Demon’s Souls – PS5 gameplay first look

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Demon’s Souls – PS5 gameplay first look

An extended look at the foreboding locales and deadly enemies lurking in Boletaria.

We have been working diligently for almost three years on the legend that is Demon’s Souls. Together with the masters of the remaster Bluepoint Games, we have lovingly crafted this thrilling experience to bring it to stunning new life on PlayStation 5. 

Demon’s Souls – PS5 gameplay first look

In Demon’s Souls, we send you back to the fog-ridden kingdom of Boletaria like you’ve never seen it before. Here, death is not the end, and again the challenge seems insurmountable. But this dark world draws you in nonetheless, with its sumptuous sights and chilling sounds. Through the power of haptics, you feel every visceral blow, making even small victories all the sweeter. 

It was essential to us that we recreated Demon’s Souls in such a way that longtime fans are transported back to the Boletaria they love. It’s the Boletaria that has been growing and maturing in their imaginations for over a decade. A place where every room, corner, and corridor has a story to tell. Here, the original characters, encounters and battles are brought to life in greater fidelity, making the story even richer and darker. 

Even as we went back to the drawing board to build upon the original art, sound, music, and feel, our goal was always to remain true to the vision of the original classic – its story, gameplay and level design. With this in mind, we fine-tuned the title to ensure the game remains fresh and appeals to new users accustomed to modern controls and experiences. 

Above all, this is to ensure the lands of Boletaria are living and breathing worlds, home to all manner of terrors, brimming with tension and challenge. In this way, we hope that Demon’s Souls is both parts new and familiar, welcoming to veterans and newcomers alike. 

This time, we’re thrilled to bring you an extended look at gameplay, featuring the first challenge you’ll face on your arduous journey – the grotesque demon Vanguard. 

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  • DAY ONE! Heck yes! Looking good, thanks for selling it to me again :D

    Btw what’s up with that “other consoles”?

    • Sony: PS5 Exclusive*

      *ᶜᵒᵐⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵒᵗʰᵉʳ ᶜᵒⁿˢᵒˡᵉˢ

    • They’ve already retracted that

    • I personally am not impressed by the graphics for this game it still looks really similar to the dark souls 3 on the ps4 pro. I thought there would be a much larger upgrade from one gen to the next.

    • My most anticipated launch title.

      Same feel, but modern visuals and animation work. Bosses look phenomenal.

      This will look stunning in native 4K with Ray Tracing.

    • vegrial
      it look nothing like Dark
      Souls 3. I have just watch gameplay of Dark Souls 3 max setting on RTX 2080. Demon Souls on the PS5 is one of the most impressive showing of next gen graphical feudality.

    • @iownthisb That’s an unwarranted & unconvincing comparison. Dark Souls 3 was made with a far limiting hardware floor than this game being made exclusively w/ NVMe SSDs & 10 teraflops of performance at least via the PS5.

      It being a next-gen game, you can’t simply compare it to an older game being rendered by more powerful or recent GPUs. That’s not how that works;

      The graphics showcased are easily achievable on PC at far higher fidelity. There are GPUs releasing this Fall w/ 3 times the graphic fidelity of the PS5 & Xbox Series X. I can w/ my 3090 or my existing 2080TIs. At the I/O level my NVMe SSD combined w/ DirectStorage available on my GPUs will perform as fast and faster than PS5’s I/O.

      All that said, I can’t wait to play this game on a PS5 this Fall! I’m hopeful when I don’t want to game in my living room (or can’t because of significant others wanting to watch Netflix or something), I can quickly pivot to playing this game on PC some day in the future.

      That said, I’m very happy Bluepoint continues their solid reputation remaking games and rendering games well. It’ll be great to revisit this game to start the next generation of console gaming!

      Happy gaming to you as well!

  • Thank you guys. As a big fan of souls and many sony exclusive I really can’t wait to play DS and many others.

