Capture and share every glorious wreck with the new Photo Mode in Destruction AllStars

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Capture and share every glorious wreck with the new Photo Mode in Destruction AllStars

Show off those new skins and the epic action today with the new Photo Mode filters added with Season 1 – Hotshots.

Hey everyone, Season One kicked off with the electrifying addition of Alba to the Destruction AllStars roster! We also released the AllStar Pass* which has brought loads of new cosmetics to the game for players to personalise their favourite AllStars. It’s been great seeing the community getting to grips with Alba and her Hero Vehicle, as well as starting their seasonal challenges to earn bonus progress on the AllStar Pass. However, this is just the beginning of Season One and we’ve got a roadmap packed full of updates that will be rolling out over the next few months!

Photo Mode

Today, we’re launching Photo Mode in Destruction AllStars for all single-player content! Having made sure that we delivered next generation destruction physics and characters whose personality came through with every action they take, it was only natural that we wanted to give you the tools to capture some of their most spectacular moments from the coolest angles they could find.

At any point in a single-player game, you can pause the match and enter Photo Mode which will put you in a free camera around your AllStar. The controls are intuitive to use: you can move around the arena, move the camera up or down as well as picking that perfect angle with the analog sticks and adaptive triggers. To help you find the shot that works, you have the option to hide other objects in the frame such as other AllStars, nameplates, vehicles or certain visual effects so you can focus on the action without something getting in the way.

Once you’ve found your shot, you can tinker with more advanced features such as exposure, gamma, contrast or saturation. You can even apply a wide variety of filters to truly make the colours pop or find the stylised effect that really works for you! There’s actually a great deal of depth to our Photo Mode with loads of different settings and features for you to explore, such as focus, aperture, arena lighting and plenty more!

As a final step, you can choose to add a frame to your photo along with a huge array of stickers to add that finishing touch. We’ve got frames and stickers inspired by all of our 17 AllStars as well as a whole host of other options to choose from. Using the social features built directly into the PS5 console, you can share your images straight to social media! We’d love to see what you can create with this amazing new feature so be sure to tag your creations with the official Destruction AllStars Twitter account @PlayDestruction! We might be running a few Photo Mode competitions for our community in the near future, so watch this space!

To help get you started, our team has been using Photo Mode for a few weeks now and we wanted to show you some examples of what the feature was capable of!

Play at Home with Destruction Allstars 

As announced earlier this week, Destruction AllStars is taking part in the PlayStation Play at Home initiative! We’re giving players the chance to claim 1,000 Destruction Points for Destruction AllStars at no additional cost‡. Just head to the PlayStation Store to redeem the points**. You could use your points to unlock the premium tier of the AllStar Pass and start earning some cool skins, emotes and other cosmetics. Or perhaps you can use your points on some of our awesome Story Mode’s, including Ratu’s which is out today! There’s plenty of choice with more on the way!

*Premium tier of AllStar Pass requires Destruction Points to unlock. Destruction Points are available as a separate paid-for purchase.
‡ Offer not available in China or Japan.
**Redemption of Destruction Points for Destruction AllStars requires access to the full game. Full game is available as a separate paid-for purchase. Available for free via PlayStation Store until before June 6 23:59 PDT. Your Destruction Points will be awarded in-game when you next log in to the game with an active Internet connection. Online play and multiplayer mode requires internet connection and PS Plus subscription; fees recur until cancelled. Age restrictions apply. Full terms:

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