Experience PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech with compatible headsets at launch, TV Virtual Surround Sound coming after launch

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Experience PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech with compatible headsets at launch, TV Virtual Surround Sound coming after launch

Experience 3D audio in games like Demon's Souls, Resident Evil Village, Gran Turismo 7, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and more.

The launch of PlayStation 5 is less than two months away, and we couldn’t be more excited to deliver an all-new and even more immersive gaming experience to our fans. We’ve talked in the past about how the DualSense wireless controller will make games feel more real, but today we wanted to focus on how the PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech will change the way games sound and how you can hear it for yourself.

The upcoming Pulse 3D wireless headset has been engineered to take full advantage of PS5’s 3D Audio capabilities (check out a new image above). With a refined design, dual noise-cancelling microphones, and an array of easy-access controls, the Pulse 3D wireless headset offers a seamless experience for both the PS5 and PS4. We think it offers a fantastic audio experience for the PS5, but it isn’t the only way that fans can experience the increased presence and locality that we discussed in our last technical update. 

On the PS5, you’ll be able to experience 3D Audio with the headphones that many of you already own, either through USB connection to the console, or by plugging your headphones into the DualSense wireless controller’s 3.5mm headset jack. 

Headphone audio is the current gold standard for 3D Audio on PS5, as Mark Cerny mentioned in his “Road to PS5” talk in March. We’re also in the process of working on virtual surround sound through speakers that are built into TVs. Although TV speaker virtual surround sound won’t be available on launch day for PS5, it’s still a feature we are extremely excited about, and our engineers are hard at work on bringing it to PS5 in the future. 

In the meantime, I’m happy to say that you’ll be able to enjoy the PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech through your compatible headphones in many PS5 games. Some of the PS5 games with 3D Audio features include Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, Astro’s Playroom, Gran Turismo 7, Returnal, Destruction AllStars, Demon’s Souls, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Horizon Forbidden West, Resident Evil Village, and many others.

In case you missed it, check out what some PS5 developers had to say about how Tempest 3D AudioTech is enabling them to push the boundaries of game innovation

We hope you’re just as excited as we are to hear game worlds come to life with Tempest 3D AudioTech on PS5 when it launches this November.

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  • I have a gold headset, do I have to connect it to the dualsense to get full 3D audio or can I use the wireless USB adapter ?

    • Same boat, looking forward to more details on compatibility.

    • “On the PS5, you’ll be able to experience 3D Audio with the headphones that many of you already own, either through USB connection to the console, or by plugging your headphones into the DualSense wireless controller’s 3.5mm headset jack.”

      Your PlayStation Gold wireless headset would be an example of using them through the USB connection. In other words, you’re golden.

    • That classifies as a USB connection. So it’s sounds like you’re fine. That dongle is how the signal is sent.

    • You likely use the Wireless USB adapter, since Sony clarified a month back about compatibility with accessories.

    • They’re not very clear about it all but I dont think the gold support it, only the platinum currently. They dont say all usb/3.5mm, they say compatible headsets.

  • This damned headset band better have been stress tested and not be some weak ass plastic like every other pulse headset. 6 headsets, all recycled because the strut between the ear cup was a fragile hinge or a thin plastic brace that wasn’t designed to take even the lightest of torque.

    Looking at the photo I’m not hopeful. Unless that is made of metal, I recommend people not buy this product as this is style over substance. This problem extends into Sony’s other headsets too. Quit designing your products to break from normal wear and usage. Driving me to bose and astro for my needs.

    • I know right, the pulse elite was an amazing head set too but broke so easy

    • To be honest I don’t know how people go through so many pairs, I think the workmanship is just fine. I only had 2 pulses and 2 platinum over the span of like 2012. My second pulse is still fine, and I only replaced my first platinum because I used so much the internal components went bad, not the outer frame, but I also have a smaller head and make sure not to stretch them when putting them on

    • @Ray-Unbreakable

      Well I kind of outlined how “torque”

      its in the first paragraph.

      Either you take your headset off really gently or you don’t use them every day. I liked the Pulse Elite so much on PS3 that I owned 3. One for work, two for at home when the battery died. I eventually got the Gold and Platinums on PS4. All of those headsets broke. The latest one is the most sturdy of the bunch. No hinge, no flimsy piece of plastic holding it to the head band. It’s a solid component that leads from one side to the other.

      The problem is the plastic and the hinges on these headsets. They don’t take any torque at all. They break or become bridal with continued use. When you’re on Overwatch 5 days out of the week or more. It puts stress on the headset. Pushing the cups out because of your fat head and just general removal for going to the rest room, pushing it back of the ear to hear a significant other, family member, visiting friend, or to take a call.

      Sony’s other headsets outside the PS brand fair a little better, but I have a box of them breaking too. I don’t know how many MDR’s I’ve gone through. I’ve done everything I can to reduce the strain, but every time sony gets fancy, the damn thing cracks. Usually after 2 years of usage, and sometimes less than that.

      Don’t get me wrong the new PS5 Pulse headset is pretty. But I need the damn thing to not break. I would have bought it regardless of my Gold or Platinums condition just for the new tech alone. If that’s a sturdy build you can bet I’ll buy a second. As it stands I wish I was still using my Pulse Elite. Sony needs to consider us consumers. Audiophiles will buy more than one headset. Consumers really need to be able to get through a console generation on just one. 5 years I can deal with. 1 to 2, that gets on my nerves.

    • Idk why u guys are buying many PlayStation headphones after such an experience lol. I got the Platinum headset just when TLOU II came, pretty great with VSS/3D audio – because there was no other way to get 3D on PS4. But the comfort is not that good plus the signal with the adapter is hit or miss.

      On PS5, u wont NEED the PlayStation headsets to enjoy 3D audio/virtual surround sound. Since PS5 has it built-in as an audio component. So id say getting a Pulse 3D headset is just a marketing thing+to make money on that (no matter what “extra immersion” that headset will bring). In other words..u can get better headsets with higher quality/experienced brands that are (even Sonys own WF1000 headphones;etc), more comfortable, long lasting possibly, and/or not a rip off.
      Only thing is that u can’t use them wireless – that’s all..i don’t think I’ll be buying another PS Headset.

  • Announce Knack 3 come on, enough with all these boring games. We need another masterpiece.




    • I’m not joking when I say I would LOVE to see a 3rd Knack game. Infact I might play through the first 2 again

  • Thank you for supporting the USB Audio connection! Does this mean that we will be able to connect to any USB DAC? Can you share whether the PS5 will support USB Audio Class 2 or just UAC1?

