PlayStation.Blog 2020 Game of the Year: The winners

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PlayStation.Blog 2020 Game of the Year: The winners

With over 2.5 million votes across 17 categories, it's PS Blog's biggest GOTY celebration yet.

Wow! Despite a shorter voting period than last year, voter turnout in this year’s Game of the Year polls shattered previous records, coming in at over 2.5 million total votes across all categories. Thank you!

PS Blog readers declared Naughty Dog’s long-awaited follow-up The Last of Us Part II the clear champion this year, taking home nine total Trophies (many of them Platinum), but there are a few surprises among the results below. Read on to see all of 2020’s big winners, then hit the comments to let us know how you voted.

See you in 2021!

Best Narrative

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us is considered one of the best video game tales ever created, so the storytellers at Naughty Dog had a tough act to follow. That’s what makes this ambitious, nuanced, and subversive sequel even more impressive. From old obsessions that possess Ellie, to newcomer Abby working through her own issues, The Last of Us Part II is compelling from beginning to end. Credit also goes to the masters of storytelling at Sucker Punch, Insomniac, and Square Enix.

Ghost of Tsushima

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Best Use of DualSense

Astro’s Playroom

From the scraping sensation of skating across ice, to detecting subtle pit-pats of rain on an umbrella, to feeling the resistance of a coiled spring, Astro’s Playroom put the DualSense wireless controller to work. Voters noticed in a big way, earning the game a Platinum trophy. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Demon’s Souls round out the winners with Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies respectively.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Demon’s Souls

Best Accessibility Features

The Last of Us Part II

Accessibility in games has always been important, but teams like Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Insomniac, and Ubisoft built in new features this year that ensure their games can be played by as many gamers as possible. Congrats not only to these winners, but also to everyone who is able to enjoy these titles as a result of the teams’ efforts here.

Ghost of Tsushima

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Best Graphical Showcase

The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog is renowned for creating games with a mesmerizing level of detail, and The Last of Us Part II is the team’s most technically impressive feat yet. Swivel the camera around while Ellie grapples with an enemy, and you’ll see her grimacing with effort. Position Abby next to a steep ledge and experience her wobbly tunnel vision as acrophobia settles in. 2020 was a great year for stunning games, including interpretations of ancient Japan, Marvel’s New York City, and the dark fantasy world of Boletaria.

Ghost of Tsushima

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Demon’s Souls

Best Art Direction

Ghost of Tsushima 

Sucker Punch’s lavish attention to detail meant its open world samurai epic never missed a chance to impress. From that title drop sequence to the twisted reimagining of its world with the Legends multiplayer mode, Ghost of Tsushima demanded frequent use of its Photo Mode. It, as well as the other winners in this category, was a perfect excuse to familiarise yourself with the PS4 Share and PS5 Create buttons.

The Last of Us Part II

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Best Soundtrack

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II snags yet another Platinum Trophy in our GOTY Awards. Yet all four winners here highlighted the diversity of this year’s soundtracks, perfectly capturing the soundscape of historical adventures, modern day heroics, near-future horrors and fantastical cities. Whether propelling the on-screen action or being enjoyed in isolation, these scores were worth putting on repeat. 

Ghost of Tsushima

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Best Sound Design

The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog’s achievements with the audio of its acclaimed sequel isn’t limited to that captivating soundtrack. The intricate work of the game’s sound design – perhaps showcased best by the staggering complexity of its breathing system – added essential details to make this world feel fully realised. A ragged breath; the cocking of a rifle; metal grinding, the howl of an Infected. All immersed us that much more in The Last of Us Part II.   

Ghost of Tsushima

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Demon’s Souls

Best Multiplayer

Call of Duty: Warzone

Activision’s legendary, buttery smooth FPS gameplay merges with the popular battle royale genre in this free-to-play juggernaut. Content updates have kept the experience fresh, from new game modes to holiday-themed events including Jigsaw and Leatherface cameos around Halloween. Shout outs to the stumblin’ fun of Fall Guys, focused intensity of Black Ops Cold War, and four-player co-op in Ghost of Tsushima’s Legends mode.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Best Sports Game

Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater 1 & 2

Activision’s sick combo of publishing incredible remakes continues, and THPS 1 + 2 is the latest trick in that chain. Developer Vicarious Visions has refreshed the skaters and locations we know and love, while retaining the precise-yet-accessible control scheme that made the series famous. While the Birdman kickflipped over other sports game competition, respect is due to EA, 2K, and Codemasters for their excellent releases.


