PlayStation Plus games for October: Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, Mortal Kombat X

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PlayStation Plus games for October: Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, Mortal Kombat X

All playable on October 5.

With next month’s PlayStation Plus lineup, you can arm yourself with WWII-era weaponry, golf club, or fist and do battle on war-torn frontlines, lush greens or otherworldly realms. PS5 multiplayer shooter Hell Let Loose, golf sim PGA Tour 2K21 and one-on-one fighter Mortal Kombat X join the PlayStation Plus lineup on Tuesday, October 5 and will be available until Monday, November 1.

Let’s take a closer look at each game.  

Hell Let Loose | PS5

PlayStation Plus games for October: Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, Mortal Kombat X

This WWII-inspired multiplayer title splices epic 100-player battles with a unique resource-based RTS-inspired meta-game, where Commanders direct the flow of battle and co-ordinate powerful in-game abilities that influence the team’s march to victory. Team up and tackle enemy combatants online* in 50v50 skirmishes across a dynamically shifting frontline, choose one of 14 playable roles within infantry, recon, and armour unit types, each equipped with authentic weapons, vehicles, and equipment.

PGA Tour 2K21 | PS4

PlayStation Plus games for October: Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, Mortal Kombat X

Prove you’ve got what it takes to become FedExCup Champion. Take on PGA Tour Pros across stunning, real-life courses during your very own career and earn rewards and gear, then play against your friends or the world’s best players in local and online* matches. Create your own player and customize your equipment, then build your own clubhouse, designing and running full seasons and tournaments customized to your rules and requirements. 

Mortal Kombat X | PS4

PlayStation Plus games for October: Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, Mortal Kombat X

Netherrealm Studios’ bone-crunching beat ‘em up fuses cinematic presentation with an all-new gameplay experience. For the first time in the series’ history, every character in its robust roster has a selection of different fighting styles to pick from, offering an expanded range of strategies to take into battle, as well as combat against.

Last chance to download September’s PlayStation Plus games

September’s games lineup is making way for October’s new arrivals, so you’ve until Monday, October 4 to add Predator: Hunting Grounds, Overcooked: All You Can Eat!, and Hitman 2 to your game library. 

*Online multiplayer requires PS Plus subscription; fees recur until cancelled. Age restrictions apply. Full terms:

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  • I can’t speak for Hell Let Loose yet but the rest of the lineup is poor. Not that many people care about a golf game and MKX? Really? That game is so old. MK11 is over two years old now you could’ve given that instead. Do better

    • Also MKX is already in the PS Plus Collection for PS5 owners. That’s a slap in the face to your PS5 PS+ subscribers

    • Agreed with the slap in the face towards ps5 ps plus subscribers could’ve given us anything else that isn’t in the ps collection line up

    • Double dipping into the PS Plus collection again? There’s some really great indie stuff like Celeste that would be a better fit.

    • Jesus, you’re acting as if they’ve given Chickens On The Road, Mecho Tales & Road Bustle. To save you from looking, they’re all £0.79.

    • Hell Let Loose is such a good game, I tried out the beta and with friends it’s an amazing experience based around teamwork, coordination and communication, and not just mindless shooting and like other generic shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. If you’re tired of the same thing every year with first person shooters, you should definitely give Hell Let Loose a try. Though, I should warn you, it isn’t for everyone. It is quite a challenge, and not for the feint of heart ;)

    • At least give us the Ultimate edition with all the DLC. All PS Plus is turning into is a way to throw us the bare bone version of games and milking us for the DLC.

    • I feel like we are seeing the result of them blowing their plus budget early in the year on things like FFVII.

    • Keeps getting worse

    • I’m also pretty sure that ps5 users got mkx already… So this is a slap in the face for us. Kinda like August ps plus games. Hell let loose seems kinda cool though

    • IAm – we are basically getting those types of games now. So, no we don’t want any of this crap. They should give away returnal – supposedly it’s a short one-and-done type of game, and nobody is buying it off PS store. I’d take chickens over the hash they’ve been giving us. Jim Ryan admits he doesn’t play games. He probably thinks these games and remasters are cool, but they’re factually not.

    • Asia region also gets castlevania as extra

    • Don’t really know what you’re on and the dose of it but why the hell would you doubting MKX? I’m mean sure a golf game yeah no one cares but Mortal Kombat X? It may be old but it’s a hell of a game.
      Don’t know why you’re hating on it so much and what you would’ve preferred. They wouldn’t put out 11 cause it’s the newest one and X is on PlayStation Hits anyways so it was bound to come out.

    • People don’t like that it is not XL which is fully understandable

    • bro, shut up sony could literally just have ps plus as the abnility to play online games for the SAME price but they give free games. yes, alot of the time the games arent the best. but dude, shut up

    • Or they could make the games decent and make the “free online play” a thing again.

