Your first look at Destruction AllStars’ game modes

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Your first look at Destruction AllStars’ game modes

Battle it out in the arena solo or in teams in this competitive PS5 multiplayer title when it launches next year.

Following last week’s news, we wanted to share more with you about the game itself, so let’s talk about what you can expect when you download your copy from PlayStation Plus in February* next year with a breakdown of the game modes you can play solo, in a team with AI, or friends and rivals in online multiplayer.

Your first look at Destruction AllStars’ game modes


Mayhem plays like a classic deathmatch. Playable in solo and teams, deal damage and wreck as many opponents as you can in the time limit. The player with the highest score wins. It sounds familiar, but can you control the chaos by mastering the balance between vehicle and character action. 


Take what you learn in Mayhem and put it all on the line in Carnado. Playable in both solo and teams, it’s focused around risk and reward. Earn Gears (AllStars’ collectable in-game items) for damaging or wrecking competitors, which are automatically stored in your vehicle. Sacrifice your vehicle by driving into the Carnado to score points. Back on-foot, get a new vehicle or steal one from your opponents for a quick points boost. The more you wreck, the more Gears you earn. 


Stockpile is our take on capture and control. In this team based mode, wrecking or knocking out opponents will cause Gears to drop to the floor. Go on foot to collect the Gears and run through a gauntlet of vehicles to one of the three banks around the map. Stand on a bank to deposit Gears, and claim it for your team. This is a battle for bank ownership; the team with the most banks at the end of the game wins.


16 AllStars enter the arena, but only one will emerge victorious. In Gridfall, it’s about using all your skills to stay in the game as the arena falls away from beneath your wheels. Wreck your opponents off the edge of the map or find temporary safety in the platforms above. As players get wrecked or knocked out, they’ll trade a respawn to get back in the game. If you run out of respawns, you’re eliminated! The winner is the last AllStar standing.   

So that’s are game modes at launch, what else can you expect from Destruction AllStars at launch? 


Visit the Training area, complete the tutorial and practice with any of our 16 AllStars. 

Challenge Series 

Play Genesis’ “One Small Step” challenge Series and unlock exclusive Character and Player Cosmetics through a curated series of challenging events against the AI.  


Access an expanding wardrobe of cosmetics for AllStars and your player profile. Unlock  items when playing the Challenge Series and level up in Multiplayer to earn AllStar Coins that you’re free to spend on the items you want.    

But it doesn’t stop there…

The team will be closely monitoring community discussion and engaging with players to integrate player feedback through regular updates. We’ll also expand Destruction AllStars through future content drops, including Seasons, events and updates throughout 2021, including new game modes. Expect:  

  • New AllStars
  • New Challenge Series
  • New Features 

The team will be back to tell you details more about our future seasons at a later date. Until then, stay tuned for more AllStar action! 

*Access to game at launch only available with PlayStation Plus subscription (sold separately) for a limited time. Internet connection required. 

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  • I am honestly getting pretty excited for this game.

    • My excitement is so high. This is what I needed to see and read. The commentary was cheesy but the game mechanics and modes look fantastic.

      Hanging on the car while they try to shake you. The agility on foot. Unique abilities. Cosmetics. All four modes sound interesting. Can’t wait for February.

    • Yeah so am I

  • Looks like a good fun but these games are become gem 💎 when played with family and friends, so I hope split screen is on the horizon for Destruction All Stars

  • Sounds very interesting, but I thought there would be some gameplay shown when I read the title 😒

  • Looks alright. Now how about supporting 1440p output for those with gaming monitors!

  • “So that’s are game modes at launch”


  • Wow. Went from not interested to interested in one post.

    • It’s the exact opposite for me. The presentation in the trailer is so bad and there is nothing next gen looking about it either.

    • @ andrewsqual – Funny…and what game of PS5 shown so far is next-gen looking?

    • I’m really likevthe game I myself would have have pre ordered if this🧨🔥🔥🎖️🎖️🧨 was available@ launch .

      but that 2021 expansion of two in a yr gnna be $$$$$⁦☝️⁩( catch up Time) digital money all sony🤯

  • This sure sounds fun! I’m hoping we get a Twisted Metal crossover at some point!

  • It looks great but is there any news yet about refunds for those of us that pre-ordered the game and have had money charged from our accounts?

    I pre-ordered through the PSN website and so far have not received any info about when i get my £79.99 returned?

