State of Play returns this Thursday, August 6

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State of Play returns this Thursday, August 6

Updates on upcoming PS4 and PS VR titles take the spotlight.

It’s been a while… but State of Play returns this Thursday with a focus on third-party-published games coming to PS4 and PS VR. We’ll have a few PS5 game updates on third-party and indie titles you last saw in June’s PS5 showcase. 

The episode is weighing in at 40+ minutes(!). We’ve got a great lineup in store featuring plenty of new gameplay footage and other game updates. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

And just to be super clear — there will be no PlayStation Studios updates in Thursday’s episode. There won’t be any updates around hardware, business, preorders, or dates either. On Thursday, our focus is squarely on showcasing some cool upcoming games coming to the broader PlayStation ecosystem. Should be fun!

The new State of Play episode airs Thursday, August 6 at 1:00pm Pacific Time / 4:00pm Eastern Time / 9:00pm BST, and you can watch it live on Twitch and YouTube.

See you Thursday!

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  • Good to see Sony learned from their competitor’s mistake: lacking transparency. Straight up said “no Major PS5 updates.”

    Some may still not believe you, but at least you didn’t directly advertise something false! (Unlike competitors)

    • Agreed. A little disappointed there is no PS5 news but very glad that they didn’t fluff it saying there would be and got straight to the point saying what there wouldn’t be. Much respect for them. This is why I love Sony

    • But even then people will still believe some big new first-party game will be shown. Remember the most recent Nintendo Direct mini Partner Showcase? Nintendo made it as clear as possible that they wouldn’t show anything, yet people complained and were pretty “upset” they didn’t show a new Mario, BotW 2 or Metroid. Unfortunately some people are just ignorant.

    • Kinda disappointing GI ruined the Spiderman exclusive to PlayStation in Avengers detail. I know that was planned for the show.

      When are we getting the Silent Hill, God of War, and SOCOM reveal? Isn’t Blue Point working on another game? I imagine these nuggets will show when they announce preorders.

      Honestly, it’s odd that we don’t even know the launch lineup. Is Returnal a launch game?

    • Just FYI, the advertisement all along from xbox was “nothing but games and more games”. That’s exactly what it was.

    • @stavro

      Yes, Microsoft showed games at the last show. Terrible games and 20 second CG teasers of games 3 years out.

      The previous show that Microsoft had promised next gen gameplay and it featured cinematics and 3rd party games. That’s what Miies is referring to.

  • you’ve got to be kidding me

  • Good on you for being super clear on what not to expect.

    I just hope that the information everyone wants is also coming fairly soon (yes I am talking price and dates for PS5)

    And by ‘fairly soon’ I mean before the month is out, I want to make some financial plans around moving to next gen that are a bit more solid than ‘gee I hope I don’t need to sell a kidney’

  • nothing to see here then, i’ll wait for the reposted trailers on youtube. and buy an xbox.

    • Why are you even here then?

    • Obvious troll, is obvious

    • Hahahahahahah. No. Less than 15% of the people is going to buy xbox, that brand is going to be the next Sega.

    • @mattharipp3r84 Its very hard to buy an Xbox today. Microsoft stopped making them in 2005 after only 4 years of being released lol. But don’t worry, their last console Xbonex only lasted 2 and a half years before being killed a month ago.

      Enjoy your dead console.

    • Jesus, he still managed to get two bites 😂.

    • Microsoft worked with Sega on the Dreamcast and then made the Xbox partially based on it (which is maybe why the controller looks the way it does).

      So they already the next Sega (other than having no good or original games).

    • @matharipp

      Good luck with that Xbox.

      Enjoy Halo and The Goop, they really looked great….

      Have fun waiting 4 years for Avowed, Fable, Hellblade, and Forza. Yes, Forza only just began production and isn’t going to be on XB1, whereas, every SX game has to be on XB1 the first 2-3 years. So only listing next gen and PC tells us how far these games are.

      Meanwhile, every game shown at Sony’s PS5 show is in the first year or so. Even Horizon Forbidden West and GT7.