  • I am super excited for this game, having bought it about 10 years ago and sold it 6 hours later because it was “too hard”. I later bought it again (but never played it again) and went on to beat all the Souls games and Bloodborne (I can’t get into Sekiro, parry mechanics are dumb IMO), but I am super pumped to play this. Looks great.

  • Is this game going on Xbox? Why does it say other consoles? PS4?

  • Is the game coming to pc and xbox?

    • No, Sony made a mistake in the presentation. They’ve since corrected that and said it’s only coming to PS5.

      A lot of people were surprised when they said it was coming to PC and ‘other consoles’ because Demon’s Souls is a Sony IP (along with Bloodborne, but not Dark Souls which I believe is owned by Bandai Namco).

      Having said that, Sony’s objective with PC releases is to draw players into buying a Playstation console. So if a new Demon’s Souls game is ever made, this one could come to PC to try and entice those players to buy a PS5 for the next game. So I don’t think the answer is a complete ‘no’, it just seems unlikely in the near future.

      As for an Xbox release, never say never, but I can’t see it happening. As mentioned before, Demon’s Souls is a Sony IP, so I think an Xbox release is unlikely.

    • @raziel2001au Hi, that’s a very cynical assumption of why Sony is releasing PC releases.

      I would argue Sony is releasing first-party games to PC because it’s a distinct gaming platform (may gamers game on console & PC as well) and it extends their ecosystem to PC for Playstation fans have more opportunities to be continually invested in their ecosystem.

      Especially during this current COVID-19 pandemic, PS fans all over the world are competing quite a bit to play PS games on their TVs with their significant others, kids, & so on to do something else.

      Having Playstation gaming on PC beyond Playstation Now optimizes & makes more handy being a Playstation fan. This is especially important when similar competitors are doing the same now. Playstation always prides itself with giving fans what they want, & that’s become an increasing trend.

      Similarly, they’ve listened to fans that wanted cross-platform online play, mull over if their launch window PS5 games really needed to be only on PS5, & a digital-only console variant to save money vs their original stance based on the thoughts majority of their fanbase that changed their minds on such things over time–or such segment of their fan base waned in relevancy based on new advances in tech & new information.

      Committing to making their first-party games more available to PC is the next step in that direction they’ve already confirmed. It just might not be this game or at launch of the PS5 with the latter already being touch enough to focus on alone.

      Business-wise, it enables new source of revenue for their games that enable even more awesome games for all Playstation fans.

    • @mr-silk-sheets It’s not an assumption, Sony have stated this themselves.

      If we lived in a world where Sony released all their titles on PC, why would people need to own a Playstation console? Even if only a quarter of their userbase decided they no longer needed a dedicated Sony console as a result, that’s a huge amount of revenue lost from people not spending money in the PSN store, not signing up to services like Playstation Plus and not buying playstation-branded accessories. This is the exact opposite of what Sony wants, they want more people using their services, not less. On top of that they’d be giving 30% of their revenue to Steam.

      Jim Ryan was pretty clear on this: “We should be making that IP work a bit harder as an acquisition tool for the PlayStation community”. Herman Hulst said the same: “it’s important that we stay open to new ideas of how to introduce more people to PlayStation … We don’t have plans for day and date PC releases, and we remain 100% committed to dedicated hardware.”

      So sorry, but what you’re saying doesn’t line up with what Playstation’s higher-ups are saying. Sony has their own ecosystem and services to promote. Releasing some of their older titles on PC is a perfect way to show people why they might want to invest in Sony’s console and the services that go with that.

  • if this is a console launch game, WHY CANT YOU SAY THAT? why leave it to geoff keighly to announce it on twitter?

  • Jim Ryan what’s the point of wasting millions in recreating Demon’s Souls only to make it available for pc when its supposed to be an exclusive system seller!

    Congratulations Jim Ryan & Hermen Hulst for completely destroying the entire PlayStation legacy others build through out the years with your completely moronic choices.

