Destruction AllStars, Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie are your PlayStation Plus games for February

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Destruction AllStars, Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie are your PlayStation Plus games for February

Vehicular mayhem, supernatural action, and magical Genies await you next month.

Next month’s PlayStation Plus lineup is all about creativity. Dazzle the crowds with creative chaos as you run, ram, and slam in the vehicular combat of Destruction AllStars, showcase your artistic side with some magical portraiture in Concrete Genie and get inventive with supernatural abilities in order to save your skin in Control.

Destruction AllStars is also the focus of a new State of Play that showcases the game in all its glory. This deep dive, which you watch below, will equip you with all you need to know to leap into the arena come Tuesday, February 2 when the game launches into PlayStation Plus alongside Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie.

Let’s take a closer look at the games…

Destruction AllStars (PS5)


Destruction AllStars, Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie are your PlayStation Plus games for February

Entertain the crowds by bringing controlled chaos to the vehicular combat arena of this metal-crunching multiplayer game*. Pick one of 16 superstar competitors, then leap into four game modes, using timing, tactics and skills to cause carnage behind the wheel or create havoc with your parkour skills. Perfect your character’s abilities – including a hero vehicle unique to them –  to give you the edge in free-for-all battles or team challenges and become Global Destruction Federation Champion. The game also supports PS5’s Game Help feature**, giving you hints and tips to become the ultimate destructive machine without the need to leave the game.  

Control: Ultimate Edition (PS5 and PS4)

Control Ultimate Edition

Master supernatural abilities and wield a shape-shifting sidearm in this third-person action-adventure from Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne, Alan Wake). Take on the role of Jesse Faden, Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, whose New York headquarters are breached by an ominous enemy. Despite outward appearances, the skyscraper’s interior is vast and ever-shifting. You’ll need to explore – and weaponize – this unpredictable environment to clean house and repel the invaders.

The Ultimate Edition includes the base game as well as The Foundation and AWE expansions.

And on PS5 console, use the console’s Game Help feature** for hints and walkthroughs to help you solve puzzles and overcome challenges as you explore the Oldest House.  

Concrete Genie (PS4)

Destruction AllStars, Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie are your PlayStation Plus games for February

Pick up a magic paintbrush and return the polluted town of Denska to its former bright and bustling seaside self in this touching and multi-award winning action-adventure. Cleanse streets and alleyways, then use your Living Paint to create mischievous Genies whose magical powers will aid you in overcoming puzzles and seeing off bullies who pursue you. The game also includes two additional modes built especially for PS VR to let you further unleash your creativity***.

Destruction AllStars is available on PlayStation Plus until Monday, April 5. Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie are available until Monday, March 1.

Last chance to download January’s PlayStation Plus titles

Remember you’ve got until Monday, February 1 to add January’s trio of PlayStation Plus games – Maneater (PS5 only), Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Greedfall – to your game library. 

*Internet connection and PlayStation Plus required for online multiplayer modes. PlayStation Plus is an ongoing subscription with recurring fees until cancelled. Age restrictions apply. See here for full terms & conditions.
**Game Help is selectable from the PS5 Activity Card menu. Game Help is available to active PlayStation Plus members on PS5 console. Find out more here.
***PS VR headset and PS Camera for PS4 console required to play VR Experience and VR Free Paint modes. PS5 console owners require a PlayStation Camera adaptor to use PS VR on the PlayStation 5 console (No purchase required. Visit here for details). For the best PS VR experience on PS5 console, we recommend using a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller.

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  • Wow what an amazing month. Didn’t expect to get a second PS5 game and a great one like Control at that. Play Concrete Genie too it’s great

    • Holy cow!

      Control is amazing. I didn’t buy the DLC. I’ve been waiting for the PS5 version to drop, as I’ve been dying to try it with upgrades such as ray tracing, and I’ve been annoyed that buying the original version doesn’t unlock the PS5 upgrade, only the Ultimate Edition – and here it is!

      Haven’t played Concrete Genie yet, but am really interested. Awesome!

      We all new Destruction All-Stars was coming, and I’m interested in that as well. Win-win-win this month – maybe the best in a long time.

    • Wow.

      Two new AAA PS5 releases. Destruction All-Stars is a $70 game and Control Ultimate is a PS5 Remaster plus all DLC. Concrete Genie is superb btw.

      Sony coming through on Plus this gen. Control Ultimate, Destruction All-Stars, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Man-eater PS5, Bugsnax PS5, Greedfall and PS Plus Collection.

    • Wouldn’t consider it a PS5 game because it got an upgrade, but great all the same.

    • EPIC MONTH AHEAD! Thanks Sony!

    • @ iamtylerdurden1 – control is a PS4 game lil bot,doesn’t matter if it was recycled for PS5 it’s stilll a PS4 game.

    • Concrete Genie is so, so worth it. And, worth getting the platinum too.

      Such a great game.

    • No doubt!! This gonna b a killer PS month!! Appreciate it PLAYSTATION!!