    • PlayStation are making a big deal about 3D Audio and how headphone users will be the first beneficiaries, yet despite being less than two months form launch we still don’t know the answer to Boris’ question.

      PlayStation say that 3D Audio with headphones is the ‘gold standard’, but now that the optical out port has been removed from the PS5 headphone users are left in the dark. Like many others I currently use expensive headphones with a DAC and an amp so, will we need to ‘downgrade’ to a headset (I mean no offense to headset people)?

    • You said it right killbot-XD. I have been asking this question repeatedly of anyone at Sony that I could reach via Twitter, PS blogs and so on, and have not been able to get any kind of response, let alone an actual answer.

      As someone that already preordered the PS5, I kind of feel entitled to know whether it will work with my modern USB DAC that supports the UAC2 protocol. If not, I will buy a cheap USB DAC that supports the UAC1-only, but it would be hilarious that a 2020 device only supports an audio protocol from 1999.

    • Yeah I’m hoping they have better usb dac support. I’m using a Schiit Audio Modi Magni stack through optical since it isn’t compatible through usb. Combine that with the fact that the ps5 doesn’t have an optical out, I’m pretty nervous about when I try to play throw in Demon’s Souls the minute I plug it in.

    • I don’t even understand half your words, but I bought a pretty good $300 set that uses optical for audio and USB for chat. I know I’ll need an hdmi adapter for the optical piece, but I have no idea if I will get the same “quality” as the $100 set that Sony is making. I know my headphones are capable, but I don’t know if the software/hardware will work right with it. Frustrating.

    • Okay! Sold! Now when can I preorder it at Bestbuy or Bestbuy.com?! It has been sold out before they even put up the page for people to preorder. SMH

      I can understand why a whole console isn’t produced enough to meet demands but such a small cheaper item.

      Please don’t short change yourself by short supplying us.

      Thank you sincerely.

  • The wording has changed now, before it was any headphones, to compatible without listing what’s compatible… So it looks like I can no longer run it through my tube amp, from my monitor, and now need to plug it into the controller… Is a pair of DT 990 PRO 250ohm beyerdynamic’s going to be “compatible”?

    • Compatible? Sure, but unless they have seriously beefed up the 3,5mm output on the controller, I reckon your headphones will have to do with anaemic amplification. Perhaps a USB DAC –> your tube amp is the best solution for you.

    • My reading between the lines is this:

      That the PS5 does not support A2DP Bluetooth headset connections but does with USB and 3.5mm AUX (all the same as the PS4).

      Therefore A2DP Bluetooth headsets are not “compatible headphones”, hence I think why that term for liability is used.

      Cool to know all USB/Aux headphones can work with 3D Audio though!

    • That’s what I was thinking. I already have a USB dach, a schiit bifrost multi bit wiotthe latest USB upgrade. Problem is the way they’ve worded this, i’m not sure how i’d input to it. I do have a Smaller DAC I use for my MP3 player, so maybe that could get some use…

    • I mean amp. So I could run a 3.5mm cable to the controller to the AMP.

    • Would be nice to know if it works through HDMI, if it did then I could just use things as I do now.

    • I am sure that any headphones plugged into the controller will work, except the built-in amp will probably not be able to drive the 250 Ohm headphones to a sufficient volume. Plus the signal will likely be compressed since they did not explicitly state that it is uncompressed.

    • That’s the thing Boris, I could use the FIIO amp I have, although it runs on a battery which means that wille nd up needign replacing soon. Then there’s the compression issue. If it works through HDMI, there is no issue. If it doe sno, which I asume is the case as it is not stated here. Then im going to need a new solution.

    • I’m pretty sure this is specifically referring to the Tempest engine. PS5 supports axBluetooth 5.1. So you should be able to use any headset (in the previous generation). It won’t just take full advantage of the 3D audio unless it’s connected through the usb or 3.5mm on the DualSense.

    • Thinking of gettign a schiit hel now.

    • duckfromhell, hold off on purchasing the Schiit Hel until Sony or someone else confirms that USB Audio Class 2 devices (which the Hel is) work with the PS5.

    • Angel,

      I’m not so confident we’ll see BT headphone support. While the PS5 does have BT 5.1 as you state, there has been no confirmation as to if A2DP will be supported (as it wasn’t on the PS4).

      The terminology here regarding “compatible headphones” implies to me, that there are a series of incompatible headphones that don’t work with the PS5: namely, BT headphones.

      I suppose where more clarity can be used here though is: do we mean “incompatible with 3D Audio” or “incompatible with the PS5”

      I suppose this is still just up to interpretation then, however based on the fact that the PS4 didn’t have A2DP, that many BT codecs are poor for gaming due to low latency, and the need for Sony to pay to license other BT codecs, combined with the post above lead me to THINK that A2DP will not be a supported profile.

    • Boris. Good point, I’m guessing it’s the same for a soundblaster G9. Honesty the Pule 3d headset is seeming like the cheapest and most logical buy.

    • Yea pre ordered the pulse 3d, if they confirm it carries over hdmi, then I can cancel them. Right now I have HDMI to monitor than 3.5mm out into my amp, speakers into AMP.

    • Duck,
      You’re going to have the same stereo out through HDMI/Monitor option you have now. Though I dare say, your Bifrost and tube amp will be massively better than the DAC and amp built into your monitor… even if you connect your tube amp to the headphone jack on your monitor, you’re feeding the amp with sub-par audio… garbage in, garbage out. But yeah, you can have the same setup you use now for current gen consoles.

      To get the best audio chain though, and add the virtual surround of Tempest 3D, you would want to see if you can plug in your Bifrost to a USB port on the PS5. As BBoris77 said, that will depend on whether the PS5 is USB Audio Class 2 compatible. I would test if MY Bifrost was compatible with the PS4 for you if I could, but mine was an optical/coax input only model 😅 I successfully connected my FiiO E10K to my PS4’s usb before, but I don’t know if my Sennheiser HDV 820 will work right out of USB because I vastly prefer to play with virtual surround and I had to jump through some hoops to get that on PS4 😅

      Anyway, hope all of us audiofools have an uproariously good time once we get our new consoles! 😁

    • Oh I know EV, tbh I was happy with what I got out of audio from my 4k Monitor, but I should have used optical, I just neve rthought much of the PS4 dac enough for me to be arsed. Due to some health issues i’ve been at home for years and with the PS5 upping the game in audio now I want to take it cereal. I’ve sold my PS4 PRO now, but if they do not confirm UAC2 support before launch the first thing i’m doing is plugging in my Bifrost multibit with Unison USB. If it works I might even replace my dt990s to dt1990s and get super hyper ultra cereal.

