Next on Destruction AllStars: Featured Playlists, Challenge Series, and more

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Next on Destruction AllStars: Featured Playlists, Challenge Series, and more

Lucid Games details the future content for its car-based multiplayer battler

Hey everyone, it’s been three weeks since we launched Destruction AllStars on PlayStation Plus* and it’s been an amazing experience for us to see the community playing the game for the first time, and quickly starting to learn the ropes. On behalf of Lucid Games, I’d like to thank everyone who has played the game so far and for all the kind words and support on social media!

We’re excited to gather your feedback about the game and respond to it asap. We’ve already released a couple of patches in direct response to community feedback on our in-game voice comms, earning AllStar Coins and a few crash fixes. Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions, it all makes for fantastic reading and consideration – please keep it coming!

Future content

We’ve got a lot in store for all Destruction AllStars players as we move further into 2021. Some of this is kicking off next week with the addition of Mayhem 8v8 as a featured playlist. This is in direct response to community feedback, with plenty more on the way. We wanted to give you an early look at what you can expect over the next few months, along with a hint at our long term plans.


  • Double XP Weekend
  • Genesis’ Challenge Series


  • Featured Playlist: Mayhem 8v8 (Playable in a party!**)
  • Featured Playlist: Stockpile 4v4
  • Double XP Weekends
  • Bluefang’s Challenge Series
  • 10 New Skins


  • Featured Playlist: Carnado Solo
  • Double XP Weekends
  • A few more surprises…

We feel that double XP weekends are rather self explanatory, whilst featured playlists are our way of mixing up the playlist offerings for a week or two as we try something new. As with next week’s playlist, Mayhem 8v8, we’ll be using featured playlists as a way to mix up the core game modes. As we move closer towards April, we’ll be back to share more about what you can expect from regular content drops in Destruction AllStars.

Challenges Series

Back in the Destruction AllStars State of Play, we briefly touched on the Challenge Series and currencies you can earn during your AllStar career. We wanted to take the opportunity to do a deeper dive into this topic.

Challenges Series are single-player experiences based around an AllStar and their Rival. It features cinematics at the start and the end in which you get to know a little bit more about your AllStars’ interpersonal relationships, and rivalries. Each event has additional challenges on top of their win conditions, giving you reasons to go back and play again for extra rewards. 

Challenge Series offers players the ability to earn valuable skins and cosmetics for the featured AllStars. These items are exclusive to our Challenge Series, with some of them being on par with epic skins available in our backstage area.

Along with some of our four core game modes, our Challenge Series contain some unique game modes for players to experience:

Crash Course: The ultimate time trial. Pass through gates in your vehicle or on foot, collecting time canisters along the way if you can to give yourself a time boost. See if you can get to the finish gate in time. Be aware though, your Rival and their team may make an appearance to try and wreck you before you can reach the finish line.

Break Time: Smash all the Score Crates in the allotted time to win. You can smash them on foot or in any vehicle. Watch out for hazards in the arena that can slow you down though.

Transporter: Think of it like an AllStar taxi service. Jump into a vehicle and pick up a passenger. Get them to their destination to drop them off and quickly grab another. If you drop off enough passengers before the time runs out you win. However, with hazards in the arena and your Rival and their team out to get you, your passenger will get the ride of their life. Top tip: Use the slam mechanic to give yourself a speed boost or avoid incoming attacks.

Skirmish: You and your Rival are in a race to smash as many vehicles as possible. Whoever smashes the most wins. No draws here, you have to get more than your rival to win. A couple of top tips: Smashing your rival can earn you double points… just remember, they know smashing you will get them double points too! You should make sure to call in your hero vehicle ASAP to get an early lead on your Rival.

Showdown: This is it. Your rival has been popping up through the series to put a spanner in the works. Now it’s just you and them. Well… almost. First you need to wreck your Rival’s team mates. When you do, then it’s down to one on one, Hero vehicle Vs Hero vehicle, on foot Vs on foot, whatever you do, or however you do it, just wreck them to win.

You can grab Ultimo Barricado’s Challenges Series at no additional cost right now. It can be claimed from the Challenge Series menu.

AllStar Coins and Destruction Points

In Destruction AllStars, we have two different currencies that players can earn during their time in the game: AllStar Coins and Destruction Points.

AllStar Coins is a currency that players can earn by playing multiplayer matches online** and increasing your AllStar Level or by completing Weekly Challenges.

