State of Play returns Wednesday

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State of Play returns Wednesday

Updates on upcoming third-party games for PS4 and PS5 are in store Wednesday, October 27 starting at 2:00pm PT.

Hello again! Just a quick note to tell you that State of Play returns Wednesday, October 27 at 2:00pm PT / 10:00pm BST. As usual, you can watch our broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube. Hooray!

State of Play returns Wednesday

This time out, we’ll be focusing on announcements and updates for upcoming third-party releases headed to PS5 and PS4. 

The show is looking to be ~20 minutes or so, and will share new looks at previously announced games, plus a few reveals from our partners around the world. 

See you Wednesday!

Regarding Co-streaming and Video-On-Demand (VOD)

Please note that this broadcast may include copyrighted content (e.g. licensed music) that PlayStation does not control. We welcome and celebrate our amazing co-streamers and creators, but licensing agreements outside our control could interfere with co-streams or VOD archives of this broadcast. If you’re planning to save this broadcast as a VOD to create recap videos, or to repost clips or segments from the show, we advise omitting any copyrighted music.

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  • 3rd party, or indies or whatever… OK but 20 minutes? come on dude seriously -_-‘

  • damn you are a whiny little b****

  • 3rd party? That’s all you have been focused on with the last show. No new Naughty Dog project a year and 3 months later, no new Sony Bend project 2 and half years later, no new Kojima collaboration 2 years later, no new Sucker Punch project a year and 2 month later………. do I need to go on?

    No, just turd party crap like DOALoop, the biggest waste of 20 million you have ever spent. Hope it was worth such a waste on a pointless 1 year timed deal.

    Time and time again I have told you since that disastrous Hermen Hulst “interview” here on the blog earlier in the year, where you revealed the truth that God of War wasn’t launching this year and that GT7 was actually being held back by PS4, that you are on a slippery slope downwards. For the love of crap will you JUST LISTEN TO YOUR FANS ALREADY.
    You can still course correct but its hard to fathom when you decide to WASTE Santa Monica’s time on a God of War port that hardly anyone on PC will buy, in 3 years it won’t even get the sales that it did DAY ONE on PS4.

    • Lol I know Sony has the bad habit of announcing games way too early to build hype but you want to see the new games from ND and Sucker Punch only 1 year after their games released?…haha talk about lack of common sense.Sony Bend game and Kojima IF they’re still doing things together is kinda fair to ask but ND and SP well get a grip man.

  • Good job Sony you bricked consoles I don’t think you guys care anymore you’ll just lose money and people are gonna move to pc or Xbox when they do you’ll do something it’s pathetic you had a class action lawsuit on ps3 update 3.00 and it’ll happen to ps4 and I don’t think the court won’t be so forgiving next time

  • Good job Sony you did it again a possible class action lawsuit you expect others to pay for your mistakes you guys are pathetic

  • Nobody cares what you think, Maa. Get a life.

  • If you don’t like other people’s opinions, Mercen, you’ve got two options: Continue whining in the comments, or cry.
    Nobody cares about your feelings for your favorite toy, Playstation. PS has been ruined and you are one of the last people still trying to get your nose brown.

    We’re focused on a change in the way PS operates because we’ve seen where PS was good in the past. And it is not good now. We have passion for PS and we want to see it do good again. If you can’t see and understand that, you just aren’t good at general observation.

  • I agree about the $70.
    Over here on PC, we don’t want our graphical quality the same as PS5, when our PC’s can do much better.
    Don’t trust PS to do anything correct until they remove Jim Ryan. All this guy thinks about is money. He does not play video games.
    Think of Gollum, from The Lord of the Rings. Jim seems to be like that, but instead of a ring that he’s addicted to, it’s money.

  • Sony could you please fix the update for PS4 Update 9.00 I haven’t downloaded it because I’ve seen many people online have it mess up their consoles. As a result I can no longer go online and buy games from the PS Store or use online features. I would like to remain a customer of you but I will not if you don’t fix this. This is unacceptable treatment of your customers.

  • Nice to see new products, but can you fix the 9.0 update? I can’t play now my ps4 is hanging and when i restart i need to reinstall it again to play for a couple of minuten then it hangs again.

  • How about you fix the disaster that is the 9.00 update that bricked my playstation and in turn im asked by sony to pay $100 to repair a problem that YOUR UPDATE caused … very consumer friendly of you sony , funny how before we leave a comment it says DONT BE A JERK , but YOU are literally JERKING your cosumers around . Again bravo sony

  • I’m am one of the lucky ps4 owners to have his console bricked do to last update 9.00.its been about a month I have been unable to play and I have lost all data trying to fix this problem.i have downloaded to usb both new update and reinstall sw and nothing has work.i have tried it all safe mode ect. When r we getting a new update to fix my and many others ps4 consoles.cant believe Sony is not on top of this.i want to play NOW

  • Lucky ps4 owners with bricked console due to update 9.00 what about us Sony.

  • Need to fix update 9.00 for all these people including me that have had our console bricked and been unable to play their ps4’s

  • Bircked

  • Sony address the bricked consoles due to the 9.00 update.

  • Update 9.00 fix please

  • Do you care about the 1000s of people whos ps4 have been bricked due to ur 9.00 update.its been a month or more sony .we need new update and I hope it fixes it but I don’t have much faith left in sony.

  • Bricked need new update

  • Please add Persian language to the games.
    لطفا زبان فارسی را به بازی ها اضافه کنید .
    i love sony

  • Yeah, but, what about the PS4 9.0 update problems and blowing up the Renesas IC?.
    As you say in this blog, “don´t be a jerk” Sony and take responsibility of this problems. (accountability)

    There are even people who in the first boot up, THE FIRST BOOT UP updates the console and got the SU error, and the support team says that this problem is not under the guarantee policy so there is a cost for a fix, so, you are damaging the console and not taking responsibility for it.