      You know, because p2p online costs Sony 0 of any currency anyway.

    • @bs4mykneemiss Thanks for that, no profile pic PSN account. You do not speak for us on such matters

      Returnal is a “one and done type of game”? How is a roguelike game, 95% about the fast gameplay, anything like a heavy single player, story based game?

      Maybe try hiding when you are a complete and utter Xbot a bit a better lol. We know you lot are the only ones that use that terminology to describe GOTY nominated/winning, multi million day one selling, critically acclaimed, games industry changing, games……. and are completely bitter because of it 🤣

      Don’t be so obvious next time.

  • Bit of a crappy line up but eh ok never mind.

    • Do you want them to give Chickens On The Road, Mecho Tales & Road Bustle. To save you from looking, they’re all £0.79.

    • @iamdark1988 Can you please explain what the HELL you are going on about?

      You have posted this reply about 7 times. NO, NOBODY HAS LOOKED AT THE PRICE. Nobody has a clue what you are talking about or what relevance it has.

      Would we have preferred something better like MK XI or something more like Final Fantasy VII Remake, or Control or Wreckfest? Yes, that is something better that we wanted over MK X that is already in PS Plus Collection right now available to 13 million PS5 owners.

      Why would anybody ask for utter trash instead????? And why are you continually bringing it up????

    • Iamdark those look better then this months lineup

    • Iamdark1988 must work for Sony, giving us games that are already free is a slap In the face

  • Guess we can’t have two good months in a row. But honestly I’m still playing overcooked and hitman so I can’t complain.

    • I just realized this was the line-up for October and that there are NO actual horror/spooky games.

    • What are you talking about? This is one of the best months we’ve had in a while apart from the Battlefield mount. I’m so hyped to download MKX. I was pissed when Hitman 2 came out cause I got it a year later of its release, nearly got platinum apart from a couple unnecessary trophies and nearly level 300. The golf game, yeah looks below average and Hell Let Loose, just looks like another Battlefield type game.

  • He’ll let loose looks awesome actually can’t wait to play that on my ps5.

    • I played the Closed Beta and Public. It’s a fantastic game that hopefully will bring more MilSim genre from PC to console.

  • Not a great lineup month for me. Not into world war shooters, not into sports games and not into fighting games. Will have to wait and see what coming in November. Surprised they did not put in horror games in the lineup for October. I really miss the indies they used to have as part of the PS Plus line ups.

  • I just applied for a refund for my 12 month plus subscription.

  • Looks like Bart Simpson won’t have to choose between Bonestorm and Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge this month!

  • It’s not even Mortal Kombat XL… this is so stupid. Yet another terrible Plus lineup.

  • would be nice to give MK11 at least

  • Wow, thank you for providing PS+ subscribers a game that is already included in the PS+ Collection……. Are you kidding me!?!? What kind of nonsense is this?! Yes, I know the Collection is for PS5 owners but that doesn’t excuse this at all! Please switch this up instead of screwing us over.

    • You could always spend money and buy Chickens On The Road, Mecho Tales & Road Bustle. To save you from looking, they’re all £0.79. Unless that’s what you want them to give?

    • It does excuse it. It’s over 100 million PS4 users. PS5s that aren’t in the hands of scalpers probably number around 10 million. That 90 million difference has a LOT more people saying yay to MK 10 than nay. Some of you guys are literally babies.

    • @ iamdark Your comparisons are baseless.

    • you wanna know how much so far all these games cost this year from Jan to October it cost the amount £943.2 already near 1000 pounds mark your getting alot than you relies.
      thats just one person imagine how many more this will add the price up and sony would have to pay for these games to other company

  • Another terrible month. Who cares about golf?

  • A 6-year-old game that’s already in the Collection, another multiplayer shooter that’s going to be dead on arrival and ANOTHER mediocre sports game. Sony, what on earth are you doing? At this point it’s a mockery of a service. People didn’t buy your newest console to get spat in the face each month.

  • Gonna chime in with my distaste for this months games as well. MKX is old as dirt and already free for ps5 owners so thats a nice screw you to all of us as a waist. Golf… really? Lets start with STOP GIVING AWAY SPORTS GAMES. Each sport holds it niche market and the people who play them already bought them and those of us that dont play them could pick them up for pennies if we wanted to try old sports games. And hell let loose is just a personal opinion piece but it looks like it should have always been free, and still most people wouldnt care. Disappointingly weak lineup this month.


    Would be my response if this was 2017 or something. And it’s not even the XL version lol.

  • Another shitty month.
    If it wasn’t necessary for online play, I doubt anyone would pay for this.

  • Nah Playstation, you need to do BETTER. This is one of the worst value months in a long time…
    We are nor even getting the full version of an already old game (MK), really!?