    • Every exclusive should come to PC it means more money for Sony and better graphics and FPS for gamers if they so choose to go the PC route

    • They’ve already retracted this and said that was a mistake and it actually is just a ps5 exclusive. Not that it actually matters. You’re not special because you chose the same console 100 million other people did, you drama queen.

    • This is a moronic take in so many ways. I hope people who think like you read this.

      PC platform is a *distinct* gaming platform from consoles. PC market does not endanger the console market–especially when it comes to gaming on a couch, living room, &/or local multiplayer gaming.

      By supporting the PC platform–which they already confirmed they will do more w/ first-party games after the success of the PC port of Horizon: Zero Dawn–the money gained from the PC market also helps increases the budget of making even more awesome PS5 games for you to enjoy, even if you don’t game on PC at all.

      Supporting PC simultaneously actually enables fanatic PS fans like you more flexibility & more contexts to be able to enjoy Playstation games–especially when your PS5 isn’t available to you.

      This is especially handy during these wild & unpredictable times. For example: If your girlfriend/boyfriend, kids, guests & so on wants to binge Netflix & you just want to game, having the ability to play your favorite Playstation games on PC is invaluable.

      This increases the value of Playstation Network (PSN) being able to go back & forth your progress of your favorite PS5 games on PC & PS5. This also keeps PSN competitive with similar affordances similar offerings such as Xbox Live, Geforce Now, & technically Stadia allow.

      The money gained from PS studio game sales on the PC platform enables more finance gain & bonuses for Sony’s first-party studios to continually be motivated & compensated towards continually making awesome games on the PS5 in addition to consoles.

      It helps prevents talented first-party staff departing for third-party studios where their work can have more impact, sales, & so on vs. locking it down to Playstation. A first-party game will never make Call of Duty Numbers; having the game on PS5 & PC significantly helps with this.

      Having games on PC enables important, meaningful financial growth for stakeholders of Sony’s stocks.

  • Holding my breath for a release date, this game looks awesome! But what happened to the UI?

  • What we really want to know is when does Demons Souls 2 come out. Sony owns the IP. Japan Studios can make it.

  • Was the trailer “cinematic”, because it looked kind of wonky? Everything was a oneshot and it just looked really…”scripted”??

    Would be nice to hear about any fixes to the gameplay. Liiike, reductions in grind, increasing some items drop chance from 1 in 10000 to something sensible, ability to stay online without affecting world tendency, non gendered armors, etc. Especially improvements to balance, ladder climbing faster than 1 rung per hour and if the broken archstone is finally fixed (been broken since launch). 😜

  • What’s up with the other console and PC disclaimer at the end? I plan on getting a new PC with a new Nvidia RTX 3000 series card, so you turned me from a consumer who planned to be an early adopter to a consumer that will wait in see. Good way to instill uncertainty in your consumer base. Sony must like what they’ve seen from Microsoft’s marketing.

    • This seems like reverse psychology. How would the now corrected error of the game being on PC would’ve stopped you from being an early adopter?

      Your logic becomes worse when you unnecessarily brought “Microsoft’s marketing into this”.

      When you buy a Microsoft 1st party game, you automatically get the game on both PC & Xbox. It’s possible Sony does the same or create a bundle / “PC pass” to acquire the PC port of their games associated with your purchase of the game originally on PSN.

      Sony WILL release more PC ports of their games looking at the fanfare & success of the PC port Horizon: Zero Dawn that they already confirmed.

  • The most impressive PS5 gameplay showcase so far! Amazing job by Japan Studio and Bluepoint!

    • Most impressive?…with those animations from the stone age?…oook then hahaha.

    • Animations were excellent. The combat is a bit deliberate because it’s Demon’s Souls, it needs to retain the same feel, but combat animations were solid. Far more fluid than the original.

