Players’ Choice: Horizon Forbidden West voted February’s best new game

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Players’ Choice: Horizon Forbidden West voted February’s best new game

PS Blog readers showed up for Guerrilla's long-awaited follow-up, but Elden Ring fans made a strong effort.

It was a fierce battle, but Guerrilla’s far-future follow-up rose to the top of the Players’ Choice poll for February 2022. Tarnished around the world didn’t go out without a fight, though — FromSoft’s exemplary open-world debut took the runner-up spot for the month. Congratulations to both teams on the well-deserved recognition!

Salutations! This is going to be a tough one — I can only fit three games in that image up top, but there have been some quality releases these past few weeks. Are you finding time to play everything you want to, or are you having to make some tough decisions?

Hit the comments and let us know what’s claiming your gamin’ time… after voting in the poll, of course.

How does it work? At the end of every month, PlayStation.Blog will open a poll where you can vote for the best new game released that month. Soon thereafter, we’ll close the polls, tally your votes, and announce the winner at PlayStation.Blog. PlayStation Store will also showcase some top Players’ Choice winners throughout the year.

What is the voting criteria? That’s up to you! If you were only able to recommend one new release to a friend that month, which would it be? In keeping with our long tradition in the Game of the Year Awards, remastered or re-released games won’t qualify. Ambitious, larger-scale rebuilds and remakes like Demon’s Souls and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy will.

How are nominees decided? The PlayStation.Blog and PlayStation Store editorial teams will gather a list of that month’s most noteworthy releases and use it to seed the poll. Write-in votes will be accepted.

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  • I voted for Rumbleverse even though it was delayed.

    • Justin Massongill

      Ah! Didn’t realize it didn’t come out. I’ll have to remove it from February’s poll, but I’ll include it in a future poll once it’s out. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Horizon Forbidden West

  • Elden Ring of course
    Such a great game. Best open world in a long long time.

  • Only two games matter on this list…. my vote is for Elden Ring!

  • Voted for Horizon but I’m sure Elden Ring will take it. Shame Horizon is once again getting overlooked by another open world game launching 1 week later yet again just like how the first one got overshadowed by BOTW.

    • I’m really sorry too. It would have been better if it had been released a week earlier or later so that it would not be overshadowed.😔

      However, the important thing is that we enjoy the game immensely.

    • It is a shame but what bothers me more is the inconsistency and bias in the media and with critics.

      Forbidden West is a better game than Horizon Zero Dawn. In virtually every area it’s significantly improved yet it has a lower Metacritic. The reviews honestly baffled me. I saw so many that read like 10 out of 10 only to give it an 8 or 9. IGN started their review by comparing forbidden West to the most improved and greatest second acts in recent history. Uncharted 2 and AC2. The reviewer absolutely gushed over the game and went on to specify in detail why it’s than Zero Dawn. I know different journalists review different games but it just looks bad when you go on about how much better this game is yet your publication gives it a worse score. HZD scored 9.3 and HFW scored 9. It’s still a fantastic score but that review definitely read like a 10. I saw many other of you say it was better and only give it an 8. Then you had about four 6 out of 10 scores that were pathetic reads.

      Stevivor is known to have a bias and a vendetta against Sony and somehow got his hands on a code and gave the game a 6.5. He gave Halo a 9.5. He scored quantum break higher than 2018 God of War. He gave State of Decay 2 the same score as The Last of Us 2. He gave Demon’s Souls Remake of 7.5 (92 Meta) and Zero Dawn a 6 or 7. I can’t imagine what he will give gt7.

      Another site that was on Metacritic gave Forbidden West a 6 while admitting it’s a really good game they said they just didn’t feel the magic. Every game is going to have one or two egregious reviews but this was too much. The game deserved better. And on top of that Elden Ring scores 97 while having some significant undeniable flaws just by observation. I’m sure the game is absolutely spectacular but to score a 97 with the technical issues that game reportedly has and the reused assets, animations, and formula for a new IP. They did evolve by adding an open world and other elements and the game probably deserves great scores but to get so many perfect scores while having issues baffles me. Then forbidden West gets deducted for pure nonsense in many cases.