Destruction Points is our premium currency and can currently be purchased from the PlayStation Store, but you will be able to earn this currency through in-game activities soon

AllStar Coins can be spent on cosmetic items for each AllStars and player profiles in the backstage area. There’s a wide variety of ways to express your personality through different skins, emotes and voice lines for your AllStars as well as different banners for your player profile. 

None of these items offer any gameplay advantage whatsoever, they’re just for personal expression.

Destruction Points can also be used in the backstage area to purchase some cosmetic items, with most items available for either Destruction Points or AllStar Coins. The choice is up to you.

Destruction Points can also be used to purchase our Challenges Series. When you complete these challenges you also get to unlock exclusive cosmetic content for that Challenge Series. These series cost 400 Destruction Points, and you can get Lupita’s for a special reduced price of 200 Destruction Points to get you started. 

New Challenge Series will be continuously dropped throughout the year for you to have exciting new content to play and cosmetics to earn.  

Staying connected

The team at Lucid have been engaging with our community via the Lucid Games Twitter account and its been fantastic to see all of your wrecks, evades, and everything in between! We recognise the power of social media in bringing our community together and keeping you informed on that state of the game as well as celebrating all the awesome stuff you get up to in the arena.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the official Destruction AllStars Twitter account!

Be sure to give it a follow if you want to stay up to date on everything relating to the game and tag us in anything you feel like sharing! We’ve already seen some amazing examples of fan art, stream clips along with suggestions from the community and we can’t wait to see what else you’ll share with us.

Digital distribution

As we’ve shifted the launch of Destruction AllStars into PlayStation Plus, we’re doing the same with the price. We’re thrilled to announce that Destruction AllStars will be available for digital purchase from April 6th for $19.99 / CDN$29.99 / €19.99. This is a great value, and helps ensure the mayhem will continue long after our PlayStation Plus promotion comes to an end. Of course if you’ve already added the game to your library, it’s yours to keep as long as you’re an active PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Once again, we just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s been playing the game, sharing their clips and asking what’s coming next in Destruction AllStars. We’ve got plenty in store for you and we can’t wait to share more about it soon!

See you in the arena!

*Access to game at launch is only available with a PlayStation Plus subscription (sold separately) until April 5, 2021. Internet connection required.

**Online multiplayer requires PlayStation Plus subscription and internet connection.

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  • Putting the game out for $20 after it leaves PS+ is the right move. Idk who at PlayStation ever thought it was a good idea to even consider a $70 price tag for this game.

    • I agree. The game is fun, but just like Overwatch or Fortnite, it is completely dependent on an online community. And at full price, it is really hard for those types of multiplayer-focused titles to thrive and break-into the market. Releasing on PS+ from the get-go was a smart move, hopefully getting a sizeable amount of people already on board, and continuing on at $20 is smart for having a low barrier to entry to attracting more new players.

    • You can also say the same about Returnal. Housemarque is among my favorite developers, and as a massive roguelike fan I’m extremely excited for this game and will happily pay the asking price. However, I know a $70 price tag will negatively impact the perception and the reviews to a degree. It happened with Destruction All-Stars even though it ironically will end up one of the best values this gen by releasing free for two months and $20 afterwards.

      Unfortunately the damage is already done with mentions of a $70 price in reviews and the lofty expectations of a mega AAA, next gen title. I’ve had numerous debates with ppl who praise Rocket League or Fall Guys for their modest price tag (before RL went f2p) while denigrating All-Stars for being a $70 game. When I would praise the production value/visuals etc of All-Stars over the likes of Rocket League and Fall Guys I was told this was unfair and ofc a $70 game would look better than an indie/$20 game.

      Now, those arguments will quietly fade away and ppl will point to the staggering difference in Metacritic score to hold up their end. A Metacritic score largely shaped by the expectations of a contentious next gen price tag.

      Who knows, maybe the price complaints helped facilitate a more favorable $20 price, but can we please stop destroying a game for a price that was never inacted? The first comment in what should be an extremely positive article continues the price point assault while attempting to balance it with a backhanded compliment. Let’s just appreciate a company’s ability to listen and instead root for a game making favorable changes. Leave the negative bs at the door.

    • The game has more problems than just the fact that it was going to be $70. The reviews point these problems out. Lack of content, no real incentives to play it, weird design decisions like no music during matches, etc. Stop trying to act like the game got the scores it did just because of the original price.

  • I’d love to be playing this but I don’t have a PS5.

  • The game had a bumpy start, but all of these are GREAT steps forward. I want this game to keep going, but that’s going to require more content & more players. Luckily (as we see in this post) more content is coming, which will keep the community alive. And the reduced price is honestly the best part of this whole post. Whenever I can snag a PS5, Destruction AllStars is definitely going to be a must play.