      Even Project Athia blew away anything Xbox showed. Horizon, Spiderman, Demon’s Souls, R&C, GT7, Deathloop at launch, rumors of Silent Hill….get outa here kid. Xbox is getting smashed irl and in next gen hype. Even Pizza chains are humiliating Halo. Xbox is a jk right now. Enjoy your free Halo mp and Gamepass. Microsoft has to give it away to make ppl play. $30 for a Bug’s Life alpha meanwhile The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima, and Iron Man just released..Enjoy your inferior product ;) sales and reviews can’t convince everyone i guess? Some ppl would rather play in garbage.

  • This is great!

    There are over 115 million people with a PlayStation 4 and it’s important to keep the games coming for them.

    While I may be getting a PS5 launch, it’s great to see the ongoing support.

  • Disappointing. We need to know the price right now.

    • Not yet.. atleast not before Xbox

    • I agree I’m tired of waiting, I’m ready to pre order now before I spend all my money

    • Why?

      If you can’t preorder yet, why do you need to know the price right now? What difference, at this point, does it make? Here – I’ll make it simple. Save $800 for it. It will probably cost less, but that will give you money for some games and an extra controller, and maybe some extra to stick in the bank. BOOM. Done.

      Last generation, Sony stuck it to Microsoft by announcing $100 cheaper and with better functionality. This time, the two are playing chicken, daring the other to release pricing information first. Expect a long wait. If I’m wrong, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    • The way things are going both consoles are going to launch with “???” as the price tag.

      6 months after launch they’ll maybe announce the amount you’ll have to send to Sony/Microsoft..

    • The way things are going we’ll be preordering in January for launch in April.

  • Come on guys Xbox just gave you the golden ticket to secure the generation!!!!

  • Well if you don‘t plan to reveal a pre-order date or prices for PS5 then I sadly don‘t plan to watch :(

    • Don’t you wanna watch a new Silent Hill Trailer? 😏

    • What do you mean by preorder date? Preorders has been out for a long time, I have my copy preordered already.

    • If there is no preorder info, I’m not watching humph!.. You know.. because I’m a frickin clown who wants to blow hundreds on a PS5 but has zero interest in the actual games it plays. How dare you try to inform my decision Sony!!

    • Odezza, please stop spreading false information. Do you think if PS5 preorders were live that the entirety of the comment section would be complaining about a lack of PS5 info?

    • @bigboibeekr maybe it’s country based? Where I live (Sweden) you can preorder the ps5 from many retailers.

    • Odezza, you seem to be confusing the PS5 console with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

    • @ SolaceCreed not sure why I would lie about this. You can preorder the PS5 in Sweden, end of story.

    • For the guy saying you can preorder in Sweden….Yes there is a website that will let you preorder the PS5 in Sweden. However, they don’t know how much it will cost and the amount they are charging is just a “placeholder” amount which has come out to $1050 in USD. I’ll post a link about it

    • @Odezza sorry, but you might want to read the small print at Webhallen and CDON. I too live in Sweden, and you aren’t pre-ordering jack with the PS5. You are expressing an interest in pre-ordering a PS5, and none of the retailers are guaranteeing ANYTHING for launch.

    • I’ll watch but it’s disappointing because there are numerous rumors not yet confirmed.

      And no, Silent Hill will not be shown unless Konami is publishing which i doubt. Silent Hill will be a PlayStation Studios game, published by Sony or a partnership with Konami publishing in Japan. Sony’s Japan Studios is working on it, it’s a PlayStation Studios game, they said no games from PlayStation Studios.

      My question is…

      Silent Hill
      God of War Ragnarok
      Bloodborne Remastered


    • Odezza, it’s not an official preorder, so you might have just lost a lot of money. These consoles might not even come out this year if this price war keeps going on.

  • “broader PlayStation ecosystem”? Sounds like we are getting PC port announcements for some PS4 exclusives.

    • They already said not to expect any first party updates or announcements.

    • nope

    • They should keep the exclusives on the system, otherwise gamers may hold off until an eventual PC port because it’s already happening with Horizon. I know I would. Why even get a PS5 if we know the games will come to PC down the road? Lots of other games to play in the meantime… especially on PC.

    • Not likely. any pc releases planed this year (I doubt there are any till next year) will be dropped in a tweet or outside one of these shows. I wouldn’t expect anything big announced and it’ll be mostly updates. The biggest titles that could show up is bloodlines 2 release date or the new COD name. Any game announcements of witch I expect like 2 will be on the level of bugsnacks or cuphead cool but not game of the year stuff. And that’s good smaller titles deserve the chance to shine.

