Beat Saber launches Linkin Park Music Pack today

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Beat Saber launches Linkin Park Music Pack today

11 classic songs from Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Minutes to Midnight arrive on PS VR today.

The waiting is over players… Linkin Park Music Pack – our biggest music pack so far – is out now! Fresh and energizing beats from the Grammy award-winning band Linkin Park just landed in Beat Saber. Linkin Park doesn’t need a long introduction, this iconic band jumped into the music industry spotlight in 2000 with their very first music album Hybrid Theory. Today, we are celebrating Hybrid Theory’s incredible 20th anniversary in VR with our brand new Linkin Park Music Pack.

Linkin Park is a band very close to our heart, we have been listening to their music since teenage years and our heart rate rises every time we hear their songs. But everything gets even more real when you play it in PS VR. With this music pack, we are bringing 11 of the band’s most popular songs in all difficulties. Yes, that makes it 55 beatmaps in total. Linkin Park Music Pack unites tracks from influential albums Hybrid Theory, Meteora and Minutes to Midnight. As always, you can purchase the whole pack or download individual songs.

Beat Saber Linkin Park

Check our selection of the band’s most famous songs:

  • Bleed It Out
  • Breaking the Habit
  • Faint
  • Given Up
  • In The End
  • New Divide
  • Numb
  • One Step Closer
  • Papercut
  • Somewhere I Belong
  • What I’ve Done

We always want to bring something extra, but this time it is something totally different. With this music pack, we are releasing a brand new game environment – a fully enclosed game area inspired by the tunnel scene you might remember from the ‘One Step Closer’ music video. The environment is also accompanied by a new four-color lighting scheme. To pay our tribute to the iconic Hybrid Theory album, the whole environment is stylized into the album’s colors.

Beat Saber Linkin Park

Are you ready to channel your inner music rebel? Head out to PlayStation Store and get yourself the new Linkin Park Music Pack now. See you on the leaderboards.

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  • Great news. I have been looking for a reason to get back into Beat Saber and now I have it.

  • Cool for Linkin Park fans… I’m not one of ’em unfortunately.

  • Heck yes! And it’s a substantial pack too. Super excited for this. Definitely going to play through these tonight.

  • I love Linkin Park so I’ll be picking this up. I do wish that The Catalyst was one of the songs though. Really bummed it isn’t.

  • There just one song away from having all of LPs great songs

    Wheres point of authority?

  • Another disappointing add for this great game, but the dlc content is just rubbish.

  • I’m so excited it’s coming but I can’t download it it doesn’t show up in the psn store and won’t let me add it in game says it’s unable to at this time anyone help please

  • Any chance for a Morbid Angel pack? Songs from the first two albums would be cool.

    • They will never do death metal, they have already said on Twitter that death metal is too “adult” for beat saber

  • Sony Music should work on exclusive (or not) DLC packs with Playstation and Beat Saber.

    • There is absolutely NO reason as to why there should be exclusivity aside from you wanting to feel superior to other vr brands.

    • I said “or not”. I don’t care, but Playstation does want exclusive extras. On the other hand, I see this as a cool promotion tool for Sony Music on PSVR and PCVR. Could be free or paid, just something to consider. I think Sony hinted at doing more things like that after the Death Stranding soundtrack, but we’ll see.

      In the meantime, this music pack is a great addition to Beat Saber!

  • I would be a lot cooler if it was actually available in the store right now.

  • When will it actually be available in the store for purchase. It’s now been 2 hours since the update and the pack has been released on the game but it’s not available in the store. I click buy pack it says ” This content cannot be selected at this time” I’ve restarted my PlayStation the past 2 hours also uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. I live in the Central Time zone USA

  • I can’t find the music pack in the store and when I Select it on the beat saber screen it says the music pack is unavailable

  • I am not a fan of this group but still glad something new is out, Unfortunaltely, I can’t download as the content is unavailable for purchase at this time, What gives?

  • More R&B songs please. This rock ish is crap and has absolutely no rhythm to it.

  • @playstation step it up it’s not even in the PlayStation store and error message when I open beat saber and try to buy that way how you gonna release something and it not work

  • I see the linkin park pack but it’s unable to download.

  • Out now = NOT out “now”.

    Great job!

  • I’d love to play it but it won’t let me buy it. It shows it there and when I click buy music pack it says content not available

  • I’m sorry it says this content cannot be selected at this time

  • I just noticed one of the comments on their Facebook page that says there was an issue with uploading it to the us page store and they are looking into but.. it was posted 2 hours ago

  • You had one job PlayStation! Lol jk

  • This is better news than I was even hoping for!!! Way to go beat saber!!

  • Yo this is really dope.

  • Awesome job great job an hit it right on the head Lincoln Park out of the park I’m going to get it right now also we are waiting on some Latin Beats R&B beats some rap beats and just want to say thank you for your hard work and dedication

  • Finally! That commercialized and bland Green Day and Imagine Dragons trash wasn’t appealing at all.

  • OMG YASSS! I just sent this to my friend group so they know why they won’t be seeing me at all this weekend!


  • i wish they’d consult with those Harmonix people.
    11 songs, all of them from a band many people have heavy opinions about.
    they prolly got a cheaper deal on it than what it would take to actually diversify the **** we’re swinging swords at.
    a wu-tang clan pack would be cool tho. totally takes away from everything i said before that sentence

  • Great! But I do wish they would add a search option so you could search any song in the world

  • It seems that the latest PS4 update is creating significant lag with PSVR. I am unable to make it through any levels without the sabers getting frozen in position for seconds at a time. This is incredibly frustrating to play anything especially a game like Beat Saber that requires continuous movement.

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