Street Fighter V Season 5 begins February 22

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Street Fighter V Season 5 begins February 22

New fighters, stage, and V-Shift ability come to SFV along with a new battle balance update.

Hey there PlayStation Nation! Are you ready for new info on Season 5 of Street Fighter V?

Speaking of five, did you know Street Fighter V is about to become five years old? February 16, 2016 was the original release of Street Fighter V, but that was just the beginning. Now, thanks to your continued support, going beyond the battle with every round of every match, SFV has become one of the most robust and competitive fighting games of this generation. So, thank you for joining us in this five year journey so far!

But we’re not done yet! We’re starting the 5th anniversary celebration with Season 5, so get ready for a breakdown of some of the latest news from our Street Fighter V Winter Update, including upcoming characters Dan, Rose, the new V-Shift mechanic and more! For a full rundown, check out the Winter Update video below: 

Street Fighter V Season 5 begins February 22

Dan Hibiki makes his flashy return 

Street Fighter V

Dan Hibiki, the master of Saikyo, returns to Street Fighter V to show who’s the best! Dan comes equipped with new moves and mechanics that will give him an offensive edge over his opponents. 

For Dan’s returning special moves, we have his classic fireball the “Gadoken” as well as his uppercut, the “Koryuken.” Of course Dan also has his “Dankukyaku” kicks that can close the gap. New to Dan is the “Danretsuken,” a multi-hit punching move that sends the opponent flying. The EX version can send them into the air for more combo potential! 

Street Fighter V

Dan lets out a flurry of punches with the Danretsuken!

Street Fighter V

V-Skill I

Street Fighter V

V-Skill II

Now, onto V-Triggers! Dan’s V-Trigger I has him throwing his huge “Haoh Gadoken” fireball. It can even be charged for extra damage! You’ll also notice that Dan’s V-Trigger I is unique in that it is the only V-Trigger in the game that has only one bar of V-Gauge. 

Street Fighter V

Dan’s patented “Haoh Gadoken!” 

Street Fighter V

Fully charged it can guard crush or wall bounce!

And his V-Trigger II powers up his fireball and uppercut special attacks!

Street Fighter V

Dan’s Uppercut gets Stronger!

Street Fighter V

As does his fireball!

So try mixing and matching them all to see which fits your style when Dan releases on February 22! 

Rose’s future is in Street Fighter V 

Rose makes her foretold appearance in Street Fighter V with a slew of new abilities! We just showed off Rose’s move set for the first time featuring a handful of new and returning moves, so let’s talk about it.

One of Rose’s new anti-air moves is “Soul Bind” where she throws her scarf into the air to snatch jumping opponents. And now, she can execute her “Soul Spark” projectile in the air, giving a new dynamic to her offensive playstyle. 

Street Fighter V

Rose’s new Soul Bind  

Street Fighter V

Rose can now use Soul Spark in the air!

Brand new to Rose, her V-Skill I “Soul Fortune,” allows her to summon tarot cards that will provide different benefits to herself and negative effects to her victims. And her popular “Soul Satellite” returns as her V-Skill II in Street Fighter V, allowing her to keep pressure onto her opponents.

Street Fighter V

Soul Fortune allows Rose to use Tarot cards!

Street Fighter V

Soul Satellite makes its return to SFV! 

Rose’s V-Trigger I, “Soul Dimension,” is a new teleportation move giving Rose new offensive setups. V-Trigger II is her popular “Soul Illusion” from the Street Fighter Alpha series giving her access to unique combos that deal heavy damage. 

With these new attacks and abilities for Rose, you can now choose a more mix-up combo heavy approach or a defensive “zoning” style of play! 

Rose will be released this Spring! 

V-Shift – A new defensive mechanic in Street Fighter V

Releasing as a free update on February 22 is the new V-System mechanic in Street Fighter V called “V-Shift.” This new defensive mechanic allows you to get out of tough situations. It can be executed at virtually any time in a match at the cost of one bar of V-Gauge and if timed correctly, will allow you to execute a fully invincible backdash that slows down time for a short period and allows you to plan your next move against to counter your opponent’s attack. This move is also invincible to throws, so it’s an incredibly effective defensive option during many situations! If you successfully time a V-Shift, you will regain half of your used V-Gauge bar.

Street Fighter V

V-Shift will give you more defensive options.

You can follow it up with an attack called a “V-Shift Break,” which has your character do a forward moving attack, shifting your opponent’s momentum to turn the tides of battle! 

Street Fighter V

V-Shift Break executes a forward moving attack to halt the opponent’s momentum

V-Shift will give you yet another way to utilize your V-Gauge in battle, in addition to V-Triggers and V-Reversals. Now with V-Shift, V-Reversal, and V-Trigger, that makes a total of three different uses for your V-Gauge in a single match! We look forward to seeing how you will use this new mechanic to turn the tides in your favor.

New free Stage: The Grid Alternative

You may have noticed the training stage looks a bit different when we showed off V-Shift. This training stage is called “The Grid Alternative” and will be free for all players with the Season 5 update on February 22! 

Street Fighter V

Battle Balance Update

Also releasing for free is an upcoming Battle Balance Update! There will be a large number of balance changes for ALL 40 existing characters in the game to coincide with the release of Dan and the new V-Shift system. Look out for the full list of changes on February 22 when Season 5 begins.