    • Should probably admit I had soem misunderstandings with optical audio that stopped me too. Let’s hope for UAC2 support, otherwise I might have to go for a penrose…

  • For everyone looking to read between the lines here, I believe this also confirms (albeit it incredibly indirectly) that the PS5 will not support A2DP Bluetooth headphone connections, same as the PS4. (Although someone from Sony, please correct me if I am wrong)

    While I know some folks may not be thrilled about this, I will say that many BT audio codecs would be atrocious for gaming due to latency, and to get some low-latency codecs (like aptX LL), Sony would need to pay companies like Qualcomm licensing. So while it is of the unpopular opinion, I think just sticking with proprietary wireless audio to USB dongle still really is the best way to go.

    • I’m fine with the lack of Bluetooth support. None of the high quality or low latency Bluetooth codecs support a mic return channel, and even if they did, part of the available bandwidth would be taken up by that mic channel. Bluetooth is simply “not the way” for the foreseeable future.

      But if I do just feel like playing some single-player game wirelessly, I have a $30 Bluetooth dongle with AptX LL that worked just fine on the PS4 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Or, I could look at some other, made for gaming Wireless headset like a Sennheiser | EPOS Audio GSP 670, or an Audeze Penrose.

      But the question from others with regards to Class 1 and Class 2 USB audio devices is even more important… I hope to use my HDV 820 and HD 800 headphone setup on my PS5, and maybe someday a Chord Quetest.

  • So no Tempest for headphones connected via HDMI?

    • It’s sounds like that’s a negative sir. Maybe they can support in the future with an update to the 5.

    • You mean like an HDMI splitter or breakout box?

      My guess would be no unless you can tell the PS5 to force a “headphone audio configuration” to your Audio Out (HDMI) regardless of there being a headphone connected, but I don’t see that being likely.

      You may be inclined to plug in via 3.5mm AUX if you can.

    • I am fairly confident that it does support Tempest via HDMI, as long as you do 2-channel uncompressed audio to your receiver and then just play it in a 2.1 configuration – left and right speaker plus subwoofer.

    • Boris,

      Yeah I guess it comes down to how you can configure it.

      You’re right, if you can output a “2 channel setup” that supports 3D Audio, then I don’t see any issues there.

      However if the PS5 is adamant that it can only output a “2.0ch headphone setup” when a USB or Aux connection is established, then perhaps that could be the issue. I believe the PS4 is similar when using HDMI, because it defines Headphones and HDMI Out independently.

    • How are you connecting your headphones via HDMI?

  • You guys make a blogpost but there’s so much doubts, why not make PS5 Dolby Atmos compatible while you work on tempest for home theaters and soundbars? we need another in depth talk about the console, and it’s urgent to know stuff like if PS5 will be freesync compatible (and yeah, I know it’s VRR compatible but I’m mostly interested in low framerate compensation, VRR it’s kinda useless in 30 fps games) , we’re barely a month away…

    • I really don’t think there’s much of a need for Sony to license Atmos from Dolby. They built their own 3D Audio processing solution in Tempest, which is probably better for games specifically due to how it was designed.

      In theory, the PS5 should be able to process 3D Audio via Tempest and output the resulting channels as PCM or even as lossy or lossless compressed data.

      Where I do agree with you on clarity is it would be great to know what audio configurations are supported at launch. Obviously we know 2.0 headphones are now per this post, but what about soundbars + subwoofer? 5.1 ch stereo setup? etc.

      If Sony can provide a handful of audio speaker configs at launch at the system level, then in theory Tempest can handle the rest and output the resulting channels as whatever.

      The only argument for Atmos I suppose would be movies though, because I’m guessing that would require to be licensed for that.

    • I’m all in on the 3D audio with tempest Dead-Sync, and if it works better than atmos we’ll see, I’ll be happy if it does, the thing is that… They don’t have support for soundbars and home theaters. They want to improve the quality of stereo sound, but don’t give anything for those who have a more enthusiastic (and expensive) setup.

    • They stated that the quality of soundbars and home theaters will be kind of the same like it was on PS4 meanwhile they work on their solution with tempest, which I feel is disappointing. They’ll do first headphones, then “TV Stereo” and then will work on the more advanced setups.

    • I thought I read somewhere 5.1 stereo setups will be a selectable option as well too, but I guess we’ll see.

      The big takeaway here is that the PS5’s Tempest is doing the heavy lifting.

      It sounds like you’ll be able to pick from a series of speaker configurations, because that seems to be more important than just raw channel numbers for Tempest.

      If you can input your rough speaker placement, then it sounds like the PS5 does the computational processing and spits out audio optimized for each channel.

      I suppose though some configs will be left out initially, but it does sound like more will be added over time (such as the 2ch TV speakers)

    • Because Atmos is comparatively weak af. It’s a purely software based solution, which is why any PC can use it. Tempest is well beyond that by relying on specific hardware in every PS5.

    • Tempest on paper is much more powerful than Dolby Atmos but I am also curious how Tempest will work on a home theater setup. I have a 5.1.2 system and I’m very curious if Tempest will utilize ceiling speakers at all.

    • I do want more clarification on 3D audio compatibility – like with headphones lets say. The stuff about SSD expansion compatible NVMes will be easy to figure out once more PCIe 4 gen drives release.
      I believe Cerny talked about 3 dimensional audio working on speaker setups. Think is, who knows if it’ll work on anything within the last 10 years (my Samsung soundbar is 8 yrs old) but like Dead-Sync said PS5 has a dedicated processing unit for 3D audio – like cpu as powerful as a PS4s to handle audio only. So maybe its as easy as having a working setup and PS5 automatically outputting 3D with games with 3D audio.
      Nothing to worry i guess.

    • Tempest 3D and Dolby Atmos are two totally different things. There may be 7.1 surround speaker support or even Atmos support for a speaker setup, without Tempest 3D working with that same array of speakers at launch.

      Tempest is attempting to use processing to create “locality” or clear placement of sound at almost any point in a 3D space. That’s much easier on Headphones, because they can control exactly what each ear hears, but much harder with speakers because each ear will hear both speakers and already be getting locational information about where you have your speakers physically set up in your media room. Add more speakers, and it actually gets even MORE complicated, because you could have two or three speakers firing at once trying to simulate a specific angle, but the location will be fuzzy unless it’s coming from right where the speaker is relative to you, the viewer.

