The LEGO Group brings the iconic Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck machine to (brick-)life

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The LEGO Group brings the iconic Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck machine to (brick-)life

Recreate the tallest machine in the Horizon world with this stunning LEGO brick model.

With its disc-shaped head, tall stature, and good-natured disposition (especially compared to some of the machine threats that are lurking in the Forbidden West), the Tallneck is one of the most iconic and well-loved machines from the world of Horizon. Today, we at Guerrilla are incredibly excited to share a bold new look for this gentle giant, destined to become even more iconic — one that is made out of LEGO bricks.

Together with our friends over at the LEGO Group, we’ve been working on the ultimate Tallneck brick model, which we are proudly unveiling today!

The LEGO Group brings the iconic Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck machine to (brick-)life

Part of the LEGO sets for adults, the Horizon Forbidden West LEGO Tallneck uses clever building techniques to capture the machine’s authentic details, and measures over 34 centimeters (13.5 inch) high. You can display the Tallneck on a stand with details from the Horizon landscape, such as a birch tree and a rusty traffic light. Also included is a LEGO Aloy minifigure featuring her bow and spear, and even a Watcher with either blue, yellow or red eyes.

LEGO Model Designer Isaac Snyder: “I fell in love with Horizon Zero Dawn the first time I played it. It’s a futuristic world full of gorgeous scenery, strong characters, threatening machines, and a rich story. The Guerrilla designers were a huge inspiration and help in capturing the spirit of this universe in LEGO form. The Horizon fan community is so creative, and this model is dedicated to their passion and imagination.”

We couldn’t agree more with Isaac. We hope you will enjoy all the endless creative possibilities this set has to offer, and can’t wait to see you reenact Horizon stories once it launches. 

The set will be available from May 2022; for now, we look forward to rocking your world on Friday, February 18 with the release of Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 and PS4.

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  • Wow, any way to preorder?

  • That’s sweet.

  • It looks pretty cool. Is this one of many more to come from Lego?

    Fireclaw or Thunderjaw next maybe?

  • You know Sony could ask either Stan Winston Studios or Sideshow Collectibles to start producing some premium statues from there game franchise including Horizon.

    Can you imagine how much buzz and interest that would make in the gaming world.

    Only problem with certain premium statues is that, they can be very costly and huge in size, but the detail is outstanding when done correctly.

    Only a thought.

  • Love this but Tallneck isn’t the most interesting. I guess to minifig scale the others wouldn’t be that big but would love a Sawtooth or Thunderjaw. Will look out for this when it comes out. Need to up my collectibles game too. I only get one when a game has had a big enough impact on me (so got Halo, Gears of War, God of War). Need an Aloy figure, Horizon has earned it!

  • It’s a shame there isn’t a Thunderjaw version as I’d love a Lego version of that! 😍

  • PC release when?

  • Please tell me these will be easily accessible to horizon fans? Lego nuts tend to snap these things up very quickly and the lego site is notoriously glitchie and the companies policies are merciless when correcting bans on people that did nothing wrong. Honestly bad enough that I know 3 people who have fought with lego over the matter in the last 5 years. 2 of which I can personally vouche for their character.

  • This is great. I’m hoping this mean we’ll see more PlayStation-themed Lego sets too. I’d love to see a Ratchet and Clank set sometime

  • I’m ready to buy when they are ready to sell.

  • Had some credit at Target and was going to get that lego blacksmith set. But now I have this to look forward to instead! I love being a big kid.

  • I think this looks great, I am going to pre-order one as soon as you can pre-order.

  • Wow wow wow! Very excited by this, please consider doing some more, lots of potential here!

  • Love it! Hope it comes to europe :D

  • 👏🏾 Take my money
    And watcher!?!?!

  • Awesome, I’ll probably have to fight my son for this.

  • Think I’ll be preordering this one when it’s available. Looks awesome.

  • I love it 😍

  • YES! I have not been this excited for a LEGO set since they announced LOTR sets.

  • I appeal to the leaders of PlayStation

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    Civilian are suffering. Army of Russian federation destroys civilian objects, kills civilians.

    The propaganda of the aggressor state turned out to be so strong that ordinary people in Russia still do not believe or refuse to believe what is happening.

    Those Russians who are currently playing must feel the changes caused by direct aggression against Ukraine.

    Therefore, I urge you to limit the access of Russian players to all online PlayStation services during the war against Ukraine

  • Will this be avalaible on amazon

  • Great news, I am sure this is a trail to see if it will sell (I’m getting it). If it is successful then in future like 2023 or so there will be other HZD Lego sets. I guess if it sells like sells out of stock then it’s great news for future sets.

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