PlayStation Plus games for October: Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, Mortal Kombat X

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PlayStation Plus games for October: Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, Mortal Kombat X

All playable on October 5.

With next month’s PlayStation Plus lineup, you can arm yourself with WWII-era weaponry, golf club, or fist and do battle on war-torn frontlines, lush greens or otherworldly realms. PS5 multiplayer shooter Hell Let Loose, golf sim PGA Tour 2K21 and one-on-one fighter Mortal Kombat X join the PlayStation Plus lineup on Tuesday, October 5 and will be available until Monday, November 1.

Let’s take a closer look at each game.  

Hell Let Loose | PS5

PlayStation Plus games for October: Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, Mortal Kombat X

This WWII-inspired multiplayer title splices epic 100-player battles with a unique resource-based RTS-inspired meta-game, where Commanders direct the flow of battle and co-ordinate powerful in-game abilities that influence the team’s march to victory. Team up and tackle enemy combatants online* in 50v50 skirmishes across a dynamically shifting frontline, choose one of 14 playable roles within infantry, recon, and armour unit types, each equipped with authentic weapons, vehicles, and equipment.

PGA Tour 2K21 | PS4

PlayStation Plus games for October: Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, Mortal Kombat X

Prove you’ve got what it takes to become FedExCup Champion. Take on PGA Tour Pros across stunning, real-life courses during your very own career and earn rewards and gear, then play against your friends or the world’s best players in local and online* matches. Create your own player and customize your equipment, then build your own clubhouse, designing and running full seasons and tournaments customized to your rules and requirements. 

Mortal Kombat X | PS4

PlayStation Plus games for October: Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, Mortal Kombat X

Netherrealm Studios’ bone-crunching beat ‘em up fuses cinematic presentation with an all-new gameplay experience. For the first time in the series’ history, every character in its robust roster has a selection of different fighting styles to pick from, offering an expanded range of strategies to take into battle, as well as combat against.

Last chance to download September’s PlayStation Plus games

September’s games lineup is making way for October’s new arrivals, so you’ve until Monday, October 4 to add Predator: Hunting Grounds, Overcooked: All You Can Eat!, and Hitman 2 to your game library. 

*Online multiplayer requires PS Plus subscription; fees recur until cancelled. Age restrictions apply. Full terms:

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  • I don’t usually bother to come here to the comment section to praise or complain about the montly offerings, but damn this is a lackluster month to say the least. Hell Let Loose it looks like “Generic Shooter #4” (that, and the fact that I still can’t get a PS5 at a decent price). Mortal Kombat X is old, it’s not even the complete edition, and is already on the PS+ Instant Collection. But the worst of all… GOLF? REALLY? Not even a horror game for Halloween. So sad.

  • Everyone has an opinion. Haha It’s a solid lineup for me! I’d love to play Hell Let Loose but wouldn’t necessarily buy it, and I buy sports games maybe every 2 years if they’re on super sale. Definitely enjoy a good golf game once in a while. Mortal Kombat is going to please anyone who doesn’t own it. Really not sure why everyone’s complaining about a recently released sports title and a brand new PS5 game.

    • It’s because alread had both these game for ps plus games PGA world tour 2021 a few months ago and mortal kombat 2 years ago I feel that they should let us pick a game $20 and under if we already have the ps plus games this is two months in a row that I have both ps plus games
      So I’m not benefiting from it if I’m not getting any free games

  • Bro, I obviously have PS Plus and so I already have access to MKX (despite already having MKXL on ps4) and a Golf game? Dude…. really? Might as well say “Fortnite is a free October game” becauseahority of the people who gaf about MKX and a Golf game have it already or have access because of PS Plus.

    Thanks for nothing. Seriously. Even PS Plus isn’t worth the subscription these days. Lmao Straight doo doo water.

  • This is the first time I’ve felt compelled to log in just to express my disappointment, lol.
    What an absolute garbage month.

    I don’t understand the point to offering 2 games that absolutely no one cares about?
    MK11 is out….so anyone who would have cared about MKX has either moved on to MK11 or they have already about MKX at the constant sale price of $5.
    Maybe half of all PS4 owners play sports games…..and only a fraction of them play Golf, most of them are split between FIFA/NBA/NFL with Tennis and Golf being at the bottom, lol.

    So an irrelevant clearance bin fighting game and a Golfing game that no one wants to play.

    Thankfully my backlog is full of quality games so realistically this lackluster month won’t affect me much.
    Side note: iamdark1988 is a buffoon.

  • If you’re gonna give people a six year old game, you could at least give them the definitive version with all the DLC. This is just the base game ffs. Sony is so god damn cheap, it’s ridiculous.

    Like you couldn’t have given us the Alan Walker Remastered release?? Really?? MKX and a freaking Golf game.

    If you’re gonna give us Golf, give us Everybody’s Golf at least. SMH.

    Just another terrible month for PS Plus, no surprise here.

  • Not the beat lineup, but I’m just glad we didn’t get Chickens On The Road, Mecho Tales & Road Bustle.

