Visit All Hallows’: The Land of Lost Dreams today

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Visit All Hallows’: The Land of Lost Dreams today

Discover a purgatory dimension, complete quests, and explore a coMmunity-created haunted forest in Media Molecule’s Halloween event.

What a beautiful day! A beautiful day to surrender to the void… or, as we at Media Molecule have come to know it, The Land Of Lost Dreams. That’s right: this year’s Halloween event, All Hallows’: The Land of Lost Dreams, is available to play in Dreams right now. 

Is there a better way to get in the Halloween spirit than to explore this creepy creative purgatory, filled with strange quests, odd characters and coMmunity-created interactive delights? No. No, there is not. And if you don’t believe us, you should probably boot up Dreams on your PlayStation, then play The Land Of Lost Dreams to either confirm or deny. It’s only fair.

There’s so much to see in The Land of Lost Dreams. Challenge a king to a tabletop game of questionable quality! Get ripped off by odd little robots! Admire cursed trinkets and scream your way through a haunted forest! And maybe – just maybe – escape development hell once and for all…

Need more info about what awaits you there? Well, you’re in luck: we at Media Molecule have come into possession of a tourist brochure that lays out many of The Land of Lost Dreams’ main attractions in unnerving detail. Honestly, this place seems like a weird choice for a ‘holiday destination’, but travel agency D.Tours looks trustworthy enough – they’ve even got a logo. What evil entity ever had a logo? Exactly.

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