Away: The Survival Series is coming to PlayStation 5 late summer

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Away: The Survival Series is coming to PlayStation 5 late summer

New Photo Mode, playable creatures, and nature documentary narration mode announced.

 Climb, leap, and glide your way through this playable documentary in Away: The Survival Series, coming to PS5 late summer (also confirmed for PS4). Now with Photo Mode and new playable characters (praying mantis now officially confirmed)!

In this story-driven adventure set in a distant future, you’ll play as a young sugar glider as he embarks on a perilous journey through the wilderness to save his family. Will you succeed in tracking them through a world where disasters threaten the survival of every species on the planet?

Nature is your obstacle course

Do as the sugar gliders do! You’ll be able to explore on ground and by air. Glide your way through lush forests as you thread between branches. Don’t forget to dodge and barrel roll to avoid trouble!

Play a nature documentary

As you navigate this living, breathing world, your adventures will be narrated just like your favourite nature documentaries. Our team spent a lot of time researching various flora and fauna to ensure all the information shared by our narrator is accurate – learn about the plants and animals inhabiting each strange new ecosystem as you explore their diverse terrain. 

Our narrative team consisted of our voice-over actor, Andrew Robinson, and our scriptwriter, Cecily Walter. Cecily did a wonderful job perfecting the tone of our narrator — who himself is a key player in Away’s overarching story —  and Andrew brought him to life with his natural instinct for voicing nature documentaries.

Never before seen Photo Mode

We are excited to officially announce that Away will include Photo Mode! Freeze the sugar glider anywhere and move the camera while the rest of the world continues in ambient motion.

Photography fans are sure to be pleased with a comprehensive settings including depth-of-field sliders and filters to ensure you get that perfect shot.

Play as other animals, including a praying mantis

As you navigate the world, you’ll encounter many creatures; some friendly, others…not so much! In Away, you’ll get the chance to explore the world from a different view and play as some of those critters and their unique abilities. Hop along as a frog and surprise your prey with a long range tongue attack! Crawl around as a beetle and infiltrate an abandoned structure to learn more about this strange new world. Even flutter from tree to tree as a praying mantis! You’ll also be able to play as a salamander, beetle, frog, spider, scorpion and many others. 

Stalk your prey—and eat it too

Everyone’s got to eat! A famished sugar glider can’t glide and that’s when the hunt begins. Quietly stalk your prey from behind the grass or embark on a chase to catch small animals and insects to replenish your energy. 

Face formidable foes

Sometimes, the hunter becomes the hunted. This little glider will encounter all manner of predators. In the coral snake boss battle, your quick actions will determine whether or not he makes it out alive.

You’ll have to be quick. When this great foe performs a long range attack, you’ll have to dodge at just the right time to perform a counter attack while he’s still stunned. If you manage to avoid his deadly attacks you’ll exhaust and overcome this great predator.

PS5 offers the most immersive experience

The PS5 version of the game supports our highest graphical setting, Documentary Experience. It leverages the PS5’s impressive specs to highlight every detail of a world designed to live and breathe and truly brings it to life.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more about Away: The Survival Series ahead of its launch on PS5 and PS4 later this summer.

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