PlayStation Plus games for August: Hunter’s Arena: Legends, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2

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PlayStation Plus games for August: Hunter’s Arena: Legends, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2

All available to play starting Tuesday, August 3.

August’s PlayStation Plus lineup challenges you to test your mettle against dangerous demons, the combative undead, aggressive fauna and racket-wielding pros. Enjoy the fantasy warfare of Hunter’s Arena: Legends, teamwork hijinks in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and hit the court in Tennis World Tour 2 on Tuesday, August 3 when the titles join PlayStation Plus.

Let’s take a closer look at all three.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends | PS4, PS5

As announced during  State of Play earlier this month, Hunter’s Arena is coming to PlayStation Plus for both PS4 and PS5. The 30 player PvP & PvE combat-based battle royale* is set in an ancient age in which humanity battles each other as well as a growing legion of demons that have been unleashed upon the world. In this vicious frontier, you’ll face threats on two fronts. Head into high-risk, high-reward dungeons to encounter demonic foes. Dangerous but necessary for your continued survival: you’ll earn powerful items and experience points. Powering yourself up will give you a much-needed edge on the battlefield when you face off against your Hunter brethren.

PlayStation Plus games for August: Hunter’s Arena: Legends, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville | PS4

EA’s off-the-wall team shooter returns. Ready your peashooters for the next over-the-top instalment in the Plants vs. Zombies franchise as the tension expands beyond Neighborville into new social and free-roam regions on the outer reaches of gaming’s most contested township. Choose one of 20 fully-customizable character classes, and perfect your play-style as you earn new rewards for each victory on the battlefield. Team up with friends, either on couch co-op or online*, and take on a cavalcade of new challenges, tackling enemy hordes in PvE, going up against others online, or braving all-out mayhem in the new Battle Arena.

Tennis World Tour 2 | PS4

Play as the world’s top players or create your own pro and try to dominate the world rankings. Play for fun or take on Ranked mode to sharpen your skills. In Career mode, manage your season, your staff, your equipment and your sponsors. Alternatively take on friends locally or online* in singles or doubles games. Whatever mode you choose, you’ll experience dynamic, realistic and precise gameplay that puts you in the heart of legendary rallies.

 All three games will be available for PlayStation Plus members to add to their library until Monday, September 6.

Last chance to download July’s PlayStation Plus games

July’s games lineup is making way for August’s new arrivals, so you’ve until Monday, August 2 to add Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, WWE 2K Battlegrounds, A Plague Tale: Innocence** and Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown to your game library.

*Online multiplayer requires PS Plus subscription; fees recur until cancelled. Age restrictions apply. Full terms:
**PS5 version only. Benefit not applicable for A Plague Tale: Innocence on PS4 consoles.

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  • EA Games Square Enix Games and Activision Games will always coming for PS PLUS . Ubisoft wont Rockstar Games wont too. Ubi is so selfish company, why they never give us games for ps plus, i dont understand that.

  • michael_thacker8

    Just why these games you could pick something more fun and interesting to the community please change

  • I truly wish that Sony would offer us the same option as Humble Bundle Choice…
    The ability to chose what 2 games we want from a list…
    The list would change monthly, and give subscribers the option to get games that they actually want to play instead of some predetermined game that NO ONE wants to play…
    I personally NEVER got into sports games or FPS, unfortunately that seems like the ONLY games Sony wants to give us lately…

    Sony has YET to figure out that just because you give away a Crap game for Free, does not mean people will play it…
    Crap is Crap, no matter what price tag you put on it…
    This is why even at the cut rate price of $45 per year(Black Friday pricing) for PS Plus is THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT you should pay for this Service, as Sony’s lack of caring about it’s PS PLUS customers becomes more apparent every month…

    The Least that Sony could do is send us physical swag at least at Christmas Time, especially those of us who have been members since the PS3 days….
    After All, for the last 2 years Sony has saved a Boat Load of money, due to the usual gaming conventions being cancelled and not having to pay all of the cost that goes along with it…

    Don’t misunderstand, I have been a Sony fan since day 1(I cannot stand Microsoft), and I subscribe to every service they offer.
    I am just getting tired of the Crappy Games that I will NEVER play…

  • dark pictures man of medan and little hope
    call of cthulhu
    Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

    hope i will see this in future…. :)

  • July was so bad I did not even bother claiming games. But this is even new low.

  • This month and July haven’t had good games at all. Kinda sad because this year has had a lot of good choices thus far. Oh well.

  • Garage, not adding any of these to library!

  • Quite possibly the absolute worst month to be a Playstation Plus. I’ve been a loyal Plus subscriber for 10 years and all they got was Plants vs. Zombies 2, Tennis World Tour 2 (which was a lot broken than last year’s trash), and that RPG game I’ve never even heard of. Seriously, Sony? You should’ve come up and put very awesome games in the month of August like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (I got my first hands on my PS5 and I beat the game nice and easy. I’m still working on the Blu-Ray part because I’m having trouble with the disc. My disc is clean, I’m starting to watch Aquaman and it didn’t work. Hopefully an update soon might help).

  • Starting to think what’s the point to PS plus .

  • Tomorrow cant wait to add these legendary games, to mine collection where they belong :D, thank u sony ! God bless you for three years and three days.

  • I agree with most of the comments… These games don’t excite me … I’m not interested in any of them … I really wish they would add more indie games …. Like a rogue legacy 2 , or Spelunky 2 … Or at least a good triple@ title.. I hope next month is better …

  • I don’t usually complain, but this is probably the worst I’ve seen as far as ps plus goes. I may try the tennis game but I doubt it. Please stop with the battle royale games… There’s enough free ones out there as it is.