  • It’s going to be hard to not “be a jerk” but being completely constructive here, it’s totally unacceptable to double dip mortal Kombat x when it is already on the PS+ collection. This is corner-cutting to save money and it doesn’t serve your customers. Considering you’ve already experimented with double dipping with the Play at Home initiative, my trust in PlayStation has been plummetting. Fix this.

  • One thing why? They are giving trash game for 2015 and golf not good. Mad giving something better in November…

  • I have ps5 stop putting multiplayer only games are add a second ps5 game for single players. Thanks

  • For someone that already has Mortal Kombat 11 and Mortal Kombat XL, that’s meh. Plus, sports games are such a silly idea. Please can we have some horror. It’s October, which means Halloween. And before anyone says Mortal Kombat has horror characters, they are DLC, and the game isn’t a horror game

  • Stop,with ps5 multiple games. Give us some single player games.

  • SONY, PLEASE, fix the licensing problem on some of our PS+ games. I lost access to 7 of my Plus games after renewing. Games like Virtua Fighter 5, Just Cause 4, Destruction Allstars, Hitman, etc. Already contacted support, they said they need to escalate the problem. Us loyal users are having this problem for more than 2 months now. DO SOMETHING.

  • Pretty poor lineup (again) this month. When are they going to give the players what they want? I’m talking Chickens On The Road, I’m talking Mecho Tales and I’m talking Road Bustle.

  • Interesting that we haven’t had Everybody’s Golf as a PlayStation Plus game but now we will have PGA Tour 2K21..

  • Kinda sad last few months not much to keep me wanting my PsPlus account. I was hoping the news from leaks was fake. I own a physical copy with all dlc for mk x and the other two are just not my type of games. Here’s to hope November will be great

  • another poor month. no surprises.

  • I love a good game of golf , but this is a very poor month again. Sony need to pull something out the bag soon.

  • Not that it would make any difference to me personally but MKXL would be a bit better. It’s not like the usual price for it is staggering. …Looking at the store it’s the same as base MKX actually.

  • First you guys need to remaster Socom 2 & Combined Assault for the Ps5

    Second, you need to release good ps5 games on playstation plus not trash games that nobody wants or plays

  • I usually don’t complain about these games, but come on Sony.. A 6 year old game that goes on sale for $5 all the time and a golf game? If you’re going to put PGA up you should have put a top game to go with it. Not a $5 game that 90% of the people who were interested already have.

  • This line up doesn’t have a “wide appeal” (if that makes sense). Hell Let Loose is really really slow, “realistic” and tactical, a golf game of all the sports is not even a sport most like, mortal kombat is already ps plus collection and not even the XL or latest one. I’m sure some will enjoy the games, but this is probably one of the weirdest month imo.

  • I seriously wish PlayStation would listen to their community better. I don’t even know when I last played a game part of plus cause of the poor additions, like who decides on these?! Yeah, come on, this is laughable, I see the Xbox gold games and pass and am always like, that’s actually a game I’d play. How come Microsoft is pumping out freebies for their fans while Sony raises their prices on their fans.

  • The page here urges everyone commenting to “Not be a jerk”, yet I can’t help but feel constantly jerked around by PlayStation with these lineups. It isn’t enough that PS4 users can’t access that 3rd “PS5” game which more often than not is also available on PS4, but you also go ahead and offer a golf simulator and a triple-dipped “offer” (already available on PSNow and PS+ Collection) with MKX. It isn’t even MK11 which is already a couple of years…. Hell, ladies and gentlemen… It isn’t even MKXL with all the DLCs lol.

    Getting tired of being jerked around as a consumer, being offered scraps most months that have literally no thought put into them. And being forced to pay for this subscription if I want to access the OLDER “offers” they “offered”. Being forced to pay for playing online. While also being tired of having no good alternate PS service that I can say “Hey, at least that’s pretty good!”, I mean, what is there? PS Now? Not even that carries value…
    I truly am getting so tired that I signed up to drop a comment. Vote with your wallets when your times come to choose which next-gen platform to invest in next. I know I will.

  • I don’t like these October games a bit.

  • Thanks Sony, I can’t wait to not play any of these 😂😂😂😂

  • Eh the lineup next month is really weak. Ive already got MK, and if i wanted to play golf id just go outside and play golf. Hell Let Loose might be decent we’ll see. Frankly i just wish they’d put Chickens On The Road, Mecho Tales & Road Bustle for Novermber’s psplus, I hear they are good, but i just cant buy them because I dont have any pounds.

  • TERRIBLE line-up. Nothing spooky for October. Just a very old MK game, another multi-player only game, and golf. Extremely disappointed in this poor showing. Meanwhile X-Box’s game pass gets better by the day.

  • Absolute garbage, i’d rather get resident evil and castlevania

  • Hell Let Loose is an incredible game for this month, I’m so stoked it’s coming this month!

