PS5 Teardown: An inside look at our most transformative console yet

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PS5 Teardown: An inside look at our most transformative console yet

Your first look at PS5's internal components that will power the next generation of amazing games.

It’s getting close to November, and we are very excited for the launch of PlayStation 5 console. Today, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the console’s interior, so you can take a look at all of the magic happening inside the PS5 that brings out the beautiful games you’ll experience this holiday season.

We began conceptualizing PS5 in 2015, and we’ve spent the past five years designing and developing the console.

Our team values a well thought out, beautifully designed architecture. Inside the console is an internal structure looking neat and tidy, which means that there aren’t any unnecessary components and the design is efficient. As a result, we’re able to achieve our goal of creating a product with a high degree of perfection and quality.

In this teardown video of the PS5 console, you will be able to see how we have thoughtfully integrated our technology into this console.

We felt it was inevitable to make a generational leap in terms of performance in order to deliver a new, next-generation gaming experience. However, to do so, we had to balance every aspect of the system, from focusing on reducing the noise level to enhancing the cooling capacity, more than ever before.

We’ve also highlighted the mechanism in the video below that we’ve incorporated into the PS5 console to make the operating sounds even quieter. After an extensive and complex trial and error process, we were pleased with the end result and I can not wait for our fans to get their hands on the PS5 console and “hear” it for themselves.

PS5 Teardown: An inside look at our most transformative console yet

Although we have faced unprecedented challenges this year with many of us working remotely from home throughout the world, we are pleased to be able to deliver a new transformative experience to you with PS5 this November.

*Do not try this at home. Risk of exposure to laser radiation, electric shock, or other injury. Disassembling your PS5 console will invalidate your manufacturer’s guarantee.

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  • It would be nice to get this in English…. Did he show how expandabke storage works?

    I saw the on chip ssd but that’s about it.

    • Well you didn’t pay enough attention then.
      Also, Youtube has a subtitles feature…

    • You can turn on the english subtitles

    • Turn on the closed captions for the video…it’s not rocket science.

    • What a lovely bunch of people… But thanks 👍

      Some of us don’t know about captions…

    • You can turn on English subtitles in YouTube. Yes he showed Expandable Storage.

    • He showed the SDD extension, but the M2 port wasn’t visible (was under black plastic). It was the part where first part of green board was visible, with several holes in it.

    • Closed Captioning has been around since 1979, and has been required on online videos since 2016. How do you not know about captions?

    • all the people with panties in a twist because OP doesn’t know about captions haha

    • Yeah I also wanted English audio as well. And yes I know it has subtitles you Sony ponies.

    • And then his panties got in even more of a twist when plenty of people helped out and told him what he wanted to know.

    • You people are completely insufferable.

    • Wheres your avatar from? If you dont mind me asking

    • Quick, BettyBlueGT is going to cry.

    • The expandable storage is a M.2 Expansion Slot… the way it works is, you buy the hard drive and then then remove the panel like he showed… slide the contacts of the M.2 SSD into the designated slot and then there will be a little tiny screw that you place into the end of the M.2 and thats what those little holes were in the video, they are the different lengths of M.2 Screw slots… when installing it you do install the M.2 SSD on a Angle and then gently push it down to install the screw… It will probably take you longer to disassemble the console than it would putting the M.2 In… Hope this Helps

  • A lot of people have been waiting for this view! Thanks, PlayStation!

  • FINALLY ! That fan is thick !

  • But where’s the port for the camera for the purpose of VR?? Or do we have to buy the new camera which I’m assuming has a USB connection? 🙄

    • From what I remember they will send an adapter if you request it

    • If you send them the request with, i assume, the Serial of the Camera they will send you the adapter for free.

    • They have already said there will be a free adapter for people with PSVR

    • I guess it’s safe to say that the new camera will work with PSVR?

    • Ah ok cheers, obviously missed that 👍🏻

    • As others have said, Sony will post a link to request a free adapter for the PSVR. Also, they have stated that the new camera is for streaming, not the VR. So don’t buy the new camera for VR, it won’t work. The new camera is a huge upgrade from the current one though if you vid chat or stream.

    • @PhantomMenace84
      Where has it been stated that the new camera won’t work with PSVR? It has the necessary dual camera stereoscopic configuration, why wouldn’t it work? surely they don’t expect people to have two seperate camera’s plugged in.

  • where is the memory expansion?