  • Today is August 3 (in India at least), still the July games are shown. What timezone is used to identify the dates. I guess it’s GMT+0, even in that timezone it’s 3:40 am right now of August 3.

    Is there something I am missing being a newbee?

  • the more childish thing of the argument is that they dont play the games, remnant ashes is good enought if you try , it , or, greedfall dudes want last of us 2 , or some expensive stuff, they just reales, cod 4 im going down on zombies and i will start killing in PVZ , if anyone wanna match add me ,

  • this lineup is really bad, there are so many other games you could have offered

  • Don’t have call of duty black ops 4

  • Plants vs zombies is not that bad hopefully the games for next month will be better

  • I think we should just be happy playstation gives us anything for free we mostly get the old games and the rejected games and rarely anything nice but we have had some good releases like cod bo4 or stranded deep.

  • Playstation should add the ability to vote for the months games.

    • They tried it once did not go well as all three choices were not great and there was a low vote on them and then everyone else complained that Sony did not send a message to everyone saying vote for a game. Then when voting ended people screamed it was fixed and Sony had already picked the game as no one liked it and you had usa getting one game and uk/EU getting another game. If they did it again what would you like to see offered?

    • you then gone disepoint even more gamers .

      lots of times = fps
      so if you hate fps = always bad luck ?

  • This is the worst lineup I’ve ever seen for PS plus…wow…

  • Why can’t I install hunter’s arena: legends onto my ps4? I got the ps plus version on ps app but it won’t let me

  • Tennis…ok :/ FIFA soccer would of been better.

  • I didn’t like network battle game,because my network it is very bad.The experience was very bad.I would rather play console games than online games but I can upload
    my savedata game in my plus.

  • I was looking forward to Hunter’s Arena: Legends, but it’s an absolute mess. Sluggish controls, muffled audio and the matchmaking crashed my PS5 twice. The third time, I got in and I was treated to between one and five frames per second while trying to play. This game is barely fit for release. If I were petty I’d be asking for 1/3 of my monthly subscription fee back…

  • According to push square sony has lost 1.3 million ps plus subscribers
    Sony i think its time u gave us Spiderman Morales or otherwise you will keep losing money € $
    Otherwise ill be ps plus subscribe even if u gave us farming simulator 11 never played hhhh ;D

  • nope

    when you sony gone make new abo type + put ps+ owners instand in newer version ?

    ps+ + ps now = beter ten 3 free game option
    ps+ + netflix option ( mi option if you do one day )
    al versions % of games + deals
    no more 3 free games

  • A little sad that people’s first foray into the PVZ Garden Warfare world is gonna be Battle for Neighborville, there was barely even a player base on Battle for Neighborville before this PS+ Drop, cause most of us were still too busy playing on PVZ Garden Warfare 2, the game is miles ahead of the sequel everyone is getting here.

  • Ok so the games this year have been lackluster there have been quite a few gems like days gone and few others so i don’t usually hate on them but this month is without a doubt the worst month i have experienced for ps plus as sorry as i am to say it.

  • Sitting here looking at MS Flight Simulator and The Ascent, thinking “Sony’s gonna pull something pretty awesome out of the bag to compete this month”.

    Well, damn… this is just embarrassing.

  • “Sony’s PS Plus Subscriber Count Just Dropped for the First Time, being 1.3 Million lower than previous Quarter”

    i wonder why…..

  • I tried Hunters and after tutorial was ready to move on, but decided to try one online match. Long story short, I closed the game and deleted it from my system. It has a new take on the Battle Royale and has some interesting ideas, but there is too much lack of polish and the controls feel very awkward.

  • I couldnt download the tennis game last night said it wasnt available , what’s that about ?

  • Anyone get charged for free august game l got charged for Tennis game

  • I have ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4 and ps5 so no shortage of games.
    I do remember when games came complete. Before the dark times, before the paid dlc…..

  • I was optimistic because I wanted to try out a tennis game.

    Now I can confidently say that this month is trash. At least for my taste.

    That tennis game is aaaaawful.

  • Ps plus September i want too see one of these

    Yakuza 6
    Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    Nier Automata
    Rage 2
    Borderlands 3
    Resident Evil 2 Remake
    Resident Evil 3 Remake
    Sekiro Shadow Die Twice
    Death Stranding
    Marvel’s Avengers
    Dying Light

    Be smart Jim Ryan, losing money will let you lose your job as Sony Director

  • You lost 1.3 million subscribers because of virtua fighter V, 2k battleground, stranded deep, i see tooo cod black ops 4, you want play this game. Its time u gave us best hits in the world , just let it go and start gave us Spider man Miles Morales or Uncharted lost legacy, or any game that is popular like Final Fantasy VII
    You teach us, every action you make will have consequences, September 2021 remember all wee need is big hitsss._.

  • Aren’t you ashamed to give this game to Playstation 5?

  • @Death8u4u I have been with PS+ since it started in 2010…ps plus was marketed back in the day as a free game service with store discounts & ability to have software updates downloaded automatically & early access to upcoming games….putting multiplayer behindPS+ paywall has not improved the connection as I’ve always had fantastic IP service 150 down 70 up so your wrong mate as Sony still use peer to peer connection so if your the host with rubbish connection then we will have bad connection even if the rest of players got great connection….only certain games have dedicated servers.

  • Got the PVZ download, it most definitely isn’t couch coop. Automatically goes to ea servers at start up and both parties need ea account, which we have but still can’t log onto server. We’ve wasted a lot of time resetting ea account, renewing licenses etc etc. It still won’t let 2nd player log in.
    This seems incredibly common now,realise you want everyone to play online but stop claiming couch co-op when the games are actually pvp/online only /only 1 player plus non save henchman etc.

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