      Mike Cerny did a great presentation, though some of the technical jargon may be off-putting for the uninitiated: https://youtu.be/ph8LyNIT9sg?t=2303

      I don’t think it would be worse than Dolby Atmos though, and Atmos would at least be a ready-made option and some form of Dolby/DTS decryption will be necessary for watching BluRay movies and surround on streaming services such as Netflix… right?

  • Hope yous don’t take forever to sort the tv sound out,we don’t all want to wear headphones all the time. Some of us have family and life to keep an ear out for, and can’t just shut ourselves off from it.

    • Just to clarify, this doesn’t mean you can’t output TV Audio AT ALL.

      It just means virtual surround sound (3D Audio) wouldn’t be supported yet. You’d just be getting standard stereo audio or whatever have you from your TV.

    • Lol? U act as if headphones completely cancel every conceivable sound besides the game audio.

    • @Prince2000_7, u cannot hear anything when you are playing a game with headphones(if u can then u ain’t concentrating on the game). And, the new Tempest 3D Audio Tech makes ur experience more immersive and provides clearer sounds. U may have replied this because u do not live with family/friends, or ur family/friends talk really loudly or u live near a construction site or smtg.

  • This is nice and all but what about people like me with a 7.1.4 surround system or better. Come on this is what im waiting to hear something about.

    • Yeah, I have been fairly excited about PS5, but until I know how it is going to work with my 9.2.4 home theater, I will hold off on buying. I play games with my family. We do not all sit around wearing headphones.

      If PS5 sounds better on a $20 headset than it does on real speakers with a quality AVR, then I may have to make the switch to (uhgggg!) xbox. It is embarrassing for Sony that a month from launch we still don’t have this basic info.

    • I imagine the PS5 will support Dolby and DTS decoding, for watching movie content on all of our streaming services (and BluRays if you get the disc drive version). Actually, the PS5 doesn’t have to decode a Dolby bitstream at all if it simply passes it along through HDMI like the current consoles do.

      It’s quite probable your 11 and 13 speaker systems will sound just as good as before, but they add complexity that makes it difficult to bring the full potential of Tempest 3D.

      Tempest 3D is a processing technique to simulate a 1000 different speaker positions and pan seamlessly between them. This is very difficult to do, and unless you have speakers in your floor, PERFECT speaker positioning, and an anechoic chamber in your house (you don’t), headphones are going to be able to take advantage of this tech far better. In fact having a few pairs of headphones for your family will be better (and far less expensive) than trying to fit everyone into the sweet spot of your Atmos surround array.

    • Short version: typical surround sound should still be passed along to your AVRs and integrated amps. So, you should at least have an experience on par with PS4.

      Tempest 3D is virtual surround sound, and headphones give the most control and consistency needed to make virtual surround work. They may get a version working for stereo speakers systems, with hazier imaging (or “locality” as Cerny puts it), but that will require the viewer to sit in a sweet spot to get the effect.

  • Looking forward to using this headset on my PS4 as I’m not planning on getting PS5 until next year. Hopefully games on PS4 will have 3D audio.

    • No, Tempest 3D Audio requires dedicated processing hardware inside the PS5… by itself this hardware has a bit more than the compute power of an entire PS4 system. 1000 virtual speaker locations, multiple HRTF surround profiles for people with different head and ear shapes, ray traced audio and reflections/occlusion, and much more super fancy stuff.

      You can get a taste of 3D audio on the PlayStation 4 though. Just play any game through the PSVR. You can also get 2D audio in any PS4 game with the right peripheral… the ring of speakers in a typical 7.1 surround system is actually 2D, and there are many processors that work with optical-equipped PS4’s to change Dolby surround into headphone surround (look up processors from Astro (Mixamp), Turtle Beach (DSS and DSS2), Creative Labs (BlasterX G6), and more). “Just” 2D might not seem that impressive compared to the Tempest 3D Audio, but it still is extremely useful to tell when something is in front or behind you in games like Warzone or Seige. 2D is also closer to real-life than stereo, which is actually only 1 dimension: a line between your left and right headphone earcup, with central positioned sounds seeming to come from “inside” your skull rather than out front.

      It’s up to you whether it would be worth getting a 2D audio processor to hold you over until you get a PS5, at which point you won’t need it anymore. I’m in the same boat, personally can’t afford a PS5 right now even if they were in stock. You can pretty readily find a Turtle Beach DSS or DSS2 on eBay for like $20, so that’s not bad.

      But for me, the Tempest 3D Audio is drool-worthy tech that I’m really looking forward to! Mark Cerny uses some pretty technical words here, but this is a glorious deep-dive into Tempest 3D and the benefits it will bring beyond what is possible on the PS4: https://youtu.be/ph8LyNIT9sg?t=2303

  • If this is true, then my Pulse Elite headset (for the PS3!) will supposedly still work on the PS5. I’ll be very pleasantly surprised if this becomes reality.

  • Sorry but these look cheap af, sticking with my arctis pro wireless for sure, 2 years later and they’re still as crisp as ever.

  • How does the 3D audio work with existing home theater speaker setups? Especially configurations already set up for Dolby Atmos? I don’t plan on using headphones in my 7.2.4 home theater. Also, will the UHD player support Dolby Atmos?

    • Basically the PS5 will do it’s magic and make whatever is coming out of your speakers have a 3D effect. 3D audio already exists in PSVR, and I assume it will work the same way. 3D audio there works even with the cheapest pair of earbuds that you plug into it.

    • “Headphone audio is the current gold standard for 3D Audio on PS5”

      These words send a chill through my spine. I will make the switch to xbox before I downgrade from my $10k audio system to “the cheapest pair of earbuds” just to hear 3D audio on the PS5.

      “the PS5 will do it’s magic… I assume…” We are looking for some real info from Sony, not just some assumed magic.

    • What are u on about Gemmary? Lol, of course it’ll work somehow. Its not a proprietary thing with headphones, PS5 has an audio processor to produce 3D audio. Atmos could work, but thats more of a software thing and your speakers will do the job. If u watched and researched more at least, you’d know Cerny talked all about it and several ppl covered it..

    • I assume the PS5 will pass through Dolby or DTS encrypted audio from BluRay and Streaming video sources to your AVR for decryption, and 7.1 LPCM, same as now for the PS4. Tempest 3D is a “next level” tech though.

