony?

  • While this price adjustment does still keep a lower price than game pass for a year since gamepass doesn’t give discounts for yearly rates, I don’t feel like PlayStation Plus premium provides enough to be worth 160 dollars.

    On top of that, since I have resubscribed a few months ago there have already been two sports games in the monthly titles which are basically full priced gacha games these days. This month we get a flop, an old game which is basically heavily tied to monetization after the fact and a really crappy reviewed game, well saints row is crappy reviewed too. Still this month is better than any month where the headline game is a sports title.

    This better be a banger of a year Sony. I got about 10 months to think about it.
    I was already slightly regretting getting it this time.

  • Well Sony it was a good run I will not play online after my subscription it’s over for this year $80 dollars it’s crazy

  • A 30% price increase?!
    Well.. im no marketing expert by any means. But doing that while headlining a game that was not even liked by its core fans.

    Then also adding a very watered down mmorpg that is so general it perhaps should have been free to play.

    And then lastly adding a game that is so low on metacritic that the color red burns my eyes.

    These are not exactly games that people have on their wishlists and comes as a nice surprise and a calm breeze in the midst of the bad news.

    I have been a firm Playstation user since the first Playstation, so it is heartbreaking when you push me (and other customers) towards your competitors.

  • Console price increase, game price increase, “console” exclusives with fewer and fewer every year, now PS Plus price increase…

    This is ridiculous. You guys are the worst. You’re continuing to make consoles the worst place to play. I hope this backfires and blows up in your face.

  • Wow. I’m done with my PS Plus Premium aub after my current one ends. I don’t think I really touched the games that were included anyhow.

    The only game I play online is fortnite which I don’t believe actually requires a PlayStation Plus subscription.. correct?

  • When my friend told me the price hike I wished it would have been like 5 extra bucks, BUT 20?! You’re outta your mind Playstation. I’m done with y’all, thanks for giving me a reason to move over to Xbox maybe even Steam.

  • This is wrong and with this you would be losing even more users

  • “Allows us to keep adding high quality titles” Like Tiger Woods? Come on. Even Extra has nothing to offer…. They have 48 million subscribers which means this price increase gets them 1.4 BILLION dollars, and what do we get? Tiger Woods and Black Desert………….

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