Introducing Backbone One – PlayStation Edition, an officially licensed controller for PlayStation

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Introducing Backbone One – PlayStation Edition, an officially licensed controller for PlayStation

Inspired by the look of the DualSense wireless controller, play your PlayStation games on iPhone through PS Remote Play with ease.

I am thrilled to introduce Backbone One – PlayStation Edition, an officially licensed mobile controller for iPhone users.

The look and feel of the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition was brought to life by our design team in collaboration with the brilliant minds at PlayStation. The elegant colors, materials, and finishes are all inspired by the design of the PS5 console’s DualSense wireless controller, all the way down to the transparent face buttons and its visually distinctive, floating appearance. It feels right at home with the other products in the PS5 lineup, like the Pulse 3D headset, which you can connect directly to the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition.

Introducing Backbone One – PlayStation Edition, an officially licensed controller for PlayStation

Backbone One is the gaming essential for PlayStation on iPhone. If you have access to broadband internet and a PS5 or PS4 console, plug an iPhone into the Backbone One and instantly start playing your PS5 and PS4 games with the power of the PS Remote Play app—whether that’s out and about or even elsewhere in the home*.  See the PlayStation Remote Play website for more information: 

Backbone One also works wonderfully with App Store games and other game streaming services that support controllers, including Genshin Impact, Fantasian, Call of Duty: Mobile, and more. Players can download the Backbone App for a customized PlayStation experience. Inside the app, you’ll see various PlayStation integrations, such as custom glyphs representing the iconic PlayStation shapes and the ability to browse hundreds of game titles.

Players will also find a dedicated row inside the Backbone App with new releases and updates from PlayStation.

Backbone One is powered by your iPhone device, so charging is not required. For more information about Backbone One – PlayStation Edition, please check out:

We are thrilled to release Backbone One – PlayStation Edition and can’t wait for PlayStation fans worldwide to get their hands on it. The Backbone One – PlayStation Edition will be available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom at launch, with more countries to follow. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

You can also visit PlayStation Support to find out how to set up Backbone One – PlayStation Edition for use with Remote Play on iPhone and other compatible applications.

*A PS4 or PS5 console, the Remote Play App and an account for PlayStation Network are required to stream your games to other devices. Remote Play can be used with a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi. Broadband internet with at least 5Mbps is required. For a better Remote Play experience, a high-speed connection of at least 15Mbps is recommended using either Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Titles that require PlayStation VR or other peripherals such as PlayStation Camera are not compatible with PS Remote Play.  Availability of DualSense features such as audio output and haptic effects vary when using remote play on Android®, PC, Mac®, iPhone®, or iPad®; some features may not be available.

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  • I have tried remote Play and it’s always laggy and unplayable even though I got 60 mb per second has an internet connection and 5 MB on the upload

  • Will samsung get backbone.

  • You guys really approved this with the analogue sticks in the wrong place?

  • Maneet, it’s good that you’re addressing the market for controller attachments for mobile phones. However, I feel that this product might struggle for numerous reasons that several users above have already mentioned (and are worth repeating for emphasis):

    1. You need to offer a version that’s compatible with Android devices.

    2. You really, REALLY need to retool the control layout to match the traditional PlayStation control scheme that has endured for years. On the left side of the controller, the D-pad must be in the upper position, and the analog stick in the lower position.

    I suppose if someone wanted a controller with asymmetrical analog stick placement (for whatever reason), then they could just purchase your existing controller (without the PlayStation branding). However, if you’re going to offer a product specifically for PS4/PS5 fans, then you ought to go whole hog and deliver something that plays to PlayStation sensibilities. We don’t merely want your previous product rebadged, but a properly designed device that utilizes the authentic control scheme.

    Please consider these suggestions seriously. I’m sure many people here would be happy to purchase a product that meets their expectations.

  • Why not Android? Doesn’t make any lick of sense considering this is only a reskin of the existing Backbone controller which is available for both iPhone AND Android. And also Sony make Android phones..

  • I hope Release for Android version of Xperia.

  • Iphone MASTERACE lol

  • I have a Google Pixel 6 and I love it. It seems people are moving away from iPhone to anything else. The Backbone needs to support more phones.