  • SMH I just bought control because it was on sale

    • i brought it too…. annoying but oh well. we get to keep it if we unsub :)

    • lol same. maybe we should’nt buy from the store anymore as it will come to plus at some point

    • Same here.. 🤥

    • Note to myself : Don’t buy digital games on sale ….

    • Maybe people shouldn’t buy games that they all claimed they would boycott?

      Of course there would be people who still had to mention this in the first few comments, even with a pretty great month.

      What’s next? You all bought Concrete Genie even though nobody did? And also, you all somehow bought Destructions All Stars too lol?

    • Maybe you’ll get a refund. I got one for Maneater last month. I bought it on sale and then when it was included with plus I got credited in my wallet.

    • Same, bought it purely for ps5 in advance all because of the sale. Absolute garbage that they gonna drop it in ps plus two weeks later. Have held off playing it

    • I got a refund. I never downloaded it

    • Yeah me too spend $40 on it and didn’t play it because I was waiting for the ps5 version so happy and sad but Amazing and I guess look at the bright side we saving money on Allstar because I was going to buy that game

    • Same here, bought it 16 days ago, only have a PS5 so haven’t even downloaded it. Attempted to get a refund but denied :/

      Guess that will teach me to wait rather than jump the digital offers, but this has really soured my PS Store experience.

    • Same….Can’t even get a refund on it even though I haven’t even downloaded it. Sigh…

    • Great month, but please add 1440p support! : (

  • Incredible month! So glad I waited on Control. Very excited to play it. Also, don’t sleep on Concrete Genie, it’s a great little game.

  • I literally just bought Control Ultimate Edition last week! Gah!

  • This is a great month! Go Sony!

  • YES PLAYSTATION!!! What a fantastic month :)

  • Played control on ps now and bought control gene. At least I had to try out all stars

  • Any chance I can get a refund on Control: Ultimate Edition? I JUST bought it a week ago, but I have NOT played it yet. You could verify that through looking at my trophies (trophies don’t show up until you first start a title).

    • Try contacting support. You get refund if you haven’t downloaded it, but you could still try.

    • I know last month with Maneater, they gave refunds to people who had recently bought the game. So maybe they’ll do the same this time. Fingers crossed!

    • It has to be less than two weeks of purchase and not downloaded in order to get a refund. I called PlayStation and they told they couldn’t give me a refund because I bought Control Ultimate Edition during the big holiday sale which was back in December.

    • Yes you can. Just call them.

  • Best month in years. 2 PS5 games last month and now 2 PS5 games. Hopefully Shadow Of Tomb Raider and Concrete Genie get PS5 updates too.

    Now Sony go buy Remedy.

    • Please don’t. Control ran terrible on PS4. 15 years since Remedy released Max Payne 2 on PS2 and we still get a game that dips into HALF of its target frame rate. There are so many better studios they could acquire first.

    • Remedy only ever did the original PC version of Max Payne 2. Rockstar handled the console ports.
      Control and Max Payne 2 were both cutting edge PC games ported to console that can barely make them work. If Remedy decide to make an actual console game it would be a different story. They made Alan Wake specifically for 360 and that ran fine.

    • @ Kaunte – LMAO what a way to excuse remedy’s lack of talent.

    • I really doubt the designers are going to upgrade SOTTR bro.

    • Ah yes, lack of talent, that must be it. Can’t be nothing to do with the fact it’s essentially a next gen game forced to run on 7 year old hardware. Remedy obviously has no talent, they’ve only been making hit games for two decades now lmao.

  • Another GREAT month. Keep it up.
    (Despite my lowkey saltiness over just buying Concrete Genie in the Jan sale… you win some, you lose some)

  • Awesome! I’ve been wanting to play Control and Concrete Genie looks interesting!

  • Gotta say, this is actually a great month.

  • ……I just bought Control Ultimate Edition not to long ago because it was on sale….oh well at least I get to keep it if my PS+ lapses. Have Concrete Genie. Destruction Allstar looks interesting to say the less. All around great month 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Concrete Genie is a lot of fun. And I got the VR thing for it too which is quite good. Never heard of Control, but it sounds to be quite interesting. It’s free, so I can’t really complain.

  • Bravissimo! Amazing is the first time in a couple of years that I am proud to have playstation plus!

  • I’ve had PS Plus for some years now and the ramp up in quality titles over the last 6 months is really welcome.

    I’ve been lucky enough to bag a PS5 and the library of PS Plus games added to the PS Plus Collection is starting to rival MS Gamepass.

  • Not normally happy a Now game is in the lineup, but at least it is the UE. Not bad.

    • Same I wouldn’t mind playing Control UE on PS5 so I will let it slide the Control standard edition has already been a past PS Now title.

  • Amazing month! I platinumed Control when it was included on PS Now but never got to play the expansions. I want to replay the game on the PS5. I wonder if the PS5 version will be available next week as well? Also, I am really curious about the other 2 games as they are 1st party titles. Thank you!

    • The PS5 version launches Feb. 2.
      That’s why a lot of us bought it on sale and a refund is appropriate, just like with Maneater.

  • Will Control take advantage of the haptics and adaptive triggers?

