Need for Speed: Payback and Vampyr are your PS Plus games for October

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Need for Speed: Payback and Vampyr are your PS Plus games for October

The white-knuckle racer and supernatural horror adventure join the lineup October 6.

Use four wheels and racing skills to outsmart opponents and stay alive in a city out to stop you and challenge yourself to stalk the fine line between supernatural vigilante and unholy monster with this month’s PS Plus games. With both Need for Speed: Payback and Vampyr launching October 6, you won’t have long until you can turn speed demon or sink your teeth into a thrilling action horror. 

Let’s take a closer look at what to expect next month.

Need for Speed: Payback

Need for Speed: Payback and Vampyr are your PS Plus games for October

Survive thrilling heist missions, partake in metal-crunching car battles, perform dazzling setpieces and more in this four-wheeled action blockbuster. Set in the fictional, corrupt gambler’s paradise of Fortune Valley, choose from three different characters – each with their own unique skills – customise your rides and take on an open world’s worth of events as you seek revenge on those who wronged you.


Need for Speed: Payback and Vampyr are your PS Plus games for October

Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment challenges you to embrace the darkness with this 1918-set, third-person action RPG with deep narrative choices. Play a doctor turned vampire ghosting through a London gripped by violence and fear. Use your supernatural abilities, as well as man-made tools and weapons to fight or flee the forces of evil and vampire hunters. Save the city’s populace or feed on them to become stronger, but giving in to your bloodlust can have grave consequences…

Both games are available from Tuesday October 6 until Monday, November 2.

Last chance to pick up September’s PS Plus games

A new wave of titles means we have to wave goodbye to last month’s. So make sure not to miss out on adding Street Fighter V and PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to your PS4 library before both exit PS Plus on October 5.

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  • Vampyr. Very Halloweeny.

    • Vampyr is a fantastic choice for Spooktober. It has a very creepy atmosphere and takes place entirely at night. The game is absolutely jank, but it’s still very enjoyable.

    • Fantastic work-from-home opportunity for everryone… Work for three to eight hrs a day and start getting paid in the range of 7,000-14,000 dollars a month..

  • Another month, another PS Now game.

    • Well I don’t even use PS Now, so this is a win for me.

    • I’m ok with owning Vampyr already. I’m laser focused on PS5. I’m in love with everything I hear about the PS5 and its upcoming games.

      Innovation and immersion. Audio, input, and gameplay design are truly being revolutionized via Tempest/Dual Sense/SSD. Demon’s Souls is a monster PS5 launch exclusive. It looks better than anything I’ve seen running on next gen.

      Playstation delivers irl. If u love Souls, Gearbox, or Marvel PS5 has u covered November 12.

      U can talk all the bs u want, but at some point u must deliver. The fact is, Xbox just isn’t delivering. The hype is there. PR and propaganda are on point, but Sony delivers over and over. Obviously many fools will be swallowed up by the propaganda and PR bull from Microsoft, but I’m hoping that truth and quality can still win out even in this “fake news” world of manipulation that we find ourselves trapped in. A world that denigrated PS4 Pro for being weak at 4.2tf but somehow praises Xbox Series S as a “next gen” system at 4tf while simultaneously ripping PS5 for only being 10.3tf?

      Microsoft is a masterful manipulator. They trump Sony in PR and propaganda. Somehow they got 50 million ppl to buy an XB1. That is impressive. Tbh, with the lack of quality XB1 had this gen it should’ve been the next Wii U. Never underestimate the idiocy of the public. I’m just happy that Sony is going strong and giving fans what they want. Roll Demon’s Souls.

    • I don’t have PS Now and did not play these two games before. Win for me.

    • @iamtylerdurden1 LOL.. you are delusional, right? XB1X mops the floor with PS…

      Innovation? There is nothing innovative about ps5…

    • @Exceleron Sure thing kid. That’s why they discontinued it in only two years like a dog whining and running with it’s tails between his legs…

    • @ iamtylerdurden1 I’m with you on being stoked for the PS5… but please do keep your eyes open. There is plenty they aren’t telling us. How do PS4 games run on PS5? How do game saves work, and what are they doing as far as their first party titles go? Will we be getting free upgrades if they come out, or will we have to pay for them again? Judging by how they’re handling Spider-Man 2018, I’d say it’s a safe bet we’re going to have to cough up the money if we want in on the upgraded games we already supported. Don’t get me wrong, I’d pay, but competitors show that it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • I hope we get bet line up for PSNow.

