PlayStation developers’ most anticipated games of 2021 and beyond

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PlayStation developers’ most anticipated games of 2021 and beyond

SIE Worldwide Studios, Ubisoft, Sega, Sumo Digital and more weigh in.

We’re halfway through the second month of 2021. And even while we continue to mop up side-quests and collectables, lose ourselves in multiplayer matches or battle our way to the endings of our most recent wave of games, we already have one eye on what titles are coming over the horizon for PlayStation in the months and years ahead. And who better to ask what’s exciting them the most than the creatives behind the very games we’ve been enjoying over the past year? Here are the upcoming PlayStation games that leading voices of the gaming industry can’t wait to play*.  


PlayStation developers’ most anticipated games of 2021 and beyond

As chosen by… 

“Deathloop seems like a game that has an original concept and gameplay, very well tailored artistic direction and fast paced action. On top of that it’s made by a french studio!” 

Cyrille Imbert, Executive Producer, Dotemu – Streets of Rage 4 

“It looks like a title with a great sense of style. I’m a big fan of the 70s retro aesthetic. And it’s going to be fascinating to see how the game blends competitive multiplayer with a story-driven campaign.” 

Ned Waterhouse, Designer Sumo Digital – Sackboy: A Big Adventure  

“Dishonored is one of my favourite games of the last decade, and because of Dishonored, I now trust Arkane Studios with my life. Everything I have seen of Deathloop so far has made me excited to play it, from the combat to the style to the pace to the central conceit. I’m in.” 

Anthony Pepper, Senior Designer, Mediatonic Game – Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout  

“Deathloop really intrigues me. I love the over-the-top action and funky 60’s/70’s tone of it all.  I don’t quite know how it all fits together with all the time looping and the dual protagonists, but I’m also excited by that unknown quality at this point.  It seems really unique. Pair that with the always distinct and creative first-person action that Arkane is known for delivering and I am onboard.” 

Louis Studdert, Producer, Toys for Bob – Crash Bandicoot 4 

“Deathloop! A big fan of Dishonored. Won’t say no to more stealth + superpowers.”

Jason Chuang – Senior Product Marketing Manager, miHoYo – Genshin Impact

“It looks like such a cool premise, and I love the style. The timeloop genre is so hot right now, and I’m excited to see the Dishonored team have a crack at it. I’m always excited to learn more about that game with every trailer, it could really be something special!” 

Kurt Margenau, Co-Game Director, Naughty Dog – The Last of Us Part II

Elden Ring

PlayStation developers’ most anticipated games of 2021 and beyond

As chosen by…

“I don’t think people realize just how poised for greatness FromSoftware is with their next title. Since the original Demon’s Souls launched a decade ago, this prolific Japanese studio continues to hone its craft while consistently innovating along the way, and now stands as one of the most important game developers in the world. Although we all know little about Elden Ring, I have a hunch that FromSoftware is preparing something extremely special, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.”

Ryan Payton, Director, Camouflaj – Marvel’s Iron Man VR

The next God of War

As chosen by…

“I need to know what happens in the saga of Kratos and Boy. It’s rare that I finish a game and still feel excited by the prospect of more, but that’s God of War 2018 for me. There are so many worlds left to visit, so many mythological beings to axe, so many grumbly dad jokes to tell! I don’t know when exactly that’ll be, but I’m vibrating in anticipation of finding out.”

Kevin Zuhn, Creative Director, Young Horses – Bugsnax

“It’s not an easy task to reinvent a beloved franchise like God of War, and the 2018 game exceeded expectations, delivering a personal story about father and son, a stunning world and incredible mechanics. I can’t wait to see how the characters grow and how they build on the amazing foundation of the first game with the power of PS5.”

Brian Horton, Creative Director, Insomniac Games – Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

“Playing God of War in 2018 was a great experience for me. That series has always had amazing action and combat, but the emotional depth Santa Monica brought to Kratos’ story as a father was very memorable – especially since my son was only a little bit older than Atreus when I played it. So to see and hear the reaction to that tiny glimpse we unveiled at the PlayStation Showcase last September was very exciting. I can’t wait for people to see what Santa Monica is making.” 

Hermen Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios 

Gran Turismo 7 

PlayStation developers’ most anticipated games of 2021 and beyond

As chosen by… 

“Racing games are always the easiest way for players to feel the true capabilities of next generation gaming. I’m extremely excited to see what next generation experiences this title will offer. Hurry up and release it already!”  

Hideaki Itsuno, Director, Capcom – Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition 

Horizon Forbidden West

PlayStation developers’ most anticipated games of 2021 and beyond

As chosen by… 

 “I loved Horizon Zero Dawn and I can’t wait to see how the team at Guerrilla evolve such a masterpiece.” 

Shaun Escayg, Creative Director, Crystal Dynamics – Marvel’s Avengers

“As the announcement trailer for Horizon Forbidden West was really stunning (and featured underwater scenes, which all devs dread), I am looking forward to seeing how much this sequel pushes the series forward on PS5!” 