  • Sony made AOS Phone, AOS Apk but made this for iPhone? Really?

  • I’m not into the offset analogs. It’s a no from me. Xbox controllers are garbage.

    • You are correct sir if ps6 moves the analog stick I will move it back on day 1. Playstation made the first and best dual analogs and everyone else just screwed then up haha

    • YES, i hate Xbox controller layouts

  • This is Awesome!! I’ve been impatiently waiting for the Android version of Backbone releasing on November. I hope I can get a PlayStation one for Android!!

  • this a good idea microsoft fan boys mad saying sony copy microsoft first pc & now mobile do it sony if good business sense sony you need to drop ps plus on mobile & pc just like microsoft get all different categories of people playing playstation games as long as some of the profits going towards more ps5 in the world & more single player story driven games sony this is your bread & butter number 1 for single player games & if anyone high up at sony make custom ps game plates they would sell well my opinion

  • x__xWhySoSeri0us

    So no love for Sony Android smartphones. Wierd chose for only iPhone.

  • £100! balls to that, you can get a DS5 for half that and then use it on your PS5 when you get home

  • What?! This is crazy cool! But only for iphone? You got to be kidding me… Most mobile gaming is done on Android now! There are literally gaming made phones for the Android ecosystem, and they make this for iShiitake?! Preposterous! 🙅🙎

    Highly. Like literally, what the heck is this? I literally have one of the most powerful “gaming” phones¹ out there, and something I been waiting on is only for the icrap market? Done. I love y’all Sony, had your phones for years (since Xperia Play) and even have a crazy cool tribute tattoo of PS(1-5) but y’all are breaking my heart 💔👎📲

    ¹RedMagic 6Pro phone, 165hz screen, 16GB RAM, Snapdragon 888, 20,000rpm fan, 360mhz triggers, literally everything to make a dedicated gaming machine… all for -$600 (vs iCrap $1,200+…)

    So come on guys. The clear choice is if anything to make one Android compatible. But I’ll shut up now and keep using my RedMagic game handles that are basically Joy-Cons for my phone ANYways LMAO 😂📱🎮💯

  • I echo a few other comments here already. There should be a Sony Xperia variant of the Backbone with the analog sticks in the correct place.

  • will I have to pay another subscription to use backbone….. I would only use it for ps remote play I wouldnt use it for anything else

  • How about Sony officially license controllers with the PS button layout for once. Literally hate these stick layouts, there’s a reason I use a PS controller. Why’d you make a control 1 way then license 40 that are different??
    Guess it doesn’t matter anyways because I don’t use iPhone. But this is just a Sony trend that makes no sense

    • Ya literally if PS6 moves the analog stick I will personally move it back. Biggest benefit when I have to play with my buddy on his Xbox is that he had an ASTRO with the movable stick so I could fix it.

  • Whoever didn’t call it an I-Bone really missed out, apart from that I use my phone and dualsense, works great with an a phone/controller adapter.

  • While it’s cool to see a PS edition for a phone controller they missed a VERY key thing. The left analog is in the wrong spot. I don’t mean just in general but the biggest thing that I was happy to see stay when I got my ps5 on launch day was that the analog sticks were still in the correct spot. Maybe it works better for a phone but it suck for a normal controller to have that offset

  • Please! Please make the analog sticks symmetrical!

    • It looks like a dollar store Switch accessory. Nothing says “PlayStation” like symmetrical sticks!

  • I think it cool I can play anywhere and on holiday

  • It looks good but they need to make a version for Android as myself and many other Android users won’t be able to use this

  • Android over here, 100% would already have ordered if it way compatible. Tbf, distraction helps us all

  • Oh great, just bought the iPhone version back in January with the android buttons.
    Just need this one PS version….

  • The price takes the cake on a device set to be unusable on the next round of iphones switching to usb c.

    everything is wrong here, even the “two tone” doesn’t match, but you get the symbols on the buttons. $100+ to stream on a small phone screen with it feeling nothing like a sense?

    why not just offer a cell phone stand and use an actual dual sense, it would be cheaper and better, better yet why not stream on a monitor, or better yet why not just play on ps5 on a home theatre and skip the trash streaming and this overpriced already obsolete “controller”

    im failing to see who exactly this premium priced object is for, how does it provide a premium experience? On only ios no less for the “playstation” feels.