  • Nice games! Tyvm

    • indeed !!! would actually liked to have had them both before, but a pretty big backlog inclined me not to purchase more stuff.

      but to get some games that I wanted for free ? as you said, TYVM… = )

  • Good selection, even though Vampyr is already on Now

  • Noice! Fancied vampyr for a while now so happy with that. Not much for racers but will have a look. Been a good year for me in general. 👍

    • I own vampyr, but I’m happy that others will get the chance to experience this atmospheric gem.

      I am so excited for PS5 though. Beyond the PS Plus Collection I hope we get some PS5 games on Plus day one.

      Demon’s Souls, Godfall, Miles Morales, and Sackboy are my launch PS5 games. It’s truly exciting to see PlayStation with a real launch lineup, too bad for Xbox fans on SX. It’s insane to see them launch with no exclusives. Nothing big scheduled for year one either. Year two? I guess fingers crossed Halo isn’t the dumpster fire it appears to be?

      Xbox fans really do get screwed. Demon’s Souls and Miles Morales look incredible. Excited for the tempest engine and the 3D Pulse headset as well. All that as well as the fact that PS5 will enhance my PSVR. The Dual Sense and SSD really do look revolutionary. Nice to be excited for actual new games and innovative features rather than a service..

    • Payback is really good. I’d recommend it.

  • Glad to get Vampyr but come on Sony. One game on PS Now and one on EA Play, why even have these services if you keep giving those games away for free.

    • Because only a small amount of the 45 million PS Plus members have EA Play and PS Now. Those services have a few million subscribers at the most. Amazing how many of you people don’t realize that.

    • Ohh I see lol.

    • Most countries don’t even have access to PS Now, only several Golden Billion countries actually do.

    • @Mercenary So, because it’s good for you it doesn’t matter about those which it affects your saying (again)? Seriously, start thinking about things from a different perspective now and then instead of the centre of the universe argument you perpetually convey.

    • *you’re

    • @Gotreck_74 the same goes for you; because very few people from the richest countries are subscribed to both services, the vast majority of players shouldn’t get the amazing games such as Vampyr? PS Now has a very narrow geography. Most gamers have to only rely on PS+ and they want good games too.

    • It’s almost like not everyone pays for every subscription service under the sun.

    • PS Plus is the only subscription service I use other than Netflix. Why should I keep spending money on all these subscription services? It’s not like I’m gaming everyday. This line-up is a win for me.

    • @ Mercenary09
      You keep making the same argument, but it doesn’t change the fact that people, even if its just “a few million subscribers at the most”, didn’t choose to pay twice for the same games.

      @ Atermi
      There are tons of good games which Sony could put on PS+ that arent on PS Now. You’re acting like PS Now is a service for the rich elite that has taken all of the good games and Sony cant possibly find any other good ones to put on PS+

      I can see why they removed the thumbs up system from the comments.

    • @Gotrek_74 That’s really funny coming from you. I’m speaking for the majority here. There are 45+ million PS Plus members and MAYBE at the most 5 million combined EA Play and PS Now members. Basic math tells you that most PS Plus members could care less about getting a game on PS Now or EA Play because most of them don’t have those services. The few here who whine about it are a minority. I’d also wager that those crying about it probably don’t even have those services and are just doing it because they know these games are on there.

    • Not everyone has EA Play or PS Now. I don’t and have not played these before. Good month for me.

    • @Mercenary09

      Oh wow, I didn’t know the proportion was like 15 to 1, I thought PsNow had at least 15M subscribers of something. I guess it makes kinda sense then. Well, not really from a marketing point of view I guess, but otherwise it does.

  • Great lineup! Was hoping for Medievil Remake but very happy with these.

  • They have started giving ea play and ps now games, I don’t understand why people don’t even complain about it.

  • Eh, mediocre I guess.

  • Vampyr is solid but kind of a meh month. With the PS Plus collection in November that’s probably why.

  • Vampyr!!! that’s very good. Haven’t played that one so this is great!

  • Are these related to the PS Plus Collection? The background makes me think so.

