Upcoming Trophy levelling changes detailed

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Upcoming Trophy levelling changes detailed

A quick tour of the enhancements rolling out tonight for Trophies.

You’ve all heard that satisfying sound when a Trophy pops up on the corner of your screen. There’s the sense of accomplishment when that ultra-rare Platinum trophy is unlocked after hours of pursuing. Trophies were first introduced on PlayStation 3, and have been an integral part of the PlayStation gaming experience. Today, we’re excited to announce we’re bringing some enhancements to the Trophy system. 

New Trophy Levels

The first thing you’ll notice is the big change to your Trophy level. We’re increasing the Trophy level range from the current “1-100” to “1-999,” so following this update, your Trophy level will automatically be remapped to a new level within this new range based on the Trophies you’ve earned to date. For example, if your current Trophy level is 12, your new level will jump to somewhere in the low 200’s. The exact level will depend on the number and grades of trophies you’ve acquired. There will be no changes to the Trophies already earned or Trophy information, such as unlock requirements.

New Level Calculation Structure

We’ve implemented a new Trophies level calculation system that is more optimized and rewarding. Players will progress quicker through the early levels, and levels will increase more consistently. Platinum trophies will count more toward your level progression, making them even more valuable.


New Trophy Level Icons

With an expanded level range, we’re also updating the trophy level icon on PlayStation 5, as well as PlayStation App at a later date. Currently the Trophies icon is just a single gold star, but we’re adding a few variants:

  • Bronze: levels 1-299
  • Silver: levels 300 – 599
  • Gold: levels 600 – 998
  • Platinum: level 999

The icons will also have a subtle distinction to visually suggest how close you are to the next level.

Lastly, just for clarity, Trophies that you’ve earned on previous PlayStation systems will come with you to PlayStation 5, just as they have in previous generation transitions. The new Trophy levels will be reflected in all locations that Trophy levels are shown, including past systems, PS App and My PlayStation.

All of these updates will be automatically implemented on the system side, starting later tonight (North America) / tomorrow (Europe). 

We’re committed to offering an even better experience for our fans as we head into the next generation of gaming. We can’t wait for everyone to start racking up trophies in all the amazing upcoming games that are launching on PS4 and PS5!

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  • Nice! I’m currently sitting at level 51, so hopefully that’s enough for a Platinum icon.

    • Even if you put the top 3 trophy leaders like Hakoom together I don’t think that is enough for 999

    • I think you’re getting a bit carried away there. 51 is halfway between 1 and 100, so you’ll be in the 500s on the new system. Therefore you will get silver.

    • @dimajjio

      I was confused about the 1-100 level range that is mentioned. There are currently many people above level 100 with two over level 300!

    • no one is over level 100 on psn as thats where it maxes out. and this cap is different dij as well as they said each level will be harder to hit. so we dont know lvl 51 will be in the 500’s (thought its entirely possible)

    • It only counts the total number of “Platinum Trophies”!

    • This revised trophy system will be good because you will be able to increase your trophy level quicker.

    • Here’s an idea I’d like to see. How about, quit making multiplayer trophies a requirement for platinum in a mostly single player game, e.g. RDR2!

    • @jester946 No online trophies are fair game, what I want to stop seeing is glitched and missable trophies.

    • @supersaiyan like that quest in oblivion for the ps3 that can’t be completed? ( the one where other humans hunt you or something on this island ) or games that have gone defunct in a very short period (like less than a year)

    • Err, Oblivion on PS3 never had trophies though.

    • I was one Daedric Artifact short of platinum on Skyrim 😭

    • @andrewsqual he must of played it on Xbox as it had achievements.

    • at SuperSaiyan3985.
      Online trophies are not fair game. If you buy the game late or when the online servers dry up you are out of luck getting a plat for that game. Online trophies must go away, they more often than not prevent you from completion. Go try and plat Far Cry 4 today with its dead online.

    • @dimajjio

      You were correct. I am currently level 567!

    • Mine has not changed a bit im still level 9 as some of muy friends

    • @jester946, @SuperSaiyan3985,
      I feel as though if a game has a Multiplayer Component in a game that is Single player Focused, the Trophy system should be Divided. A Platinum Trophy for the Solo Campaign and One for the Multiplayer section of the game. That way you can Focus On Completing the aspect of the Game you fancy the most and/or not worrying about a part of a game you got to late or have no interest in completing. While not corrupting your Playthrough that you could possibly get a 100% and get that sweet Platinum that goes with it.

