Discover the Forbidden West in our next State of Play

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Discover the Forbidden West in our next State of Play

A uniquely crafted countdown towards the debut of Horizon Forbidden West gameplay.

Nearly eleven months ago we showed you the very first glimpse of Horizon Forbidden West during the PlayStation 5 Showcase, and now we’re excited to show more! This Thursday, May 27 join us on a very special journey into new and uncharted lands.

Starting at 9AM Pacific Time / 5PM BST / 6PM CEST, please tune in at your leisure for a uniquely crafted countdown towards the main State of Play event, which starts at 2PM Pacific Time / 10PM BST / 11PM CEST.

Discover the Forbidden West in our next State of Play

During this State of Play, we will debut the Horizon Forbidden West gameplay reveal! In this 20-minute exclusive segment, you’ll be seeing about 14 minutes of brand new in-game action featuring our heroic protagonist Aloy, all captured directly on PlayStation 5. 

This reveal has been a true team effort and we’re very excited to show you what we have in store. Whether you’ve been with us and Aloy since Horizon Zero Dawn or are only just getting to know this incredible world, we want to share this huge milestone with you and cannot wait to see your favorite moments and reactions.

Please join us on Twitch or YouTube at 9AM PDT / 5PM BST / 6PM CEST for the special State of Play Pre-Show, and at 2PM PDT / 10PM BST / 11PM CEST for the Horizon Forbidden West gameplay reveal.

We are excited to see you there!

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  • Cannot wait to see more of this. Would love a team based mode where you’re asked to hunt/round up machines. Something that harkens back to the original Horizon Zero Dawn concept art leaks.

    • 14 min of gameplay is beautiful. I have a feeling that this demo will be similar in scope to the original reveal of horizon zero Dawn back at E3.

      And I love how Sony just gives us pure gameplay for many of these demos. There are way too many publishers who just throw out a 20 second cgi trailer and a game title and call it a day. I mean, just look at last Summer’s next-gen games showcase by Microsoft.

      And I fully expect a September or November 2021 release date announcement at the very end.

  • Believe you me i’ve been waiting for more news about Horizon. Now that the gameplay is on the horizon (no pun intended), i absolutely cannot wait to be in awe of how this game going to look. Until then!

  • Sweet! Can’t wait to see this! Hopefully we’ll get a release date to go with the gameplay!

  • Here we go!

  • Can you please schedule the live State of Play event on YouTube already so I setup my reminder on YouTube. Please and Thank you. 🙏🏻

    I’ve noticed whoever runs the YouTube channel doesn’t schedule event’s to far in advance which causes last minute rush to scramble where to find the event or worse miss the live event entirely.

    Also post more on the community tab on YouTube. It’s a great way to interact with your community with polls to everyday posts

  • First of all, I’m definitely excited about this game. And I don’t know about you, guys, but I’m quite disappointed how they will reveal the gameplay of this game, and overall, pretty much every state of play has been a let down for me. At least they could’ve added more game reveals to this state of play and then out of nowhere, present the gameplay of this game. And now, it just loses an element of surprise. Nothing is better than watching the presentation without knowing what to expect. I’m excited but I’m not compelled, I know what to expect, I won’t feel surprised.

    • They are treating it like they did Ratchet, Spiderman.

      They have another state of play later this summer. But they need to show this first, then they have launch of Ratchet. So after that all bets are off.

    • When they don’t do it like this, they constantly have people complaining about what was shown, or how it was overhyped. When they DO do this, they have people complaining that there aren’t “surprises” now.


    • #firstworldproblems 🙄😮

    • They already did surprise you with the reveal lol. What makes you think you won’t be surprised again? Returning characters, new gameplay mechanics, new insane tech to show off, you don’t know if any of these things will be shown.

      If they said it was simply a State of Play, you would probably would have missed it.

  • Yeahhhh ,I can’t wait. Also, I hope to see a collector Edition like the first game.

    • Same, I missed out on the original collectors edition, as I wasnt entirely sold on the game at first.
      But if they release a similar quality statue with this, I’ll be all over it!

  • I am all about this!

  • Hype levels at maximum!!!!!

  • 10Pm on thursday? Great, now i’ll be all excitable afterwards and wont get to sleep!

  • I recently beat the first game ( on PS5 + the DLC) and I’m a huge fan of this game( not as much as The God Of War series but still a big fan). So I’m so excited to see new gameplay of the sequel.