    • Shockingly, no. Here’s alist of what is included in PS Plus Collection:

      Batman: Arkham Knight
      Battlefield 1
      Days Gone
      Detroit: Become Human
      Fallout 4
      Final Fantasy XV
      God of War
      inFAMOUS: Second Son
      The Last Guardian
      The Last of Us Remastered
      Monster Hunter: World
      Mortal Kombat X
      Persona 5
      Ratchet & Clank
      Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
      Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
      Until Dawn

    • Last guardian is the only game on the list that I haven’t finished lol. My disc collection is suddenly worth nothing I guess…

    • @Atermi Just two for me: Monster Hunter World and Mortal Kombat X. Both seem somewhat pointless without the purchase of DLC though. I guess I can trade in my discs if i want to but it seems somewhat pointless.

      I guess it’s a really good lineup if you didn’t have a PS4, there are some absolurte classics in there.

    • Dudes, hold your horses, that collection is for PS5 users ONLY

    • @Gotrek_74 I could be wrong but I think MK XL comes with all DLC characters (since the original version was just called MK X). And even Monster Hunter World vanilla is hundreds of hours of content and most gameplay updates from Iceborne are available in vanilla for free, you’d just be missing the expansion content.

    • Misread and thought it was MK XL and not X, nvm for that. That does indeed seems pointless, specially since MK11 and Afertmath are already out.

    • @personausermike They say that but with them being PS4 games how are they going to prevent you from playing them on PS4? If you add it to your account I don’t see how it wouldn’t let you play them on PS4. They would have to go in there and add some kind of special thing to each of those licenses to make it only work on PS5 and I don’t see them doing that.

    • @Gotrek_74

      I own, or can already play 99% of them. XD

      Still, it’s an awesome perk, especially for new PS owners.

    • @Gotrek_74 – MK X pointless without DLC?…why would you say that?…MK X is a fighting game,the DLCs are 9 characters and extra outfits.I played the hell outta MK X and can assure the game is all but pointless without the DLC.

  • “is this an out of season april fools joke?”

    • Don’t you have “PS Now”? Everyone has “PS Now”

    • @personausermike Well that’s certainly how some of these people in these comment sections act every month. Sony just said a few months ago only like 2 million people had PS Now. Who knew that since then the other 43 million PS+ members got it too. Incredible!

    • @personausermike

      Sony says that there are 2.2 milion PS Now Subs. In indirect comparison, consoles sold are well over 110 million.

      Explain to me how “EVERYONE” has a PS Now sub… How is a 2.2m total subcribers “EVERYONE” compared to 110m consoles….

  • Sony dumping on the PS Now gamers again. There is literally no point in subscribing to both services at present.

    The only thing that doesn’t surprise me is that we weren’t offered two games we haven’t already had from the PS Plus Collection (the 18 games for PS Plus Subscribers who own a PS5).

    • Nice line up, Vampyr is an awesome game and I wont say no to a need for speed game

    • Hmm probably why PS Now only has like 2 – 3 million members compared to 45+ million PS Plus members. Yeah Sony should really not give these games to a much LARGER audience just to not hurt the feelings of a very small audience.

  • Another absolute joke of a month… So i have EA Access and PS Now.. and yet again you offer us NOTHING!!! Why do you keep putting games on that are already on a subscription service, how clueless can you be??? That’s 2 months in a row we have got PS Now games, and 3 this year.. you are yet again taking my money and offering nothing. Fuming.

    • Not everyone has access to ps now or ea play

    • Not happy ? So why don’t you cancel one or the other ? What’s next ? Sony is giving us games that are part of a Humble Bundle, Steam Sale, free on some other store ? You chose to pay for more than one service now take responsibility for it….

    • Eh. I also have psnow and ea play. You get all the other games thats available on those services as well. If youre only paying for psnow and ea play for payback and vampyr then, youre dumb.

      Complaining about those games as the plus game is the same as complaining that you bought them a year or 2 ago. You boughg them then because you wanted to play them then without waiting and hoping one day it will be a plus game. If you think years later that those games were a waste of money, then you are obviously in the worng hobby.

      Or, most likely, just the type to cry about every little thing you can all the time, because apparently you have nothing else to be angry about. Good for you. Lots of people have actual problems to worry about.

    • @ UnT_M3M3
      That doesnt change the fact that the people who do are being ripped off.
      If you dont have PS Now or EA Access, it would make no difference to you if Sony added other good games which arent on PS Now or EA access, but it would stop people feeling conned.

    • @ renato_cad
      Because Sony dont own those services, but they do own PS+ and PS Now. Did that really have to be explained to you?

