Deathverse: Let It Die launches this fall, devs detail wild weaponry

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Deathverse: Let It Die launches this fall, devs detail wild weaponry

Supertrick Games shows off an arsenal of unique armaments and a new piece of concept art.

Greetings to all of our dedicated Let It Die fans. I am super excited to announce that Deathverse: Let It Die is launching on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Fall 2022! 

Since our announcement on PlayStation’s State of Play last year, we received lots of great comments from our community. On May 28 and June 5, we also had an open beta test called Limited-Time Open Beta: Destroy the Server! Players from all over the world participated, and the test ended with great success thanks to all of you.

Our game was originally announced for Spring 2022, but due to the results from the open beta, the game’s release was postponed. 

Now, our team here at Supertrick Games is working hard to make this game the best it can be. We are also incorporating the feedback from the open beta survey, so we hope everyone will look forward to the game’s launch.

What is Deathverse: Let It Die?

The game is set after the events of our previous game, Let It Die, where players fight for stardom in the survival TV reality show, “Death Jamboree”. The show takes place in a virtual world known as Deathverse, which was created by the Yotsuyama Group as a destination for people’s souls. 

Upon participating in Death Jamboree, all contestants will be outfitted with a special “Wilson” unit, a robotic device that assists you in combat. Wilsons can transform into either a weapon or shield to assist players in combat and is considered a must-have item by well-to-do consumers everywhere.

If you want to learn more, check out this PS Blog article from our first PlayStation Blog, published right after PlayStation’s State of Play in October 2021. 


Dev team discusses outlandish weaponry

If you participated in our open beta, players may remember the five weapons that could be used in the matches.

The game’s Director, Shin Hideyuki and the Art team provided some exclusive details behind the game design and artwork about each weapon.

“The design of the basic weapons in Deathverse does not just function to cut or punch opponents but adds a layer of horror as a torture device. All the weapons have a common design, where they have a tank (the shiny blue part) that contains a substance called ‘SPLithium’.”


“We designed this weapon with the standard movement and action of Deathverse in mind. This weapon can be held with one hand, has variations in speed for certain actions, and is incredibly well-balanced in its ability to go on offense and defense. Its normal attacks are of a 3-hit combo, and players can activate its special attack to destroy opponents’ shields and leave them defenseless for the kill.”


“While retaining key elements of traditional hammers, Deathverse combines their heaviness with jet power to create a new type of weapon that pairs speedy action with great visuals. 

“Despite its slow speed, this weapon has immense destructive power. Its normal attacks can be chained to create an endless combo and, when charged up, can release a large and powerful shockwave that destroys your opponents’ shields instantly.

“It may throw people off as it deviates from the concept of a hammer in typical action games.”


“We wanted to keep the original design of the beloved Japanese katana in the game, so this weapon has the least Deathverse-like elements compared to other weapons. Despite being extremely weak against shields, players can parry attacks and launch combos that give them the upper hand in battle.”


“This weapon has a lot of special functions that help it stand out from other weapons. Its attacks are powerful enough to destroy opponents’ shields with just normal attacks. Its normal combo can deal up to two hits, and an additional third attack can mean the difference between your victory and defeat. This weapon also allows players to fly in the air to attack opponents from above, as well as put up a barrier to shield from opponents’ attacks.”


“This weapon is designed to look ferocious and to be handled with unique movesets. Unlike the basic attacks of slashing and smashing, this quirky weapon can be nasty in its ability to pull off powerful multiple combos and death blows against opponents. Though these attacks require proper timing and accuracy, its versatility in pulling off special attacks and deathblows can be challenging for opponents to go against.”

I also received some comments on the Rex Bone skins that were released during the beta! 

About the Rex Bone skins

“We purposely deviated from the concept of a Wilson transforming into a weapon and chose the motif of ‘bones’, as it represents the wild or wilderness of ancient times. These Rex Bone skins feature claws, fangs, and other frightening bone-like elements to portray ‘strength’.”


I also have a special concept art of the game for our devoted readers who read until the end!

About the Concept Art

“The concept of the battle area is based on the image of a red sea polluted by SPLithium and the mysterious ruins. The thickness of the trees and the ruins covered by their roots, the white appearance of sea salt, and the design that looks as if this stage has been shaped over many years, are part of the set of the TV show.”

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more on Deathverse: Let It Die leading up to its launch on PS5 and PS4 this Fall.

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