NBA 2K21

Dirt 5

Best New Character

Miles Morales as Spider-Man (Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales)

While 2020 saw the introduction of an impressive roster of charismatic new characters to gaming, Miles Morales swung to the top of this particular poll, no doubt influenced by Insomniac’s heartfelt, original story centered on Miles becoming his own Spider-Man. Jin, Abby, and Eivor took home the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies, respectively.

Jin Sakai (Ghost of Tsushima)

Abby (The Last of Us Part II)

Eivor (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla)

Best Independent Game

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Uproarious, everyone-for-themselves moments made Fall Guys a genuine phenomenon earlier this year, so it’s no surprise to see these bouncy be-chickened beans at the top of the list. Fellow PlayStation Plus titles Bugsnax and Worms Rumble round out the Gold and Silver winners, while Skater XL’s unique approach to trick controls earned it a Bronze trophy.


Worms Rumble

Skater XL

Gaming Moment of the Year

The Last of Us Part II: Final Showdown

Steadily roiling conflict builds to a dramatic crescendo in Naughty Dog’s bold, stunning sequel. No spoilers here, but the emotional turmoil and memories that the leading characters bring to this climactic showdown is so white hot that it demands full attention. Other best moment kudos go to galloping through the fields as Jin and feeling the immersive magic of the DualSense controller.

Ghost of Tsushima: Horseback title sequence

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales: The bridge sequence

Astro’s Playroom: Experiencing haptics and adaptive triggers for the first time

Best PS VR Experience

Star Wars Squadrons

The allure of (virtually) climbing inside iconic Starfighters made Star Wars: Squadrons an irresistible PS VR experience. Turns out, screaming past asteroids and evading 360 degree enemy fire while packed into the confines of a cockpit really sticks with people! Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies went to Marvel’s Iron Man VR, Dreams, and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR


The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

PS4 Game of the Year

The Last of Us Part II

In a strong year for PlayStation exclusives, PS4 Game of the Year was hotly contested. But in the end Naughty Dog’s emotionally-charged sequel clinched the Platinum. Sucker Punch’s open world samurai epic Ghost of Tsushima took Gold, Final Fantasy VII Remake Silver and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Bronze. 

Ghost of Tsushima

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

PS5 Game of the Year

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales made a name for itself in this year’s GOTY polls, taking home more reader-voted awards than you can shoot a web at. It even bested fellow PS5 launch titles Demon’s Souls, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Astro’s Playroom to secure the coveted Platinum Trophy for PS5 Game of the Year — congratulations, Insomniac!

Demon’s Souls

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Astro’s Playroom

Most Anticipated Game

New God of War title

The mere confirmation of a new God of War was enough to get PlayStation Blog voters (and staff!) hyped and eagerly awaiting new information. The powerful lineup of Horizon Forbidden West, Resident Evil Village and Final Fantasy XVI proves the future looks bright indeed.

Horizon Forbidden West

Resident Evil Village

Final Fantasy XVI

Studio of the Year

Naughty Dog

Following up one of PlayStation’s most acclaimed games was no mean feat, yet Naughty Dog carried it off with aplomb. Every inch of The Last of Us Part II – story beats, set pieces, character animation and so much more – spoke of a development studio at the top of its game. You clearly agreed. Strong acclaim as well for the fantastic work of Insomniac Games, Sucker Punch and Square Enix, who earned Gold, Silver and Bronze Trophies respectively. 

Insomniac Games

Sucker Punch

Square Enix

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    • Great year for PlayStation. I didn’t play TLOUII too much pandemic in real life. I escaped to Japan in Ghost of Tsushima, and got lost delivering packages in America in Death Stranding.

    • I think the list was spot on, I agree with it but GOT was awesome and i enjoyed both it and TLOU 2 immensely.

      The Hate for the last of US is a very small( whilst totally toxic) portion of the total people that bought and played this game, but as is normally the case its the minority who make the loudest noise most of the time. You didn’t like the story arc, characters etc. we get it but to slate a game for your dislikes/ personal preferences shows total lack of any rationality or understanding. Its like a holiday to … 97% of people enjoy themselves and have no issues, 3% had a bad time because they didn’t like the view, hotel etc…. does that make it a bad holiday in general ? NO!!

    • Orbi: “To slate a game for your likes/dislikes is not rational”?