    Hey, don’t worry if you delete my comment, i have screenshots, i’ve been seeing how some comments of the update are being deleted, or even the comments section of the blog post limits the comments, so.

  • using two socks to talk to himself lol

  • Do we finnaly get tlou 2 factions? 😂

  • I don’t understand all this frustration.
    You only care about the console, not the games.
    So go play and shut up clown

  • What’s the point of State of Play now?…damage control?…cuz you just killed all the hype one could have for it well at least for me that is,sorry but not interested in a showcase of pc games hard to get hyped for games advertised as lies such as “exclusive to PS”.You killed the PS brand idiots…PS is losing its identity,just lost 2 of its most iconic characters and basically all its shine of the PS4 gen.

    You so lucky ms and xb*x are trash…y’all scum needed real competition to get a shock of reality.Sony games were basically the only ones I bothered to pre-order well not getting ma hard earned money anymore,for years now your actions have been screaming stop supporting us and well I finally listened.

  • There you go.
    This is what I like to see. A little bit louder now.

  • Sony font you find it’s weird that you have loyal customers that play everyday and that have been active for years but all of a sudden after 9.0 update on the ps4 consoles alot of our systems started having issues and some even broke some even had to factory reset and reinstall the 9.0 update that cause the problem and also some of is had to factory reset and install every couple of days to play our games but the worst part is some of us only bought digital games for about 4 years so our accounts is something sentimental with all of the problems I’ve just spoken about what are you gonna do for us your loyal clients that have support sony for many years also be mindful that our ps4 was working perfectly before your update that had stuff potent to the ps5. Please find a solution for these problems because it’s starting to look suspicious and the thought that you would actually intend to sabotage your clients ps4 to boost ps5 sales haven’t left my mind at least all I’m asking is for you is a solution and for you not to patronize your clients and show some level of empathy to the ones that invested so much time,energy and money

    • Dude, I have 3 working PS4’s in my house. None of them are acting up and each one is used practically everyday. All updated as well.

  • I hope they announce some more new gen upgrades for more PS4 games and maybe even a few extra new IP’s.

  • We care about the console AND the games. Console gaming competition was built on the backs of exclusive games. Without them, consoles will gradually go kaput.

  • Just so you know if you ever bother to see how the fans feel right now I have not renewed my PS+ this year and will not be renewing it moving forward unless you cancel this ridiculous PC port joke.You lose £300 from my subscription alone plus I tend to buy at least 2 multiplayer games a year obviously I won’t be doing so with you moving forward so that means you lose a further £840 so this is just from me alone you lose £1140 minimum this generation from me an EX fan who has been with you since 98 I also will no longer be buying your games day one I may buy them preowned….I have nearly 6000 trophies have purchased all your consoles except the VR which I WAS planning to buy PSVR 2 but that’s another I am going to drop now you betrayed the brand I cannot forgive that.

  • PC guys don’t get it because they are feeding from both baskets.We have recently been told we will not be getting any more Bethesda titles because of our console this would be fine because the other guys won’t be getting the Marvel games,we have to pay for online then suddenly we are told a platform that doesn’t miss out on Bethesda games and doesn’t have to pay for online will be getting everything we get? Sorry no that’s not right we also got told we need to pay £70 now for games while PC seems to be stuck at the cheaper rate…What is this pay more to get treated like a mug ? You don’t get it try getting treated like that then have your main USP giving away to people who aren’t then tell me you are happy about it.

  • ps now ps plus

  • Then what do you want Jim Ryan and Sony employees to do in order for them to not be pussies, you Sony pony and console peasant? To force them to kill themselves and rot in hell for some unexplained reason? Cause it sounds like you are!

  • choose a sock account and stick with it.

  • Gow 2018 is more than 3 years so it is smart to sell it on pc

    I will always game on console pc is for work ps5 is for gaming

  • Would love a release date for god of war on SOP

  • It would be nice if you had more rpg games.

  • Stray. #Meow

  • People crying over old PS games going to PC is stupid. By now all PS gamers that want to play those games have and for the business side of it, it makes sense for Sony to release them on PC. At the end of the day Sony is a business and a business wants to make as much money as possible.

  • Really hoping to see a Playstation Home comeback. That’d be awesome.

  • Let’s hope that Silent hill (new or remake) is on the list

  • When is Jim Ryan going to announce that he resigns? Or Sony, please kick him to the curb. He’s a disgrace and the direction PlayStation is heading, spells nothing good for the platform.

  • Even this place is crawling with PC port beggars, while actual PlayStation players get nothing.

    Jim Ryan doesn’t understand that porting PS exclusives in the long run is going to damage PlayStation sales.

    He’s going to ruin everything Playstation studios worked for years to build.

  • best playstation❤❤👍👍👍👍

  • GoW 5, can’t wait. Please review this game!

  • Sony, this is cool and all, but WHEN WILL THE PS4 9.00 UPDATE ISSUES BE FIXED?

    There are a TON of users having issues with this most recent update, and they would like to be able to play their PS4 Consoles again at some point in the future.


  • Bushiden release date please 😁

  • The two games I want see are SKATE 4 and WWE 2K 22.

  • Australia is missing out on PSNow.
    I understand the cloud component would have mixed experiences here, but the titles we can download to our console would be very appreciated.


    Please add the downloadable PSNow titles to the PSN+ Collection

    The Digital Edition PlayStation 5 is sold in Australia, now support it with Digital services.

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