PlayStation Store to discontinue movie and TV purchases and rentals

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PlayStation Store to discontinue movie and TV purchases and rentals

Details on upcoming changes to on-demand purchases.

At SIE, we strive to provide the best entertainment experience for PlayStation fans, and that means evolving our offerings as customer needs change. We’ve seen tremendous growth from PlayStation fans using subscription-based and ad-based entertainment streaming services on our consoles. With this shift in customer behavior, we have decided to no longer offer movie and TV purchases and rentals through PlayStation Store as of August 31, 2021.  

When this change takes effect, users can still access movie and TV content they have purchased through PlayStation Store for on-demand playback on their PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. We thank our fans for their continued support, and we look forward to further enhancing the entertainment experience on PlayStation.

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  • and have you all noticed Sony has not responded to anything we have said here they don’t care about their gamers or console users it’s all about the money for them and WE GET SCREWED EVERYTIME PERIOD!!!

  • stevehatesyouall

    I think it’s really stupid to get rid of purchasing movies and tv it’s the only reason I still have my ps4 I don’t play the games anymore if u do get rid of movies I will not buy a ps5

  • This is lame, It feels like PlayStation is getting rid of all the good stuff. Not being able to like and or comment on other players achievements, not being able to post, the whole What’s New app is gone, now this. I also heard they’re getting rid of communities too…sigh*…😔

  • like no one has used this service, no wonder its being discontinued

  • I almost pulled the trigger on PSN movies/TV shows but when I found out iTunes movies is still around. I went over there and it offers 4K Dolby Atmos… currently I have The Crow (1080), Platoon (4k), Django Unchained (1080) and Terminator 2 (4k) all of which I got for $5 and you can download to your PC or iPhone/iPad though downloads are limited to 1080p with HDR possible in some cases…4K is streaming only but I’m cool with it…4K files would take up too much space…1080p on the go not bad at all….plus on top of this you also get iTunes extras which are special features, director commentary and other stuff…so my take give iTunes movies a chance it may win you over though no Android app…so if you don’t have a iPhone/iPad/Mac the only other options are PC with iTunes, Smart TV with Apple TV app or console with Apple TV app ( I checked yes on ps4/ps5 with the Apple TV app…movie/TV show purchases show up)

  • That is sad and a shame. I was really looking forward to build up my movie collection constantly over my Sony PlayStation account. And most of all, have access constantly to content I willingly pay for or purchase via the store and have it in the library. Old and new.

    This is a step back fro Sony. And is too bad it follows ludicrous trends like Netflix, Disney(Businey) plus, Apple TV and other things do, shifting all the time the movies and TV shows and not allowing them to be owned and accessed constantly.

    Worst of all, is horrible if they come up with the same stupid idea to make the content available region wise, on their future take on bringing up something new that is more likely in this sense.

    Good job Sony, you are doing a great effort in ruining one of the best things that what was good about the PlayStation store. 👍

  • Please more action couch coop for ps5

  • Have been looking forward to this happening. Mainly because the Movie/TV items really polluted the PlayStation Store’s Search Results. Sincerely hoping that this change means that the PS Store will become more responsive, less sluggish, and crash less often. Hate to say it but the PS Store crashes quite often and is quite slow on the PS4, and has been like that for years. This happened at the end of the PS3 life cycle as well. Let the gaming begin!

  • Why offer movies when you already have numerous anime options in-house?

  • What a disappointment! I backed up Sony when they did blue ray, believing in something that would be here forever beating the HD DVD. I believed Sony was a company that I could put my money in and it would deliver. I put money on PS Vue and you failed me and now all the hundreds of movies I purchased in your store will be on a platform that’s becoming absolute? I trusted that buy purchasing in your PSN store I would always have them in all the PlayStation that I would continue buying. I thought putting money in Sony was a sure bet, now I know it’s not. Now I feel I should buy the disc game copies just in case you pull another stunt like this. Maybe for movies I need to trust a bigger company like Amazon, I never thought of them at the same level as you guys but it seems they are here to stay and you guys are not. I regret now purchasing all my movies through you guys when I should of just gone to Amazon instead. Sorry to say but the loyalty I have for you guys has shattered. You let me down Sony.

  • If I purchase a movie through the PlayStation Store, do I have an option to download it or is it Streaming?

  • If you’re removing the commerce feature from your platform, you should at the very least give people who have invested into it the option to get their movies out of it, by means of offering them blu-ray discs or dvd’s instead of sticking them in a digital platform that lacks feature parity.

    When the communal investment in to buying and renting movies ends, the PS Video app will likely no longer receive updates either. Will that too be grandfathered for a more modern digital streaming platform that has a monthly fee?

  • Don’t think this is a good move I still like to go purchase a movie or rent one. Disappointed to hear this. Regarding the subscriptions, I purchased 12 months subscription to PlayStation now that included a £15 wallet top up this morning and still yet to receive the funds in the wallet. Doesn’t look like you guys are heading in the right direction, hope you’s reconsider .

  • That is such a dumb move. I mean why? How are you supposed buy movies? No blockbuster, no fye, now you can’t even buy digitally. So stupid!

  • Why is sony taking away everything from PlayStation they must want Microsoft to win! Goodbye playstation! Hello Xbox!

  • Ah, I finally got around to pulling up a link to this direct source. Mention of this has been nearly ubiquitously lumped in with reporting of much more immanently approaching service-feature discontinuations. I’m still curious as to the projected sustainability of the direct video streaming feature and hosted (purchased) content, beyond the discontinuation of the purchase/store features. one of the things that Sony was very active in advancing with the advent of the Blue Ray Disc media, was downloadable digital copies (single, and specifically coded to correspond with the purchased “hard media” as a personal, individualized “soft” back-up, or file readily available for immediate playback). I had suspected that something along the lines of that schema might be made available after the the discontinuation of the service-feature on consoles, but at present it is only indicated that a legacy video streaming and hosting service will continue to be extended indefinitely for past purchases. It is only a matter of curiosity, more than a concern, as I am not substantially invested in the service (a mere few movies, which can be replaced by purchases of used discs fairly easily, should the arrangements become too awkward).

  • Not pleased about this, the timing is bad, as many of us are fed up with the streaming services and their curation of sub-par content that sacrifices art and story telling for themes and to appease the demands of Twitter trolls – a reliable place to purchase digital content seems really attractive right now – too bad, guess I’ll have to buy physical media (might have to, since this also seems like a pre-cursor to removing access to the content we’ve already purchased.

  • Please bring back the ability to buy and rent movies etc. In the ps store on ps5! I loved having all my movies in one place and enjoyed the ps interface.

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