  • To the people asking for the NVME expansion, 2:53 minutes in

  • This guy looks nothing like mark cerny lol. Anyway english version would have been nice or even handing over to digital foundry. The first bay shown off looks like an m.2 port for all lengths. I don’t know why this wasn’t labeled for the common folk who don’t know what that is yet. Gen4 nvme I assume.

    • Why would need DF to do it when Sony has one of their top engineers do it ?

    • Turn on English subs in YouTube :)

    • Nah, digital foundry have made their bed with Microsoft when it comes to talking about new hardware. So they wet the same bed with Sony lol.

      This video did everything we needed it to and we didn’t even need to hear anything downplayed or that one little tiny mention of Xbox.

  • im not a hardware engineer, but im impressed.

  • I LOL at the end “the dust catcher does not guarantee the hardware clogging from dust.

    I don’t think it will fit in my tv unit :(

    since the side panels slide off so easily I hope we can get some special edition panels in the future.

    • The system hasn’t even released yet and you’re talking about special edition panels.

    • I guarantee it – if not from Sony, then from third parties. But I expect Sony has some ready to go, already, unless they’re holding back on the manufacturing to get more PS5s out the door, first.

    • I was pretty disappointed with the lack of third party customization for the PS4. Hopefully there are some entrepreneurial types that step up with PS5

  • Well done, looks easy to service and clean. That SSD expansion bay looks to have good clearance ,and is very conveniently located too. Can’t wait to have the PS5 in my hands next month!

  • it’s pretty big the ps5 hopefully the fan is not to loud . but i’m excited !!!

  • Well nice tear down. I wish something about the power supply was said. I hope it’s a dual voltage power supply so it can be taken round the world without issues

    • Sony has been pretty much building international power supplies for their PS consoles since the PS3 I think.

    • That thing would need it’s own suitcase to be brought around the world. I love the design, just wish it were smaller.

  • Next level SSD NAND chips were a let down. How the hell are we going to maintain that? After 5 years later #PS5 will automatically shuts down without no reason.

    • What? how do you know it will automatically shut down?

    • I believe he’s saying because the normal life cycle of a SSD is for about 5 – 7 years, after that, any minute it can go down and there’s no comeback for it. This is something to keep researching on, since the storage is fused with the board, we need to know what are we going to do to be ready when its life cycle comes to a closure.

    • That is conjecture though. SSDs have a very long life and don’t just up and fail most of the time.

      They have an extremely high endurance for writes and no mechanical failures.

      Every component in the PS5 has a limited lifespan, so singling out the SSD is meaningless.

      SSDs normally have the longest warranties in the industry apart from PSUs and DRAM. Higher than CPUs and GPUs.

      Do you see anyone complaining that the APU is fixed? So why complain about the storage being fixed?

    • These are not consumer-grade flash chips. The end product may be for a consumer, but they’re not some off-the-shelf component. So I’m sure they will have great reliability, though even consumer-grade SSDs would last quite a while. Hopefully, this means the PS5’s built-in storage will long outlast the console’s useful life. Though it does make you wonder what you would be able to do once the drives DO stop working…

    • Relax, it’s unlikely the SSD in the ps5 will wear out before ps6 arrives. We’ve been using NAND chips everywhere and it’s not exactly a new tech anymore. SSD’s are not really dependent on years of life but write/delete cycles on the NAND chips. And when it comes down to write/delete cycles keep in mind this is a game console not a data center server.

  • Show us what the create button does!! PS5 is just a month away, and we still don’t know any of its features.

    • Phil Spencer: 😵Ahh, why did we never think of custom removable panels? Eh?

      Microsoft: 🤔Hmm?

      Phil Spencer:😡 Right, that’s it, back to the board room.

      Microsoft: Oh no, not another three hour meeting🙄😴

  • Liquid Metal and a Monstrous Heatsink.
    They built a freezer that can also play video games.

  • Love that you just add a NVME to the system, so you will get the 825gb from the PS5 plus the NVME you put in.

    • I think they still need to be whitelisted but at least we’ll be getting multiple options :)

    • I suspect $250 minimum for a 1TB chip.

    • @x_Hedon – for now, prices may be like that. But the prices will drop faster for industry standard memory than it will for Microsoft’s proprietary setup. They’ll be churning these out for database servers and cloud servers like crazy as soon as they can, it won’t take long to trickle down to system builders and laptop vendors, so they won’t need to gouge on the few they sell on the side to PS5 owners.

      Compare prices again around Christmas 2022, and if internal storage for the PS5 isn’t a lot cheaper than the external for the XBox, I’ll eat my hat.

