5 Reasons Elder Scrolls fans should play Saints & Seducers

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5 Reasons Elder Scrolls fans should play Saints & Seducers

Here’s why you should get excited for this creation, included with The Elder Scrolls V: Anniversary Edition.

Skyrim fans are in for a treat with Saints & Seducers, a quest-filled creation that’s included in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition when it launches November 11. Saints & Seducers will also be made available free to owners of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition the same day.

Despite introducing a new storyline across two quests (and of course, side quests), there’s even more to get hyped for in Saints & Seducers. We reached out to Senior Artist and Creation Club Lead Daniel Lee to get the inside scoop on this upcoming piece of free content and why you Dragonborn out there ought to keep it on your radar.

The Shivering Isles return

Those familiar with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion will get a kick out of Saints & Seducers with the return of The Shivering Isles, Sheogorath’s Daedric Realm. In this creation’s main story, a devious mage aims to weaken the barrier between the Isles and Tamriel itself, risking immense chaos for the continent. 

As you play, you’ll uncover armor, weapons and even side quests referring to Sheogorath’s otherworldly domain. “The Shivering Isles holds a special place in my heart,” Lee reminisces. “This creation is packed full of nostalgia.”

Gear, gear, gear

Speaking of weapons and armor, Saints & Seducers is chock full of new items to collect, including new artifacts, pets, armor, weapons and alchemy ingredients. “Enjoy heavy armor?  Like to use a bow?  Prefer to conjure allies?  Are potions and poisons your weapons of choice?  This creation has it all covered,” says Lee. “There really is something for everyone.”

Concept of a Madness Battleaxe – Find enough elusive Madness Ore and you can craft one of the strongest weapons in the game for yourself.

More than a quest

“The creation isn’t confined to its main quest, there are plenty of secrets to discover,” Lee adds. Even after completing the main storyline of Saints & Seducers, players have plenty to do from smithing side quests to everything offered in Rare Curios, a bonus creation that comes as part of Saints & Seducers. With Rare Curios, players can obtain special items from all over Tamriel via Khajiit caravans, including ingredients to craft all-new potions and poisons. 

New threats to encounter

Skyrim’s roving bandits and ferocious wildlife are fine enough foes when traversing the wilds, but why not spice it up? Saints & Seducers features new enemies to fight, including Corrupted Spriggans and juvenile Elytra Nymphs. Don’t let their smaller size fool you, those Nymphs can sometimes be just as deadly as their fully grown counterparts!

Your personal pet Elytra

For some, the best for last: With Saints & Seducers, The Shivering Isles’ own native insect species can be yours to take home as a pet! “I’ve always wanted a pet Elytra,” says Lee, and we’re certain he’s not the only one.

Saints & Seducers, along with the Rare Curios, Fishing and Survival Mode creations, will be made free for all owners of Skyrim Special Edition starting November 11. Want even more amazing creations to explore? Upgrade to the Skyrim Anniversary Edition and receive not only these creations, but every single piece of Creation Club content currently available for the game, in one convenient bundle.

Concept of some Amber weapons – Forged from Amber, these lightweight weapons rival Dragonbone in damage.

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  • New trophy list?

  • Will the new stuff be made available for the vr version too?

  • Will there be a physical PS5 version?

  • Horizon forbidden west is not even released. And we got news that the game is coming to pc. What the heck is happening to Sony. If u wanna sell all those exclusives then why did u built new consoles?

  • cane it be played on a PS3

    • I appreciate that Saints & Seducers is being made free to owners of Skyrim: Special Edition. Other companies have charged a fee for smaller add-ons in the past after all. I do hope Bethesda Softworks don’t forget about their longstanding PlayStation fans when The Elder Scrolls 6 is released. It would look rather stupid having The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online on PS5 but not The Elder Scrolls VI.

  • How do you get to play it on Special Edition? Is it a plugin you need to install?

  • Is this series not owned by Microsoft now? Why would I care and give money to Microsoft??? How stupid do you think I am just because you came on to a PlayStation blog to say this??? You AREN’T bringing us any future games so just leave already.

    Wait, what am I saying, I give money to Sony and all they have done lately is nothing but damage branding decision after damage branding decision. Imagine damaging your brand name so much that I COMPLETELY forget to tune into a State of Play event lol. And its just as well I did because you messed up AGAIN, claiming it was a 3rd party showcase but it turns out that it was a third party, 90% indie, showcase.

  • If we want Microsoft to let Bethesda release occasional games on PS, our best bet is to let them see how much money there is to be made.

    • Not really. Losing some money in order to create a more solid exclusive line up is the basic strategy of MS this gen.

    • Very possibly but at the moment it’s still assumption. Meant this to be a reply to Andrew above me but accidentally posted separately. Either way, if PS gamers arent buying XB owned content then they absolutely shouldnt launch on PS. Minecraft for example will probably come to PS5 but it definitely wouldnt if PS4 sales hadnt justified it.

  • Without any hacks I can currently create a dagger that does 100K per hit. Are you telling me I will be able to creat even MORE powerful weapons? Because I am already a crafting god (with potions, and magic, etc).

    • Yeah, I bought the creation the old fashioned way. You get ingredients from Oblivion to make new potions. Maybe other games too. You also fight zombies that drop mort flesh from Oblivion.

      You also get mage robes that combine schools.. like Master of Destruction AND Restoration, etc. Backpacks allow greater carry weight. You can set up camps that you can fast travel to, which are great on survival mode. There are new homes, daedric artifacts from old games.. so much more. $20 for all this is an awesome deal!

      If you log in to Skyrim and check creation club you will get everything currently in there and more.

  • Way to insult your PlayStation fans by advertising this on a PlayStation website when you have no intention of releasing The Elder Scrolls 6 on PS5. When Oblivion came out a PS3 was all I had, I would not have been able to afford another console back then to play it. Thanks for doubling the cost of next-gen for PlayStation users who want to keep playing this series. We don’t all have a spare £900 to buy both next-gen consoles, that’s a lot of money to some people.

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