      This from a Person who only has one Platinum and is at the Bottom of the Trophy pole.

    • Well that’s a different way for the trophies it’s looks a nice to me.

    • Was that a joke? You are probably Gold 3 or even silver, they won’t make it that easy

    • @blackmarble I agree. It would be nice if they were separated off like DLC is.

  • This will be so weird, and maybe good? Don’t know what my current level is… give me a sec…


    Wonder what that will be after the update. Weird times.

  • nice

  • Hope there’s more to come, such as Trophy progress tracking (e.g. % of x collected/defeated)

  • Please Sony give us Knack 3 we need it!

  • This is awesome!

    Can we also get tracking for progress on trophies though?

  • I’m so excited this is SOO COOL!!

  • Amazing

  • I honestly don’t see what point there is to the new numbering system of the leveling. The rest of this is ok I guess, but basically people who are already level 99 or 100 or whatever the current maximum is will just end up being level 999? Seems totally unnecessary. How about just leave our levels as they are and raise the level cap? That seems the most in line with common sense.

    • For all we know, the weighting may be different where the point you hit 99 might not be the same point at where you hit 999.

      That said even if this is true and the cap has technically been “raised” it still might mean someone at 99 is already at the new cap too, since it seems like it will factor in all previously earned trophies.

    • I think what they are trying to do is make trophies more interresting to the average player. At the moment, once you reach certain levels, it gets realllly long before reaching the next level and it makes people ignore trophies because they see no advancement in leveling up compared to when they were a the low levels. Increasing the 100 level cap would only benefit a couple of trophy hunters as I don’t think the average gamers were anything close to this limit. Trophies are all about making people play the games more and if people stop caring about their trophies, the trophy system is not doing its job anymore. It will definetly be easier to compete with friends over trophies and more fun to increase the level once in a while with this new system. This is my humble opinion on the reason why they are making the change, it may be something completely different but I think this has a lot to do with it :)

    • That’s exactly what said. Not here though. At home when I heard about this. Lol.

  • Such a great update!

  • Interesting..
    Can’t wait to see more regarding the rewards.

  • I have one wish before I die. To import XBOX achievements into PS trophies. So much gametime wasted on the Xbox :(((

    • THIS.
      Had waiste so much Time on 360.
      After all i want that my Xbox Achievements from 2008 till 2014 are here and then i will delete my
      MS Account.
      Please Sony

    • Never going to happen, but you might want to check out Exophase. It’s a combined trophy/achievement tracker that lets you see PSN, XBL, Steam etc. trophies in one place.

    • LMAO live with your mistakes and learn from them…glad you used the word “wasted” in your sentence.

  • There is no point to this update. Absolutely 0. Why not keep the trophy system the same way it has been for the past 12 years but raise the level cap? I’ve been level 100 for over a year now (nearly level 200 unofficially), but with this new update, I’m still going to be at the level cap… that’s so stupid.

    • while i agree there is no point to this update, we technically dont know what the new level cap is since it sounds like each level will be harder to hit unlike now…maybe you havent hit the cap yet.

    • I think the only point is for people to have bigger numbers. It’s a psychological thing.

    • You didn’t understand the article.

      This is to make leveling faster. Each trophy counts more towards progress. This way you won’t sit at a level for a long time and it seems like you are actually making progress.

      And we don’t know the weight of each level. You very well might not hit the cap.

    • no zekececil14 sony says in there twtter ”what level are you now?”

  • I’m hoping a time played is added somewhere so you know how many hours have been put into a game

    • This is the only thing I care about. It would be so easy to add…

    • Agreed! I don’t know why this feature isn’t available, Sony already knows our playtime for each game as evidenced by their “year end review” (or whatever it’s called) we had.

    • Yeah I really like how the switch does this. Also a list that’s more of a ‘journal’ of my time with the game would be really cool. It’s kind of how I use trophies now but I wish it was catered more to this direction. That’s just me though.

  • Can u also add a percentage system for the trophies just like the Xbox so that we can see the progress on a trophy.

  • Awesome! Great to see PSN evolve a bit as we enter the next generation! The new trophy level icons are a nice touch!

  • this sounds absolutely terrible IMHO feels like they are complicating the trophy system for no reason

    • whats more complicated about it? nothing changes except for a finer representation of the trophy level

    • Aint that how the world works nowadays?…people making things more complicated instead of easier?…yup it is Sony themselves did that to their systems over and over again and look…again lol.

  • An official API to fetch trophy data/profiles would be a very nice addition.

