Holiday Sale promotion Round 2 comes to PlayStation Store

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Holiday Sale promotion Round 2 comes to PlayStation Store

Discounts on a huge number of titles. 

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  • Need rockband on sale. Really hope it is tomorrow or even on the 5th!

    • I’m bout due for a new rock band/ guitar hero.
      Clone Hero is fine, but might be getting a little stale at this point.

  • Te quiero mucho Playstation 🐶❤️

  • I see a lot of AAA games that I wouldn’t even think about playing. But hopefully they’ll be more indie/smaller studio developed games in the actual sale tomorrow

    • There is 1,700 items on sale so yes plenty of indie stuff

    • Prices are much higher even after the sale. Check Walmart / Gamestop boxing day deals ( and even before ) and I noticed atleast 25% difference on disc game prices. Very unfair for PS digital owners in the long run which are locked to PSN

    • Yep, could’ve picked up games like R&C, Returnal, Etc. for $50 (or less) on ebay. Beat those games in less than a week; resell on ebay for the price you paid.
      It must suck more owning a digital-only PS5. Could’ve just upgraded to disc, sell 2 games and you would have the money for the difference of the price. Not a smart gaming ‘investment’.
      But, people seem to be having a hard time thinking critically, since……….

  • This sale making me feel some type a way 🥺😍

  • Looking forward these sales. Don’t disappoint me with these prices.

  • 🤞🏻

  • Cuánto tiempo falta para los descuentos??? Estoy esperando ansioso 👌🏻🔥

  • Wow, Sekiro at 50% off, that’s a sale!

  • The sale is not showing up on ps5 store

  • Honestly the sales this year are pretty weak. I usually buy quite a lot in this New Year sale and often these are 50%, 66% or even 75% off. But for first party PS5 games we ONLY have

    – Ratchet & Clank – 25% off. Ant that’s STILL £52.49
    – Miles Morales – 33% off

    Come on Sony you can do a LOT better.

  • £52 on “sale” for Ratchet and Clank, which was £25 at retail weeks ago. Merry Christmas from Sony!

  • Why am I unable to buy FF7 Remake Intergrade for PS5?
    Yes, I have the PS4 Remake version through Plus etc but I thought we could now pay for Plus redeemed items.

    Sekiro, finally a decent discount = Get.

    • The whole FF7R thing is really confusing.

      Basically, if you own FF7R is ANY compacity, then you need to buy the FF7R INTERmission DLC since FF7R on PS5 is a free upgrade but the PS5 exclusive content is not.

  • Honestly, these sales are a BIG disappointment.

    Aren’t these the same promotions that have been online for a while now?

    Why is Demon’s Soul still at full price?

    Xbox has their whole lineup huge (HUGE) discount in comparison =(

    • Playstation = disappointment and sadness.

    • Demon’s Souls was at $40 just a couple weeks ago (I got it)… Now, seen that it is not included in the end of year sale makes me fear that it will be in psplus.

    • Yeah, that was for Black Friday, but how can you discount a game for BF and not for the biggest holiday of the year which is xMas? The game is one year old already.

      I mean… look at every other publisher out there.

  • Add Stardew Valley

    • You must’ve recently picked that game up.
      That game was released quite a while ago – on steam. It’s old news at this point.

  • I am just thinking how much sheaper these games will be when i finally get a PS5. :-)

  • Sony you need to take Modern Warfare off the PlayStation Store. It crashes to a black screen every time I play it forcing me to hold down my power button to turn off my PS4. This could corrupt people’s PS4 consoles making them unusable. The game is unplayable and broken beyond anything I’ve ever seen on the store. It need to be taken off the store or it could damage people’s consoles.
    Please Sony don’t ignore me take Modern Warfare off the store and force Activision to fix it.
    This is worse than Cyberpunk was.

  • Don’t know what Sony is smoking. These sales are so bad. The biggest sale of 2021 and we are seeing the same prices we saw earlier.
    I’ve never owned an Xbox and this generation I am seriously consider getting it because Sony has lost all touch with its players and fan base.
    They have started to act like a greedy conglomerate trying bad distasteful tactics and schemes one after the other. Testing how far they can push us. And then take a tiny step back when we create noise. A few days later Sony comes up with another scheme.
    Not enjoying owning a ps5 at all. The whole upgrade drama (for every exclusive game) and how ps+ sucks compared to game pass and these abysmal sales combined just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
    Ps5 owning has been disappointment after disappointment.

    • I couldn’t have said it better.

      I know comparisons are hateful, but come on. Xbox is giving you almost every big outlet GOTY day 1 in GamePass (It takes two, Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, Psychonauts 2) whereas PlayStation keeps selling a PS5 launch title like Demon’s Souls at $69.99 for 2021 xMas! and Ratchet & Clank being discounted at “just” $50.

      It all just doesn’t make sense. I love PlayStation games but I refuse to join this “VIP” gaming strategy Sony is trying to pull off their fanbase.