    • Your wrong it didn’t get overlooked this time people loved it and were expecting it because of the 1st but it still doesn’t hold a candle to elden ring especially since forbidden west is just more of the same nothing to new I’ve played thru the whole thing already

    • @Iamtylerdurden1

      Dont pay any attention to these critic reviews. Half of them can’t even write English properly let alone play the full game from start to finish. Also it is known for some reviewers to receive back handers to bump the score higher.

      As for Horizon Forbidden West, well I have not played the game yet. I did play the first game. I never did like Aloy as a character. She is annoying and blabs on about something about nothing all the time. I use to dread when she got in a conversation with someone. 😱💤

      I did like the gameplay, combat and the machines. The Machines are the stars of the game.

      I will buy Forbidden West later this year when it’s half priced simply for the Machines and combat alone. I’m not interested in the story and Aloy, I’ll skip all that rubbish this time around.

    • Yeah HFW will get overshadowed once again, which is a shame. They have such bad timing on release dates.
      @Strangeheaven – I’m the complete opposite of you. I loved all the lore and backstory of the world. Horizon has an amazing sci-fi setup. Sorry you don’t care of any of it, because it’s the main draw for me.

    • @killfeedgaming

      Forbidden West is just more of the same and Elden ring which is supposed to be a new IP isn’t?

      You are absolutely kidding yourself if you think Elden ring doesn’t copy and reuse mechanics, formula, animations, assets and basically everything. The game is so janky it’s honestly embarrassing. The story seems to be another convoluted mess and the animations are literally pulled from demon Souls 2009. The open world is huge and that’s awesome but a lot of it is pretty empty. The controls are clunky and terrible. The visuals are mediocre. It can’t even hold the frame rate it’s one of the worst frame rates I’ve seen for a recent triple A. It disconnects and boots you and crashes. It uses the same clouded map and the same Ubisoft Tower principles. They added some minor things and put it in an open world with a jump button it’s no revolution.

      I’m tired of people acting like Eldon ring is perfect and like there is something wrong with forbidden West when forbidden West is 10 times the production. I mean I sort of like graphics and production value but that’s just me. Elden ring has the same garbage NPCs who don’t move. I hate comparing games like this but if people start it I’ll finish it. Forbidden West graphically is levels above. The combat is superior. The story is levels above. The production value is a different ballpark. We can look at voice acting and open world activities and setting and protagonist and characters I can go on. All Superior in Forbidden West.

      It’s actually laughable that people think forbidden West is just the same old thing but ER is somehow revolutionary. What’s even more pathetic is people who think forbidden West is lazy but Elden ring isn’t. Alden ring is a technical disaster with such lack of Polish it’s staggering considering this was supposed to be the big AAA George RR Martin new IP that’s going to sell 25 million copies easy.

    • It’s not fair for my wallet. I bought Dying Light 2. Then HFW and then Elden Ring.

      All purchased within a month. Then Triangle Strategy dropped plus all the great stuff coming out. I don’t even know what I am missing out on!

  • What a month!
    They are great games. They are all good.

    for me Undoubtedly Horizon: Forbidden West
    I really love #HorizonForbiddenWest.

    • This is one of the best release periods I have ever seen from January to May. If you own a PlayStation 5 the world is your oyster. Even if you have a PlayStation 4 the wealth of options are still enormous. And gt7 released today. Anno is in 2 weeks and then ghostwire, Salt & Sacrifice, Forspoken, and more all with imminent release dates. And stray is rumored to be coming soon. I’m also interested in weird West at the end of the month. Crazy.

  • Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most impressive games I’ve played in a while and a massive improvement. Quite frankly it’s a better game than Zero Dawn.

    Blown away by improvements to the open world. Ruins are fantastic, NPCs mo capped, gear/skill tree is totally redesigned, combat is deeper, underwater exploration, mount racing, machine strike board game, settlements are improved, loads of new enemies, puzzles, your own base, better side quests, and QoL improvements across the board. The 3D audio and dual sense implementation is fantastic and it’s probably the best looking game I have ever played.

    Horizon forbidden West definitely gets my vote but it truly has been jaw-dropping to see how many quality games are releasing on PS5. I’m knee-deep in Horizon and GT7 just arrived.

    • “I am all for crunch to give me the most optimize game. Every facet of life has crunch to get something done especially in the last leg of a goal to obtain. All this no crunch is BS culture sensitive society garbage.”

      What a load of rubbish. Whatever other point you may have been trying to make, this sort of entitled tone-deaf nonsense just makes sure that nobody sane will take you seriously.