  • I’m going to be really disappointed if this is all there is changing about trophies…so I will just have a different level # and an icon? How about making trophies worth different based on rarity? How about making games have the appropriate amount of trophies to the game like it 1st was? how about showing trophy progress?? Trophies are broken when I can go buy Road Bustle for less than $1 and get the same level progress in 5 minutes as a $60 game that takes hundreds of hours

    • the problem is when you start caring more about your trophy level than the games youre playing

    • I thought the trophies having different values was already implied.

      They noted in the article that Plats will be worth more which I’m optimistically assuming means they’ve re-valued each rarity of trophy. I would have liked a more detailed explanation of how to calculate though.

    • why have the trophy system if they dont want us caring about it? and trophies might be valued differently in terms of progress of a level, but they have never been valued based on rarity of the trophy, its just a set amount. AND having platinum’s be worth more? are only going to make the cheap $1-5 games even worse!

    • It’s really a shame that you care more about trophies than enjoying the types pf games you actually enjoy. Most people don’t spend 10$ on a kids game just to get trophies. At that point its purely addiction.

    • @Grimmies I don’t think you understood their point. They’re making a comparison of playing a difficult game they enjoy vs someone who spends $1 on a crappy game, yet they both get the same rewards

    • No no, I understand. I just don’t see what difference it makes. If trophies actually dis something then maybe. As it stands right now its just a e-peen measuring contest.

      Play the games you enjoy, earn the trophies you enjoy. Live and let live.

    • Blackballhog

      Trophies are a gimmick. We all need an option to delete them from existence.

      I much favour game developers to bring back bonuses by completing certain tasks in the game which then unlocks bonuses.

      For Example,

      Concept Art
      Behind the scenes
      Making Of
      Interviews with the Devs

      You never see many in game bonuses in games nowadays that unlock certain bonuses for the players.

  • Please bring back the trophy sound

  • Do we still need to lose all our game progress and trophies if we move to another country?

    • Only if you make a new account.

      You can still log in to the old account though, which is exactly what I did when I switched regions.

  • The trophy system has been broken for 2+ years due to developers having the ability to upload trophy lists with 11 gold trophies with a platinum trophies being able to all be earned within 15 minutes, and that trophy list is repeated 6 – 8 times over multiple regions and consoles instead of being restricted to one trophy list per game? This makes it to where I can make a new account and earn hundreds of gold and platinum trophies and ZERO bronze trophies over a single weekend by playing these games. This has completely broken the entire point of the trophy system.

    Adding 2 rules will fix this:
    – No trophy list can have more than 4 gold trophies, and it must have more silver trophies than gold trophies (with a limit of 10 silver trophies), and it must have more bronze trophies than silver.
    – A game cannot have multiple regions of the same trophy lists at all, the only time that should be possible is if it necessary (for example the game releases in China and must have different trophies) and must go through an approval process first.

    Please fix this.

    • I think the Trophy system has turned into a joke. Used to be getting a Platinum was hard. Now so many easy ones. I have my share of easy ones to but the hard ones mean a lot more. I had to work to get them.

    • I agree with everything you said. There needs to be more regulation on the developer side and region lists should not exist with rare exception.

    • Totally agree

    • Amen

    • while i agree with the idea, and agrees trophy system is broken based on things you said i want to point out maxing out gold or silver trophies doesnt necessarily fix anything…the games have a set “points” to work with…and games having 11 gold trophies can instead of 50+ bronze trophies and they would do the same amount of level progress. i definitely think games should be forced to have some of each type of trophy though, based on difficulty or whatever.

    • I agree that a game with a platinum needs to have a set of gold, silver, and bronze trophies needed to get the platinum. For the other rule it’s easier said than done.

    • I agree with this!

      But as Blackballhog said, the fixes won’t fix the problem completely as those 15 min platinum devs will just mix up the list a bit but still give the same amount of 1200 trophy points in 15 minutes.

      Those 15 min platinum games shouldn’t have a platinum trophy to begin with and be a 100% list which only has about 300 trophy points to give just as it used to be in the past.

      The stacking of region and platforms made the original problem of 15 minute games with platinums just 6-8 times worse.

      Those devs make those stacks on purpose because they know a certain group of people will buy all stacks to get all those quick platinums. For them it has nothing to do with making different versions to confirm with local rules.

    • *For them it has nothing to do with making different versions to confirm with local rules but all with how much money they can make from a short game.

    • Trophy hunting has gone from hunting dinosaurs with spears to lining up at a McD drive through.
      The easy multi region cheap games make me feel like I invalidate my time hunting for difficult trophies.