    • Well, it could go low as $180 – $220, but as a friend say, tech is evolving fast, so it will not pass much since these get lower.

      For example, Samsung 980 Pro (one of the few drives with a similar performance than the built in) is MSRP’d at $219.99 for 1 TB. Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus, the other performance-like, is at $199.99 (still not official tho).

    • People say the prices will drop but that’s a lie. Kinda like the lie that digital games would be cheaper but they refuse to lower them for digital console games.

    • Is not a lie, you can confirm this, look at computer components and their prices going lower as newer components arise.

      As for today, $200 – $220 sound like the ‘standard’ price for NVMe 4.0 units, but this will get lower over the course of the following months for sure. This is the advantage of being able to purchase a generally available M.2 NVMe unit and not a propietary interface such as the one microsoft is pushing for their Xbox’s. In the case of propietary interface, basically the owner of this is the one who commands the pricing, and the trend is to never allow it to go significantly down.

      In the case of digital software, well, that’s another story for another post :P

    • It’s the same concept behind the PS Vita proprietary memory vs SD card prices. Vita cards never dropped in price. SD’s are dirt cheap, comparatively.

    • Unlike digital console games, these expansion drives will be available from multiple manufacturers and that competition will eventually drive (see what I did there) the prices down :)
      It might take some time but they will get cheaper.

  • Noice.
    Easily removable panel means custom panels without voiding the warranty.
    Also looks very easy to clean if you need to :)

  • This is MEGATON! Thank you so much for doing this thorough teardown. The thermal design is impeccable.

  • so much thought went into this😍 the stand and screw holder, dust collection.

  • With Liquid Metal & that massive heatsink?
    That PS5 is gonna one very chilly machine.

  • I like what I see, gosh that fan and heat dissipation are huge! But I’m a little bit bummed out by the fact the console only features 1 NVME slot. Basically people will be inclined to buy a larger capacity drive instead of buying a smaller one early on and then a larger one later in the generation.
    Do we know if the expandable NVME is hot swappable? (So we can switch between 2 when the console is off)

    • 100% it’s not hot swappable.

    • Switching the drives while the device is powered off is the opposite of the meaning of hot swappable. Assuming you just want to know if you can load up two drives with games and then swap them. We will have to wait and find out. It may work, but I think it is unlikely.

    • NVME drives are not hot swappable because they are detected by device at boot up time. But you could probably swap drives when the ps5 is turned off. Also, you wouldn’t want to touch an NVME drive while its in use because they get physically hot to touch. NVME drives are typically made to be non-swappable internal storage.

  • thanks playstation

  • I’m unable to see if it supports Dolby Vision or Atmos for UHD bluray playback and streaming.

    • Its very likely it will, on films. What you probably won’t see is this on is games.

    • BluRay 4K/DVD Dolby Audio playback has been a huge concern. I’m not trying to see words, “likely, Possibly, Maybe, It should, etc” I need Playstation themselves to confirm a Yes or No.

      While I understnd 3D audio is there creation for games, Outside of the Pulse Headsets, It’s being built in stages

  • thank you playstation for this

  • Ok, was not expecting this today from Sony. But man that PS5 looks sexy has hell and love the fact that it’s easy to add SSD.

  • Can you please give us a list of compatible SSDs?

    • Dude, the console hasn’t been released yet and you are already thirsty for more storage? Chill out!

      I believe the compatible SSD will include (for sure) NVMe 4.0 already on market, but I don’t think any lower than that.

      As of today, the only confirmed devices to pair with the performance of the built in storage chips are the Samsung 980 Pro ($219.99 USD for 1 TB on preorder right now) and the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus ($199.99 USD for 1 TB on preorder too), so I believe these two will be sure goers into the list.

  • Love it! That giant heatsink is a beauty!

  • Incredible and detailed design. Love it.

  • That heat sink is kinda sexy all shining bright like a diamond.

  • Loved the whole presentation, can’t wait to get a ps5. Arigato to the whole team involved in crafting that awesome machine!

  • Liquid metal? really Sony? I do replace the liquid metal on my laptop every 4 months. Tell us about this liquid metal solution, what’s different about it? Are we gonna be able to swap the side covers?

  • This is the big hardware reveal we have been clamoring for? A Japanese narrated engineer walking through the system? Pretty disappointed actually. I hate to say but M$ wins this marketing round again with it’s CGI version that shows off the inside and out. Clearly a well thought out PS5 but come on Sony at localise it for each country and don’t make it come off like a home YouTube breakdown in someones kitchen. You guys are way better than that!

