Mid-Year Deals promotion comes to PlayStation Store 

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Mid-Year Deals promotion comes to PlayStation Store 

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, Assassin's Creed Valhalla and more reduced for a limited time. 

The Mid-Year Deals promotion starts at PlayStation Store June 22. For a limited time* you can enjoy up to 75% off select PlayStation titles, such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Deluxe PS4 & PS5. 

Level Up Promotion 

  •  Fortnite – Tech Future Pack 
  •  Marvel’s Spider-Man – The City That Never Sleeps 
  •  Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds 
  •  Bloodborne: The Old Hunters 
  •  Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker – Season Pass 
  •  Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Extra Pass 
  •  500 Rust Coins 
  •  Jurassic World Evolution 2: Camp Cretaceous Pack 
  •  500 Neverwinter Zen 
  •  Tekken 7 – Season Pass 
  •  Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Season Pass 
  •  Rogue Company: Rogue Edition 
  •  SnowRunner – Year 2 Pass 
  •  Warframe: Initiate Pack (2022) 
  •  Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Season Pass 

*Mid-Year Deals and Level Up promotions are available from 00.00am [local time] Wednesday, June 22 until 23.59pm [local time] Wednesday June 6.

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  • Give me Socom Arma style on ps5 or MAG bring back these titles please.

  • Would love it if gaming platforms were more honest and only display the full game on their store, instead of a game and its 10 related dlcs, expansions, seasons, mtc.

    • What about those people who own the game and might be interested in the dlc’s etc being on sale ?

    • I would love it if i didn’t have to wade through all the shovel ware garb on the psn and eshop but they remain.

      You need to use the filter tools, very useful especially on sales. try it out you can separate game from dlc, platform ps5 from ps4, new to old etc.

      This stuff isn’t new. When there is a sale i immediately filter ps5 + game. presto.

      As for the editions of games Ubi is the dirtiest culprit there but they are also predictable and go on sale every other week.

      You go on the game page you click on “…” you look at editions and either buy or don’t buy based on what version you actually want and the sales % threshold.

      You need to learn how to be a more effective shopper. On ps5 you can just wishlist what version, dlc etc you want and when it goes on deal you will get notifications.

      Happy shopping.

      *Sony doesn’t care if we buy garbage they get their platform holder cut on every sale so the floating garbage will remain, i just wish for those we could filter more effectively, frankly nintendos eshop is the worst super slow and loaded to the brim with mobile style turds.

  • Why Sniper Elite 3 ultimate Edition does not get a discount ? .. it is more than a year .. I just want to know the reason…Can someone come here and tell me the reason? Why?

    • You missed the sale, also not everything goes on sale every month.

      If you are interested in that series / title, you should try following that publisher and dev on twitter. they always post sales on twitter any publisher / dec does this.

      If you are on ps5 wishlist this and other games and it will notify you when they go on sale.

      I see people complain often game x / dlc y didn’t go on or never goes on sale, when i myself have seen it on sale multiple times. I look every week for years what goes on sale, and it is always this way.

      With ps5 they have sorted that so you can just wishlist and forget about it.

      I also do this with my local gamespot as there us no one else doing trades anymore where i live. I offloaded spiderman and horizon zero dawn very favourably to a 4 day most wanted list that way. Had the free horizon digital from covid and the trades covered the cost of upgrading to spiderman ps5 remastered was able to move my saves over as well.

      The point being if you want deals you need to stick to an effective system. Sales and new first party announcements are the only really interesting things on the blog anyways so if you are going to bother with the blog.

      Lastly if you really want something you are sure you will enjoy and it isn’t or hasn’t gone on sale why not just support the devs and get it? like for this one.

      I bought shredders revenge new on switch for my son at 10% off saturday. Sometimes you just buy a thing.

      Theres websites that track sales as well, have a look, just like ones that track what has been on plus, games with gold etc.

    • *gamestop

  • I know no one who has any power reads the blog but under 20 sale today is broken as none of the prices are reduced

  • Do the Arcade Archive series games ever go on sale?

  • PSPlus premium $119.99 but…..keep spending and buy these “discounted” titles!
    I’m such a fool😮‍💨

    • Just be tactical about your buys.

      At least we can see what not to buy, and what to make educated guesses on.

      I bought spiderman remastered ps5, but when you look at extra/premium it’s clear they are just offering base miles and spiderman ps4. also plus is a rental service, so there is still value to owning those licences of many games.

      I didn’t sign up for extra so far because i own or have played almost all of the marquee titles.

      I will tell you i will not buy games like guardians of the galaxy or infamous first light as they are one and dones i have skipped.

      Others are clearly bait like dead cells the same as 2019 on now, with no expansions. i’d like the complete game with the last two expansions i don’t have so i’d rather buy that 50-60% off.

      it’s all relative. Why i don’t feel bad about the first party i own, and why i won’t rush out to sell or trade those games.

      if you enjoy the game when you get it and get your value out of it there is no waste of value even if it does get added or put on sale months later.

      I might even buy stray physical next month instead of getting extra, it just depends. I was going to get that game prior to the plus announce.

      So not a fool if you don’t fool yourself.

  • Sorry , Soby! I am PS PLUS user meaning i am done with buying games. Have a nice day, my friend Soby:D

    • More Logic from Hasan.

      Just play whatever rentals they give you. This is a small way to enjoy the Playstation ecosystem.

      Why not both? Are you a teenager with no cash? if so i understand the plus extra / premium sentiment. if it’s just essential with 2 games a month i have to feel for you my friend.

      So many great games available to buy on a budget.

      But greatness waits as you say, i miss the days when you were screaming how great Sony was from the rooftops and defending them on every blog post.

      Enjoy the super old rentals.

    • Thanks skeelyboy , no i am not teenager i am 1992 born 30 years old, yes my friend greatness will awaits me with rentals games, have a nice day pal :)

  • no sony at games con no surprises you making us wait till september for the big showcase then???

    • This is a sales post. Take a breath they will show rag this summer.

      They just announced updates on the 3 last of us properties.

      Does eggbok or nintendont have anything better than rag and lou1 for holiday?


      no they don’t.

  • Hi,
    I have a very simple suggestion, that I think will be beneficial for players and PlayStation : please increase the wishlist limit on PSN, from 100 items to at least 1000.
    There are many games releasing, big and small, and a wishlist is a simple feature to keep track of games you are interested in purchasing.
    I will post this comment on every blog post until it is implemented.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Alot of exclusives

  • Atelier. Thank you.

    • Damn am I struggling to justify spending money on this platform anymore. I know I want to play Atelier, but hard to see the point of spending money on a console that doesn’t even have exclusives or decent sales anymore. Couldn’t even hold onto Persona or Yakuza. Guessing instead of Sony investing in Persona 6 exclusively, it will follow the same trend as the newest Yakuza and release timed exclusive on the platform who laughed the game designers out of the room when they proposed it and whose gamers don’t even buy or play Japanese games? Sigh, it’s all feels like it has been downhill for Sony/PlayStation (and I am not just talking about the share price). Hard to care about the platform or industry at the moment. Haven’t managed to even justify keeping PS+ active.

      Replies are not monitored.

  • Please put Ghost of Tsushima. I know it’s on ps+ extra but it’s been 2 years since the game came out. Just make it between 25-50% off

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