Share of the Week: Ghost of Tsushima – Motion

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Share of the Week: Ghost of Tsushima – Motion

Animated moments using the stunning Photo Mode.

With its robust and detailed Photo Mode, we asked you to move through the world of Ghost of Tsushima, and share animated videos using #PS4share and #PSBlog. From picturesque cliffsides to brutal duels, pensive portraits and intense posters, here are this week’s highlights: 

Jin plays his flute in this serene scene from glenlee92.

JRPyznar shared this red-stained cinematic moment.

oPenguo shared a dramatic portrait of Jin in the rain.

Jin stands in the middle of a bamboo forest in this share by PepperoniCobra.

Virtua_photo captures this intense duel scene.

Zimm804 shares Jin scaling this stunning cliffside.

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Theme: Ghost of Tsushima – Animals

Share by: 9am Pacific on Wednesday, August 12

Next week, we’re focusing on the feathered and foxy critters of Ghost of Tsushima. Share shots featuring animals using #PS4share and #PSBlog for a chance to be featured. Need some inspiration? Make sure to check our Ghost of Tsushima Photo mode tips guide

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  • Game of the Year so far :)

  • Tsushima is the most enjoyable open world game i have ever played and easily the most stunning art direction. I’m glad to represent it with my red sunset clip (2nd clip). Jason Connell deserves some nominations come award time.

    Some advice for those interested in making epic motion shots in Tsushima. You can manipulate the toolset invisibly behind the scenes if you choreograph and memorize your spots. This allows you to tailor the particles, wind, ect to the tempo of the music to create a dynamic number. I experimented with this on my Twitter page and imo it was easily my most compelling work. However, the dynamic pieces i posted were about 40 seconds to 1 minute + so they wouldn’t quite fit the Share of the Week format, but imo it was beautiful art regardless. It also required ppl to listen to the sound and have patience, which is not a common virtue on social media.

    The results can be spectacular though, and if you have followers who actually value the artistry of a complex and dynamic scene then you should receive proper recognition. I posted some that increased the wind and leaf output as well as wind direction according to the tempo of the epic score. I had a meditation scene made in Kurosawa mode that saw the depth of field change in the background to represent Jin’s meditative mindset while the world quite literally in this case blurs around him and disappears as he falls further into his relaxed state. Perhaps it’s too much for ppl on social media to grasp at a glance, but imo it elevates the art form of Tsushima’s motion screenshot and implements meaning in a visually impactful way.

  • Another, simple, hint. There several beautiful flute solos in the music selections and matching a shot of Jin playing the flute to a flute solo is a nice touch. The first clip gives a slight taste of this, but there are musical sections that isolate the flute much more.

    Also, changing your particles or weather behind the scene can yield compelling results. I had a clip that saw Jin standing at a cliff peak looking into the sun as i slowly increased the influx of crows and as the tempo changed i slowed the birds and then switched to leaves while increasing the wind and adhering to the musical flow.

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