  • So you will have to open it up to upgrade the storage, unlike Xboxs solution. Not a big deal, but would’ve been cool. No pun intended.

    • From the looks of it you only need to pop off one side panel to upgrade storage(Nothing to void warranty). But from the way it looks, it will likely use a standard gen4 PCIe nvme drive which is a far better solution than Xbox proprietary one. In the next coming months and years, you will be able to find those gen4 drives for really cheap.

  • Hopefully the removeable panels means that black panels will be coming as soon as possible.

    The white still looks cheap, garish and ugly.

    I guess one benefit is that white plastic is easy to dye, so getting a purple PS5 might be an option…

    • @MiseryPrincess

      Yeah the Black Panels will likely 100% be available from Day One.

      I hope they release Red Panels, because I think Red and Black go really well together.

      Sony will make lots of money from the removable panels for sure. I will be interesting to wait and see what great designs if panels will be released. I can see them releasing not only colour panels, but embossed, debossed and etching art designs panels😁👍

    • Well, like I said white plastic is optimum for dying. So with a not very difficult process and some easily obtained dye you can make them whatever red you like.

      I hope the panels aren’t just like some of the really bad PS4 designs (like the GoW sharpie design). 😁

    • You need better taste

    • Your great “taste” must have really loved routers in the early 2000s.

      It looks like a big plastic sandwich, inelegant and lumpy, with no clean lines and no clear direction (hey lets make the corner stick out, but not the other corner). Pretty much exactly like a lumpy Xbox 360 that melted a bit. Or a router.

      At least black would make it less noticeable.

  • Interesting to see a breakdown of the new PS5. Would have been better if it had been in English.

  • This is how you do a strip down video. Hats off to Sony here, this was simple and elegantly done.

    It’s nice to see and old school strip down from one of Sonys engineers. The video was so relaxing to watch like some sort of ASMR video done well.

    Congratulations Sony😁👌 Nice!

  • I’m still waiting to preorder this

    • Same here, would love to get in on a preorder.

      Can’t wait to get one so I can take it apart so patiently and meticulously like that…. j/k.

  • Love the dust catcher and easily removable panels so that even an amateur like myself can finally clean it a bit (never wanted to risk it before).

    Love the focus on removing the noise level and enhancing the cooling capacity (not ignoring PS4’s biggest flaw).

    Love that the stand can be used to put it horizontal as well now (instead of having to improvise your own) to get some airflow beneath the console as well.

  • So if PS5 couldn’t get any cooler it actually uses the same material that Skynet used to make the T-1000 in Judgement Day as part of it’s cooling system.

  • Awesome! The console is truly huge but I understand that chip produces a lot of heat while operating at high clock speeds all the time. I loved the liquid metal cooling solution and the expandable SSD slot (I am sure those will come down in price mid gen, so its great to have 3rd party support). I have a good feeling about PS5… it looks like it was well thought out and the end result in performance will speak for itself.

  • ooooh it’s a big boi

  • That main ssd is soldered ? that looks bad not very friendly for repair.
    my ps4 HHD die in the past that is very comun whit HDD and ssd.
    Do not understand why the main drive cut not have a normal ssd connector like the secondary drive have

  • I wonder if the secondary SSD can be use as a main boot if the primary ssd die ?

  • Do not be concerned with the size of the system. That is a very small man taking it apart.

  • It looms very well designed

  • Absolutely brilliant!! The design of this system from top to bottom is so far beyond anything out there. Mark Cerny and your engineering teams are so forward thinking. Revolution and evolution. There aren’t enough words to convey what they have done. Can’t wait to get one!

  • That was fun to watch! Wow, really seems like heat management has really been central to the design of the unit, that’s great! I think Sony must have seen all of the jet engine memes!

  • Nice, now when do we get news of updated restocking.
    Missed the first 2 to ebay resellers, so I am sitting on pins and needles as to if I get this on release day, or wait until the new year bundles arrived.
    Not optimal for moi. :-{

  • Genius design. The bigger size is a very small price to pay for what’s been put into there. Day 1 for me.

  • I’m so excited to see that we are adding to the storage instead of swapping out NVMe PCIe 4.0 drives. Ordering a 1TB before I get my console. Also that heatsink is HUGE. I’m excited to have a quiet console.

    • I wouldn’t do that as Mark Cerny told us to wait and they’ll tell us which are compatible shortly after launch.

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