    • Lol, and here I am replying to the wrong comment. Nice going me ;-)

  • I vote Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires, because this is the game I’ve been waiting for 2 years when it was announced in TGS 2020

  • darkangelgodzill

    Can we please have our next state of play we really wanna buy god of war hogwarts ( or at least a new trailer along with Gotham knights and more

  • The Witch Queen has been dominating my play time, so I have to vote for that one. What a great game Destiny 2 is.

  • Let us pick top 3. This is a golden month for gaming. Dying Light 2, H:FW, and Elden Ring within the span of weeks? How am I supposed to decide. Yeah, Elden Ring and H:FW are amazing when compared to DL2, but if DL2 launched without them around, that would be THE game to play.

    • Of course it would be if the other 2 weren’t released because that would be the only one to pick to pick not very good at math are you

  • Remember when Sifu was the latest and greatest and every streamer was playing it?!

    I do!

    • Sifu is great too. February was just a packed month. March is going to be back to normal with a bunch of games that are just good but not fantastic. Pretty sure Gran Turismo 7 will still be the highest rated game in March by the time we’re through it.

  • Which game did you vote for?

  • Elden Ring without a doubt

  • Sifu easy the game is amazing it just needs more added to it.

  • Been waiting for Horizon Forbidden West since it was announced with ps5 and definitely thrilled

  • Definitely Horizon Forbidden West

  • Feedback to your PS5 O.S team: Can I please have the option to permanently mute the mic on the DualSense? I sometimes forget to turn it off when I play some single player game and it irks me to find that my recorded clips will have background noise from the house recorded in them, ruining the nuance of the cutscene or keen gameplay moment.

    • There is a option to have the controller on mute whenever the console is switched on, I have it set to this as default now, although when recording gameplay I’ve never had the mic pick up background noise, another setting for that maybe.

      Microphone status when logged in and when starting to chat.

    • OK, thanks I just did that.

    • Additionally, there’s an option to include the mic in recorded clips or not. So if you only want to hear the game in your recordings (that’s me), you can, even without muting the DualSense mic.

  • You only needed to put Elden Ring in the list!

  • Elden Ring. I had some doubts but the game is really good.
    I think a lot of newcomers will be able to play the game.

  • Horizon is ridiculously good. Even the sidequests are great. Elden Ring looks ok too.

  • I chose Horizon Forbidden West because I absolutely loved the world and story of Zero Dawn and discovering every bit of lore I could find. I’m taking my time in Forbidden West just exploring everything that catches my eye and completing sidequests here and there as I come across them. There’s so much to do and as eager as I am to continue the main quest, I’m loving how much else there is to do, and I haven’t even messed around with stuff like the Strike game or photo mode yet. According to the game, I’m about 25% through and have played for around 50 hours.

    Elden Ring looks like it will probably be the first Souls-like game I’ll try playing, although it will have to wait until after Forbidden West is completed. I’ve never been sure if Souls-like combat would appeal to me, as well as dying repeatedly learning how to fight different enemies, but the desolate beauty of its world I’ve seen in trailers definitely looks pretty.

    Sifu is a game that I was enjoying a lot, but couldn’t bring myself to get very far into knowing that I was going to drop it as soon as Horizon: FW came out. Looking forward to playing more of it.

    Dying Light 2 was never on my radar, having never played the first one, but after watching some people streaming it, it’s yet another game that I’d like to play at some point. While it doesn’t look like something that would be a favorite, it still looks fun, and sometimes I just need an enjoyable zombie-killing game.

    It really seems like this is the month that games are really starting to flood out. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Ghostwire, and Forspoken are the next of the more high-profile releases I’m wanting to play. But there’s a number a smaller releases and backlog games I want to get to as well.

    • Elden ring is basically Dark Souls with an open world it’s nothing different so if Dark Souls did not appeal to you I wouldn’t consider it. The combat is clunky and you will die repeatedly.

  • Horizon Forbidden West is OMG the Best

  • Frlm software groupie here, I voted Elden Ring

  • lightning_rasher

    voted Elden ring :)

  • Not a fair competition with Elden Ring being out. Forbidden West should have settled for a april release.

    • Better for Elden Ring to been delayed until April, so that Fromsoftware could take more classes in optimization.

      Next time they should ask Bluepoint Games to do the optimization.