    Not desperate but it was stated in the previous article money would be returned so I would have expected some info by now!

    • Did you hear anything g yet?

    • You need to call whenever you ordered the bundle of games from and notify them of the issue with d💥a being free now by sony and you want that price refunded or the value of it for another game something!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I was a bit worried about the part out of the car, on foot, but stealing an opponent’s car does seem like fun.

  • This was one of the games I was gonna pre order if I got a ps5 glad its coming to plus.

  • Can we have an actual gameplay video? that was more of a cinematic gameplay trailer.

  • Finally!!!!! Some real gameplay to get excited about! I was going to buy the game anyway at 70 bucks, now it will be one of the biggest PS Plus exclusives around. Can’t wait until February!

  • I really hope stores keep getting PS5 in stock consistently after the holidays. So many amazing looking games a lot of us won’t get to enjoy until the spring if we’re lucky.

    • Same.

      Not that interested to extremely excited! This was exactly what we needed. Every single game mode sounds interesting. Death match, Carnado, and especially the capture the flag and last man standing (some might say Battle Royale).

      Capture the flag is intriguing because u need to get out of your vehicle to collect points from destructive actions. This makes u vulnerable. A similar risk reward to dog tag matches in competitive shooters.

      Gridfall is the last man standing mode. This is more akin to destruction derby with battle royale elements, but instead of the map just shrinking, the road literally falls into the earth like an earthquake/geological disaster. Much more interesting.

      I love what I see. Collision fx look superb and the agile of characters on foot is exciting. The character/car abilities add strategy. Seeing the character hanging onto the top of the car trying to get in while the driver is attempting to shake them. Truly awesome.

      Look, I’m an adult. I’m not into the fortnite style presentation or the esports skin. Not into battle royale typically, or the average multiplayer game. But I will say, this appears to be new and fun. I trust the former developers of Wipeout and I adored Destruction Derby on PS1. This looks to be a mix between Rocket League and Destruction Derby with the best parts of battle royale and hero shooters.

      I would buy it if it wasn’t free on PS+. Looks great.

  • i don’t want this game, i want twisted metal… sony, please listen to me. just give the license too the game studio that is currently making an new god of war game. (i don’t know the studio name but i’m pretty sure you know what i’m am talking about.) when they get done making that game, give them the twisted metal license… waiting for a new twisted metal game is like waiting for a very slow animal too cross the road.

    • Don’t wait then,use your common sense…the Twisted Metal for PS3 didn’t do good,why do you think Sony would ever bring back a game like Twisted Metal?…it makes no sense.BTW game is nice but it was their fault that it was a flop,game has too few content,they bet all their money on the online and look where that got them.

    • Sony / santa Monica studios I agree with @Zombie_DA_kill19

      This game does give me twisted metal fort night vibes

      But the modes are awesome

    • Yup twisted metal takes me back when I first got my PlayStation good old times

  • Ps5 Heaven £ 1000 ……… 2021 Waddesdon manor

  • Ps5 £ 69 dualsense £ games 65

  • Me love PlayStation 5 good games new

  • 2021 god of war

  • I want this game soo Hard I can’t wait, I am sooo Hyped, but please don’t disappoint me.

  • Hmm…disappointed that the game is exactly what I feared it would be,focused on online stuff and online modes.I didn’t know it’s coming to Plus in february that’s cool but the thing is…such a waste of potential game has a great design,ideas and nice characters.Y’all could’ve made a story mode where you play with each character and learn about their story and motive to be in this competition,would give more life to the game.

    Still seems fun so hope for at least split-screen with bots.

    • No it’s available at launch Feb..21 is when the new stuff and add-on probably go into affect with some kind of special addition exclusive for sale

  • Man this game is gonna be a blast even the ps5 thank you Sony.

  • Lawd I took over shaddowreepr84 page this is

    🤯petti beddi 👻coming @ ya

    Maybe If you guys would have given us this information before had it probably would have had more pre-orders.💥😹😹😹what was on ya mind 😆😆😆you are called PlayStation for God sakes ⁦☝️⁩⁦☝️⁩⁦☝️⁩⁦☝️⁩hold up don’t get me wrong 😜 I’ll take free I have ps+ ( with all these features++++)


    HERE TAKE A FREE GAME ON US “sorry about the pre order mess” while you at it here’s bugsnax for ps+ for ps5 owners for Nov too 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
    Well ty 😊🤣😅😹😹😹

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