    • Remember “fun”? That’s what gaming should always be about. Not points hunting or doing things to be “better” than anyone else. This “score” isn’t a rating of anything else than who got the most arbitrary points in some system. Not who had the most fun. Or even who’s the “best”.

      So, who cares if someone else spent whatever money doing some boring junk so they could get 15020 more points than you. No one honestly actually cares about anyone else’s “score”. You could be level 2 or 91102, it doesn’t make the next game you play any better or worse or any more or less fun.

      Play games exclusively for your own entertainment and enjoyment, you’ll have way more fun.

    • @MiseryPrincess,
      That is your point of view and mine as well, for most of it at least. But there are a lot of gamers who experience fun from the ‘leaderboards’ as well. This means that they will have a bad feeling about the cheap 15 minutes platinums being weighted the same as the harder and mostly more interesting games they like to play. I agree with BlindMango and Kolm about this because the way it is now is not honest to the gamers who get fun out of playing the game and out of comparable standings.

    • Lmao wow, imagine taking virtual trinkets this serious. My goodness….

    • If being on leaderboards and hunting down ways to increase your score visible to the public is your idea of fun….I bet I can figure out really quickly what kind of person you are.

    • True them lame a** games catering to trophy wh*res and trophy wh*res only need to die.

  • The ability to completly disable trophy system on an account would be great. Please.

  • it’s Insane. Please release the preorders and price of PS5 for INDIA. We are really running out of hopes.
    Please @PlayStation @PlayStationIN @PlayStationEU @PlayStationUK @Sony tell us PREORDERS & PRICE for INDIA.

  • it’s Insane. Please release the preorders and price of PS5 for INDIA. We are really running out of hopes.
    Please @PlayStation @PlayStationIN @PlayStationEU @PlayStationUK @Sony tell us PREORDERS & PRICE for INDIA

  • this is a nice trophy system . now can you get red of like hackers ? like have currupted trophies next to there name or a warning

  • So you can implement a new trophy system that no one asked for, but you can’t fix the PlayStation Plus issue effecting thousands of users?!

    Seems legit 👍🏻

    • “the playstation plus issue” acting as though everyone knows what youre talking about

    • I clearly said it’s effecting thousands of people, so unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months you’re just looking for attention, or a fight. I’m the wrong person to pick a fight with, and I definitely won’t give you any attention, so you’re 0 for 2 there.

      But thanks for making us laugh here and have a great day

    • I’m a PS+ user since day 1, and haven’t had or heard of any issue. What’s the issue you’re talking about that effects thousands of users?

    • same…ps plus day 1 and have grabbed every game…no idea what this means. Thousands is not a lot when it comes to millions of ppl having plus. So can you please just explain next time?

    • Are you all dumb???? People haven’t been able to renew or buy ps plus since August!!!! All you have to do is google it instead of looking brain dead

    • seriously what is with the hostility? i was able to recently with no issue…and if i “google ps plus issue effecting thousands”…surprisingly its not there.

    • No one knows what you are talking about, so what you are really saying is you can’t figure it out so it’s affecting “thousands” when in reality it sounds like it’s affecting “one”.

      Answer the simple question and get answers, or continue acting like a self-entitled brat… And continue to be ignored.

    • Impossible to renew Plus? Man just go to your local supermarket and buy a Plus voucher. Problem solved.

    • What PlayStation Plus issue? Apparently I am not one of the thousands of users you are referring to.

  • I’m getting close to level 100 so glad to see this getting raised. Very curious to see what level I’ll be updated to.

  • The change I’d really want to see is every game should have a platinum. It just makes no sense games without one, especially when you have companies making games that pretty much you pay for a quick and easy plat. Which also makes me think the leveling system should not just takes quantity of trophies into account, but also trophy rarity as well.

    • I think the problem with the rarity system is that the more people who earn a trophy, the less rare it becomes—-effectively lowering your points and level after you’ve already earned the trophy. Also, could make the algorithm more complex to factor. Lastly, the lesser known and therefore lesser played games’ bronze trophies would be more rare than a bronze trophy earned from a popular game like Skyrim or Spider-Man.

  • This is good.

    Is there any way to encourage devs to give in game (skins, etc.) or out of game (avatars, themes, merch) rewards for getting platinum?

  • I already hate it. Changing the numbers is fine, I don’t care about that. But why labelling everything, using categories? That gives the feeling of not being good enough. Wish there was an option to turn off the categories, so the category you’re in isn’t displayed. Very demotivating.