      Why not cancel? Because you cant. If I was offered to have my PS Now subscription cancelled and extended onto my PS+, I’d take it.

    • I don’t have either service so I’m glad to get these games. In my mind, if they are consolidating PS Now into Plus like you’re suggesting, you could be happy because now you only need to pay for one subscription fee.
      PS Now also holds value for other people as it retroactively allows one to go back and play other games. If you missed a month of Plus or just picked it up you would not have the same library as someone who picked up Plus day 1.

    • Not everyone has EA Play or PS Now. I don’t and have not played these before. Good month for me.

  • Vampyr looks interesting. Though Need for Speed payback i’ve only heard and read bad reception to. Would have been a better fit if there was Vampyr and a horror game since it October. Otherwise decent month!

  • Oh come on… Why not give something like Resident Evil 7, or Anthem. I prefer Anthem to Need for Speed….

  • None of those games are my cup of tea. I guess a racing game should have been added in the collection eventually, and vampyr is somewhat spooky, but since it’s October couldn’t you offer some good horror games? Or at least a bonus vr compatible horror game? Seems more appropriate than giving a racing game and… Whatever vampyr is trying to be

  • As I read the comments…. PS Now is not available in every country. For example in Hungary and as a guess many more. So i am happy with this 2 game :)

  • Excellent month, thank you!

  • Wow! I might actually play both of these!

  • Why not add one more game that is like a horror like days gone or something like that

  • Vampyr seems like a cool game that I would never have played before. I don’t care for racing games. I can see how people who have Playstation Now feel cheated. Anyway, as long as there is one cool game I am gonna play it and enjoy this month’s Playstation. I’ve got 4 story games now to play until Cyberpunk comes out in November

    • Yeah well they need to deal with it. Barely anyone has PS Now and they get hundreds of games while PS+ only has 2 games at a time. If games never had to leave PS Now then there would end up being overlap eventually anyway. Tough break.

  • Vampyr wasn’t released on the Saudi Store. And the post does not say anything about the alternative title.
    Can you please edit it at least?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Not great this month. Dont normally moan but you could have done a bit more.

  • Another bad month in my eyes, but looking back at the previous months I shouldn’t be surprised. The last month that had a game I was interested in was July 2019.

    • Jesus Christ.
      You obviously don’t like many types of games.
      If I were like you, and only enjoyed a very specific niche kind of game, I’d probably opt to buy them outright rather than hope that they drop for free on a subscription service.
      Might work out cheaper for you in the end.
      I imagine eroge games aren’t that expensive individually….

    • @mosefus75 sorry that I prefer genres other than FPS and racing which is what the majority of games have been. I do agree with you though that PS+ could use more VNs, it’s been like 3 years since the last VN was added.

      If you’re looking for a good subscription service though, you may consider PS Now which does consistently have good offerings nearly ever month.

  • Is it that hard to include the store links?

    • Yes, including the store links before these games are marked free next week would be a bad idea.

    • Yes let’s add store links so the comment section will be full of people asking why the games aren’t showing as free yet. We all know that half the people don’t even read the post and just scroll to the comment section right away to start saying something.

  • After bad month with SF and PUBG here comes another 💩 month. Nice SONY 👌🏻🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Heck yes! Been wanting to play Vampyr for ages! Haven’t played Need for Speed since…well, the original in ’95, so should be interesting.

  • With the line up likes this and last month and month before that, there is no point having both ps+ and ps now. Just merge them already

    • Then don’t have both? I buy a ton of games so I don’t bother with PS Now. It’s not a service aimed at the type of gamer like me. Some would do well to remember not every service is catered to them.

    • @Mercenary09, Sony should merge PS+ and PSNow. So the guy is right to complain.

  • Already played payback and vampyr not the best out of the bunch.

  • when will ps plus and now join together for one membership for a lower price?

    • Only several countries in the world have access to Ps Now. We all shouldn’t be paying more for Plus so that a few of you can pay less for the combined sub.

  • I was waiting for dark souls 3 and resident evil 7 but nah :(

  • both garbage that i’ve already tried because of paying other subs. Won’t be doing that for much longer

  • Wow, another surprise! Not bad games if you don’t have them. I was expecting Evil Within or Watch Dogs, but these will do too.

  • Online play should be FREE. Charge a subscription fee for those who want these temporary free games. At the very least, offer a discounted PS+ price for online play only and opt out of the games.