      @Gemmary it’s physics, not Sony downgrading your audio experience. Headphones can control exactly what each ear hears, but the sound from speakers bounces around your room and reaches both of your ears several times. Your $10k (nice!) home theater sound system won’t sound any WORSE than it does now, but headphones will be able to simulate a 1000 speaker array inside an anechoic chamber, including positions above and below the gamer, and everyone that wears a pair of headphones will be “sitting” in the perfect sweet spot for the maximum 3D realism. It will also be able to simulate the virtual acoustics of the game world, rather than the physical, static acoustics of your home theater. Look up the Harmon Target Response Curve and HRTF research… it’s next level stuff.

      Think of it this way: Your home theater will sound as good as it does now, but everyone with headphones will be able to enjoy the “sweet spot” of a startlingly realistic spacial audio experience. The fact that headphones are (usually) cheaper and more accessible to everyone, and happen to be more suitable for this tech, well…

    • https://youtu.be/ph8LyNIT9sg?t=2303

      Mark Cerny’s deep dive explanation about how Tempest 3D works.

    • Short version: typical surround sound should still be passed along to your AVRs and integrated amps. So, you should at least have an experience on par with PS4.

      Tempest 3D is virtual surround sound, and headphones give the most control and consistency needed to make virtual surround work. They may get a version working for stereo speakers systems, with hazier imaging (or “locality” as Cerny puts it), but that will require the viewer to sit in a sweet spot to get the effect.

  • Isabelle Tomatis. Why don’t you guys just make the PS5 Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos compatible as its also a UHD BD player? The sheer difference between former Sony Computer Entertainment and this seemingly anemic Sony Interactive Entertainment is that systems in the past would be up to standard with all the latest audio and video tech.

    You guys are being unnecessary extra these days against standard. Whether its not having the system play CDs (which Sony pioneered), no uploading of music to the storage for real custom audio,
    changing Spider-Man’s face (which no one asked for) to clout chase its current live action Tom Holland bundled with some very lame and obviously false reasoning behind it, messing with a 26 year button default standard in your own home territory of Japan/Asia to match the always has been incorrect one (“global” to you guys these days simply is code for America, stop it) or most importantly, censorship of seemingly only Japanese games the very key differentiator from other platforms, its “almost” as if these decisions are being made to undermine the brand from within long term and once done, you all in California got jobs lined up and ready elsewhere (Microsoft?).

    Audiophiles don’t want to experience this 3D Audio through weaksauce output. That’s what the amplifiers are for and surprisingly (but unsurprisingly with this current SIE) you guys managed to not have your very own A/V Receivers “PS5 Ready”.

    Also and lastly since you’re of licensing of peripherals, when is Hori ever get back to producing officially licensed products as they were far and away the actual Gold Standard in that department…

    • Agree so much! The Sony brand as an eco system is non-existent! I had a damn Bravia for my PS4 5 years ago and switched to LG, I had a home theater from Sony and switched to Denon. Why you ask? Cause nothing worked well together! It’s ridiculous how I have zero issues now with a TV and sound system from all different brands working better than a full Sony eco-system. Also these headphones are way too cheap to be good, very worried. Sticking to, yet another brand, Astro for my headphones. Shame on you Sony!

    • i agree 100 percent. why did Sony waste money/time/energy on “3d audio” when they could have just used Atmos, which is global standard now.

    • Dolby Atmos (and DTS-X) is not mutually exclusive to Tempest 3D. I don’t know if the PS5 will support CD Audio (which was actually pioneered by Philipps), but it’s highly likely that Dolby and DTS streams from BluRay and video on demand apps like Netflix will simply be passed through to your existing AVRs and integrated amps.

      But Tempest 3D should provide substantial gains over Atmos in gaming. Instead of an 11 or 13 speaker array, Tempest 3D with headphones can simulate an anechoic chamber, a 1000 speaker array (including speakers below where your floor would be), occlusion and ray traced audio, and hundreds or thousands of simultaneous “voices.” Atmos software simply can’t do all that.

      The reason “Headphones are the Gold Standard” is not because Sony is trying to cut out soundbar and home theater speaker manufacturers (including Sony’s own), but with headphones, the physics of having the listener perfectly in the “sweet spot” and controlling precisely what sound reaches each ear is much easier/more possible. It’s like audio VR.

      Think of it this way: Home theater surround setups should sound as good as they did on the PS3 (which actually did audio better than the PS4), TV (and maybe stereo bookshelf speaker setups?) should get a boost in 3D realism if you sit in the sweet spot, while headphones get a major boost in realism.

      This is the section of the conference Mark Cerny went into the most detail about Tempest 3D Audio, if you’re curious to hear it from Sony themselves. Would love to see something as in-depth from Microsoft, because apparently they support some form of headphone spacial audio too, and this is going to grow as a “hot topic in tech” as more people become aware of it:


    • This is exactly what I was thinking from the moment they announced this silliness!

      Seriously though, aside from marketing and their HOPE that they can convince people this is better?

      I mean, no one who genuinely considers this would believe that sony has somehow defeated the world authority in surround sound in their 4-5 year dev cycle for this console!

      Just license Dolby (Atmos, DTS, DTS Headphone X, whatever). Forget about this gimmicky nonsense.

  • Will UHD 4K playback support Dolby Atmos?

  • I can’t wait to experience the improvements over the Gold Wireless Headset I had on PS4.

    I’m looking forward to using the Pulse 3D Headset on my PlayStation 5.

    Will PlayStation 5 support Dolby Atmos surround sound while watching supported UHD 4K Blu-ray’s that have Dolby Atmos audio?

    How long are we expecting the battery to typically last on a full charge with typically use?

  • Is this going to be a big upgrade from the Platinum headset?

  • Am I good to go with my Bluetooth headset?

    • If it’s an A2DP Bluetooth headset, then it doesn’t sound likely.

      If it doesn’t work on the PS4, then it probably doesn’t work on the PS5.

      This hasn’t been confirmed per-say, but the language in this article and the context surrounding all of this heavily implies A2DP Bluetooth headsets won’t work with the PS5.

      As I said before in another comment, many BT audio codecs are garbage for gaming as the latency is poor, and Sony would need to pay for licensing for some other codecs and the kicker is if a pair of headphones doesn’t support it, it’s wasted money on Sony.

      So opting for a proprietary solution via USB & 3.5mm AUX is typically the way to go. Xbox has the same setup I’m pretty sure and doesn’t even include BT. There is a reason why BT isn’t big for gaming.