  • I want to sort my trophy list. That’s all I want.

  • So will this fix it so ps4 trophies ding? I miss that sound. Or am I the only one it doesn’t ding for?

    • It does for me. However, the sound is so low that I often can’t hear it at all. They need to make it as loud as it was on PS3.

    • If you turn off the tone sounds, like when you move around the home screen and click on stuff, it disables the trophy sound as well.

  • This is cool but doesn’t really change anything. Are there any new features like trophy tracking or the ability to delete games off of our trophy list?

    • you can delete 0% games in case you didnt know that already. just cant delete existing trophies…probably to prevent someone trolling or hacking and completely wiping someones info.

    • sounds like trophy tracking has been confirmed on french PS Blog

    • I would like the ability to delete trophy lists containing “No Timestamp” so I can go back and re-earn them. It triggers ny OCD

    • Enough with this “preventing someone wiping others trophies” story. Just force people to enable a PIN code and/or 2SV in order to be able to delete trophy lists with more than 0 trophies.

    • Not sure why people would want to delete trophies from games they have played, unless they are embarrassed by said game.

    • @Lunaryx I would personally like to delete some games from my trophy list such as FarCry 2 because its nearly impossible to platinum (and I didn’t really get into the game but already have 1 or 2 trophies in it).

      I would also like to delete Ghostbusters (PS3 version) because that one is absolutely impossible to platinum now because of the online servers being shut down.

      I wouldn’t mind deleting all the Back to the Future episodic trophy (5 non-platinum trophy sets) lists in favor of going for the disc platinum set.

      I would love to get rid of Just Cause 3 trophy set because it glitched on me with no way of fixing it.

      It’s not all about being embarrassed about said game being on the list, but about the ability to complete some of the stuff or not really liking a game.

  • Perfect! But think about adding the possibility players to be able to delete whole games with earned trophies from their trophy lists. I have earned a few trophies in games which I do not think and do not believe I will ever finish, so I am unable to clean thaese dirty spots from my list. I know I can hide it, and yet… :)))

    • Yeah if only “hiding” those trophies would work the way we ourselves don’t see them. Instead only others can’t see our hidden lists and we are forced to look at them every time we scroll through the list…

    • Second this – I’m desperate for this feature, and have been since I started Destiny of Spirits about a month before it shut down (with no idea that it was shutting down).

    • But why does it matter?

      The only reason it could bother you is if you have OCD or something

    • Or games like Dragon Fin Soup, where the list is bugged and you can only earn 1 trophy and the developers couldn’t care less about fixing the game.

    • @ DikyBoy23

      I do indeed have OCD, which makes messy trophy lists feel like an itch I can never scratch.

  • So now people will not just platinum a game, they could even platinum themself.

  • Will you give us a way to delete unwanted trophies? I’ve gotten mandatory trophies just for starting up a game and ended up not caring for it. I know we can hide them but I rather just delete them completely.

  • Nothing has messed with the minds of gamers more than achievements.
    Loss of immersion and compulsive behaviour are the result.
    I applaud nintendo for not participating in this.

    • You don’t need to participate or care about trophies, purely a vanity thing.

    • Yes and no. It’s kind of a good thing and a bad thing, it really depends on the developer. There’s a right way that can add some fun things to do and a wrong way to do them.

      I don’t generally like trophies because often they’re boring or grindy. Also many players see them as having more value than the game does (“no platinum no buy”). People forget that no PS1/PS2 and early PS3 games (or earlier) had any of this, yet people played and enjoyed them just as much. Games should be about fun and entertainment primarily, not gaining points that no one honestly cares about.

      However, they can also be a few extra things to do, like challenge runs or something like that. It can kind of give you a feeling of “completing” something.

      But of course, if trophies aren’t fun just don’t do them. You don’t actually get anything for them and no one actually cares about anyone else’s score, just like leaderboards.

      The usual thing of “anyone better than me is a cheater/exploiter/has too much time/got carried/helped, anyone worse than me is a filthy noob” applies here heavily. 😁

    • I personally don’t platinum a game unless I’ve played through it and actually enjoy it. Have hundreds of incomplete lists just because they game wasn’t that great to me.

    • “ Loss of immersion and compulsive behaviour are the result.”

      Sounds like a personal problem. Seriously, people who’re obsessive about trophies already had that issue to begin with, they didn’t catch it from trophies. And you can just turn off the notifications if they bother you that much.

      Complaining about an entirely optional meta-system that can add content and replay-ability for people who choose to do so is frankly silly and petty, and so is applauding Nintendo for being several generations behind on yet another feature.

