Shohei Ohtani: Unanimous AL MVP is your MLB The Show 22 cover athlete

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Shohei Ohtani: Unanimous AL MVP is your MLB The Show 22 cover athlete

MLB The Show 22 launches on April 5, 2022.

Shohei Ohtani’s 2021 season was one for the ages. Hitting 46 home runs, 100 RBI’s, and stealing 26 bases while also having a 9-2 record on the mound with a 3.18 ERA and 156 strikeouts. It has been said, “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” Ohtani might seem like an overnight success here in the US but he’s been climbing the impossible mountain since his teenage years attending Hanamaki Higashi High School in Japan.  

After having one of the greatest seasons in the history of Major League Baseball, Shohei Ohtani was really the only obvious choice to grace the cover of MLB The Show 22.

Shohei Ohtani: Unanimous AL MVP is your MLB The Show 22 cover athlete

Today, we are thrilled to announce that MLB The Show 22 launches on April 5th, 2022. The Standard Edition on last gen consoles is $59.99 USD/$79.99 CAD. The Standard Edition on current gen consoles is $69.99 USD/$89.99 CAD. For Nintendo Switch, the Standard Edition is $59.99 USD/$79.99 CAD.

For the second year in a row, MLB The Show is expanding to a new platform and will give fans a new way to play! MLB The Show 22 will be available on Nintendo Switch for the first time, adding to the console lineup on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. This is a very exciting moment for all of us, as the storied franchise continues to welcome more players. We would like to thank everyone at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Xbox, Nintendo Co. Ltd, Major League Baseball, Major League Baseball Players Association, and the San Diego Studio for making this happen.

Cross-Platform Play, Cross Saves and Cross Progression Expands to include Nintendo Switch for MLB The Show 22

Nintendo fans can now join in with Xbox and PlayStation fans to play against each other online with cross-platform play in MLB The Show 22*. In addition, cross progression allows you to earn and use any earned content on any platform or generation (this excludes PS5 and Xbox Series X|S exclusive features like Stadium Creator). With cross saves you can transfer a save file for Road to the Show or Franchise mode to a different console.**

MLB The Show Account, Account Linking & The Scouting Report

With MLB The Show 22, you now can easily move from platform to platform and keep access to your entire inventory of cards, and the MLB The Show Account allows you to do so. Just create your MLB The Show Account on and link your PlayStation, Xbox, and/or Switch and you are all set. While you are creating your new linked account, make sure you sign-up for The Scouting Report, so we can send you all the latest MLB The Show 22 information and subscribers also get an exclusive pack each month starting in April. So head over to to get your account setup.

MLB The Show 22 Feature Premieres Schedule

Feature Premieres return to give our fans a deep dive into what’s new and what has changed in MLB The Show 22. You can watch episodes on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Live or watch them on-demand at your own convenience as we get closer to launch.

For MLB The Show 22, we are developing several Feature Premiere episodes, so be on the lookout on for episode schedule and information.

Pre-order now on PlayStation Store and be ready for action by receiving a Gold Choice Pack for use in MLB The Show 22 just for pre-ordering. 

Collector’s Edition Reveal February 2

We’re sure some of you are wondering, where’s the Collector’s Edition? On Wednesday, we will reveal the Collector’s Edition(s) for MLB The Show 22 and all its content.

Please note: All Collector’s Edition(s) of MLB The Show 22  revealed on February 2 include dual entitlement***. If you instead plan on purchasing the Standard Edition of MLB The Show 22 on PlayStation 4 and have plans of upgrading to the PlayStation 5 version, you will need to purchase the digital edition to take advantage of the $10 USD upgrade offer.

We could not be more excited for MLB The Show 22 coming out on PlayStation, Xbox, and now Nintendo Switch! Look forward to a new class of Legends, new ways to play, including with your friends! Check and follow our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for the latest updates about MLB The Show 22.

For more detailed information on MLB The Show 22 including an important update on year to year saves and more please read our announce FAQ here.

*Online multiplayer features require internet connection and console-specific online multiplayer subscription.

** Cross-platform progression requires an internet connection and for each platform you play on: 1) a copy of the MLB The Show 22 game compatible with your console (other platform versions sold separately); and 2) platform network account linked to your MLB The Show account.

*** Physical edition includes PS4 Disc & PS5 Voucher (PS5 console with disc drive required).

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  • Perfect choice for player. The only choice imo.

    Did MLB force you to put it on Switch as well? I’m curious who’s publishing on Switch. If Sony, good. If MLB, they are strong arming you and it’s time to drop the IP…when the license expires. MLB is crooked. Best sports game year after year though.

    Why not publish on PC? I think PC would kill for a real time Baseball sim.

  • Sweet, more watering down, halted progress and destruction of this beautiful game engine. Sign me up for more Sony lol. And I thought dumbing it down for the ddr3 bottleneck Xbone in 2021 was a terrible and damagingb move. You sure Showed us you could take it further.

    • Calm down, kid. It’s still sell and plays best on PlayStation.

    • This is the bane of going multiplatform: lack of progress, no optimization, graphical evolution constrained because of the lower end hardware, more bugs, no innovation.

      When The Show was exclusive to PS, we saw graphical leaps with every new generation, polished optimization and innovation bringing features year after year. Last gen was dropped almost immediately.

    • It’s not Sony’s fault, in this case. MLB would only extend them the license if they published on Xbox, for some reason. Xbox fans, or Xbox itself, probably cried to them about giving the only MLB licensed game to a Japanese company or something.

  • Excellent and indisputable choice! Show-tani is an absolute phenom, and a member of my beloved Angels.

    Let’s go!

  • Bring back playstation home.

  • Imagine seeing the Playstation studios startup screen on the switch

  • Embarassing, 70$ on PS5 (while requiring PS+) and free on Gamepass. What is even going on?

    • Isn’t Game Pass $15 a month? If you want to play it the whole season, you’ll end up paying like $120. And you still won’t own the game. 😂

    • Lol the other commenter expects you to buy gamepass for one game and only one game. It’s less than 2 ps5 games for a whole year for hundreds of games, you guys can’t twist that to make it sound bad if you tried. And for some reason you are tryijg

    • @doctorhino lol yeah good luck playing 100s of games in 365 days. Must be nice to be alone, jobless and only play games and beat your meat every day. Some of us have jobs and families.

    • Pretty pathetic, why do you have to play every game to get your money’s worth. How is, I don’t have time to play that many games a good reason to not want the option. They should totally cut down on the number of games, (Sony fanboy logic)

  • It will be better on Game Pass no doubt!

    Sony going full multiplat, interesting times.

    • Is it on the deluxe version of gpass for PC? — the one where you have to stream?

      Either way – hard times to be a ps-only owner. $70/ps5 vs $1-$10/gpass. 😳

    • It’ll be cheaper on Game Pass… at first. You won’t own the game and you’ll need to keep paying Microsoft forever to play it.

      It’ll be better on Playstation with DualSense controls.

  • After a decade of purchasing this game religiously, this is the 2nd year in a row I’m not excited for it and will pass.

    Too much focus on spending real money and opening packs rather than upgrading graphics and gameplay and the move to other consoles didn’t help.

  • Show-tani let’s go Angels

  • Can you guys please add online franchise for the love of the game

  • I wish the title was MLB’22: The Sho. Missed opportunity!

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