    • Bluetooth is a poor option for gaming sound, even worse if you want to use a Bluetooth headset with microphone. However, they’ve announced USB Audio support, so you should be able to use a Bluetooth USB dongle.

      There’s a reason “made for TV” and “made for gaming” wireless headsets use a different radio frequency (I think 2.4 GHz) rather than Bluetooth. If you don’t like audio lag or a big hit to sound quality if you turn on your mic, then don’t look at bluetooth. Astro and Turtle Beach have wireless gaming options, but they’re not very good either considering how much they cost, your best bets will be the Audeze Penrose or EPOS Audio (formerly of Sennheiser) GSP 370 or GSP 670.

  • OK, but what about compatibility with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X setups? And what about support for Dolby Vision? We already know the competition is supporting Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. Disappointing to know so little information just a month away from launch.

  • Just make it work with AirPods and AirPod pros and we can all be happy.

    • As I mentioned before in a comment above, I don’t think A2DP Bluetooth headphone support is likely on the PS5, just like it isn’t supported on the PS4.

      You can read above for more, but in short: BT audio for gaming is sometimes a bit of a lost cause due to latency and licensing fees.

    • They will lag with games, as all AirPods do on any system (about 120ms), but you can plug in a Bluetooth USB Dongle. I did that on my PS4, with an aptX Low Latency true wireless earphone (gen 1 Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless), and that was decent as long as I didn’t use a microphone, but it still had some latency (about 25ms), and you can’t use AptX LL while also using a mic (and AirPods Don’t support aptX LL).

  • Nice, will defiantly pick a pair up when they are back in stock.

    Do you have to plug an annoying dongle in for this pair? I would have thought they wouldn’t as it’s designed with the PS5.

  • that’s great and all, but how about you give us some actual info on how the PS5 will work with existing surround sound setups instead of beating around the bush with this headphone non-sense. I’m sure plenty of people who have spent money on good 7.1 and 5.1.2 setups would love to know how exactly you’re going to support them properly and not just headphone users.

    • Short version: typical surround sound should still be passed along to your AVRs and integrated amps. So, you should at least have an experience on par with PS4.

      Tempest 3D is virtual surround sound, and headphones give the most control and consistency needed to make virtual surround work. They may get a version working for stereo speakers systems, with hazier imaging (or “locality” as Cerny puts it), but that will require the viewer to sit in a sweet spot to get the effect.

  • Will the new headset still work with the PS3 and Vita?

    • Probably, but it’s the PlayStation 5’s hardware that is doing the 1000 virtual speaker surround emulation, so on your Vita it will just be a stereo headset.

  • So let me get this right, the year is 2020, there is a brand new PS5 console coming out. And at launch, I will not be able to use my AV Receiver and Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 set up to hear the new amazing Tempest sound engine?! Why can’t you have just used Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision?! I honestly do not understand. I am sure you will say Tempest will be better but how long will we have to wait?! This should have been sorted at launch. Unbelievable. It is 2020 you know! So for me, who uses an very decent 5.1.2 set up, I will be getting nothing new with the PS5 over what my PS4 Pro can do (which is a 7 year old console)?! Please, somebody from Sony please answer my queries on this….. i don’t expect one though.

    • Because to use Dolby Atmos you have to pay Dolby for licensing, then developers have to pay Dolby for licensing, then you have to buy an expensive system and set it up properly.
      Ultimately the results will vary depending on the audio system.
      Tempest will be better solution because using a proprietary solution lowers costs, helps with developing internal processing silicon for handling the audio and allows to give the audio engine to the developers for free.
      Furthermore does not require a $1000 audio setup and can settle for decent headphones connected to Joypad (recommending KZ ZSN PRO).
      It will also work with TV or stereo speakers.

    • ari_draco : the PS5 has a dolby and a DTS logo on the bottom of it ( look at the pics ). So they’ve paid already, and Sony has been paying them for decades.

    • SCoopat
      I mean DTS/Dolby is necessary to have for audio. But we’re not sure if there’s Atmos. Tempest is probably a better/more universal solution, cause u dont need all this crap to setup and get a several hundred dollars speaker system then have Dolby Atmos. Atmos is either built into your speakers or u need to pay for the app/license on PC.

    • Prince2000_7 : Tempest is more universal?? How can something that hasnt even come out yet, be more universal than Dolby Atmos which is supported by every major streaming app and used in Theaters and bluray discs around the world?

    • Short version: typical surround sound should still be passed along to your AVRs and integrated amps. So, you should at least have an experience on par with PS4.

      Tempest 3D is virtual surround sound, and headphones give the most control and consistency needed to make virtual surround work.

  • This has been a bit confusing. Where does this leave those of us with proper receiver setups and high end audio gear? (AKA: not TV speakers or headphones…)

    • “Proper setups”
      Them’s fighting words!

      But yeah, it would be nice to have confirmation of Dolby Atmos or DTS-X, etc. It’s the best way to share audio with a small group, or to fall asleep without anything on your ears. However, the full spacial audio being presented here is greatly limited by speakers, due to quantity of speakers and walls in your room. For true binaural audio, you might be surprised what headphones can do… For max fidelity, I would take a personalized HRTF and a pair of HE-1 headphones over any speaker system in the world, but more realistically I think my $1000 headphones will put a smile on my face just fine ;)

    • Short version: typical surround sound should still be passed along to your AVRs and integrated amps. So, you should at least have an experience on par with PS4.

      Typical surround setups require physical speakers at predetermined positions, but virtual surround can simulate as many speakers as you want… as long as your system has enough computational power, and as long as you can precisely control what each of your two ears hears. Tempest 3D is virtual surround sound, and headphones give the most control and consistency needed to make virtual surround work.

      So physical surround and virtual surround are two different approaches, and they’re just talking about the “new” approach (that has seen various stages of evolution since the early 2000’s) here.

  • Sorry but what do you mean by this “through your compatible headphones in many PS5 games”. So are ALL headphones connected to DualSense via 3.5mm jack compatible?

    • Imagine connecting 240 Ohm Hifi headphones. No, dual sense will not have the power to drive them.

    • Last gen, we could hook up HiFi DAC/amps and headphones to USB. Hoping that will be the case again this gen – I’m not 100% sure here, but Sony seems to be saying yes.

      Any headset with a 3.5mm plug will be able to connect to the DualSense controller, but easier to drive headphones will work better.