      PS Nintendo’s

  • Woah, this is huge! I can’t wait to shoot up to the 300-range LOL.

  • Where is the option to organize the trophy list alphabetically? I always use my PS3 or Vita to see my trophy list because the PS4 list is a mess.

    • Ya, the PS4 list is for some reason based on order of acquisition. I do like the PS3 alphabetical version much better. Allows me to find a trophy I’m looking for with ease.

  • This is great news! I was hoping improvements would be mad to the chime itself. Make it more audible, custom chimes would be cool and why not have it emit from the Dualsense? Now that would be COOL!

  • No ability to remove some games from our trophy list still after all those years? Oh well, one can only dream…

  • Instead of that, I wish Sony would implement just 2 things :
    – No more impossible trophy should be listed (ex. FallGuys’s Infaillible trophy that is impossible without the quitting glitch that was just fixed so the ones who didn’t use the exploit are now f.ed)
    – No more additional trophies for just an update (ex. Many people bought Ghost of Tsushima because it s supposed to be a solo experience and dont wanna end up searching for mates on community websites nor spending hours looking for players because no one plays PS4 in their home country to get the extra multiplayers achievements these morons decided to add)
    Just doing this would make plenty of trophy hunters happy and cost you nothing. When you know many people avoid games with multiplayers achievements or nearly impossible trophy list, it would most likely boost sales even a little.

    • Agreed, I hate the additional trophies too. These updates should be entirely optional and our platinum process bar shouldn’t be effected by it.

      They could also add trophies for incentive, but not make them count towards the progress at all.

    • Haha I’m so happy when I see someone else who thinks simillarly to me! Especially what you wrote about the recent “Infallible” trophy, this one is not just Hard as some would suggest, it’s basically IMPOSSIBLE.
      I’ve started to play Fall Guys seriously in the middle of september I think and until a few days ago when I’ve realized that they patched the quitting which means that every random dc/game error is going to ruin your streak as well I couldn’t feel more angry and dissapointed. Those kind of trophies shouldn’t even exist, winning 1000 times is much Much easier than getting those 5 wins in a row in this buggy/glitchy/RNGheavy game.
      I’m all up for hard trophies, even those that require tremendous amount of skill and time but not this impossible nonsense.

    • Additional trophies are great, get out, gives me more of a reason to come back to games, plus add on trophies are not required for platinum so quit complaining

    • @stonesthrow add on trophies are not required for platinum at all what so ever

    • @ TWODEEEE – Why do you need a reason to come back to games?…trophies are your reason?…haha.

    • They should do to all games what they do to some with the additional trophies: put them in their own sublist so it doesn’t affect the platinum.

  • I just want to be able to delete any game from my trophy list (not just 0%) and game list.

    Mostly PS+ indies that I only gave a quick try but unlocked a trophy for -_-

    • I know this won’t help you much now but i’m doing these tryouts with dummy account where i try game first.

    • I wish they’d allow you to remove games from your library too. Mostly demos/betas/trials that are unplayable now or not needed. Being able to delete anything “free” would be an obvious step. 😁

    • I think the game list is a social thing, it’s for friends to compare games and trophies. We can already hide games from other players (it will hide it from the game list, the trophy list and What’s New feed). I kind of dislike it, I hope future consoles will reduce the amount of social networking on PSN.

      Deleting trophies would be a bad thing, they will become mementos years from now, even in games we might dislike now.

      As for the library, I hide demos and bad free games from it. Just press the options button when over the item, for those who don’t know.

  • Still no progress tracking?

  • cool ! cannot wait to see my new level

  • This kinda resparked even more interest back into getting trophies from games. I got my first Platinum and now I’m working on three more. Love the new system

  • Can you finally add the ability to delete games from your trophy list?

  • I’m curious about my new level. Currently i’m at 26 level (%32) with 5.761 trophies.

  • What about India and the rest of Asia??

    • It’s a PSN thing so will be on all the PSN network.

      Remember, India (like most of eastern Eurasia/the entire planet) is in the EU /Europe region, so this article applies. You’ll probably get it the same time as the rest of the EU region.

    • I’m sure you’ll get it too.

    • I’m sure you’ll get it too. It’s a worldwide company.

    • MiseryPrincess, India is in Asia my guy.

    • Regardless of the actual location, India is in the European PlayStation region, like the Middle East, Africa and so on. Only “Southeast Asia” isn’t.

      It’s one of those things. 😁

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