      Blue Point can’t just make it DMC, it needs to feel like Demon’s Souls. I believe it’s a perfect blend of old and new. Look at Shadow of the Colossus. Blue Point has earned our respect. Go home.

    • @Welmosca And yet they are still miles ahead animations then from something like Gears 5 that still recycles just about every bit of movement and abilities on the main character and enemies………. straight from the first game from 2006.

  • Launch title for PS5, but what date does it release on PC?

  • So, are there nonPS5 exclusives launching with the system?

  • I’m confused, “not available on other consoles for a limited time” does this mean it’s coming to Xbox?

    • They were likely referring to the possibility of a PS4 release down the road but Sony said that part was a mistake and it’s PS5 exclusive. Xbox aint happening and PC was clarified as not happening either.

  • How is this “coming to other consoles” I just read possible!? This is a Sony published and owned IP remade by Japan Studio (Sony owned) and BluePoint (second party), it makes no sense to release this on XBOX. PC I understand. XBOX no.

  • Sony you are shooting yourself in the foot by sharing your exclusives with other consoles

  • Remind me again why I should buy this console and not a 3080?

    • Because you will have to buy a 4k 120hz monitor to take advantage of the 3080, put it together and it will be at least $2000, common sense

    • @roronoadragneel8: This doesn’t make sense & the original comment as well.

      You would need to also buy/reuse the same TV for the PS5–especially to maximize the experience it can provide you.

      As for the original comment, @GibbShift, comparing a GPU to a whole-factor gaming box is apples-n-oranges.

    • Because u can get a PS5 for 399 dollars and Demon’s Souls aint coming to PC as clarified by Sony. Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, God of War, Returnal, R&C, ect.

  • Best game of the show by far. Blueprint Games are brilliant.

  • Only On PlayStation ??????
    Only On PlayStation ??????
    Only On PlayStation ??????
    Only On PlayStation ??????
    Only On PlayStation ??????
    Only On PlayStation ??????
    Only On PlayStation ??????
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    Only On PlayStation ??????
    Only On PlayStation ??????
    Only On PlayStation ??????
    Only On PlayStation ??????
    Only On PlayStation ??????
    Only On PlayStation ??????

    Console without exclusive games will fail.

  • Demon’s Souls PS5 bundle please!

  • This is the game that makes me buy a ps5 at launch! Not a fan of remake in general but this one feels like a new game. I can’t wait! It will be awesome.

  • This has got to be the best looking souls game out there Im seriously in disbelief, cant wait for the remake to come out!!

  • Will it have all the places now? All Archstones?

  • Amazing already pre order mine

  • – PS5 exclusive!
    – Also it’s a 10 year old game with a new coat of paint for $70.
    – Also it’s not actually exclusive like it was on PS3 so please buy it on PC instead so we can devalue our brand for a quick buck.
    – What lol? That was an error, of course it’s exclusive, just buy the PS5 like you were intending. Don’t wait for the PC version at all.
    Oh and FFXVI is exclusive as well.

    Sony please tell me more sweet little lies.

    It took only 4 years after moving the PS HQ out of Japan to burn the brand to the ground.
    What a flaming trainwreck.

    • Yeah, it really looks like the brand is struggling. Great analysis, bro – worthy of Michael Pachter…

    • Yes it’s pretty clear PS is going in the wrong direction…only the blind don’t see that and I’m afraid
      of what’ll happen in the future.

    • That’s why preorders sold out in minutes..

      PS5 has a real launch lineup, real innovation, VR, fantastic studios, more variety. Ppl want PS5. It’s a monster.

    • It being on PC (potentially later still) does not devalue their brand at all. Please elaborate your logic so it can be corrected towards progress & more flexibility of PS fans.

  • Why are people but hurt if this comes to other systems? cmon people!

    Was kinda excited that this was coming on PC as well…then “it was an error”. If after a year we get it on PC, I would totally understand if people are mad for Sony trying to back pedal this being PS5 only. Just tell the truth.