  • OMG if it looks anything like that trailer it’s a wrap…

  • HZD is one of my favorite!! The majestic of machines… can’t wait to see what you got for the next installment Guerrilla!!!

  • I am beyond excited to see the journey of Aloy to be continued as I loved the first game.
    I’m very proud of Dutch Guerilla Games (although I’m sure an international cast of talent worked on this game), this is one from my home ground.

  • *also available on pc :) clown

  • OMG
    I have been waiting for this for a long time.

  • Excellent still need to finish the first on though, need a 60fps update for that pretty please :D :D :D

  • muito top eu resgatei o “horizon zero dawn” no play at home de graça agora to ançioso para o 2 jogo horizon Forbidden West.

  • Eastern Time, just it.

  • This is THE game for me. I’m obviously pumped for Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart and the next God of War, but I have been eagerly awaiting Horizon Forbidden West news since June 2020! I’d like to see a release date (which going by PlayStation patterns would put HFW in the Sept-Oct window), but honestly at this point I just want to see more gameplay.

    Hopefully I can snag a PS5 before the release of this game, but I’ll gladly play it on my PS4. Good job Guerrilla Games! Keep up the good work!

  • Leading up to 100% Complete Horizon Zero Dawn as I binged played for huge amounts of hrs at a time, I was so sad it was coming to an end. That rarely happens to me especially these days, super pumped to see what you guys were able to accomplish and improve on visually. I also had a short list of things I wanted to see in the sequel. *improvements of the linear design to Climbing for instance

  • I hope we get to fly machines.

  • 60fps update for HZD on PS5?

  • Sadly can’t watch it live, but Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my favorites. Hope Forbidden West comes out on PS4 too (I don’t know if I will be able to get a PS5 in time for the release).

  • Nice! Super excited for this 😁

  • Can’t wait for this greatness to drop!

    I also hope we can get a 60fps patch for Zero Dawn as well.

  • Hope to see an upgrade for Zero Dawn so I can finish it on PS5, looked jittery on my tv so I reinstalled it on PS4…

    Love the series but would also love to see more Killzone, Playstation needs some variety.

  • Man, I’m so grateful to have PS5 and eagerly waiting for this jewel. Hope all of you out there manage to get a PS5 as well!

  • gamer_monkey_101

    I played the first horizon game and can’t wait to play this one, I hope it comes out this year.

  • I just check that in my to do list. Very excited to see where Aloy’s journey takes her.

  • FalseCracMedEvac

    Holy smokes wasn’t expecting this! Sweeeeeet

  • Now this is awesome to watch! I want to see what change and improvement compare the first game. Hype to watch.

  • I’m so excited for Thursday

  • Must wait for the complete ultimate edition. Who else have a problem when it gaming buying on day 1 😂

  • Let’s gooooo 💙

  • Hell yeah the dual sense features for this game should be awesome

  • Wooooooooooooo! Yeah baby that’s what I’ve been waiting for

  • 👋 This beauty will definitely be a day 1 purchase so long as I can find a PS5 by then!!! 😆

  • GoGreenAndGameOn

    PS VR support/edition, like Skyrim VR. Then we’re talking. This better be a given with PS5 VR 👍

  • HZD had one of the greatest stories of the Playstation 4 generation. It now sits in the Mount Rushmore of all video games for me. I can’t wait to dive back in to Aloy’s world! I hope we’ll get a cool collector’s edition, because I will certainly be getting one. Thanks for creating an amazing world to play in, Guerilla! 😁

  • hamzahussain2006

    @Playstation give us a free Horizon Forbidden West license please


  • I am so incredibly hyped for this. HZD is one of my all time favourite games. Bring it on!

  • What resolution will the stream be in? Recently it’s been disappointing that the LIVE stream is only in a low bit rate 1080p which really doesn’t show off these games at their best. If it’s the same i’d rather wait 15 minutes for the 4K version to be posted.

  • Yes I will watch it

  • Personally, the truth is that it is one of the games that I look forward to the most, to be able to enjoy that second wait that so much has done, and I know that waiting has its reward.

  • I know this post is about horizon forbidden west but can god of war ragnarok still release in 2021 in the same year as horizon forbidden west just imagine if that happened

  • say: i want to see the state of play. on my coment

  • Will it be available on ps4?

    • Games of ps plus will be available for example:
      ps4 share games for Ps5 And PS5 share games for Ps4

  • Games, games, games. PlayStation continues to deliver in real time as opposed to using a PR hype machine to Garner excitement.

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