  • Hi, how about those of us who have a home theater surround sound system. How will it work?

    • Short version: typical surround sound should still be passed along to your AVRs and integrated amps. So, you should at least have an experience on par with PS4.

      Typical surround setups require physical speakers at predetermined positions, but virtual surround can simulate as many speakers as you want… as long as your system has enough computational power, and as long as you can precisely control what each of your two ears hears. Tempest 3D is virtual surround sound, and headphones give the most control and consistency needed to make virtual surround work.

      So physical surround and virtual surround are two different approaches, and they’re just talking about the “new” approach (that has seen various stages of evolution since the early 2000’s) here.

  • I understand that headphones are to go solution in this 3d audio setup. It’s the easiest way to archive high quality and universality.
    The question @SONY is:
    – Will I be able to use my HIFI headphones that are connected to my receiver (passthrough from console to tv)? I mean the same sound stream can be sent to the receiver via HDMI as to USB as to Dual Sense controller.

    • Hoping to have the same confirmation! Though my preferred setup will be through USB, I’m hoping to go crazy high end with it too :D

  • Is it too much to ask for a list of compatible headphones?

    • Well, through the headphone jack (and maybe requiring an extra amp), technically any headphone is compatible.

      What I’d like clarity on: will USB DACs that can support generic drivers be compatible this generation, as they were on PS4? That opens up a whole new world, ESPECIALLY if that Tempest 3D Audio processing can be preserved for the USB output! I’m not 100%, but that seems to be what this article is suggesting!

  • Prefer Sennheiser but I might give it a try.

    • Me too, got a Game One and an HD 800! From what this is saying, I think we’ll be able to use a USB DAC/amp and whatever headphone we want, or at least be able to plug into the controller. Hopefully the controller audio is better this generation.

      Sony does make some really nice high end headphones too, so don’t count them out… would be great if their audiophile line was supported as well :)

  • How necessary is the purchase of this new headset if I already have a Gold Headset? Like besides the dual mic and the head strap. What else is new in regards of sound? If we’re getting the same 3d audio in every device anyway

    • I’m hoping the USB support isn’t limited to Sony devices this time. I’m not sure here, but the tone suggests any USB DAC or headset will be able to take advantage of 3D audio this time.

      Something to be aware of… this is significantly better than the 7.1 surround in the Gold headset, and worth getting excited about. You see, 7.1 surround is only 2D -it’s just a circle of direction on a flat plane. Imagine being inside a building in a Call of Duty game… you’ll actually be able to hear of enemies are above or below you, right now on PS4 you can’t. Furthermore, PS5’s Tempest announced support for ray-traced Audio… this means real-time sound reflections, which means the soundstage will seem to expand or contract depending on whether your avatar is in a small room or outside in a field.

      I think it’s an incredible generation leap, like going from 16-bit sprite 2D consoles to 3D consoles.

  • How about for those of us with an actual surround sound system? “virtual” 3d audio is lol. Will Dolby Atmos be supported?

    • As someone with an ambisonics setup for headphones, I’m very excited for the “virtual” 3D Audio here with ray-traced audio features. Because they aren’t mounted right in front of your ears, speaker surround will forever be limited by the size of your room and the number of speakers you have (and probably none in the floor). Just saying, I hope you get to try it, this iteration might surprise you.

      That said, I think it would also be nice to know if Atmos and other object oriented codecs were supported.

  • I did notice from the pics that leaked , a DTS and Dolby logo on the bottom of the PS5, but Sony has been so lame about releasing details. Just “tempest” and “3d audio” which means nothing to anybody outside of Sony. The current standard is Dolby Atmos. PS5 should support it, at the very least for bluray and streaming playback.

  • Less than 2 months away and all you can tout about is the 3D audio? This isn’t really a new thing new or compelling and since there’s only one hdmi out port it’s kinda of limiting to audio devices. I think more effort should’ve been made into the actual PS5 features like the content creation and streaming. Look at Nvidia broadcast for example.

    • Think about it… 7.1 speakers are only 2D surround. And Tempest isn’t just 3D Audio with up/down directions: it can also include ray-traced audio. The potential for being immersed in-game is incredible, and one of the things I’m most excited about here. Even PC audio lost full 3D in the move from Windows XP to Vista, and that wasn’t as sophisticated as what’s coming here.

      Yes, there’s one HDMI output, but this post is saying you can also use the USB output or controller’s headphone output jack. For best experience, I’d recommend audio output via USB. I had been anxiously awaiting this exact detail.

  • Great, time to cancel my pre-order.
    I understand the need to cater to the masses without expensive surround/atmos setups and bank an additional 99$ from the headset on top of a $500 “next-gen” console to fully experience the new tempest engine. To leave out crucial details about how this console will perform with surround systems is very irritating.
    There has been no communication so close to launch date and i do not know what to expect if i plug in my PS 5 to my receiver. Will it be 7.1.4? 7.1.2? 5.1? 7.1? 0.1? 0.0? no clue and Sony is making sure you do not know until you figure it out for yourself but have taken your money first of course.
    Is this what next-gen is all about? sell something that will or will not work optimally on $2000+ audio systems but make you spend an extra $99 on plastic garbage to truly “experience” 3D-audio?

    • Yeah my current Logitech Z906 setup/ and older AVR Receiver (no 4k passtrough) which on both I have to use optical audio port
      Now they are basically useless on new PS5 they need to put focus on REAL SURROUND SYSTEMS not on fake virtual headphones thing

    • Fair point, with former optical output they only supported up to 7.1 Dolby or DTS bitstreaming on the PS4. HDMI bandwidth is required for Dolby Atmos or DTS X, hopefully it will have support for those modes for you!

      Just mentioned for someone else, you will at least get 7.1.0 surround, and if you need optical you can get a cheap HDMI+ optical splitter. Not ideal, but at least for Legacy Soundbars and AVRs that still have good sounding components, you won’t be forced into a new home theater.

      If the headphone spacial audio uses a similar HRTF as the PSVR does though… I would recommend giving headphones a try. Sure, you have to get used to having something on your head, and audio privacy (pros and cons to that), but spacial audio can come from any direction above and below, not limited to how many speakers you have or the size of your room. Headphone audio can really take you “outside” and immerse you in game worlds. Speakers are best for movies, but by directing all your attention forward to the camera frame, movies aren’t as “full” of a showcase for surround as games anyway.

      Regardless, hope you enjoy your audio!

  • Does the mute button on the controller mute any connect microphone, or just the microphone on the controller?