    • Ya just give me a stand so I can use my current controller. The streaming sucks for remote play on PS. The reason one might want this is the household only has one tv or your wife or husband wants to watch tv and you can still be in the same room as them and play your favorite game 😉

  • The terrible stick placement means I’ll never buy it for my iPhone. License the next one with another company that will do it right, Sony.

  • I have the Xbox Kishi version and use it with a spare android phone. It’s great. Was hoping to get something similar for the PS5. Too bad it doesn’t have Android support.

  • How about they make one with the left stick in the correct location, seeing as it is a licensed PlayStaion accessory?

  • Why is everything always supported for iPhone, when will it be for Android users?

  • This honestly seems very stupid… and heres why.. whenever i play a ps4/ps5 game on my iphone, 11 pro max 512 gb the game is very jittery.. and lags quite a bit.. the only platform i have as little lag as possible, and other deterring factors is streaming ps4/ps5 games directly to my mac mini, because the computer app was programmed in such a way that, its actually playable… now… with all that info… i think having one of those backbone controllers is very **** stupid… most people don’t have as powerful a phone as i do.. or probably not a whole 1 TB internet connection… so I honestly don’t know who PlayStation thinks they’re marketing this to.. but I don’t think its really gona work for its intended purpose…

  • Something tells me that a majority of PS users also use android because they want they are both the better technology of their kind.

  • Wow, people still use iPhones? Why??? Nothing for android which has most of the market. I think I have lost some confidence in Sony on this one.

  • This looks like a device I would definitely buy. However, like the other 50% of non Apple users, I use an Android, and am personally adamant about not dealing or doing business with Apple.

    I really don’t see why some kind of slider bar in-between the controllers wouldn’t make… basically a universal controller… Take that a step further and let me hook it up to my Android tablet.

    If you guys can’t figure this stuff out yourselves, I’m available for work and would love to work at Playstation; I’d even move to Japan.


  • If this is an official PLAYSTATION controller, than why is the analog stick over the D pad? Looks like a Switch/Box knock-off.

    • 100% if I was in the market for something like this it would be a hard pass as the stick placement is wrong

  • Some of us have Androids that also have PS come on show some love.

  • I’m just hoping that they drop a Backbone PlayStation Midnight Black Edition.

  • No Android, NO GO.

  • Is there going to be a android version of this?

  • If this is a PS product, then why does it look like an X-box controller? I personalty HATE the feel and look of the Xbox controllers. If it had the look and feel of a PS controller more with analogs sticks in the right place, I might have got it. but the Xbox feel is a hard pass.

  • Hope to see Android version soon..

  • Why only on iPhone? And why move the sticks? There is a reason I play games on PlayStation and a big part of it is the layout of the controller!! Well I guess you know your audience if it’s only for iPhone ….lol

  • iPhone is going to be required to use USB-C. This gadget may be come completely useless with the next generation iPhones.

  • Listen Playstation, I don’t know if you guys read comments but, why isn’t the analogs in the same place as the Ps controllers? People like me are used to it being in that spot, probably doesn’t matter to you guys, but I won’t get this controller until you guys release the same variant of same spot analog, instead of trying to copy nintendo controller style…

  • I am a Android user……….

  • Offset sticks is a big no from me. Product is overpriced regardless, would rather just connect my dualsense or DualShock

  • So my choice to support Sony and buy an Xperia phone means nothing to y’all?

    I’ll keep that in mind going forward

  • Will there be an android version that supports usb type C?

  • What happened to Android? Is there another one on the way for the Play Store/Android? You are leaving out quite a few customers at the moment.

  • I’m surprised Sony have singled out Android users, but that’s probably due to the huge selection of phones.

    Even though I’m a Samsung user, I would change to a Sony device (but not Apple) as this seems like an excellent idea. PS5 in my pocket, what’s not to like.

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