    • Of course online gaming should be free. Because it’s basically all p2p or third party hosted. None of the server hosters are getting any money.

      If they feel they have to gouge people, they should only be charging for the 2 online Sony games. Though weirdly, they shut down driveclub and gravity rush 2 with 35 million Plus people “paying” for it.. 😁

    • It’s downright disrespectful to blackmail paying customers into this service in order to pay for online. I still can’t believe I’ve been subbed this entire gen and never got anything out of it other than basic online access. If they don’t offer the choice in the future I’d rather stay offline altogether.

  • I wish it was something exclusive to PS4.
    Order 1886 would be fine.
    Yes I didn’t play this game yet.

    • I’m surprised they didn’t. I bought that game 5 years ago for $9. Seems like something Sony would do and then call it a $50 saving or something ridiculous, just like they do every month.

    • I don’t want that game even for free ^^ I’d rather get something like Vampyr.

    • I loved Order 1886. Not a game to replay over and over but great to play once. I picked it for $5 a while back.

  • Nice games! Vampyr is good.

    I’ve never played NFS Payback, but I want a race game, so let’s test it.

  • This is a good month for me as I don’t have Vampyr or the Need for Speed. Vampyr is a good Halloween selection and Need for Speed Payback is worth a shot, although it’s not the best game in the series. And I’m looking forward to all the games in the ps plus library. Thanks Sony.

  • One good game, but it’s already a permanent title on ps now and another with mediocre rating that’s on EA play. Gotta tell ya, I don’t regret being a ps now/ps plus subscriber at all!

    I never imagined myself saying this but think I’m switching to xbox and game pass next gen, sony’s subscriptions have become a joke with all the nonstop double dipping. I feel like a fool for paying them money for this.

    • Enjoy playing old gen games on Gamepass November 10th, I’ll be playing Demon’s Souls, Miles Morales, Godfall, and Sackboy because Sony actually has a launch lineup.

      Keep hugging your services over the next 12 months while I play Horizon, God of War, GT7, R&C Rift Apart, Returnal and more.

      I buy consoles for new games, enjoy your service though..

    • The PS5 launch lineup is actually a bit completely terrible…

      Demon’s is a PS3 game with apparently “modernized” (made more easy) combat that costs $96 (for an old game that’s not actually very long).
      The Spiderman DLC is just a PS4 DLC.
      Godfall is a pretty ropey seeming generic multiplatform title.
      Oh and a platformer.

      None of those are remotely “next gen” or something you couldn’t see on the PS4 (I mean most of them are on the PS4 anyway). 😁

    • Hundred bucks for refurbished and dumbed down game looks like a new trend.

    • PS3 – play your PS3 games at 720P
      PS4 – Play your PS3 games at 1080p!
      PS5 – Play your PS3 games at 4k~!

      coming soon…

      PS6 – Play your PS3 games at 16k~! 😮


  • Slightly frustrating getting a game that is available on Ps Now and another that is available via EA Play.
    I understand not everyone is subscribed to those services but just a little disappointing. Guess it’s good to have them added to my game library incase I ever unsubscribe. 2 decent games though either way.

  • Cool, I don’t own either.

  • Disappointed 😞

  • Another disappointing month. Seriously questioning the value of the PS Plus service. I expect at least one AAA title a month.

  • Anyone who hasn’t tried Vampyr should give it a go. Despite the slightly janky gameplay, it is a solid game with a great atmosphere – and it feels very topical to play during a pandemic. :-)

  • I see you guys are using the new PS+ border you used in the PS5 video… will we also be able to play these on the PS5 if we’re plus users?

  • Need to do better

  • Let’s see how the whingeing little crybabies find a way to moan about this pair of games that cost you less than the price of a cup of coffee to access.

    Mwaaaa. Mwaaaa.
    I wanted Miles Morales BEFORE IT’S EVEN RELEASED
    Mwaaaa. Mwaaaa.
    I wanted Resident Evil 8
    Mwaaaa. Mwaaa.
    I DEMAND GTA 6 for free!!!!!

  • Finally the first month this entire year where I dont already have either game. The fact that I suck at racing games is not enough to complain about here. Will play Vampyr for sure but am rather surprised playstation didnt offer up something bigger (like days gone, the witcher, umbrella corps, doom) both titles are quite old now and even though all eyes are set on ps5, you kind of want to keep people interested in ps plus rather than the xbox offerings.

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