  • Anyone else think it’s super annoying to get a notification every time you turn on or off your headset? Like we can’t figure out for ourselves whether our headset is on Oo
    I only got notifications on for trophies and downloads, have even considered putting them off altogether to circumvent this… Really need an option to turn this off.

  • So basically audio on PS5 is now downgraded compared to PS4 and focuses mostly on “headphones”
    What about people who use real surround speakers 5.1/7.1(etc)
    I have Logitech Z906 which I’ve used on PS4 for years with Optical Audio Cable which you removed its port on PS5 I can’t even use my avr receiver since it doesn’t have 4k passthrough and I had to use OPTICAL AUDIO PORT so what about us some us don’t have money to spend another 1000$+ on new AVR System with speakers I don’t wanna use “Headphones” with fake virtual “surround sound”
    Please fix this ! Gonna hold on buying PS5 until you find a way to resolve this as many other people will also do that with the same issue

    • Ray traced spacial Audio for headphones can present more directions than a 7.1 surround system… I promise, it can be super impressive if done right. Extremely immersive.

      However, don’t fret too much. If you need an optical out, there are relatively inexpensive HDMI to HDMI + Optical Output adapters on Amazon and other places. Also, many newer TVs have optical outputs, it would be worth checking the back of your panel… my 720p Panasonic from 2009 has this, and it’s still a popular feature on TVs! Hope this helps you, I love audio too.

    • Why the f u still using optical then? Just have it connected to your TV then it’ll do the job idk..

  • I have several pairs of Sony head phones. Will they work? I have sony mdr-hw700ds, sony mdr-ds6500, Sony wf-1000, sony wf-sp700n and Sony wh-1000xm3

    • I’d like to know the same – I have a pair of XM2’s.

    • I have sony wf-1000xm3 too. Hope sony will enable bluetooth connection and 3d sound…

    • Bluetooth, all Bluetooth, has latency and will lag behind in games. If your headphones can be wired for playback through USB though, you should be good.

      For wired headphones, are they efficient enough to be powered off of a phone (or phone dongle)? If so, you should be able to plug into the controller and get good volume.

      The ideal, highest quality setup will be using a DAC with USB input connected to the PS5, a nice amp, and a pair of open backed wired headphones. I’ve done this on the PS4, and the quality was great, but I missed the virtual surround features. Now with PS5, I think we’re in for a treat.

  • Cautiously SUPER excited…

    GAMING AUDIO IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO ME. Sorry about the all caps, but I’m really hoping I’m reading things right. Much gratitude to the acoustic engineers/programmers who will bring spacial audio to the mainstream for the first time!

    The PS4 has Generic USB out driver support… Xbox did not. So, I could plug in my $500 usb DAC and my $2000 amp and $1000 headphones, and almost have an immersive experience. I was REALLY glad for the feature! I say almost, because the PS4 output was mostly stereo only, but extra nice when a game had a binaural/spacial audio option for headphones.

    “With compatible headphones” makes me cautious. Only Sony’s own wireless “gold” headset supported 7.1 surround on the PS4, and I just don’t find those kinds of headbands comfortable. Sony’s own ZX300 DAP was not supported as a USB output (which is a shame because it’s a nice sounding output!). So, the question is: would any USB DAC that supports generic USB drivers be supported, like on the PS4? Clarity that it’s not just Sony’s low-end headphones (they make high end ones too!) and licensed headsets like Astro/Turtle Beach that can take advantage of this on the PS5 would be great to hear!

    • Really like your questions, because Im complete torn on this one.

      Ive been looking at that WH1000MX4, but is the a good option? Or rather one of the best. I probably wont get a 1000,- headphone, but I do like a very good one.

      Also… plugging to controller, wireless to PS5 (dongle or other?) and… Could you do via receiver for example?

      I will probably hook op the PS5 to a (hopefully) new TV via HDMI 2.1. TV to Marantz 7009, but can I connect my 7009 to the headset? I will it elevate the experience or is it pretty much the same using the controller?

      Post launch, they should really make some in depth videos on this. If Sony wont, others will. But if you want to position yourself as the audio expert brand…. help us. Show us the options.

  • Hi all does any1 know if the ps5 will be compatible with the x rocker swift gaming sets for use with grand torismo, thanks

  • Tempest engine is good and all, but if they‘re really missing out the more enthusiastic people that don‘t want to put on headphones on the couch everytime while playing would be so embarrassing. Using a headset for work (sometimes a couple of hours a day) is enough for people imo.
    Why do we have no official statement from Sony? If the sound output is limited to only two channels, i‘ll lose faith. Are they hiding something? I never thought I would say this: But the competitor does a far better job communicating their upcoming hardware this time…

  • This is all confusing. When I first read about Sony 3d audio in the ps5 I asked myself is this something we’ll experience on our current 4k tvs or do we need to buy the additional headphone that will be for the ps5. Now it appears that Sony is working on bringing the 3d audio experience to TVs in the future and that compatible headphones will work but what are these compatible headphones. I have the PlayStation pulse headphones that I bought some years ago, will this be compatible or am I looking to be spending more more for this feature?

  • Will the PS5 support USB dac/amps, now that it doesn’t have optical?

    You guys should be more clear about this

    Also, if it does support them, will 3D audio work normally?

  • Question please:
    1) I will connect Pulse via RF dongle
    2) I will connect Pulse to DualSense via 3.5mm jack

    Which option will sound better? Also, which option would be more “3D Audio”. My understanding is that 3.5mm jack on DualSense is now DVD quality compared to PS4 CD quality, but how is that compared to wireless?

    Bonus q: Imagine connecting high quality stereo headphones via 3mm jack to DualSense will they basically sound the same from “3D Audio” perspective?

    Many thanks.

  • Hi , just wanted to know when is PlayStation going to reveal prices and pre order details of ps5 in india because you already revealed it in a lot of big countries, kinda humiliating for us that we’ve to wait for so long just to know the price and if you want to know the situation of indian ps’s fans go and checkout PlayStationindia’s twitter account comment section

  • Any details on how surround sound will work for traditional 5.1 setups or 5.1.4 setups with height speakers?

  • Hi all
    Any adt coming out for VR unit if we buy the new camera for the ps5
    Thanks inadvance.

  • I see “Some of the PS5 games with 3D Audio…” so does that mean not every game features this amazing tech that’s been mentioned? Also, will backwards compatible titles have any sound enhancements?

    – Thanks!

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