      Actually, it is perfectly rational. Who would vote/proclaim something as great when they didn’t like it? THAT is irrational – and also much of what we see in reviews the last few years. A page of “well, lots of bugs; crashed on me a few times; corrupted my saves; graphics are okay – but I give it a 9 because it is addressing all these important social topics I want pushed” – that would be/is irrational.

      Seen plenty of movies with fantastic CG or set design that were still bad movies due to horrible scripts and/or bad acting. Why should games be any different? Poor writing; bad acting; etc ARE part of the overall picture.

      Not sure where the 97%/most people liked it proof comes from, but I doubt it is anywhere near that. Wouldn’t have to keep it at the top of the advertising pushes for so long if it was that universally “loved by all”.

  • such a great year for playstation :) congrats for all the games

  • If you Count just the legal votes! Spider-Man: miles morales WINS easily
    Congratulations to all winner and a big thank you to all PlayStation studios and their staff for hard-working

  • corporate mandates you love TLOU2

    • this was voted by players here, stfu

    • @ JuanJouse17 – LMAO it was obviously rigged.You have a brain use it.

    • I didn’t vote and I am a player. I wasn’t even aware of the voting. But then again, I am not in that generation / type of person that is constantly following blogs and reading tweets all day.

      Many of the rest of us are actually playing games or have to actually work at work (vs those spending half their time playing with their phones).

    • No I will not assimilate

  • looks rigged to me

  • Ghost gets snubbed again. But if you count all the legal votes it would have won.

  • Yes, I’m sure Last of Us 2 deserved to win all these awards when Druckmann butchered the franchise and his studio.
    What a joke.

    • Cry more. Millions of us enjoyed loved the game.

    • what are you talking about? a lot people love this game, those who did not like it are just very loud about it

    • How exactly did they butchered the franchise? I recently just finished The Last of Us Part 2 and it has the same essence as the first game. So how exactly did they butchered?

    • He did butchered the franchise and most importantly drunk man didn’t deserve the awards yet alone half of the awards won at the game awards in the 1st place. The only reason why he did win was because the voting system is rigged from the beginning with a 90-10% weight in regards of the vote which is gamers only mattered 10% of the overall while the 90 is distinguished among “journalists”.

    • Unfortunately I agree.

    • @elBunny46 bro ive been seeing you defend this game on almost every comment here. Speaks volumes on how tlou2 fanbase is whenever someone says something remotely bad about the game. P.s if the votes were Players/voter based GoT wouldve won, since it did win player votes, so sit down lol. The only awards tlou shouldve won is accessibility and sound, Heck maybe even graphics.

    • @ elBunny46 – Same essence as the 1st game?…WTF is wrong with you?…go learn about writing before spitting such nonsense.

    • Its funny with people like you. Checked your profile. You have not played TLOU2 and you only got 2 trophies in Tsushima. Yet you act like you know everything.

    • Fun fact: Ghost of Tsushima actually won the player’s choice vote, but since it only factored into like 10% of the vote, it didn’t win GOTY. Ghost of Tsushima is the true GOTY. The opinions of “woke” journalists with their 90% weighted vote are invalid in my book.

    • @ Maaden_Swe – Why would playing LoU2 be a factor? It wasn’t given to everyone for free – at least the last time I checked.

      We have these sources like Twitch, YouTube, etc… these days that allow us to wait, watch gameplay before forking over our money. Thanks to these things being available, you don’t have to play a game to know you don’t like it. Don’t have to watch a movie to know you don’t like it.

    • Preach on brother preach on. Got to check off the virtue signaling boxes

  • And the biggest winners are us, the gamers!

    I’ve been gaming for a long time and never once had a back log like the one I’ve accrued during PS4 era.

  • Haha TLOU2 cleaning up as it deserved to and fans are the ones who picked it. Sorry to all you haters who couldn’t influence this vote like you did The Game Awards one. That one should’ve never showed a live percentage that made it easy to influence.

  • Congrats to the winners and nominees , what a great year for videogames!

  • It is worth taking awards that use public vote fully with a bit of a grain of salt, as voting can always be abused. That said, all of these entries are deserving of the nods they’ve gotten. TLoU2 is a fantastic game and was my GotY choice as well, among several other categories. I think I actually voted for Astro’s for PS5 GotY, and it’s nice to see that it got a placement at least, pretty cool considering it is a freebie!

  • Blimey. This is complicated. Can’t be bothered to read through this. No doubt all of Sony’s games won something?

    • There are some third party winners, but yeah SIE first party won a lot.