    • I have to agree with strange heaven for the people riding the Elden ring bandwagon and saying forbidden West should have been delayed LOL. I’m playing Elden ring right now and in the first hour of the game I have about 10 clips saved from jankiness. Horrible frame rate stutter or pop in or the game disconnecting me or shadows freaking out you name it the game is a mess.

  • Iamtylerdurden1 You couldn’t have said it any better. I think HFW is better in every way except climbing from HZD. I personally think the game is a 9 from HZD a 8 – 8.5 which are great scores. I do believe the game has technical issues it shouldn’t have had compared to none of any significance in HZD.

    My first 30 mins in HFW the companion npc got stuck in water animation and I couldn’t progress in story until npc would stand next to me near a dead robot. I had to restart mission. Great thing the auto save is so generous. I also had other issues already reported but nothing game breaking. The game lack polish compared to HZD.

    No more pandemic excuses to lean back on. I am all for crunch to give me the most optimize game. Every facet of life has crunch to get something done especially in the last leg of a goal to obtain. All this no crunch is BS culture sensitive society garbage. I am a Sony and 3rd party guy but unlike Sony ponies I will criticize them in a heart beat if they deserve it.

    Eden ring can not get over a 9 based on the frame rate alone. You can’t excuse inconsistent frame rate via DF with a combat system which rely heavily on timing. Watch Alana YouTube video on how review system works and is very flawed. Eden Ring has many other flaws that will not be exposed by extremely bias reviewers.

    I am not a souls fan but played Sekiro and even though I didn’t beat it. I can differentiate between my inadequacy as a gamer and it was sheer joy in combat and traversal In Sekiro. I think it’s the only souls game that distinguish its itself from all the same formulaic combat from its predecessors.

    I played at least 20 hours of bloodborne only since it was free on ps plus and had nothing else to play. I despise the death cycle of having to go back to the same areas after returning from the save area. I also don’t think souls combat overall is that fun unlike Sekiro very similar to tenchu which I adore. Yes I beat tenchu games.

    I am still working on Sifu and I love the combat in that game but getting my teeth kicked in the second boss. I put it off to finish HFW 40 plus hours in and love it.

    • I think you’re misunderstanding what crunch time is if you think that HFW would have been better had it had crunch. In what way would workers working 6-7 days, 80 hours a week lead to a better game, and not one that was plagued by even more mistakes and errors missed by overworked people?

      Companies that decide a game must make a set-in-stone deadline (usually the holidays) use crunch to ensure that they get their game out by that deadline.

      Had Guerilla chosen to go with crunch with HFW, we might have had the game out during 2021 holidays, but there would have been even more bugs/glitches to be fixed.

      HFW will continue to get updates to fix and improve the game for months after its release, just like pretty much every other Sony game. Dealing with the inevitable occasional glitch has become part and parcel with playing a launch game since companies account for still having programmers fix things afterwards.

    • I have had virtually zero issues in Forbidden West. The only technical flaw I’ve seen in my 40 hours is popping strictly only during a few of the major cutscenes and that was it.

      On the contrary Elden ring is an absolute disaster and quite honestly it’s one of the worst frame rates I have seen this generation. Frame rate is only the beginning of the problems though. I could go on but I won’t.

    • What are you talking about? Guerilla Games delayed the game to avoid crunch.

      Some developers get it. Others do not. That is why I support this dev.

      They didn’t crunch. Crunch is a term used by greedy corporations who may see a dent in their profits because they have to pay people.

      What they really want is to pay them less than what they’re worth/ less than what they earn.

  • Some pretty great games on that list! I voted for Horizon Forbidden West. Since I didn’t buy Elden Ring (yet) I decided to dive into Bloodbourne last night for the 1st time.

  • Sorry beautiful Eloy only elden only elden

  • Best game ever, it does need a game of the year edition or award👍👍👍

    • I totally agree and I believe forbidden West will get an expansion and probably have a Game of the Year Edition.

  • carltonsmith1976

    Horizon forbidden west

  • Wish Sony could change the release date of HFW, I know it’s a great game but not only this, no other game has a chance against ER. I voted for ER BTW. 😬

  • I voted for King of Fighters XV. Probably the only that did. 😔

  • ALOY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

    • Cover your ears everyone here comes Aloy.

      Aloy: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap.