      I’m not saying PlayStation should head the same way as Game Pass as it’s probably a way too aggressive investment but come on… at least try to compete with proper games pricing for xMas? is that too much asking?

  • Playstation has a gamepass-like service in the works. The people who are paying $70+ for games and $60 for plastic rite now are helping to pay for that service – which I’m sure is going to flop, because it stems from greed. Look-up playstation spartacus.
    BTW – the dualsense is priced at $70 and 2 pieces of plastic is $55. 🤯

  • Not even a mention of Christmas, or the 12 Days Sale that dropped big name titles to good deals. Still over £50 for Spider-Man Ultimate, and Ratchet and Clank? Could have 50%ed them both at least.

    Realising that since Sony moved headquarters, they’re becoming like every other big corp. Greed, and filtering out western traditional holidays to mean nothing. There’s less money in people’s pockets this past year.

    Hell, even Netflix and Amazon don’t have any classic Christmas films to watch on Prime this year… They want you to rent or buy.


  • How long are these sales for?

  • please please add vr titles to this. retail stores are selling ironman for example for 14.95 and all the greatest hits for 9.99. I want digital!!

  • Sure would be nice if your store worked. Checkout gets stuck before you can enter payment info. Been like that for a few days.

  • Metro Redux – 4EURO
    Dragon Ball Xenoverse – 4EURO
    Dark Souls 2 – 5EURO
    Wolfenstein New Order – 5EURO
    Strange Brigade – 5EURO

  • Sony you should be ashamed of yourselves. I guess at least everyone can now see your future plans for scalping the player base. Don’t buy digital PS’ people, £50 “sale” will become the norm.
    As for now, just go to Amazon.

  • digital price must be at least 30% less then cheapest retail to even consider.

  • Hey, PS store PS3 should clean up the store and have a clearing house sale.

    Most of the games are full price and the the online servers for them are deprecated.

    Thank you for keeping the PS Store open for the PS3

  • Guess I’ll pick up AC Valhalla season pass since I’m enjoying that game. Been wanting to pick up Cuphead for ages but fear it’ll be too hard and I won’t see much of the game. Would love to see that on PS+…

  • Give me vide Pless

  • Waste of money it’s so hard for me to get games I have to buy them and the games are do expensive rubbish !!!!

  • 👍👎👎

  • I’m going back to the Xbox straight up

  • Modern Warfare 2019 campaign on PS4 has been completely unplayable with black screen crash within seconds of loading up the campaign since at least 18th December. There’s no way I’m ever buying Black ops Cold War or Call of Duty Vanguard. Activision screwed up their own game and won’t fix it. I can’t get the word out. I made videos on YouTube about it and tried contacting on Twitter ReviewTechUSA, RGT85 and Digital Foundry and they all ignored me. I also contacted Activision Support and Sony about it. Activision just sent back useless waffle in my email and have done nothing about it and Sony ignored me and don’t care. Anyone who bought Modern Warfare please get a refund and boycott Call of Duty from now on. It’s a complete mess.

    • If you have not been paying attention to the news lately, I will have you know Activision has turned into a complete sht show in the last few months and its only going to get worse.

  • Hey Sony, why is the PS5 so difficult to obtain? I’m not trying to be rude here but I want to know why I can’t just sign up with you guys, and when one is available through Sony, it is shipped to me? There are too many hoops and ladders trying to buy it from retailers. It would be so much easier if I could directly order one through the company and then when one is ready it is shipped to me. Again not trying to be rude but how have we not thought about this yet? And I don’t mean that think that was sent out around November asking me to register for a chance to be selected to receive one. I mean actually let me register to buy one, and if I don’t get one for a few months that’s fine, but at least I know I have one coming my way without having to jump through online shopping shenanigans.

    • Don’t worry. You aren’t missing anything. I own a PS5 and my Dualsense began to have drift problem after 6 months. I read news about drift problems before buying PS5 but I said to myself ” Most people use it roughly that’s why. I will use mine with a lot of care”. I always wash my hands before using controllers and keep them in plastic bags to prevent dust. I have PS1 analog controller and it is still working for almost 23 years. Sony should have used better components like the ones they did with previous consoles. I sent my dualsense for repair and the last 2 weeks I cannot even turn on the PS5 without the a dualsense. I borrowed a dualshock 4 but it still won’t turn it on

    • Umm if your PS5 won’t turn on from not having a duelsense the problem isn’t the controller. I basically never even use mine. Always play PS5 games through remote play with PS4 controllers that already have some drift because the last thing I wanna do is pay $ony for S&H for a controller still in warranty to be replaced or repaired.

  • We are extremely disappointed the sale ended January 8th at 1:00 a.m. . We logged in today to download crash Bandicoot however the sale is no longer offered. It should have been offered until 11:59 pm January 8. Very disappointed.

  • Bro… Xbox is murdering you with game pass and you continue to money grub like this. That’s pretty sad.

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