Two new DualSense wireless controller colors hit shelves starting next month

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Two new DualSense wireless controller colors hit shelves starting next month

Get ready for Midnight Black and Cosmic Red.

Since the launch of the PS5 console last November, we’ve been delighted to hear all the amazing feedback and experiences about the DualSense wireless controller from the PlayStation community.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce two new colors that will be joining the DualSense controller lineup starting next month: Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. Midnight Black features two subtly different shades of black with light grey detailing to reflect how we view space through the night sky, and Cosmic Red offers a striking black and red design inspired by the unique vivid shades of red found throughout the cosmos.

Two new DualSense wireless controller colors hit shelves starting next month

This new lineup of colors will be available at participating retailers globally starting next month. The exact date will vary by location, so check your local retailers for availability. Click here for more information about the new colors.


The DualSense controller marked a radical departure from our previous controllers by delivering innovative features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers*. The features weren’t the only noticeable transformation – the bold, two-toned color choice was also a significant pivot from our previous controllers. As this marks the first release of new colors for the DualSense controller, we asked Leo Cardoso and Satoshi Aoyagi from our design team to share some additional insights about the color choice and selection process:

“Our goal is to always find designs that will surprise and entice our fans, and these new colors are the result of an extensive selection process. We wanted the new controller colors to complement each other, as well as the original DualSense wireless controller and PS5 console, so we designed the colors around the theme of ‘galaxy’ as it felt like a natural progression from the original PS5 and accessories designs.”

– Leo Cardoso

“Both Midnight Black and Cosmic Red feature a subtle blue hue, that produces unique shades of red and black. A blue hue is also present in the original DualSense wireless controller colors, so all three colors complement each other nicely. The controller’s button colors and detailing has been tailored to complement the new colors as well.

We hope these new additions will bring further joy and excitement to our fans’ gaming experience.

– Satoshi Aoyagi


Lastly, in celebration of today’s DualSense controller announcement, we’re excited to share some insight on how developers are taking advantage of the controller’s unique features. Keep your eyes peeled on PlayStation.Blog today for a deep dive into Returnal’s robust haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support, as well as insights from other teams hard at work on new PS5 titles.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the new colors and head to to find out more!

More on today’s DualSense controller updates

*Available in games that support these features

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  • That all black duel sense is beautiful.. cant wait to get one.. do I really need 3 controllers though :)

  • Would like a red but I lack a PS5 to pair with it. Also Subtle Blue Hue? Is this talking about the blue LED or do all the colors lean towards blue a bit?

  • That black controller would have been perfect if it has the classic PlayStation symbol colours.

  • How about an all-black console to go along with that controller?

  • Will these new color controllers have the small distinctive PS icons on the back as texture like the white one?

  • I really hope a gold one comes

  • I would really like a return to the colored buttons and a colored PS logo button

    • origamikiller614

      Hopefully we’ll get a PS1 or PS2 anniversary controller or something. Maybe a range of limited edition controllers inspired by the colour schemes of the past PlayStations for the next anniversary milestone.

  • I’d be more excited for new colors if I could actually get ahold of the console.

  • Metalíceme blue next?
    How about one honoring the ps2 color scheme?

  • Those are really nice. Hopefully the drifting issue is fixed. Both of my white controllers are drifting. The first one on the right stick and the second one on the left stick :(

  • I’d love the red one, but since I don’t have a PS5…oh well. Maybe next year in time for the inevitable redesign.

  • THANK YOU FOR MAKING A BLACK CONTROLLER I can’t wait to use it playing my PS5 game

  • Finally a black version but can we also get the colored buttons back? I miss my pink square, red circle, blue x and green triangle.

  • Cosmic Red preorder placed! Now get me those Cosmic Red plates!

  • Now give us the same black and red for PS5 covers which are easy to replace but I’d prefer original colors with sacred symbols.

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    These controllers look amazing!!! I dont know which to buy if i get a PS5 eventually. 😊

  • Wow! Midnight Black looks nice.


    What a game!

  • These two colors are such incredible design, I Freaking needs both of them!

  • DualShock 5
    Negro y rojo

  • Love both colours… but I am waiting for an all black PS5 and controller SKU.

    The waiting is made easier with the fact that getting the current black and white SKU is not exactly easy.

