What new and returning players can expect in Death Stranding Director’s Cut, out today on PS5

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What new and returning players can expect in Death Stranding Director’s Cut, out today on PS5

A quick tour of how and when you’ll encounter new content and gear in Sam’s quest to reconnect America.

As detailed in both State of Play and Opening Night Live, Death Stranding Director’s Cut delivers a truckload of new enhancements and content to Kojima Productions’ genre-defying adventure. From helpful new delivery equipment to expanded areas to explore, there is a lot for new and returning players to dive into starting today on PS5.

What new and returning players can expect in Death Stranding Director’s Cut, out today on PS5

The enhancements and new content introduced to Director’s Cut can be experienced right from the beginning of the game. In addition to the adjustments made to guides and hints, new weapons and equipment, such as the “maser gun” and “support skeleton”, have also been introduced to help immerse players even further into the world of Death Stranding.

The team at Kojima Productions is excited to introduce these new elements to Director’s Cut, which they hope will be useful not only to those who are new to Death Stranding Director’s Cut, but also to those who will be transferring their save data from PS4.

Spoiler alert: This section does not touch on story spoiler elements, but it does describe the orders and maps up to Episode 3.

Early route planning in the game

One of the delivery orders in the beginning of the game is to the local incinerator. Before heading to the destination, it is recommended to check the map first. Going straight to your destination without referencing the map could result in taking a route that is far more dangerous than the other routes that might be available. Director’s Cut now offers several recommended “route guides” to aid you in reading the terrain and plot the right course before you start your delivery. Please refer to this guide to plan in advance what route is best for you, and use it as a guide to help you reach your destination and complete your mission safely.

Route guides will not be shown in later missions, but if you learn how to search for routes earlier in the game, you will surely find it more fun to plan your own optimal route as you progress.

Maser gun and Firing Range

Lethally disposing of MULEs (a delivery-obsessed enemy who attacks Sam to steal his packages), could result in a huge explosion called a “voidout”, or also referred to as, an anti-matter annihilation. Voidouts can change the surrounding terrain, which can greatly impact delivery routes. Neutralizing enemies with non-lethal weapons will help minimize voidouts from occurring. The newly added “maser gun” is a weapon that can disable enemies in a variety of ways, with a headshot resulting in immediately incapacitating the enemy, while a continuous electric shock will stun them.

The maser gun can be obtained when you receive the mission “Order No. 77: Utilize the maser gun to recover the package found at the factory site,” which is unlocked in Episode 2.

After completing this mission, you’ll be able to make your own maser gun and do some shooting practice with it at the Firing Range. These additional elements give you the option to use weapons in combat earlier than in the PS4 version of Death Stranding, giving you more ways to deal with MULEs. 

The Firing Range is a facility that offers an array of simulations where you can practice using the weapons that you’ve unlocked. Enjoy testing your weapons against a variety of targets and elevate your skills to improve your top score. 

Whether you’re a veteran Porter or just starting out, you can earn rewards for clearing Firing Range exercises and participating in regular ranking events. 

The “blood grenade” is an anti-BT weapon that is given to you at the beginning of the game and is extremely effective against BT’s. The Firing Range is a good place to practice and get more familiar with how to use it. 

Ruined Factory, new missions, and the support skeleton

In Death Stranding Director’s Cut, new facilities and missions have been added.

“Request No. 77: Utilize the maser gun to retrieve the package found at the factory site,” is one of the new missions and can be accessed at the K2 West Distribution Center. This mission can be played as early as Episode 2 and will provide deeper context behind the mystery of the Ruined Factory.

The mission to unravel the mystery of the Ruined Factory is a little different from the usual delivery missions. There is an element of stealth required as you will have to infiltrate the factory without being detected by the enemy. 

Be sure to lookout for periodic updates from Die-Hardman as you progress!

“Support Skeletons” are the intermediate between “Power Skeletons”, which can carry heavy loads, and ” Speed Skeletons”, which can move fast. These skeletons are not as good as the skeletons that specialize in each function, but there are cases where this intermediate performance is better suited, so try to use each skeleton according to the characteristics of the route and the cargo you will be carrying in each mission. This equipment can be obtained by clearing the “Request No. 77: Use the maser gun to recover the cargo found at the factory site.”

Located south of the Timefall Farm, stands a Terminal for a “Racetrack” that someone envisioned building, but was unable to finish its construction. 

After clearing “Order No.35: Deliver the Prototype to K4 South Distribution Center”, you can restore the Racetrack by adding the necessary amount of Chiral Crystals, Metals, and Ceramics to the Racetrack Terminal. These materials can be acquired from other players or facilities, or gathered in the field, to complete the construction, and then you can enjoy racing on the Racetrack!

Also introduced in Death Stranding Director’s Cut is the “Roadster,” a new vehicle designed specifically for racing. Low in height, this vehicle is not suitable for driving on rough terrain or uneven roads, but it will show its performance on restored racetracks and national roads. In addition, you can compete with other players for the best time at the “Racetrack” in periodic ranking events. 

We can’t wait for you to get behind the wheel of the new Roadster and test your driving skills on the Racetrack!

Completing races at the Racetrack and exercises in the Firing Range will also raise Sam’s Porter Grade. Raising your Porter Grade will improve Sam’s abilities and make subsequent missions easier, so be sure to take advantage of these facilities as well.

Players can also choose the music they want to play during a race as well, including new songs that were specifically made for the Racetrack. New music tracks will also be discovered as you play through Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

Half-Life and Cyberpunk 2077 specific content

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will also feature Half-Life and Cyberpunk 2077-themed accessories, equipment and vehicles for Porters to discover. Some of these items have special functions, such as hacking and disabling sensors in enemy areas, offering even more ways to take on enemies and complete delivery orders.

BB pods can now be customized in new ways as well. This feature can be unlocked by completing the mission assigned to Sam in the beginning of the game, in the Eastern area. 

You can also customize your backpack by adding new design patches (unlocked in the Central Area).

These are just a few of the additional features that appear before Episode 3. As you progress further into Death Stranding Director’s Cut, you’ll discover even more exciting additions, such as the Buddy Bot, which will assist you in carrying cargo, a Cargo Catapult that enables you to shoot cargo over longer distances, and a Manoeuvre Unit [Lv.3] that allows you to land safely when descending from high places.

These additional elements in Death Stranding Director’s Cut will add more ways to explore the world, open up more delivery routes, introduce alternative ways to overcome obstacles, as well as offer new ways to solve difficult missions.

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