Dutch ‘87 and a Free Trial Coming to Predator: Hunting Grounds

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Dutch ‘87 and a Free Trial Coming to Predator: Hunting Grounds

First details on this iconic character and the upcoming free trial weekend.

Back in May we brought you Dutch 2025, but Predator: Hunting Grounds would not be a true love song to the ’87 Predator film if we didn’t bring the community a classic Dutch playable character. The opportunity to tell a new story with Dutch, and to represent his iconic look was so good, we had to do both! And just like Dutch 2025 you will get all the character lines voiced by the one and only. This Paid DLC will also get you 8 tint customizations and early access* to Dutch’s fully automatic, hard-hitting Mercenary weapon featuring an underbarrel grenade launcher and steady hip firing action. We will be releasing this Paid DLC Tuesday, September 1st!

Last week we shared details of this month’s 2.0 Patch, coming on August 28th, and how excited we all are for it. Today we’re revealing that August 28th is also the start of a Free Trial for Predator: Hunting Grounds; and the game will be on sale on the PlayStation Store. If you have been waiting to check out the game, or have a friend who has been waiting, this is the perfect time to join the hunt.

The trial will be open from 7am PT / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST on August 28th to 7am PT / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST  on August 30th on PS4 for players with an active PS Plus membership. If you don’t own Predator: Hunting Grounds just visit the PlayStation Store, download the Trial, and join your friends in the hunt. And don’t worry, the progress you make over the Free Trial Weekend will carry over if you decide to purchase the game. And just in time for Dutch ‘87!

The IllFonic dev team is looking forward to seeing Dutch ‘87 join Dutch 2025 in the jungle very soon! Don’t forget that next month’s Free Update will include the new map and mode. And it doesn’t stop in September, we have a lot more being created by the team. Until then, see you in the hunt!

*Dutch’s Mercenary weapon is unlockable to all via gameplay by October 2020.

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