  • Great visual fidelity, very smooth animations, and it looks like the boss designs are very true to the original. Obviously this gameplay demo was “modded” a bit to show off as much of the level as possible before the boss fight (hence one-shotting the blue-eyed knight with a single two-handed strike).

    However, it looks like the gameplay speed has been boosted quite a lot – attacks look a bit fast and light for my taste, the animations don’t seem to have much weight compared to the original.
    Also, not a big fan of the excessive player grunting with every single attack – hopefully we can adjust that volume separately.
    I’d like to see more of Boletaria before I make any judgment, but it doesn’t look like that hazy, dreamy visual style has been maintained, which is a real shame.
    I am also really keen to hear how the online component works, and what Fractured Mode is.

    Also, fix that last archstone already, ok? We’ve been waiting for over 10 years now ;)

    • “Great analysis, bro”
      Hit me up in 5 years, let’s see how project woke quick buck plays out.

      In the mean time be sure to enjoy your censored Yakuza games mate, cheers.

    • Smooth animations?…guess we watched different video LMAO.

    • Andoracer, when you’re done being edgy, please do elaborate on your alarmist predictions. I’d honestly love to hear what on earth you are on about, but given that you’re casually throwing phrases like “project woke” around, I don’t expect anything of substance from you.

      Welmosca > I think we must have! Pretty much every other person on the internet seems to agree that the animations are much much smoother/better in the remake. I don’t necessarily agree that they are “better”, but smoother? Yes. Hands down.

  • Looks like they did a great job, but still disappointing to see another generation of remakes

    • Oh wow never seen someone awake to that fact.It’s nice to see someone not eager to be ripped off from recycled games.Remakes from PS3 games are a joke,cash-grab…PS1 Remakes are a blessing giving how ugly games were,PS2 is acceptable but PS3….laaaaaame.

  • This looks beautiful.

    Can’t wait to experience it for the first time come come November!

  • Will it, maybe, eventually be on ps4? Because I do t think I will be able to get the ps5 so I have to stick with my ps4. So will it eventually come to ps4

  • I’m glad the game comes to PS5 and that it’s going to be launch title. However, could someone please ellaborate on how the pricing of the games are calculated from now on (in general)?
    I can accept that you need to raise the price from 60 to 70 USD. We’ve accepted that in Europe, we pay not the equivalent of 60USD in EUROs, but 60EUR instead. What I don’t understand (I think I’m not alone with this one) is, that the gap just widened, and we are expected to pay not 70EUR, but 80EUR?
    Could you guys at Sony or PS ellaborate on this one?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Just seen that the preorder page is up, and what have we here….

    “Pre-order now and receive*:
    The Reaper Scythe weapon – Once wielded by sorcerers who commanded the spirits of the dead. A pole weapon with a curved blade on one end that is so sharp that they say it can sever your soul from your body. The Reaper Scythe can mow down many targets in a single blow but is difficult to handle and requires both strength and dexterity to use.
    *Internet connection required to redeem bonus DLC.”

    Oh come on Sony…! Pre-order exclusive weapons? What’s next, a season pass?

    Used purchase for me now, I’m not going to support this pre-order exclusive content nonsense.

    • lol you have a SEGA avatar and want to complain about pre-order bonuses?

      Where have you been this entire gen and only now care that Sony puts in pre-order extras? lmao you people all say the same crap at the same time. Almost like Twitter controls your thoughts

    • Actually, I have a Yakuza 0 avatar. I like the Yakuza series, doesn’t mean I support pre-order bonuses. Also, I’ve been here all gen, sweetie – and the last gen. I don’t really give a flying f… what Sony normally does with other franchises, but don’t mess with a Souls IP. I distinctly remember neither Demon’s Souls nor Dark Souls having any of this pre-order nonsense*, and it would be a terrible idea to start now.