  • im kinda dissapointed

    • Why?
      Don’t you wanna see Spider-Man Miles Morales gameplay?

    • @Clutch_sam007 do you work for Sony? If so your comments sort of make sense, even though they’re often contradicting what Sony hav Said themselves about this State of Play, Spiderman Miles Morales is a first party game, they’ve literally just said nothing from PlayStation Studios in the above press release. If you don’t work for Sony’s PR team then why spin for them? They’re a giant corporation and they don’t need you giving them your time away for free trying to spin what is for most hardcore gamers deeply disappointing news.

    • @PermententlyAngry lol don’t mind Clutch. He’s one of those numbies that will pay to advertise the Terminator skin in Gears 5

    • I’m disappointed but ofc i’ll watch.

      Evem the smaller third party stuff looked great in june.

      Obviously all first party showings are being held back for the preorder reveal.

    • Well it’s not like sony wil stop giving us information about ps5 after this state of play! Plenty of time and oppurtunities to inform us on anything ps5! I think sony knows MS is going to undercut them with price no matter what the ps5 ends up costing, and that’s why they wait so long!

  • I don’t think we’re getting pre-orders and price reveal until Microsoft comes out and puts out the details for its console first. Sony’s pushing Microsoft against the wall to go first. I understand why, but it’s still tiring for the average consumer.

    Anyways, hope more gameplay for Kena will be showed. Will the SoP be in 4K?

    • no .. i guess

    • I am tired of this waiting for the price, I want to get my preorder for both consoles in. It makes me miss E3. I do think Microsoft has a longer runway though because they still have xbox one support for the new games.

  • For those disappointed that the price / release date / pre-order info isn’t going to be in this State of Play, I would imagine that this info would not be presented with such fanfare (ie. a video like this).

    We’ll probably see a text post here on the PS.Blog with all of this information, along with SIE issuing a press release. As to when? I’d guess before the end of the month, simply because logistically this info needs to start getting out to retail outlets and promotion / ad firms if they intend to get this console released for Holiday 2020.

    Still, this State of Play is good to have as the PS4 ecosystem will still be filled with tons of players even after the PS5 launch, so it’s good to see what’s still in store for the PS4.

    • An intellectual I see.🧠🙏

    • I’m still waiting for a physical\tech specs breakdown they promised back at the Road to ps5 event in MARCH

    • Sony obviously will hold an event in late August showcasing the set launch lineup and any other unannounced games.

      There are still so many rumors. I’m curious about SOCOM and Blue Point’s other game.

      If the price is palatable why wouldn’t they reveal it on stage so to speak? They did with PS4. I believe preorders and price get announced at the end of August in one last huge event. Silent Hill rumors aren’t just nonsense, Tidux guaranteed a SOCOM game from GG, and rumors about God of War, and another Blue Point game.

    • @WakanabiSensei MARCH was a lifetime ago with COVID I would hold hold my breath they are struggling to put together the conferences we are getting.

  • I understand the 110M+ PS4 won’t disappear and there are still PS4 games to release but it’s a bit disappointing lol
    At least you set expectations !

    Hopefully another big event like PS5 June event soon

    • I’m getting the PS5 day 1 but I’m actually curious how long they’ll keep releasing PS4 games after the new gen launches… it was almost 5 years (!) for PS3.

    • Well, the PS3 had games releasing until FIFA 19, so you never know.

  • is this April 1st?? You must be joking!! everyone in the entire world who is interested in video games is on edge waiting for price, release date and pre-order info for the PS5 and you drop a 40 min SOP on PS4 games?? this could have waited until September and you could have got the PS5 info out in an hour long SOP this week!! COME ON SONY WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?? Getting pretty fed up now…

    • agreed, quit waiting for Microsoft to make a move and just do it

    • they said PS4, PSVR and PS5 .. not only PS4

    • A delay could be incoming.

    • I hope that they don’t do the preorders in September if they do I would just forget about it I have money saved up for a PS5 but if I keep waiting I might spend it all. Sony needs to stop playing games. At least we’ll have the Marvel Avengers game to play through all of this.