      It’s only considering games that were available on PlayStation after all, and if you look at other award shows, many of the winners still were Sony first party even despite having other platform exclusives available.

    • Some are third party games dude.

    • Yeah because sony makes really good games and if you own a PlayStation you probably like them.

  • I absolutely love the look of the new platinum trophy, I think you did a great job on that one. :)

  • More like The Last of Us 2: The Award Ceremony. Okay got it.

  • Fortnite should be #1 in all these categories. I’m switching to PC… this is ridiculous.

    • Wrong, fortnite doesn’t even deserve to get bronze, I don’t agree with most #1s but I can think of so many more games that are 10000x better then that absolute horrendous game

    • Fortnite came out 3 years ago and these are mostly playstation exclusives

  • This seems sus.

    Didn’t see any of this voting being advertised on Square Enix’s pages or in the fan groups for FF7R. Easily FF7R and Ghost of Tsushima have a better soundtrack than TLOU2. Same can be said of the story. I love ND, but they dropped the ball and are getting Dragon Age Inquistion-esque patted on the back for their short comings and failures.

    Was it an awful game that should have never be made…. I’ve played too many video games to know that such a statement is unjustified. I do know a mediocre game as a result of trying to hard to swing for a fence that was out of reach and bad leadership to get the team up to snuff for proper execution. Saying TLOU2 has the best narrative, shows a complete disregard for the players agency and to win them over to the narratives side.

    Spiderman was a strong contender too, much more than TLoU2, but some how manages to beat out FF7R and Ghost of Tsushima? Don’t get me wrong its one of my favorite PS5 games, but it doesn’t hold a candle to GoT or FF7R, both of which I’ve managed to clear 4 times this year, where as Miles Morales, I was more than done by time I got my platinum trophy.

    • The story didn’t go the way you wanted it to so that makes it bad..yeah cry more.

    • No one got the story they expect it. IF they have played it safe, it be nothing new. ND at least got the balls to tried something new instead of going for the sameish route.

    • Very well put. Thank you for your time.

    • Thank you for this comment. Completely agree with everything you said

    • Nice to hear from someone that actually played these games and can spot the mediocrity. Lots of fun moments but call a horse a horse. Drunkman subverted my former respect for his company.

    • Agree no way they have best sound track. My opinion TLOU2 is an ok game. I got bored about half way through and quit it. 2020 was a bad year for games. But so many great games that didn’t have any backing. This might be for all bad rating that happen when the game first came out. And they kill really only important guy in the series to focus on 2 chicks.

    • The people who voted dont agree with you.

    • We are all aware that the TLoU2 fanbois voted. It is quite clear.

  • Honestly I can’t say that I agree with all of the winners, but that is just my personal preferences.
    Congrats to the studios (could say studio for most part) with the awards for their games.

  • Congrats to all!
    Good luck next year :))

  • boring & enterily predecitable results.

  • What a freaking travesty.

  • Get this garbage off the ps5 explore tab.

  • Yeah the Last of us 2 is the best game I ever played. So beautiful, detailed and the story was so tense. I avoided all the spoilers and was curious on HOW Naughty Dog can do justice to part 1 mad they pulled it off. It was amazing! Best game on PS4! GOW close second to this.

  • Solo siguieron la agenda. Una pena.
    Lo bueno es que los gamers saben cual es el mejor juego de PS4.

    • Thank you for giving Insomniac the love they so rightfully deserve. Miles Morales was no doubt the PS5 Game of The Year!

  • Simply bruh moment

  • Both sides of the story are trying to go to the extreme. One side says that the poll was rigged and that TLOU2 didn’t actually win, whereas the other side says that the polls were absolutely fair and that, amongst all the games released, that TLOU2 fairly won. Neither side is true. The votes were counted fairly; TLOU2 won among those who voted; just because SIE won many of the awards, that does not mean there is foul-play. Things like that happen all the time. However, it’s simply logical that TLOU2 and other SIE games would win. Consider if you were to put a poll out at the Democratic National Convention asking people who they’d vote for. Of course the overwhelming numbers would show Biden. If you’re receiving newsletters from Playstation, went to the site to vote, etc, then you’re most likely a Playstation fan who would, of course, vote for one of the Playstation masterpieces.

    Additionally, gaming polls are a bit unreliable in general because it is NOT about which games are better, it is about the game’s popularity. If you’ve played a game and like it, of course you’re going to vote for it. And the games that people have played oftentimes are the popular ones, and few games are as well-known or popular as the Last of Us games. Of course it won the polls. Consider the graphical showcase poll; TLOU2 is a very very beautiful game, but graphically speaking, it won’t blow you away, especially compared to next-gen games that were built specifically for the next-gen consoles. But people loved the game, so despite that, they voted for it.