  • Destruction All-Stars is a blast and I’m thrilled to see it no longer weighed down with the expectations of a gargantuan price tag.

    I’m glad Lucid will continue supporting and improving the game because it’s extremely fun and quite honestly a quiet showcase for the DualSense and Tempest engine.

    My biggest takeaway is that premium currency will soon be earnable in-game. That’s huge. Also, the game will be $20 instead of $70.

  • So I guess physical distribution is no longer being considered? Disappointed but oh well. $20 is great and frankly, it’d be great for every multiplayer to be a lower point of entry since they all rely on an active community.

  • Oh Sony. How many times can you miss the mark. People cannot even buy the console and you are talking about charging for this absolute asinine mess of a game.

    Whoever green lit this game might have thought it was a good idea, but I guess that was the point they left because the game is trash. Destruction Derby that is a car crashing game and 100% more fun than this and it is 25 years old!

    • This game is actually pretty fun (As I have it and played it a good while). I don’t know what you are smoking on. It’s just not worth $70 as it’s got no real progression system or actual cosmetics. It’s a pretty good Pick up and Play, short sessions kind of game..

    • Dude calm down. If you have PS+ log onto the webstore or app and claim the game while it’s free. You can do that even if you don’t have a PS5. $20 is fair for the game anyway.

  • This game makes sense at $20 because there’s not much in terms of progression or incentive after you’ve played for a few hours. Actual cosmetics would be nice, like jackets, hairstyles/helmets, etc for the people and Spoilers or different rims or something for the cars. Skin changes don’t really do anything for anyone. I like that more playlists are being added but it that means others are getting switched out (like free-for-all Mayhem), I don’t like that. Giving people options is always nice.

    The Challenge Series is a cool idea for people to look forward to monthly, but All they’re really getting for paying is like 2 30-seconds cutscenes. Not really going to get to know the characters much in that time. Having more throughout each characters challenge series or before and/or after each event in one would be more appealing. If you really want to stick to this “Hero” thing after all. Options for Mute-All be default to the lobby would be nice. Though I guess most people don’t know you just hit the PS button and Square to Mute the Lobby chat as well.

    Other than that stuff, I Don’t like how a bunch of the trophies are entirely luck based. That REALLY sucks. It’s a fun game, but I kinda stopped playing it after the first week and my friends don’t have PS5’s like me yet to play with me. Double XP weekends don’t mean much when there’s no goal of stuff to unlock to look forward to.

    • Am I the only one who thinks it’s really backwards to have the Dual Sense’s microphone on by default? And I don’t mean just in the menus, but having the actual light on when the microphone is OFF and the other way around? Oo

    • Basically it should be off by default with the light off, and when you decide to turn it on, the light should be on.
      Also, the green light of the microphone is really ugly lol, doesn’t mix with the rest of the colors, so I usually leave the microphone on despite never using it :p

  • They need to add a racing mode in this game.

  • Yeah I really do think they course corrected in time for this one. I think the $20 release will be a good way to keep the population healthy enough.

    It’s a fun game, and I’ve been playing it every so often consistently since its PS+ launch. Would love to see private matches come to the game, because it just seems like one of those games that would be great to shoot the breeze with friends as you crash into each other.

  • There is fun to be had in the game, but it is too often hampered by issues related to luck. I’ve often found myself with nobody to hit, driving around looking for an opponent. Sometimes players are grouped in the middle, sometimes on the far end of the arena, leaving me in a rush to get in a hit before they all wreck one another or move on.
    Similarly I have found myself on foot with no available cars around. Worse are times where that happens, and new vehicles spawn too far away for me to climb into; but next to another on foot player.
    On foot breakers are largely dependent on other players being nearby to gain the most benefit. Not exclusively, but primarily. I main as Muna, and enjoy seeing my points fly up when I activate her Breaker around the center ring of Tokyo; but it’s not as though i can plan on a bunch of other players slamming into spring traps. I just have to hope that more come barrelling around corners to achieve the maximum result.

    There are issues that can be fixed with updates, but from my experience the above cannot. Those are ground level issues that would basically require a new game. Development of skill has certainly resulted in my generally finishing in the top five, but that skill has a ceiling as luck is too strong a component for victory. This results in the worst problem, in my opinion: because the game is so luck based, it robs my first place finishes of meaning. Sure, I came in first; but it’s often because I just happened into an advantageous situation rather than some sort of executed plan. I don’t ever feel particularly good about those victories because ANYBODY could have run into the same situation. They just weren’t so lucky that time.

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