    • @Strangeheaven – clearly you’re not a fan of strong stories in your games. Which kinda misses the point of HFW. Best in class world-building paired with awesome gameplay makes the whole package a 10/10.

    • Cover your ears if you want a great protagonist and a great story but keep your ears open if you want convoluted nothing in Elden ring LOL.

  • astoragreatsword

    Elden Ring is probably game of the decade, let alone February.

    FROM deserve all the praise they’re getting on this one.


    • If by a complete copy of Dark Souls thrown in an open world and an absolute technical disaster sure.

  • I will buy Horizon and Elden Ring in October when there both half priced and fully fixed. Hopefully by then I can buy a PS5🤞

  • Honestly Elden Ring is perfect in every way and that’s not just me saying this cause it has 10 out of 10 20 out of 20 and high 90’s out of 100 on game critics. There are so many quest lines and things to explore and do I cant put the game down. You never get bored of the game and there is always a new challenge and many ways to approach that challenge. Open world is packed with materials, outposts, hidden crypts, caves, mines, and huge legacy dungeons. The combat is just so beautiful and enemies all have diverse movements and even teamwork. I could go on and on just describing how great this game is. My vote is 100% for Elden Ring!!!

    • Ale ta grafika, no kurde ps5

    • LOL.

      The game runs like absolute trash and is a technical embarrassment.

      So far in my experience the story is more convoluted nothing even with Martin writing.

      The basic combat animations are literally straight out of Demon’s Souls 2009 and the combat is the same clunky Dark Souls combat we have had for over a decade.

      The game featured reskinned enemies from almost every previous game and it reuses bosses galore.

      They added a jump button but can you climb?

      The visuals are mediocre and it has basically no dual sense implementation.

      If you really want to talk about open worlds what activities does the game have other than dungeons and things to kill?

      From my experience so far it still has the same NPCs that don’t really move and many have masks to cover the lack of proper lip syncing it’s just a major step back technically from demon Souls remake.

      Elden ring is easily the most overrated game I have played so far granted I’m very early.

      I could go on and on and on about the flaws I really could and I will if people would like me to pick apart this supposedly perfect game LOL.

  • Czekam na grę DEAD SPACE i na okulary VR 2 z karabinem,na ps5, byłem pewny że to już dostępne a tu mnie słuchy dochodzą że nie ma i szybko nie będzie a może i w cale hi hi hi.

  • unemployedteen19

    Elden ring, I love how it stole horizon zero dawn thunder hahahahahaha

    • Too bad the game is a technical embarrassment and you can’t play for more than 3 minutes without horrible stutter or some visual miscue.

      It’s literally just a copy of dark souls in an open world. I love the demon Souls 2009 combat animations though and it feels right at home with the clunky and terrible controls.

      Graphically it’s mediocre at best and quite embarrassing at times.

      It would be funny how all these casuals are finally discovering the joy of souls likes and jumping in but it’s not funny because it’s actually overshadowing better games. The funny thing is I can go on for days and I’ve only played the game very sparingly yet I can already rip it to absolute shreds.

  • A TEKKEN Jest na ps5??

  • I love you playStation!!!!!!!

  • Horizon Forbidden West es perfecto. He jugado algunos minutos de Elden Ring pero me gusta más Horizon

  • I didn’t realize that they brought Sam and Max back after all this time 😜🙂🙄😂 but happy they did

  • Elden ring is GAME OF THE YEAR not game of February

  • So many great games

  • ELDEN RING is the clear winner.

    It’s far beyond any other game.

  • Elden ring once you start a boss encounter you can’t stop have to learn all the patterns. It’s addictive.

  • Additional feedback for PS5’s O.S: Also please let us backup our saves via USBs, like we could do with PS4. The cynics are saying it’s locked out on PS5 to inch the incentivisation of folks subscribing to PS+. I think that’s dumb, I already have PS+ but I prefer to use USB for backups rather than cloud backups. It’s more intuitive and better for my piece of mind.

  • I haven’t had the opportunity to play either of them but looking forward to Elden Ring! My buddy gave me a little insight & stoked! I’ve played Horizon before not spitting hate on the franchise by any means in fact I’ll probably end up getting both them soon. I just been playing some ME legendary edition here recently so my focus is there for right now.

  • The_0neAbove_AIl

    Didn’t purchase any of the titles yet. However, there is a lot great titles to pick. Heard positive stuff from people about Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring.

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