BONUS CONTENT for Season 5 Pass owners – Eleven

Street Fighter V

Surprise! We’ve snuck in one more gameplay feature to kick off Season 5. Eleven will be released as a BONUS with a purchase of the Season 5 Pass, also arriving when Dan releases on February 22. Eleven is a prototype version of Street Fighter III’s Twelve, and was created by Gill’s secret organization.

Street Fighter V

Eleven acts as a mimic character, randomly transforming itself into any character that you currently own in SFV. This transformation occurs as you load into battle, and will also choose a random V-Skill and V-Trigger for you. The mimicked character will retain Eleven’s color scheme while still performing exactly like the character being duplicated! 

Street Fighter V

Eleven can take on the form of ANY fighter you own!

Street Fighter V

The character will retain the color of Eleven.

Take a chance and roll the dice with Eleven being released as a BONUS if you purchase either the Street Fighter V Season 5 Character Pass or Premium Pass!

Season 5 Character Pass and Premium Pass

Speaking of Character and Premium Pass, here’s what’s included with each of them: 

Street Fighter V

Free Trial

And to kick off this major update, we wanted to give all of you a chance to get you hands on Street Fighter V with a Free Trial! Running now through February 24, the Free Trial for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition includes all characters from Seasons 1-4.

Street Fighter V

And there you have it! Season 5 starts February 22, and we can’t wait to see how you’ll shake up the ring with Dan, Eleven, the new V-Shift mechanic and the upcoming Battle Balance update. And don’t forget we still have Rose, Oro, Akira, and one more mysterious character coming with Season 5.

Once again, thank you for all your continued support. And keep an eye out for more Street Fighter V Season 5 news coming soon! 

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  • So all Eleven is is the random character select with a monochromatic color? And you have to pay for a season pass to get him? Lmfao. So pathetic.

    • Yooo…. just read the blog and this was exactly my first (only) thought.

      I guess if he kept his shape, he would be a Seth clone of a clone.

  • What’s the single play content looking like? I’m not much of an online warrior. Are there any fun modes and unlocks

  • The release prices (game and all season passes) add up to € 220 for a fighting game with 45 characters, LOL. The prices are outrageous. And we’ve learned again: never buy on release.

    • People tend to forget this game also uses an ingame currency that, unlike literally every other fighting game on the market, allows you to purchase new characters. Every other type of content is cosmetic only, so chances are you might one or two for your favourite character but hardly the equivalent of 220€ for costumes or stages.

    • I know, but the amount of in-game currency you get per battle is ridiculous. If you want to buy all of the Season Pass characters with in-game currency only, then prepare yourself for a long, a very long time. Not everyone has that much time, and that’s where Capcom’s overpriced pricing comes in again.

    • Lol.People tend to forget this game also uses an ingame currency that, unlike literally every other fighting game on the market, forces you to grind for hundreds of hours if you want just the character for ‘free’. And hundreds more if you want the stage, and hundreds more if you want the colors, etc. Maybe by the time PS6 comes out, you could have all those characters for ‘free’.

  • Not 1 ₵ENT!

  • Don’t care. I don’t pay or go near fighting games with “Seasons” and what not. Why can’t you just back to making a real new game every 2 years…………….. like NetherRealm successfully does with Mortal Kombat, stuck with Unreal Engine 3 and still makes INFINITY better looking games with better looking character models than Tekken, Street Fighter and Soul Calibur combined, which are just stuck in the past.

    After being scammed with Tekken 7 and its LATER revealed multi season pass nonsense, I avoided Soul Calibur VI. Even for 10 bucks its not worth it because the game isn’t finished. I’m done with them. At least MK and Injustice have a proper concise plan with their DLC and get it all out within a year, not milking it for half a damn decade.

    • I wouldn’t exactly let MK off the hook that easily. There are currently THREE versions of MK 11. The initial release version. the Aftermath expansion version, and the Ultimate Edition. The Kombat packs and story expansion are little more than “seasons.”

      Also, the DLC for MK 11 was still being released well past a year after release.

    • Problem with fighting games now is they have no real content. Fighting games should be held to the same standard as normal games, and be expected to provide an actual game with actual AI that’s actually decent. You basically get “online” and then a blank menu.

      Online isn’t an option if no one is online, which is generally the case soon after release, or if you’re awake at the wrong hour. There’s also not really that many players who even touch online going by Trophy stats in every fighting game ever. It’s a bit weird to ignore your largest userbase to cater entirely to a minority who don’t even play it, but still.

      The offline content in all fighting games now is generally now just terrible AI who don’t understand basic mechanics (Tekken 7s is probably the worst ever). Maybe a 1-2 hour story. Maybe.

      Season passes in fighting games have always been overpriced though. There’s no way 1 character is worth 1/5th the cost of the base game. In development time or anything.

      You have to remember both MK and Injustice have microtransations and/or lootcrates. So it’s hard to hold them up as some shining beacon of not “milking”. Injustice didn’t really have any content though. It was just a grind for loot crates mode with 10 fights where the final one was some overlevelled guy who spammed things.

      The “looks” of fighting games are heavily towards “stylized” now. For whatever reason it’s more popular with developers.

  • Where’s fei long ,yin,
    yang he was good a

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  • So what about the stages? I see they’re included with the premium pass, but the regular $24 character pass doesn’t list them in the contents on

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