    • agreed.

      we’ve seen practically no gameplay and know nothing about the launch lineup

    • Deathloop is a 3rd party launch exclusive that looked great and show tons of gameplay.

      Godfall is a AAA launch exclusive that showed gameplay.

      Astro’s Playroom is a multi hour free PS5 exclusive that showed gameplay.

      Jett is an indie launch exclusive that showed gameplay.

      Quantum Error is likely a launch exclusive that showed gameplay.

      Miles Morales is a launch game and it comes with Spiderman Remastered.

      Outriders, Valhalla, Vampire Masquerade, The Observer, Avengers, Bugsnax, and other similar games will be launch titles or have huge PS5 updates day 1.

      We’ll have to see on the others.

    • there are 102 million ps4s out there. there will not be that many ps5s this year. it’s nice for those people to be told they will not be forgotten while the ps5 shortages happen.

    • I hear you.

  • I’ll be eagerly awaiting the PS5 tear down I September, nonetheless.

  • Looking forward to the updates, especially the indie stuff! Fingers crossed for a The Pathless release date at long last. Kena, too!

  • Please sony just give us the pre order news, time is getting short before the launch. We need to know, don’t even care about price just tell us when and where for the pre-orders

    • Pre orders have been possible for a long time? I have my PS5 preordered.

    • Hey Frank, this is Chris do you think if more people complained about the PS5 preorders do you think they’ll do an update and give us the dates also are you getting Marvel Avenger game?

    • Odezza, no they haven’t, a Swedish company decided to jump on the early pre-order thing to make quick money.

      In the normal world, they won’t let money change hands without an official release date announced.

    • @SolaceCreed you pay when you pickup. Who would pay months in advance? Haha

  • I have this feeling you want to convince me not to buy PS5.If this is the case then you are doing great job at that 0 AAA launch titles announced 0 information about price pre orders or release date i hope u have something else in store or this console is hard pass for launch.

    • Spiderman Miles Morales is a holiday 2020 launch title at least… but yeah they need to give us SOMETHING.
      I’m still waiting for the technical breakdown Mark Cerny promised us back in March

    • Spiderman is as AAA as they come.

      Godfall is a AAA launch exclusive.

      Deathloop is a timed AAA launch exclusive from Arkane aka Dishonored guys.

      Outriders is a AAA multiplat launch title.

      AC, Cyberpunk, and Avengers will all have huge PS5 upgrades.

      Plenty of AAA at launch. Miles Morales is rumored to come with Spiderman Remastered also. I’m sure The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima will receive huge launch day upgrades as well. Calm down.

  • Just tell us the price of PS5 already so that we can pre-order. We’re tired of waiting. Xbox Series S is going to be cheaper regardless, so postponing the announcement until after Xbox does their announcement makes no difference.

    • absolutely right

    • Series S wont gonna attract hardcore ganmer, its only for casual gamer .. If Sony priced PS5 all digital rightly (around $349 – $399) … Series S gonna be obsolete even before it launches

    • You don’t need the price to preorder, just pre order and when the price is revealed and is to much for you just cancel the pre order. I have my PS5 pre ordered already :)

    • Actually, you kind of do need a price and an release date, as most respectable companies wait to be able to give people a certain level of assurances.

  • “Time’s getting short! I’m gonna buy an Xbox! You must be joking! Is this April 1st?”

    Relax, people. It’s August. There’s an amazing set of PS4 games out that you can play *right* now. You’ll be able to get your hands on a PS5 by the end of the year.

    What’s the rush? Would you rather they took the approach of a certain other hardware manufacturer, hyped you up and then let you down by and showing stuff off well before it’s ready?

    • Thank you for this🙏 While I too am getting super anxious, I just have to remind myself that the longer the wait for pre-order info, the less time it’ll be to wait for the PS5 after pre-ordering. You pre-order now and people will complain how long a wait it is until launch day lmao. Poor Sony can’t win😂

    • These people just rushing too much .. either way they still gonna buy PS5,no matter what !

    • Fall Guys baby!!!!

  • Only on PlayStation

    This is your strength
    This is your Power

  • I’m super excited to see what’s coming next for PSVR!

  • Enough with games, we need the price and pre order!

  • Give us our Silent Hill and everything will be OK!!!!!