      So it take it you’re happy with this pre-order culture that has crept in? If so, you probably shouldn’t be lecturing other people on having their thoughts controlled.

      *except DS2, which had weapon DLC for the Collector’s Edition.

      P.S. Who writes “lmao” at their own points? Git gud at internet, scrub.

  • Will this game be co-op like the other souls games?

  • First you guys screwed up the pre orders. Then show a trailer saying Demons Souls will launch on PC just to say it was an error. Now I can’t find a PS5 or play my favorite game of all time. I’ll just play PC emulator and OG Demons Souls. Someday I’ll get a PS5 used and used Demons Souls so you don’t get any money from me. I’m done with Playstation.

  • This should have been a megaton had you clearly stated in the showcase itself that this was a launch game. Didn’t find out until over 2 hours later lol.

  • goose bumps for me; ps5 will be bought hope they bundle this with it; best game ever imo

  • Its where it all started for me. I read about it and it was too compelling not to get an import copy, it remains my greatest gaming decision of all time. Hard, yes, but fare and thoroughly fulfilling and utterly mesmerizing in its aesthetic delivery. Dragons, dungeons, fantastic enemies, bosses bigger than the screen, weapons of every variety, grinding and levelling has never been so perfect and necessary. A plethora of character builds to experiment with and master and oh yeah magical sticky white stuff which still remains a bit of a mystery. It also had the most original online system for the time, it was in fact perfect, for me at that time in gaming. Dark souls and the other iterations did improve on things but nothing has given me the chills and thrills of say meeting the Dragon God or the atmosphere in the tower of Latria, I can’t wait to see what they have done with it. I am excited for everyone who has never played it, you are in for a treat.

  • Super psyked to play this. But I can’t support a $70 MSRP. I’ll have to wait for a sale. No day-one for me.

  • Can’t wait to play this game, Demon’s Souls is looking amazing. Couldn’t pre-order PlayStation 5 hopefully can get one sooner than later.

  • The gameplay has been fixed or remade? Or it will be played like the original, with outdated combat and clunky moves

  • I was more excited……… about the instant fast travel from the bonfire :-D
    All that time I was stuck in loading screens on the Ps3……… when I SHOULD of been dying :-D

    My first Ps5 Platinum WILL BE Demons Souls

  • Cannot wait to return to boletaria, thanku for bringing my favourite game back :)

  • Already Pre-orded my PS5, downloading this straight away.

  • Missed opportunity in not having a Limited Edition. Look at how fast that Dark Souls Trilogy limited edition sold, probably made Bandai Namco a lot of money as well

  • For fanatics that don’t seem to understand the value of Playstation games increasingly being on PC regardless the fate of this remake on PC or not over time: Sony seems to plan on evolving the value of PS network, having it more easily seen as an ecosystem constantly part of the lives of gamers beyond their consoles.

    I would not be surprised they consolidate Playstation Now service w/ PS Network towards a similar offering as Xbox Gamepass that will enable PS Studio Game and their DLC be bought once to be available on all Playstation consoles, PC, & streamable in the cloud that Playstation Now enables simultaneously.

    It may be a new tier of their Playstation Network (Playstation Network Gold/Ultimate)? They will likely develop a dedicated PS Network app on PC for Playstation Network users to install & play the games they already own on Playstation.

    They’ll make the games still available on traditional storefronts like Horizon: Zero Dawn probably; However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the add an incentive that the games will be exclusively on their app for a period of time.

    That said, it just makes sense for first-party games being available on PC that succeeds Playstation Now. PC platform is a distinct gaming platform, & does not endanger or competes with the convenient form factor of the Playstation consoles that will always be better for local multiplayer & more easily suitable in living rooms or couch gaming on TVs.

  • Bluepoint Games are on another level. There one of the only few developers to fully use 60fps 1080p on the PS3 with Blast Factor which released back in 2007😀 A huge achievement in itself.

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