    Y’all are wasting your time arguing about something that 1. Can’t be changed and 2. Can’t be set on an extreme. If you love TLOU2, great! Congrats for having your game win the awards! If you’re into Demon’s Souls, great! Congrats on having a game that is hardcore, both in graphics and in difficulty. If you’re into Miles Morales, great! Congrats for liking a game with solid gameplay and fluidity. These polls aren’t about game quality, they’re about popularity. TLOU2 is most popular, and thus it won. Whether it deserves to be as popular as it is could be an argument, but nobody here is actually talking about that.

    • I wouldn’t really call most of these games masterpieces. Yeah they are good but not masterpieces. Got was a fantastic game, better than anything ubisoft put out past few years but it wasn’t MP of a game. The term is thrown around too much these days

    • Well said. Thank you

    • Out of interest, do you have any proof that these votes were counted fairly?

      Because there’s about as much proof as fair vote counting as unfair vote counting. As in none.

      Online polls have been rigged since they began. It’s a black box, and no one other than the person doing it can say how “fair” it was. You could easily make one games votes count triple, or any kind of things (I could go into a specific example, but probably shouldn’t).

      But when it comes down to things like this, you have to consider, who gains the most from a lie and who has the most to lose. This article is basically just a big “yay Sony games” post, on a Sony blog. So if they didn’t rig it, I’d be surprised. TLoU didn’t really sell that great, and wasn’t exactly universally praised. So it does seem highly suspect that there’s hordes of fans who didn’t buy it, and love it that voted. 😂

      But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. This is an advertising feature. Probably no one honestly thinks it’s serious, or really cares.

  • The new God of War is going to be bad ass can’t wait to play it hopefully it’s not too long of a wait

  • The Last of Us Part II absolutely cleaned up. Well deserved. One of the best games I have ever played.

    Can’t wait for the PS5 upgrade.

  • Well deserved TLOU2, definitely the most moving game I ever played and one of the all time best. Can’t wait for more magnificent games on the PS5.

  • I thought insomniacgames will win best Studio but congratulation to naughty dog

  • Hard to disagree here. Great year for games all around.

  • I truly wished I enjoyed TLOU2, but it felt emotionally dead. Congratulations to the teams for FF7R and Ghosts of Tsushima, though.

  • Finally a fair voting system.

  • I must be getting to old or something. Its hard for me to agree with many of those results…
    Times and minds are changing i guess..

  • “Well if you’re only counting legal votes, (Insert user’s subjective opinion here) would have crushed the competition.” lmao

  • Congratulations to Naughty Dogs and Insomniac Games for their big win for TLOUII and Miles Morales awards hard to believe that this year was great for gaming best year and gaming moment of the year well deserved!

  • Paid critics, paid jurnalist.
    . I mean fifa 21? Tlou2? Nope

  • Great year in gaming Grats to all the winners all were well deserved.

  • I’m so disappointed with these results. Ghost of Tsushima deserves all of the accolades that TLOU2 received this year. As a fan of gaming, these results are very disappointing.

  • Thank you Sony for bringing us Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima and Spiderman: Miles Morales. Those games made 2020 a lot better, for me.

  • How does TLoU get the moment of the year? The bridge scene easily outclasses it. lmfao simps gonna simp.

    • Because the people who voted liked that moment more than the bridge scene. Why do you care so much?

    • I haven’t technically counted the number of times, but yours is the only name I recognize – as it seems you reply to every post that disagrees with TLoU2 being top.

      Seems YOU care much more than almost everyone. Why do you care so much when the results seem to align with your opinions? You won – walk away smiling rather than spending all your time telling people that didn’t like what you did that they are wrong.

  • Lmao of course the last of us part 2 wins everything. The game that’s a pain to play through because of how boring it is, not to mention the writing is abysmal. The only award this game deserves is the graphics award but GoT has it beat. Naughty dog what a joke of company it is this year

    • Right? It is like a corporation to push this game in all the fans faces and act as if it’s the best thing to grace gamers. Praising 3rd grade writing material is baffling.

    • they earned accessibility as well, i feel like you must have not played it, or don’t play many games to fail to see that one.

      production value from nd is top tier as always but the game is flawed and it was pushed and made in the way they wanted.