  • You got to be kidding me no PS5 Preorders will go live . I got my money ready . Plus Sony and MS playing cat and Mouse with the price here

  • that’s awesome can’t wait to see what are they showing at this state of play stream!!

  • To go with the accessories post, I hope/wish we’ll see the promised ps5 teardown in the not too distant future…we still haven’t heard much about how the backwards compatibility feature works beyond the GDC post months ago regarding the testing the back catalog…apart from the mention of some games possibly requiring a patch/update we’ve heard nothing else. And the new fan,the create button,have trophies changed & ps5 UI changes etc. If I’m going to need to sell a kidney to afford next gen,then I’d like to know the features that will be going alongside the great next gen showreels thus far of the games.

  • Awesome that shows that ps4 is alive and well

  • Dude…that is annoying! Jesus….just give us the damn price and pre order date for the PS5.

  • This better be “NO MOSTLY INDIES” ok? Hopefully announcements of Remasters on older games are fine, but a few PS5 details really? Hopefully you tease another date of State of Play within this month or September?

  • I am utterly flabbergasted. Seriously, I’m glad you’ve made it clear no one should bother watching this event given it’s content, but this close to the launch of your next system and you’re dedicating an entire 40 minute show to PS4 and PSVR. Do you even know who your audience is for these events? This has not gone down well with gamers if my social media is anything to go by. An utterly bizarre decision.

    • There is a user base of over 110 Million PS4 owners – not all of them will be getting a PS5 at launch so I am sure the SOP will be interesting to some of those players.

    • Clean your eyes, it says PS4, PSVR and PS5

    • 🤡🤣

    • @Darylb889 I am fully aware the PS4 installed user base is actually pushing above 115m right now, but the people who actually tune into SoP’s tend to be your more hardcore gamers, and I just think their focus is not on PS4. Maybe Sony do know the audience for these streams, and I’ve read this one hideously wrong, but judging by comments about this on social media, and gaming sites I don’t think I have. They’ve got a new console launching probably in around 3 months. We still don’t know the price, release date, launch line up or what the UI looks like. Sorry, but I just think that’s poor at this stage of proceedings, especially given the financial strain many families are under due to Covid-19. Right now I’m looking at my own situation and thinking the XSX and game pass might not be a bad shout right now. I am ant Sony to tell me more about their PS5 plans, so I can justify buying one. They’re messing this up.

  • Dude, we are 3 months away….. this is getting crazy. I’ve never been so frustrated with a company and wanting to give them my money and they don’t want it. For the love of God just be consumer friendly already. People have family’s and have to plan out for this stuff. 90 days is pushing jt…

    • Exactly this, it’s almost like they don’t know many of us are hurting financially due to Covid-19 and need the time to properly plan financially. This cat and mouse game both Sony and Microsoft are playing is not consumer friendly at all. Sony, in the grand scheme of things, still haven’t been anywhere near as open and forthcoming as Microsoft… and team green still has ridiculous amounts of info we should have seen by now like UI, price and launch date. They’re both seemingly intent on shooting themselves in their feet. PR around this generation has been collectively terrible.

    • If people are hurting that bad financially, then maybe buying a luxury item like a game console is not the wisest move right now? 🤔🤣🧠

    • @Gravy_Biscuits_ given how bad the year has been for some, quite frankly a new console and games might be the light at the end of the tunnel some need, and snide comments like yours don’t exactly make you look like a decent human being, but more like a snob. I know people on massively reduced hours, who if they knew what accessories the PS5 was backwards compatible with, and the launch price etc. could comfortably have planned for it by budgeting, but the longer this goes on the less planning time people have.

    • Microsoft has done a tech breakdown at least… but they have also shown ZERO actual gameplay on an Xbox (everything at their showcase was on PC, and most of that was CG rendered trailers instead of in engine or gameplay)
      Sony promised us a tech specs breakdown back in March with the Mark Cerny Road to PS5 event tho and we still don’t have it….

      I’ve never seen a console not have a release date or price revealed less than 90 days away

  • I was wondering when will you guys add the PlayStation now subscription to all nationallty accounts for example on all the middle eastern account there is no PlayStation now subscription and i think its just unfair

  • Who’s Hyped for new SH Game ?

    • If they announce a new Silent Hill game then sure, but it’s by no means a guarantee that such a reboot even exists at this stage. I also doubt we’ll get that news at this event as well, that’s the sort of news you dedicate an entire SoP too, because it’d be big.