    • Surely worst value would be Chickens On The Road, Mecho Tales & Road Bustle? To save you from looking, they’re all £0.79.

  • This is stupid we get MK X with the ps plus collection

  • The worst month in years.

  • Would be nice to see more single player games. At least one a month, with 2 multiplayer heavy games.

    Last time we got a heavy single player game: Days Gone

    Golf is at least better than getting a Basketball game.

  • You would have thought from the backlash/negative response that I have seen in regards to the line up that leaked ( which turned out to be true ) that Sony would have maybe re-evaluated the line up just a little. Like someone has stated further up in the comments indie game like celeste or the comment of a true Horror game ( Which Mortal Kombat X isn’t) ….. And on top of that they need to check what they have on PS Now (Or the PS+ Collection on PS5 Especially) and not “double dip” the same games… so that people get the most value out of their services …. I hate to say this but its sad to say but were the value for your money is with Microsoft at the moment…

  • Woof. Xbox Game Pass wins again…

  • Mark my words: this MK X lowball was done on purpose. When they’re going to upgrade the October lineup to MK 11 it’s going to look like they’re flexible and are listening to the people.

  • Hell Let Loose is fine, I guess, but yet another game from PSPLUS collection and another mediocre sports game no one really needs? Either keep on expanding PSPLUS collection to compensate or add better games to the monthly lineup. I’ve been a PSPLUS member for at least 6 years or more and these couple of months or more are some of the weakest.

  • Before anyone else ruins their keyboards or phones crying, at least we’re not getting Chickens On The Road, Mecho Tales & Road Bustle. To save you from looking, they’re all £0.79.

    • I’d take chickens on the road over the Golf. The slap bass in the trailer is kickin’.

    • And? At least we are not getting cheap easy Platinum Trophy games, is what you are saying? Setting the bar low there mate.

      Can we get an explanation please? If we are so lucky that we aren’t getting these 3 games this month on PS Plus, who is the unfortunate party that IS getting these games as part of a monthly line up, that you appear to be throwing contrast at?

      Because it isn’t Xbox fans. Games with Gold has been terrible the past 2 years but not even that bad.

      So, we are supposed to be happy that we aren’t getting games that are even worse than Games with Gold’s offering? Again, that is REALLY stretching it to set that bar low lol.

    • Why are you posting this so much, it sounds like a cry for help.

      Or maybe you are the dev of one of these horrific PS+ offerings.

    • Those look better than this weeks lineup.

      And stop spamming that comment
      You got a fetish for those games or what.

    • No offence

    • Wow, you really have a hard-on for those three games. Tbh I’ve been considering buying chickens on the road (more than could be said for any of October’s Plus lineup) cos I’ve seen some stuff on trophy groups about it and it sounds like the sort of so bad it’s good game that might be a laugh for 10 mins 😂

    • Three things:
      1) I’m enjoying this popcorn!
      2) Whoosh goes the airplane.
      3) That’s enough salt for my popcorn!

    • Damn you dont like us talkin bout your true love

    • Oh, just what we needed: the same comment you’ve already posted 24 times, again.

    • Lol

      John Earwig

    • @fbomb2005 I like how you came back 3 minutes later to say “no offense”.

    • I love that this guy made me check these 3 games out on YouTube. And, they are not THAT bad. Easy platinums, cute gameplay, the type of game we would never seek out on our own… would have taken them on handheld over the golf game for sure. Heck! I might even pay for them! Wait a minute…
      Nice AD, iamdark1988!

    • why are you so obsessed with those game in paticular
      nobody cares my dude

  • I don’t typically complain about the lineup but it is pretty messed up giving a game in the PS+ Collection as a monthly game. If they do that they should swap a new game into the collection to replace it imo.

    • Wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done it, and certainly won’t be the last… If only they did the reverse and expanded the PS+ Collection, it’s still the same 20 games as ever, a year later.

  • Can’t believe Mortal Kombat X is 6 years old. And PS5 owners already get it? Wack
    Sports games no thanks.
    Hell Let Loose seems meh but we will see if it saves the month. Doubt it.

  • Nothing says Spooky October like a golfing game and a war shooter.. Like seriously tho… you even give us the MK that came out two yeas ago; instead you gave us MKX, a six year old game thats been at the bottom of bargain bins and already FREE with the PS Collection LMAO not even MKXL, just regular old MKX. Wtf am i even subbed for?

  • Golf is extremely niche and MKX is already in the PS5 collection, plus quite old. I would much rather have some smaller and / or indie games filling out the collection. I miss when Sony used to toss a pile of small games (some great, some of questionable quality), a few PS One games, and so forth at us.