  • When can we get paddle buttons???

  • Nice 😍😍😍😍😍


    Can we get a Midnight Red or Black Console one day? Colored consoles isn’t that hard and there was a billion colors for N64 and PS2.

  • Soooo…should we assume controller drift will still be an issue for these controllers or nah?

    • Never experienced this but my adaptive trigger spring broke after 34 hours of use. Have to pay for shipping for warranty replace. Better have figured something out. YouTube DualSense trigger and you’ll see thousands of videos with 100’s of thousands of views

    • Jilinder, that’s the thing about these gimmicks and features, the more they put in, the more of it that can break down…

    • My thoughts exactly. The controller I got with the console at the end of last year is crippled with drift.

      Until I see a new controller that specifically mentions fixing drift, I’m not buying any of them.

  • I hope Sony realizes the midnight black DualSense is going to sell a lot more than the cosmic red. It better have 1000% more stocks then the original white and cosmic red.

  • Cosmic Red looking incredible! I’m used to the contrast by now, so the all-black one feels a little boring lol. Please bring the “metal black” color scheme back for the Dualsense.
    And please tell devs to make use of the gyroscope*! Haptics have been producing some neat uses, but it feels like devs don’t even know the DS has gyro.
    * as an option, not all people like gyro aiming and we gotta respect that, just like we’re able to disable haptics.

  • Love the look of both of them. Please make a Blue one next PlayStation

  • Glad to see new controller colors finally coming out. Probably the only gripe I would give is why these weren’t available at the beginning of the console, or at least the solid black one.

  • Can we get one with underbuttons please?!

  • so beautiful I hope a blue one comes in the future

  • Midnight Black looking good. I like the uniformity of having everything in the same color (I half expect they did the two-tone to make it look less bulky), even the facebuttons. Iconic as the facebuttons are, I never understood why they’d have the pink with the similar red in place already. I’m fine with the shapes without colors, has a more mature look.

  • gamma_radiat1on

    I’m still trying to get a console. Forget a controller. Red look dope though

  • Really hope the springs have been strengthened or something has been addressed about the adaptive triggers breaking after minimal use.

  • The fact I was actually thinking about buying a new controller today before even seeing this post. Guess I’ll wait a month though

  • watchdabirdieuk

    Really don’t care about new cosmetic colours of controllers myself. Sony really need to get their priorities right. I’m fed up of having to constantly delete or move PS5 games in order to play new titles. They need to announce compatible NVME drives really soon

    • They will and it will be like vita memory where only the ones they pick will work and cost almost twice the price

  • That black dual sense looks brilliant. Sony, all we need is an all-black PS5 console for those that prefer their tech to fit seamlessly.

  • They look nice… now please make a controller with back buttons or a back button attachment your next endeavor!!!

  • I would love a Pink controller if they’re really trying to entice people.

  • The black looks amazing! Definitely copping that one.

  • It would be great if they made matching plates for the ps5 to go with these… here’s to hoping :P

  • Ohhh, finally. I ‘ve already preordered that black one! And I sorely miss BACK BUTTON ATTACHEMENT too (or integrated “profi” version of the controller, that would be super nice).

    Since we are already speaking about colors: Please, allow us to buy original PS5 side panels in matte black color. And some game-special versions would be nice too. ;-)
    It’s not only a look – that white is not practical at all. I have my PS5 laying horizontally under my TV and that white side panel of the top mirrors light from my TV screen in the night – breaking the immersion. I’m really not fan of it, I covered it – yet I would prefer to actually buy an original black panel. Thanks.

  • Red….Redddddddd!

  • We need a Blue Sony. Or even better a Translucent Blue!

  • Well If I could find a PS5 at retail when these come out I’ll get both.

  • If they start selling official plates, I might get the red one. Love a dark red.

  • I dearly LOVE the look of that red controller. I already have two, so I really don’t need a third, but… but…

  • Thats slick! But I want my console to he the same as my controller so, how about some official face plates to go with em.

  • Why arent the buttons colored? The controllers look cool but still…

  • Cool! If we’re going with a Galaxy theme, I want a Purple controller for once! Lol

    • There was an “Electric Purple” Dualshock 4 that came out in 2019, so it does happen! 😁

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