    • Probably all 10 people that bought the last 3 games in the series. 😜

  • MORE games!!!! 😍👍🎮 Over 40 minutes too?! 🙏 You’ll get no complaints from me.💯💥

  • Would be a great time to show Persona 5 Scramble!

    My gut feeling is that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be delayed into next year. If they can’t get enough AMD chips in time for the launch window then it would be wise to hold back.

    Also Holiday 2021 would have a better next gen line up (Less reliant on current gen titles from Ubisoft/CD Project Red/ EA etc..)

    • AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed there will be no delay .. Chips are being shipped according to orders

  • I’m disappointed we all wanted ps5 news

  • Sony has been moving way too slow. I decided that I’m getting an XSX after PSO2: New Genesis was revealed. The PS5 needs a killer app like that and one has not surfaced quite just yet…

  • I really like when they are very clear so they do not set expectations and disappoint. This level of openness is required going forward.

  • By early June 2013 we got a price reveal on the PS4. I really do not understand why they are dragging this out like this.

    Alas, I don’t know when us consumer/gamers will be satisfied. There is always something to look forward to and complain about. I should just be patient and focus on other things. I plan on getting PS5 day one, regardless.

    • They haven’t even done the physical\tech spec breakdown Mark Cerny promised was coming soon, back in MARCH at the Road to PS5 event…
      Microsoft did that at least. OF course Microsoft has shown ZERO gameplay actually running on a Series X tho (EVERYTHING they’ve shown so far was on pc)

  • This is starting to get really old just announce the price, date & pre-orders…

  • I know it’s difficult as we’re all super excited but try and relax guys. There’s tons of stuff to look forward to this month and next. State of Play, DC event August 22, Gamescom this month, Fall Guys TOMORROW, Dying Light Hellraid dlc, Avengers beta all in August. September lots of good games, another Ubisoft Forward, Tokyo Game Show!!! 🎮🙏 NFL and college football starting.♥️

    • As a European I couldn’t give two hoots about College Football restarting soon… but hey, I’m pleased you’ve got something to look forward to because 2020 has been seriously grim hasn’t it?

  • How come you guys aren’t going to do the PS5 preorders when will you do the preorders for the PS5, give us a preorder date or something.

  • It’s getting a little bit ridiculous now. I don’t know what else to say. Also anyone else annoyed that The Drop seems to be gone without a word from Sony? Is it that hard to release a list of upcoming games for the week?

  • I actually love this. Yeah I’ll be getting a PS5 at launch and looking forward to what’s getting released, but also aren’t games released from August onwards for PS4/PSVR now have to be compatible with PS5 at launch?

    This is a nice time to show the continued support for PS4 and that this generation isn’t over yet. Okay, we might not get any more big games like Ghost of Tsushima, but it’s good that people who are needing to hold off on upgrading aren’t being forgotten.

    I’ve already filled on SSD with (fingers crossed) PS5 compatible PS4 titles…

  • Come on! Please stop stringing you’re huge fanbase along with these drip feed announcements!
    We were promised a hardware tear down for the PS5. At least publish a date of when that’s going to happen.

    We get why you’re holding out on price..

  • It seems strange that most people are more concerned about pre-order, and price£, wtf! Never mind about pre-order or price that will come, we want details of what the ps5 actually can do,how it works Ui,features,share button, etc…would you really put up pre-order money if they announced the date and price? considering we’ve only seen what the ps5 looks like, let’s be honest we know nothing about it yet. Let’s have a show that delves into everything it can do then worry about price afterwards.

    • I’m kind of more concerned about the games. Right now, there doesn’t seem any point buying a PS5 in 2020 when all the proper PS5 games are 2021.

      Obviously if the price is stupid i’ll wait (doing otherwise just makes companies take advantage).

  • Take your time on the price\pre-order stuff, we know you are competing with MS on that…

    But you promised us a technical\physical breakdown was “coming soon” back in MARCH with the Road to PS5 event. Where is it?

  • Don’t care about the Price… Give us a hardware teardown or UI Demo aleady!!!

  • Well done for the clarity!
    Well done for supporting PS4!
    Well done for the PR so far!

    I am enjoying this poker game 😎

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