    As for people being disappointed, not every month can be a banger, and personally I really only get one or two games out of the year that I play from PS Plus, but I’m very grateful for those one or two games, this month is my month it seems, and next month may be yours :)

  • Seriously, give people some cool indie games like pathologic 2, outer wilds, katana zero, ion fury

  • Please, enough with sport games and multiplayer crap. Give plus member bigger discounts or something.

  • These games are in poor taste considering the upcoming Holiday.. mortal Kombat has been out so long that those who play fighting games own it already and we wont get any of the extras so thats a money grab. Then you put Golf up ..that poor game save it for summer or ps now . it seems the content of Sony is forgetting what people want not what they think we want. As an avid player I have lost all interest in the free monthly plus games… I have even given up on good free to play theres little to no games on there service if you play a lot you will find yourself walking away from Sony… I plan to continue playing my ps5 but come on step it up put some real games out…

  • This kind of lineup is the reason why people is getting away from PS plus… and then we have “sales” like one month of PS Plus for one dollar

  • I love seeing this Iamdark dude post the same comment about Mecho Tales and Chickens on the Road like the Sony Defense Force member he is. Nobody asked about those game that you bought, dark. Enjoy your purchases and stop posting on everybody’s comment with the same inane dreck.

  • *yawn* would be nice to actually get ps5 games that are not multiplayer. Don’t have time for multiplayer games with a baby in the house. Need something I can pause anytime I need to.

    • WTH – If you don’t have much time, multiplayer is the best option, in most cases. Matches are usually up to 10 minutes.

  • Damn couldn’t even get MK11. Fission Mailed.

  • For a free perk/bonus to a service I require having to play my games online, I can’t complain. For people who like Mortal Kombat, haven’t played in a long time (my sister hasn’t played since Armageddon on PS2) and don’t have a PS5 to get it with the Plus Collection, MKX is a great choice. My sister is going to be excited, and now I can beat her in it online!

    A bunch of my friends have been wanting me to get PGA Tour 2K21 to play online for a long time but I haven’t been wanting to shell out $20 for it… I like golf games, but haven’t played one since Rory McIlroy, which was a good game in my opinion. Before that, Tiger Wood 13 on PS3. So I’m super excited to try this. Kind of unfortunate, because I’ve been subscribing to Humble Choice since Feb. 2018 and this month (Sept. 2021) PGA Tour 2K21 was included in the monthly Bundle, but I prefer games on console over PC anyway so I can give that one to a buddy and play this one. So it works out!

    Never heard of Hell Let Lose and probably won’t play it, but it looks interesting. Who knows, maybe I’ll try it and like it?!

    As someone who has been paying for PS+ for the free games and perks since they were first offered in 2010 after the Big Hack, when it was fully optional and basically just throwing money away, I have to say this is definitely “not it, fam” in comparison to a LOT of other month’s offerings, but taking into consideration that the service is now required to play online and getting free games with it is an added bonus and not a requirement, it could for sure be worse; like having nothing at all this month.

  • I’m very disappointed. MKX is over 6 years old game. Why!! ? Why keep doing this?!? This is the third time we got it, If you can remember.
    Wait!! Have you ever listen? Have you ever come here to read comment?????
    MK11 is not old you know or you broke, Sony?? Is microsoft going to win? Where is your “Counter Punch”!!!!!!
    this time, let’s us choose our game instead.

  • I’m cool with it.
    I own a ps5 I’m fine with all the ps4 owners getting mk also
    If your upset about the 1 time they give away a golf game that’s on you, I know me and my friends will have a good time with it.

    And hell let loose will be great, think of it as chivalry 2 but with guns.

    Just try some the games and have a good time. Geese.

  • You can’t even get the platinum trophy in MKX anymore. If it’s going to be in Plus next month, at least get the publisher to fix that issue.

  • We already had both of these games before PGA golf world tour we had a few months ago and mortal combat x we had a few years ago

  • I seriously doubt sony even reads these comments, that being said they have done this for the last several months giving the most abysmal games all they are doing is making me question why I even have it anymore. It must be nice to be so successful that you can just ignore all of your customers and still be laughing all the way to the bank. Everyone should make it a point to not renew thier subscription if this doesn’t change immediately, a golf game?!?! Seriously. Thank you.

  • My subscription ends soon. Games aren’t getting better. Don’t feel like buying it again. Cheers Sony.

  • Hell let Loose / good game because i dont have it

    Pga golf 2k21 / good game because i dont have it

    Mortal kombat x / bad move copy/paster are not welcome

    Not bad month for me at all

    Only mkx its pretty bad, because we already have that copy paste from ps plus is vaf idea

    You should not have gave us ps plus collection at all , when u copypaste games sorry Soby

    You fail us again but ok for me ;)

  • Trash PS4 offerings…

  • Nothing jaw-dropping unfortunately. Let’s look ahead.

  • am I being punished for not getting the ps5

  • *YAWN*

    They should have given Horror games for October considering it’s Halloween season. Come on Sony.

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