      Whatever you enjoyed is your game of the year this year. these awards without some actual merit for customers are meaningless. people like things i like oh wow i feel good.

      look at those muppets that like the wrong things.

      whatever it is juvenile and critics journos and all the rest influencers on yo tube and twitch are just modern marketing nothing more nothing less,

      Playstation brought the games, i go where the games are. my son gets it he want ps to play good games. if theres good games on a lite bright we will play it, case closed.

    • Weirdly they won “accessibility” by including most of the base features the PS4 has and can be turned on in any game…

      While at the same time not including a no flash mode… meaning basically anyone with a huge range of vision/neurological problems can’t play it… 😂

  • Wow! TLOU 2 wins it all. I know it has its fans but usually games of the year are universally liked! I will never understand what people see in this story. Sucker punch should take solace that even though they don’t have all the awards they made an outstanding game and and a fantastic story that didn’t Alienate half the fan base.

  • This is a set-up, Ghost of Tsushima is a better game. I’m buying a new xbox, I’m leaving after many years of sony because I’m sick of watching this.

    • So just because critics and gamers vote for your favourite game to come second instead of first, you are switching for Xbox. Wow, thats actually hilarious. Have fun

  • How is Miles a new character when he was in the PS4 game? He even had his own playable sections in it. Astro is goty. It’s innovative and brings something new to the table that nothing else did. Nothing else should even be allowed to be nominated for the best use of dualsense since everything else is done so haphazardly and badly.

  • GOT is Goty

  • Can’t wait for new god of war title!!!!! Info

  • Sounds like all the last of us part 2 fans were the only ones that came here and voted. Is giving yourself an award really an award?

  • Surprised sports game of the year didn’t go to The Last Of Us II

  • i like all the game but fornite was not there WHY 😭🤔😓

  • FF7R 4th for best Soundtrack.

    just goes ti show how this is an even bigger joke than the Doritos and sponsored commercials Awards with Geoff “i don’t have time to play games” Cashley

    4th for Soundtrack for FF7R 4th, i don’t personally like the gameplay of the game, but the soundtrack is sublime once in a decade or more caliber, it’s like people not playing dmc 5 that year and dismissing it for everything.

    i get it people buy 1-3 games a year and finish 0-2 of them if they aren’t cod or fifa but theres many awards here that are irrelevant. Especially to core fans of the hobby, not poser bluffers pretending to be “part of the conversation”.

    Im fine with Lou2 getting nods, its a good game with many industry leading components and production values but i gag every time i read people’s “best game i played…”. you need to play more and better games. I’m a longtime ND fan as well and i like 2 but it is deeply flawed in the same way SW8/9 are and i don’t mean the identity stuff i mean characters exposition writing. The gameplay could also have been a lot better as good as it is especially in the semi open seattle area.

    Just because people don’t swallow down your chosen gift from the gods doesn’t mean there are core mechanics and gameplay guys that are bigoted haters. there are absolutely those.

    frankly as a customer for these things where are the discounts for the nominees and winners, you know what psn has been doing for years in the past. You skipped missed this great game playstation fans loved, heres your chance.

    i picked up celeste and me and my son adored it after a prior game awards when it won best indie. So where’s the deals Sorny?

    i saw your video for the ps5 you dropped but you only sell those to scalpers and bots so give me some games to grab on sale for christ sake, it’s christmas wouldn’t kill you to give %40-60off

    don’t even bother no life blog trolls mercenary jitso kiddo iamtylerduden, you guys are fraud gamers and it shows. I’m an OG and can back that right back to 96 launch, every playstation console and portable psn 10 year avatar to prove it. i like how you try to bully people on the blog though. maybe play your games instead.

    • Don’t know about DMC 5. I tried to play it, but it felt off somehow.

      I don’t know what it was specifically, if it was the annoying newer cast (new Nero/Nico/V), or the weird redesigns (Trish) or that all the levels looked basically the same (empty streets or demon’s throat). Or the terrible soundtrack (pop step) Or that the combat felt really clunky compared to other action games, or the predictable storyline (though who cares about that), or even that Lucia still hasn’t returned, but I couldn’t be bothered to finish it once. I tried a few times, but I just did a few levels and just went back to playing something else. It just felt more like I was playing it because it was a DMC game, not because it was actually any fun.

      As someone who’s finished all of the Devil May Cry games multiple times, it’s not a series I dislike, but there must be some reason. It just wasn’t really up to the standard of other DMC games somehow. So I can see where some criticism comes from.

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