  • This selection sucks, plain and simple

  • For the love of God PLEASE stop giving sports games on PS+! We’ve honestly had enough of it. Past months have been bad enough but now you give a GOLF game? Who the hell plays Golf games? It has it’s own niche audience, there’s no need to waste a spot where all of us could get an actually interesting game hell maybe even an indie game instead!

    And MKX? Seriously? It’s old and already on the PS+ collection. You seriously couldn’t bother giving MK11? Or atleast the XL version of the game to atleast distinguish it from the Collection’s offering?

    When will this double dipping and sport game nonsense stop? You guys are really dropping the ball here, seems we just can’t have 2 decent months in a row.

  • Another mega crapy month. Wont be prolonging PS Plus, not worth it.

  • This service is going downhill.

  • Interesting you say “don’t be a jerk” how about you apply the same rhetoric and stop with these poor PS+ games each month.

    • Totally agree!!

    • I rarely complain about the lineup but this feels weak. Especially with mkx being in the collection already. I am hoping to see either that title swapped out or something added to the ps plus collection for ps5 owners. Sports games are always a loss since well… the communities that want them buy them as they come out. Bring back some indies or unique titles please.

  • C’mon sony what is this…?! :/

  • Yeah I’m with most everyone else, this a really lackluster lineup. I’m always appreciative of free games, but I feel like there is a trend going now of picking games that most people already have. I’m sure there are some who don’t have these games but those people probably also don’t really care to have them. Thanks for the games Playstation, but in my personal opinion there are better choices.

  • I’m just disappointed there’s no horror game.

  • Pour un mois d’halloween très décevant et Mortal Kombat est très vieux et pour les possesseurs de PS5 on la déjà avec le PS+ Collection.

  • Of course I just bought 2K21 last week.

  • I was going to buy PGA a couple of weeks ago so glad i held off. Already have MK10 XL and looking forward to trying Hell Let Loose. All in all a decent month for me.

  • Hard to not be a jerk in the comments when you offer this crap lineup of games!!!

    This is a close second to May 2020 with the worst months ever!

    Yes, we don’t expect AAA games each month but we don’t expect them to be this trash either, DAMN!

    If that’s how you treat your loyal players (who put their trust and money in Sony) I can only hope the same to you!

    • I’m cool with it.
      I own a ps5 I’m fine with all the ps4 owners getting mk also
      If your upset about the 1 time they give away a golf game that’s on you, I know me and my friends will have a good time with it.

      And hell let loose will be great, think of it as chivalry 2 but with guns.

      Just try some the games and have a good time. Geese.

  • I have to agree with so many others expressing their disappointment with this line up. Recycling a title in the PS+ collection feels wrong. Maybe if they were updating that too then it’d be more acceptable.

    It feels like all 3 games are catering to a small market of dedicated players. Personally, I’m not a fan of fighting games and haven’t played one since the 80’s in an arcade. Golfing is boring in real life, in my opinion, let alone as a video game. Finally, the free PS5 game holds no interest to me either. I’m not a fan of multi-player FPS so I guess I’ll be waiting til the end of October hoping for a treat instead of another trick from Sony. ;-)

    • I for one am happy getting MKX as I’ve never played it, but am a fan of the series. Would I have preferred MK 11, of course… but no complaints here. Yes, I realize MKX is in the collection, but there’s a lot of people like myself that still haven’t been able to get our hands on a PS5.

  • I think this is a poor month, and I wish Playstation would post the number of downloads of ps plus games each month. It would be very interesting to see which games are most downloaded each month from the lineup, and if the comments on this blog reflect the numbers.

  • I’m sorry but this is trash. Zero interest in any of these games. I’ve owned MKX since it came out, plus it’s in the PS Plus Collection. Nobody cares about golf and I’m not interested in a WW2 reiteration of Call Of Duty. Alan Wake would have been a better fit. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I even downloaded one of the Plus games. Wreckfest maybe.. oh no, it was PS5’s remaster of A Plague Tale

  • Sony hitting a new low! Thats an accomplishments. GREAT JOB SONY!!!😡

  • I can say I have had zero interest in golf games. However, I might as well try it now. Worse case scenario I delete it and wasted time downloading.

  • I never complain about ps plus line up but I have to agree with people this is a very weak month.

  • Honestly, I’m not sure why I’m paying for PS+ anymore. I’m not into multiplayer online games, and the free game line up goes worse every month.


  • lol..
    I usually don’t complain but just wow.

  • Poor again.. 1000s of games and again you have to put a Ps Plus collection game as a main monthly game. Absolutely ridiculous and makes no sense. PGA ah adding another dead failed game. And oh another MP game. Wouldn’t surprise me if the got paid to put these on Plus. Shameful month, Plus started great this year and drastically has become one of not the worst year.

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