  • First time ever commenting here.
    This is because this is one of the best months ever wow!
    Control was amazing, and concrete Genie was such a pleasure to play…
    Shame I platinum ed both, but it gives me hope that the future can be bright :)

  • So Remedy annoy everyone by refusing to give people a free upgrade to PS5. Release An Ultimate Edition for £49.99 push back the upgrade till 2021 and now the Ultimate Edition is Free on PS4 and PS5.

    Brilliant service from Remedy there.

    On the brightside a fantastic month for PlayStation Plus 3 solid titles.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to try Destruction All Stars and Concrete Genie. I’m getting Mario Kart battle mode andOverwatch vibes from Destruction All Stars.

  • I swear to God if people still say that this is a bad month I’m gonna freakin lose it!

    Kudos Sony! This honestly has to be one of the best months in years. Last month was actually great as well but this time with Control for PS4 and PS5, a brand new game in Destruction All-Stars and a wholesome offering like Concrete Genie all 3 games are fantastic additions.

    This year has honestly been off to an excellent start, please keep it going Sony!!

    • Of course someone could say it’s a bad month (or a bad time) because how are you supposed to play PS5 games when there are no PS5 consoles for sale? Just sayin’.

    • This month is trash. I have a ps5 but these games are just trash.

    • @alessioejfs Gtfo.

      The fact that we got ample notice that Destruction AllStars was going to be in the plus line up means there were very few chances anyone ended up pre-ordering it. That means it doesn’t matter if it is good or bad it’s still a brand new game that we don’t have to pay full price for!

      Control Ultimate Edition itself is a brand new re-release plus the PS4 version with all dlc is included. That’s 2 trophy lists with both plats and 100%s possible. Concrete Genie isn’t something I’m excited about but it’s still a fun little game.

      This has been the one of the absolute best months ever, even compared to the days when we used to get 2 games a piece for PS3, PS4 & Vita and you still say it’s trash? You might as well unsubscribe, sell that PS5 to someone who actually needs it and quit gaming all together lmao.


  • Fingers crossed for Control UE refunds for those who bought it in the January Sale like you guys did with Maneater

    • +1 hoping Sony does a refund. Bought it in the last sale and already played it so I don’t qualify for the refund policy.

      Had I known it would be a PS+ game next month I would not have bought it and just waited a couple weeks to play!!

  • wow…Amazing month! I

  • Killer month! Three games that I’m very interested in but don’t yet own. Can’t ask for more than that.

  • Are you kidding me!, I just purchased control ultimate

  • This is the best month yet!

  • Stellar line-up. So excited!!! Thank you!

  • I just bought Control UE on sale and would like a refund please. It’s been less than a month and I haven’t downloaded it yet.

  • I almost bought Control last week. Once again, procrastination pays off.

  • Very nice lineup. Quick question: I don’t have a PS5 yet, but if I DL Control UE on my PS4, I will be able to get the PS5 edition once I manage to get a PS5, right?

    • Best thing to do with ps plus games is add all versions available to basket through the pc/mobile store, that way you can even add ps5 games (Like destruction allstars) to your account and access them when you do have a ps5, generally speaking I don’t believe theres any time limit on ps4-5 upgrades so you should be fine

    • Cheers @Vivamp. I’m sure I tried this a while back without success, but it seems to work now. Good times :)

  • Well I have no interest in Destruction All Stars, but the others are games I’ve been mildly interested in but never played, so, great. I even have VR so I can make use of Concrete Genie’s VR segment.

  • These games are already worth the entire year of of PlayStation plus

  • Can’t wait to check out these games next week!

  • Amazing Month.

    Hope this continues for the remaining year.

  • Great month!

  • Fantastic month but I bought control ultimate edition in jan sale ready for ps5 upgrade. Never thought for a second it would be a plus game. Do we get a refund?

  • Control is an awesome game. It reminds me of the psi ops mindgate conspiracy game; I used to play on ps2. It was one of my all time favorite games.

  • OMG this might be the best month ever!!!~

  • Thank you for Control, and I’ll give Concrete Genie a try. Great month.

  • Control, Concrete Genie and Destruction AllStars! WOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! All months should be like this one.

  • add me to the list of people that bought it in the holiday sale 2 weeks ago… i got bit last month on Tomb Raider.. seriously… they need to NOT have a game on sale the month prior to it going on Plus…

  • Amazing month… but I actually bought Control UE back in November intending to play it on PS5.

    However, the PS5 version got delayed… and I didn’t manage to get hold of a PS5 anyway – not for a lack of trying!

    So finally I’ve purchased it, not played it and now it’s “free”… very annoying.

  • Gonna be great month to play those games even though I beaten Control. Going to play Concrete Genie.

  • Damn. That’s a whole lot better than I was expecting. Might actually try all of these out at some point (probably when I eventually buy a PS5). Not bad at all 🤔

  • Awesome month! Been holding out on Control for the PS5 version and now it’s on PS Plus! Awesome sauce! I’m excited for all the games this month.

  • I bought Control Ultimate Edition on the 5th Jan.

    Will this get refunded like Maneater did?

  • everybody in the comments right now: AGGH HELP I CAN’T STOP SPENDING MONEY

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