Fumihiko Yasuda, Producer, Team Ninja – Nioh 2

“Horizon Zero Dawn was such an inspirational game to play because Guerrilla created a complex and beautiful new IP.  That’s tough to do and they made it look easy. I loved Aloy’s journey in Horizon Zero Dawn and now that I have my PS5, I can’t wait to jump back into that well-crafted world.” 

Jason Connell, Creative Director & Art Director, Sucker Punch – Ghost of Tsushima 

“I fell in love with Horizon Zero Dawn last year (I had a huge backlog of games during the production of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla) and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next. “  

Benoit Richer, Co-Dev Game Director, Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 

“I can’t wait to get back to that universe and see where Guerrilla is going to take this franchise. What i’ve seen so far looks amazing and my expectations are really high.” 

Rafael Grassetti, Art Director, Santa Monica Studio – God of War  

“Horizon Zero Dawn, the first game of the franchise, left a huge impression on me as a game creator. I was taken by the deep immersive experience provided by the unbelievable graphics as well as the unique world I found myself in, a future where civilization has collapsed. 

“In the sense that the next title is expected to evolve even further, Final Fantasy VII Remake, which I’m in charge of is expected to do so the same way. For that I have a personal affinity for Horizon (laughs). As a fan, I’m very much looking forward to Horizon: Forbidden West.”

Naoki Hamaguchi, Director, Square Enix – Final Fantasy VII Remake

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

PlayStation developers’ most anticipated games of 2021 and beyond

As chosen by… 

“I guess I’m not allowed to say Resident Evil Village ;-). Jokes aside, I’m really looking forward to Kena: Bridge of Spirits. I really love the art direction and it looks like it’s turning out to be a fun adventure game that I can share with my family.”

Peter Fabiano, Producer, Capcom – Resident Evil 3 

Little Devil Inside

PlayStation developers’ most anticipated games of 2021 and beyond

As chosen by…

“I really love the concept of a 19th century explorer hunting down monsters with an old professor alongside. Great art style with what look like wonderful worlds to explore. Can’t wait to see what adventures that story will take us on. After playing so much Demon’s Souls and continually being bested in 2020, I’m looking forward to 2021 when I will explore beautiful worlds that aren’t always trying to kill me.” 

Gavin Moore, Creative Director, SIE Worldwide Studios – Demon’s Souls

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 

PlayStation developers’ most anticipated games of 2021 and beyond

As chosen by…

“The PS2-era R&C games along with the Jak & Daxter trilogy were and still are important to me. Insomniac is a studio I very much look up to, and I can’t wait to see what they have accomplished with the new hardware. The 2016 reimagining of the first Ratchet & Clank is an amazing game and I’m excited to get back into that universe again.” 

Henri Markus, Game Designer, Housemarque – Returnal

“There are so many great games to look forward to in 2021. One that I can’t wait to explore together with my son is Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. I love the unique and gorgeous world they created. We’re currently replaying the latest Ratchet game while we wait for the next one to come out.” 

Angie Smets, Studio Director, Guerrilla

Resident Evil Village

PlayStation developers’ most anticipated games of 2021 and beyond

As chosen by…

“I’m looking forward to Resident Evil Village! I’m on a huge Resident Evil kick right now. After playing through Resident Evil 3, I started on Resident Evil 7 to make sure I’m ready when Village finally arrives. It’s definitely one of my favorite horror series now, in any form of media!”

Derek Yu – Spelunky 2  

“I’m looking forward to playing a horror game that takes full advantage of PS5’s features.” 

Masayoshi Yokoyama, Designer & Writer, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio – Yakuza: Like A Dragon 

And similarly to our Best PlayStation Games of 2020 feature in December, some developers found it an impossible call to choose between their most anticipated titles of the coming year and beyond.

Horizon Forbidden West and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 

As chosen by…

“It’s a toss-up between Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Horizon: Forbidden West. Horizon is my favorite game of the PS4 era because of its super original setting and world as well as its unique and satisfyingly strategic combat. I beat all four of the PS2 Ratchet and Clank games, so I’m a big fan of the series, and ever since that insane gameplay demo showing off the new portal mechanic and the crazy level of fidelity in the game. I’m super stoked to get back into that series. The PS5 is an absolute beast, can’t wait to see what these franchises are like on it.”

Anthony Newman, Co-Game Director, Naughty Dog – The Last of Us Part II 

Deathloop and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 

As chosen by…

“I love it when development teams take risks and those two games are definitely doing that. Deathloop is such a cool concept and the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart  team at Insomniac is really flexing their muscles in the way they are approaching creative game mechanics on PS5.”

Ramone Russell, Product Development Communications and Brand Strategist, San Diego Studio – MLB The Show 20

*The views and opinions expressed are those of the persons appearing in the blog and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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